Edipsos: the warm waters of Heracles

The spa citadina is one of the most popular destinations on the island of Evia and in Greece thanks to more than 80 thermal springs called “hot waters of Heracles” From the clear waters of the Aegean sea emerges the beautiful island of Evia, also known as Evia, particularly famous for its thermal springs, called “hot waters of Heracles”, which […]

Izabel Goulart, angel at the kiss

The Victoria’s Secret model on vacation in Mykonos with her boyfriend Kevin Trapp. Together for just over a year, they could not be united anymore The summer of the “angels” of Victoria’s Secret, this year, is under the sun of the most popular islands of the moment. So if Alessandra Ambrosio and Ana Beatriz Barros greeted Mykonos, (the first for […]

A few nautical miles from Mykonos, Tinos unveils marvelous beaches and monasteries for a mindfulness-proof summer 2017. Just search on Google MAP to realize that Tinos and Mykonos are very close Cycladic islands. But what to see in Tinos? What’s more and better than Mykonos? You are sitting at the San To Alati Restaurant in Aghios Fokas and admiring the […]