Where we will travel in 2018: the agencies’ forecasts

Some say that it will be the year of cruises, who confirms the performance of the Italian Sea, who hopes in the long haul and who, prudently, speaks of the return of Egypt. Also in 2018 we will travel and, even with the imponderability of the case, we will do it relying more on organized distribution: this, at least, is the trend traced by the distribution networks.

The certainty: the Mediterranean
Sea Italy, Spain and Greece: the summer 2018 safe is the trio that for a couple of years has been keeping a watch on the t.o. catalogs. “The Mare Italia will be confirmed as a growing trend”, predicts Adriano Apicella, a.d. of Welcome Travel, but, adds Massimo Caravita, president of Marsupio Group, “we will have to see the pricing, we expect strong sales on Puglia and Sardinia, excellent performance of Spain and further growth of Greece”.

Exploit for cruises
In the first place in terms of sales, as well as profitability in adv, there will be cruises. “For us – ensures Claudio Busca, general leisure manager of the Bluvacanze Group – they are among the best-selling products”.

An analysis on which Sergio Testi, general manager of Gattinoni Mondo di Vacanze, also agrees: “The crocieristi were good at creating alternative products: the four-day cruises fill the ships, cover the periods of shoulder and offer alternatives to North Africa” .

Long-range hope
Even in 2018 the long haul will continue to be felt, especially in a less traditional season for this type of travel, such as summer: Caribbean, Madagascar, Indian Ocean and then the cornerstones, the United States in the lead, and South America.

“Consumers have shown in the last year the desire to travel to new destinations too – comments Ivano Zilio, president of Primarete – from Oman to Japan, we expect an increase in the long haul”.

The surprise: European capitals
The real surprise of the year, say the networks, will however be the European capitals: after years in which the product had almost disappeared from the adv, disintermediate from online DIY, now there is an increase in requests for both flight and hotel packages , both for group travel.

“It is a factor linked to the latest socio-political events – explains Massimo Caravita, president of Marsupio Group -: customers are looking online, but they are booking in adv because they want security, assistance and certainties”.

The slow recovery of Egypt and Tunisia
2018 could be remembered as the year of Egypt’s return: “There is a slight recovery – confirms Sergio Testi, general manager of Gattinoni World of Holidays – and I hear someone talking about Tunisia for 2019. It is an important sign because it means that you return to investing “.

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