Edipsos: the warm waters of Heracles

The spa citadina is one of the most popular destinations on the island of Evia and in Greece thanks to more than 80 thermal springs called “hot waters of Heracles”

From the clear waters of the Aegean sea emerges the beautiful island of Evia, also known as Evia, particularly famous for its thermal springs, called “hot waters of Heracles”, which each year attract, in the picturesque town of Edipsos, a spa resort among the most beloved of Greece, thousands of tourists looking for wellness and relaxation.

An ancient legend with mythological suggestions tells that the goddess Athena asked Hephaestus to generate warm waters in the area of ​​the island of Evia to be able to give them to Heracles. It is no coincidence, then, that the historian Strabo called the “hot waters of Heracles” the springs that gushed on the island. Although today it is well known that the Euboean waters do not have divine origins, the beneficial effects are equally appreciated, and the coastal town of Edipsos, known since ancient times for its springs, has kept its celebrity unchanged over time. ‘has made a destination of international fame frequented by prominent personalities such as Onassis, Maria Callas, Winston Churchill, Greta Garbo and many writers and poets conquered so much by its beauty, as by the therapeutic, corroborating and relaxing properties of the thermal waters.

Edipsos is the best known spa town in all of Greece and it’s no wonder. The thousands of visitors who, each year, reach it can, in fact, count on over 80 thermal springs scattered throughout the city, from which gush out, sometimes even in the sea, beneficial waters at temperatures between 28 and 56 °. Besides boasting relaxing and relaxing properties, these waters are particularly suitable for the treatment of diseases and disorders of the body including chronic and subacute rheumatism, deforming arthrosis, spondylarthritis, nephritis, coxalgia, lumbago, post-traumatic ankylosis, gynecological disorders, pathologies endocrinological and cardiovascular problems ..

Edipsos houses the largest and most advanced thermal establishment in the interior of the country managed by the Hellenic National Tourist Board. There are, of course, private facilities and those related to hotels, such as the exclusive spa center of the Thermae Sylla Spa & Wellness Hotel, founded in 1896, one of the oldest hotels in the country. It is a unique place because inside it flows, at a temperature of 75-80 °, a special mineral water considered among the best in the world because among its components, in addition to numerous mineral salts, also stands out the therapeutic radeon.

Set off the southeastern coast of Peninsular Greece, Evia, also known as Evia, is the largest island in the country after Crete. Known for its numerous thermal springs, it welcomes thousands of visitors every year, particularly in the beautiful coastal town of Edipsos, one of the most renowned spa and seaside resorts of the entire country. In addition to the magnificent beaches and spas, it is worth taking the time to explore the locality and its historical and architectural remains, among which the beautiful churches of Agios Panteleimonas, Agios Fanourios and St. Anargyron stand out.

Messi buys an island. So Greece sells its “rocks of the famous”

The 10 Argentine buys Sophia, in the Ionian. Footballers and VIPs, it is run to the paradises of Athens

Gold? Silver? Valuable properties? Collection of watches? No, atolls in the Aegean. Here is the new frontier of “safe” investment.

Greece has been on sale for a long time, but this time facts and contracts followed the announcements. The last, in order of time to have bought an island in those that have been renamed the Caribbean of the Mediterranean, is the champion of the Barcelona Lionel Messi: according to the real estate agency «Proto Group Ltd» has got its hands on Sophia, little corner of paradise in the Ionian archipelago of Echinades, east of Ithaca. Pristine beaches and transparent waters in the Mediterranean and without the problem of jet lag.

The blown came through the streets, or another deal concluded by another top player, Cristiano Ronaldo who had given a gift to his manager, Mendes, on the occasion of his marriage. Many islands that, after the Greek crisis, the troika has imposed on the government to include in the so-called privatization package and several “stars” of football, Hollywood, as well as bankers and magnates have expressed interest in asking for information and then buy.

Sophia is located next to the most famous Skorpios, the island of Onassis, bought a few years ago by the Russian magnate Dmitry Evgenevich Rybolovlev: billionaire, philanthropist, president of Monaco Calcio, the man who owns the largest potassium deposit in the world the record of the most expensive divorce of all time, a good three million euros to say goodbye to Elena (while her daughter gave a flat in New York of “only” 10 million).

After a joint litigation conducted in two law firms, one in Geneva and the other in Athens, in 2013 Rybolovlev, ranked by Forbes in the list of the 80 richest men on the planet, happens to Onassis in the island that, since the Sixties onwards, he saw the economy’s gotha ​​and the world jet set, from Winston Churchill to Jacqueline Kennedy, who celebrated his wedding with the Greek shipowner on the island.

Before the Russian, it was the Emir of Qatar Khalifa Al Thani who was “shopping” in the Ionian Sea 70 miles from the Italian coast, winning the island of Beech. And Lord Rothschild, near Lefkada, has purchased 2,600 hectares of land destined to be exclusive scenery for 14 extra-luxury villas: a sort of personalized atoll reserved for top clients like Prince Charles, actress Nicole Kidman and Russian magnate Roman Abramovic . The latter is already a regular visitor to Greece and its beaches: in addition to stationing with his yacht in the Sporades every August (Skiathos, Scopelos and Alonissos) and to have purchased in the last five years some in Corfu, the owner of Chelsea in the package of its companies also holds a 5-star plus resort (the only type present in Greece) in the Chalkidiki peninsula, frequented only by magnates and oligarchs.

The Echinades complex with crystal clear waters and unspoiled nature is located in the stretch of sea facing the famous Platygiali port. Four years ago the prestigious Business Insider magazine had dedicated a whole number to it with a series of captivating photos under an explanatory title: “They can be yours with a few millions”.

And in fact they have been, given the prices are not at all prohibitive for that target of buyers. For example, eight million are needed to become Sikinos Kardiotissa holders. But, given the premises, you will not need to wait long to close that deal too.

Izabel Goulart, angel at the kiss

The Victoria’s Secret model on vacation in Mykonos with her boyfriend Kevin Trapp. Together for just over a year, they could not be united anymore

The summer of the “angels” of Victoria’s Secret, this year, is under the sun of the most popular islands of the moment. So if Alessandra Ambrosio and Ana Beatriz Barros greeted Mykonos, (the first for the Balearics, the second for London), Izabel Goulart has just arrived on the island with her boyfriend Kevin Trapp, a footballer at Paris Saint Germain. Besides, they had already made a stop in Ibiza, and in this hot summer they do not want to miss a beach.

Izabel Goulart, the game of the Angel

The days, of course, are full of relaxation and fun, including games with rackets and evenings only for two, but also full of kisses, by the sea, embraced as the first day.

The story, among them, has been going on for just over a year and does not lack gossip. It seems that Rihanna was interested in Kevin, but in the end the lightning strike broke out with Izabel. And to see them together would seem that the Brazilian model is really the right one.

From Manhattan to Greece and up to Thailand with the dream app

It will not be an adventure, but certainly it will be all to enjoy. Here is the invitation: «A resort in the most popular coral archipelago in the world awaits you for the vacation of your dreams». The coordinates are those, inevitable, of the Maldives: beautiful and not very possible. The offer has the power of a weapon of seduction: «Stay half-board for seven nights, with flights and transfers included, to 1,460 euros per person». How to resist? The call will also be mass – nothing to do with that chic elite – but you want to put the sand that looks like talcum powder bathed in a warm sea like a hug? All this, then, in the middle of a winter that, in fact, escapes the most severe peaks, but is not as light as a summer. It will be, but not to be missed, in this case, it is not the holiday but the method to guarantee it. And then go further, please: “You still have not downloaded our app? Off with the free download to hook up the opportunity at exceptional prices ». The virtual voice is that of PiratinViaggio, the largest social travel community in the world with an average of 30 million monthly visits to the site and 9 million fans on Facebook: it provides an application that allows you to set up “alerts” on destinations of their dreams. From the series: by activating these warnings, potential travelers can see the best offer on the desired destination as soon as it is available. All right away.

App and away, with the ranking that is a worthy corollary of this deal to pack: Thailand is at the top in the research of over 10 million tourists who have downloaded the application for smartphones and tablets. A destination that brings together almost all European nations, so much so that it stands in the top 3 for Italians, French, English and German. Next, in the ranking of the most beloved, Greece, Manhattan, Cuba, Mexico and Australia. Unmissable, Italy, which enters by right in the top 10 of Great Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland. Even the Americans consider it among the favorites.
App and away, it was said. The most far-sighted do not hesitate to book their holidays in advance and, from a survey organized among the Italians, it appears that the most booked milestone for this year are the United States, immediately followed by Spain and Greece. Thailand does not give up its position and confirms itself among the top destinations already reserved for 2018, together with the exotic Maldives and Cuba. Among the European cities in the plans of the Italians, always this year, stand out Amsterdam, London and Barcelona.

And to close, continue to follow the red thread of the figures: HolidayPirates includes 10 portals in seven different languages. Fans on Facebook have exceeded 9 million and the application has been downloaded over 10 million times. The newsletter on WhatsApp, which sends the most valid offers every day slightly ahead of the site, has been installed by over 800,000 users. App, we start.

A few nautical miles from Mykonos, Tinos unveils marvelous beaches and monasteries for a mindfulness-proof summer 2017.

Just search on Google MAP to realize that Tinos and Mykonos are very close Cycladic islands. But what to see in Tinos? What’s more and better than Mykonos?

You are sitting at the San To Alati Restaurant in Aghios Fokas and admiring the thousand night lights of the coast. It is all indisputably beautiful and you feel at ease; so comfortable you feel as if you are in Sestri (Levante) and look at the horizon, seeing the brightness of Santa (Margherita) and Portofino at night. At that point, intrigued by the local geography, ask the waiter with a winking and super expert: “What area of ​​Tinos is that?”. You do not have the map of Tinos printed in mind and you do not know, absolutely, to have stumbled upon the tragic greek epic fail par excellence that will make you suffer the implacable appellation of malaka!

In fact, your interlocutor, as a good Greek, replies impassively and unstructively: “That is Mykonos. Been? “. So you deserve a “malaka appellativo” but you, after all, it’s not that you can know all about Hellenic geolocation. So we’ll take care of you! Tinos and Mykonos are just over 33 kilometers as the crow flies; they are both absolutely Cycladic as regards architecture; white villages; summer aridity and meltemi in the summer months but apart from this, they differ so much that they can be called the Devil (Mykonos) and Acquasanta (Tinos).

Do not you believe it? Here is a brief summary: this island is the Lourdes of Greece, and to see in Tinos there are many sanctuaries. The most visited sanctuary of the river (Panaghia Evangelistria); still privileges a very Greek tourism. Mykonos is synonymous, in the common imaginary, of beaches / discos; nightlife 7/7 and 24/24; international tourism / caciara … Both, however, offer squares with iron tables and straw chairs; they will amaze you with panoramas and breathtaking views; they will steal your heart and spirit. In short, to make it short, the summer of your holidays in Greece 2017 can be dedicated to the small and shy Tinos. But what to see in Tinos? And again, the combined Tinos beaches can live up to expectations? The answer is yes and, to understand why and what to see in Tinos, we give you a mini guide dedicated to its villages, its beaches, its restaurants and its hotels.

THE “CAPITAL” CHORA: La Chora – tourist port and main city – is synonymous with the famous Sanctuary dedicated to Panaghia Evangelistria which, at any time of the year, welcomes pilgrims and believers. Inside the icon of the Virgin Announced, the thousands of ex-votos and the obsequious faithful remind you immediately that you are in the Greek Lourdes.
Rating: 10 at the Shrine; 5 at the Chora

The most beautiful and important is certainly Pyrgos that enchants you with a main square built around a huge plane tree planted in 1859. To frame tables and tables of bars and cafes frequented throughout the year as the village is home to the Institute Professional superior of the Art of Marble as well as a Marble Museum. Rating: 10 – Stupendous get lost in the alleys.

Ysternia: its name derives from “extremity” (ystero); its characteristic is the breathtaking view of the Aegean; the island that stands out on the horizon is Syros; the bust that stands out in the main square pays tribute to the benefactor of the village “N. Glyni “. The village is alive and animated by cafes, taverns, fish rooms and restaurants. Rating: 9 – Alert: do not stumble in the steps cause the panorama.

Kardiani: offers an infinite panorama and from its terraces you can see the beach of Ormos Gianaki. To welcome you is an imposing Catholic church and to cool off is a fountain decorated with frogs strictly in marble. The streets are narrow, the kafenion are few, the kindness of those who typically handle them Greek. Rating: 8 – Push any gate to find the perfect view. You will find it.

Loutra: are you tired of the city and overcrowding? Well … you can move to Loutra that with its 7, you understand 7, inhabitants is certainly one of the places with lower population density in the world. But it does not end here … the village also has a Monastery-School of the Ursulines which has now become a museum and from here there are suggestive trekking routes from which to admire the wild beauty of Tinos. Rating: 8 – Peace and relaxation.


Fifteen villas among the atolls: a new ultra-luxury resort arrives in the Maldives

Reality can overcome the dream when it comes to sea and beauty paradises like the Maldives. If it is true that in recent years this destination has declined its choice of proposals towards closer to “common mortals”, it is equally certain that luxury remains a constantly evolving concept. Yes, because you get accustomed to elegance and comfort soon, but this time something extraordinary is under construction. In fact, next March, the exclusive private island in the Atoll of Lhaviyani will present its biggest surprise: the Kudadoo Private Island by Hurawalhi.

Maldives, here is the Kudadoo Private Island by Hurawalhi: the last born among the extra-luxurious resorts

A postcard show
The panorama is the perfect one of the famous destination: white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, relaxation and privacy. All you need to dream of never coming home again. The “Adult Only” sanctuary can also be rented only for itself and its guests, for an event or a stay, wallet permitting. The spectacular structure with its stretch of land emerged of vegetation in triumph, will be part of the Crown & Champa Resort group “CCR” that manages several resorts in the Republic of Maldives. Among its jewels also the Hurawalhi Island Resort & Spa, inaugurated in November 2016 and recently crowned Best Romantic Resort at the Asia Spa Award 2017.

The most exciting opening of 2018: details and curiosities
The project is by architect Yuji Yamasaki, known all over the world, and will include only 15 luxurious super water villas. Specifically: 13 Ocean Villas of 300 square meters (with one bedroom) and 2 Ocean Villas of 380 square meters (with two bedrooms) complete with all the comforts and the most prestigious services, just 40 minutes by seaplane from the airport Velana. Those with two or three bedrooms will have the butlers available for any request or need.

Where is the island of Kudadoo
Located in the Atoll of Lhaviyani, it is known for the beauty of its marine fauna. Guests, therefore, can live in direct contact with manta rays, turtles and colorful coral reef fish. A mix of luxury and innovation where children will not be allowed, with furniture designed to the smallest detail. Each complement has been designed to relax, with fine sheets, whitewashed wooden floors and obviously there will be private terraces with panoramic views.

Excellent gastronomy
The kitchen will focus on fresh and natural ingredients. The customer can eat inside his villa by taking advantage of a private chef 24 hours a day, or opt for the restaurant on the water. The raw materials will have an exclusive biological and artisan origin, with fresh local fish. The top will then be the submarine restaurant, five meters below sea level. The environment will be minimalist to focus attention on the outside and every table set for only two. The dishes can be combined with over 300 wines proposed by the sommelier.

Leisure and special events
For those who want to engage in activities such as snorkeling or diving, there will be no lack of excellent areas to enjoy the show that only the Maldives can offer. There will also be a fitness center, a Duniye Spa with organic products without preservatives and chemicals, as well as amusement arcades, shopping areas, meeting rooms and entertainment programs. And for those who want to get married or spend an unforgettable honeymoon, the location will be available to remember the best days of their lives.

Seven things to know about Rhodes, Greece


Where to go to the beach, take an aperitif, take a walk and sleep: that’s all you need to know for a perfect holiday in Rhodes

Legend has it that Apollo, the Sun God, chose it as a house and that it is for this reason that in Rhodes there are 300 days of good weather a year.

Net of Pollon and the other Gods, however, the truth is that Rhodos is an island that is worth visiting for many reasons, of which the climate (almost) always sunny and the temperatures (almost) always mild during all seasons I’m just a small (albeit significant) part.

In fact, Rhodes is a magical island, where you can immerse yourself in the ancient history of ancient Greece and walk through the walls of its medieval city (Unesco Heritage), but also change the beach and view every morning, choosing a day to lounge in a cove of deserted sand and the next day of kitesurfing and the most popular beaches.

Among romantic bays from which to watch the sunset with a beer in hand and craft shops where to give free rein to shopping, here’s all you need to know about Rhodes.

Located halfway between the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea, Rhodes has two extremely different sides.

The west coast, overlooking the Aegean (more rough), is characterized by rocky, rocky and steep cliffs and pebbles, while the eastern one (on the Mediterranean) is ideal for those who love sandy beaches that fade into the sea with a long beach.

In addition to this there are many coves and each beach is different from the other, which is why it is worth renting a car (the island is too big to be turned by scooter) and explore the area to discover the various aspects.

Keep in mind that the air temperature is mild for almost 12 months a year, on the other hand the sea remains cool even in summer.

In general the most beautiful beaches are located on the North East side of the island, between the city of Rhodes and Lindos.

The most famous beach of Rhodes is known as Antony Quinn Bay (but it is called Faliraki), an inlet between the rocks with crystal clear water and incredible colors (the beach is rocky, but equipped, and with 10 euros you take two sunbeds and a Beach umbrella).

Prassonissi is an isthmus of sand frequented by lovers of sports with sailing, because it is extremely windy (and so here is where all the fans of surfing, windsurfing and kiting), but it is an incredibly beautiful beach, which is worth being seen also by those who do not intend to get up from the towel.

Special mention, then, for the beach of Rhodes, which has nothing exceptional in itself, but is located at the point where they join the two seas (Aegean and Mediterranean) and with certain lighting conditions from here you can see a line that divides them.

Lindos is without a doubt the most beautiful thing you will see in Rhodes. It is an evocative country, candid and in which one breathes the air of summer and vacation that only the lime paint of the Greek alleys manages to transmit with such simplicity and immediacy to the brain.

Topped by a fortress and surrounded by a bay to the north and a small beach to the south, the white-washed village is located on the east coast of the island and is ideal for a walk at any time of the day.

Park in the square at the entrance of the village and go into the pedestrian center: dozens of streets full of beautiful craft shops and cafes where you can wait while you climb to the castle fortress where stands the Acropolis.

On the road, uphill or downhill, stop for a restorative break in one of the many bars, clubs and restaurants with the rooftop terrace, where you can sit at a table under the shade of plants.

Do not miss a visit to the Church of Panagia, a small church in the middle of the village entirely covered with frescoes.

It could be said that all the streets of Lindos lead to the Acropolis, but the truth is that it is only valid if the roads that go uphill are always chosen at the crossroads.

In fact, in the middle of the village there is a path that goes up to the fortress-castle fortified by the Knights, where there are the Acropolis and the Doric Temple of Athena Lindia, dating back to 300 BC.

You can decide to go up a donkey (there is a deposit in the village impossible not to notice), or to walk a path with 300 steps – more than passable without great effort, unless in life you do not want to try the the thrill of riding a donkey.

Once up, you will have the feeling of dominating the world, with a breathtaking 360 ° panorama.

Sup yoga or how to find yourself at the mercy of the waves

Here’s what happens to your body when the yoga mat is a table and the asanas are made in the water.

Want to relax lulled by the waves imagining exotic landscapes is possible even in winter. Also indoor. “Very popular in Hawaii, sup yoga is now also practiced in many pools, but also outdoors by the sea or the lake, even in Italy. It is about practicing yoga on a special table. Given its instability, however, we need to be very focused, “explains Denise Della Giacoma, fitness blogger, yoga instructor and yoga / sup thematic travel organizer, before starting a stand up paddle yoga demonstration class organized at Virgin Active Kennedy of Milan from Speedo and Samsung.

“At the seaside or at the lake, the lesson usually starts with warming exercises on the ground followed by a few minutes of simple stand up paddle. After getting on the table, then, thanks to a special paddle to be adjusted according to the height of the person you move away from the shore to get more confidence with the table. Then, once you find the way to anchor, you start the yoga class, sometimes positioning yourself also forming a star with the boards », tells Denise, long blonde hair, clear eyes, a dry body and also sculpted by the ski and a serene and contagious smile. The benefits of this sport? In addition to improving concentration, stability and propioception, sup yoga (ci) forces us to use deep musculature.

A dip in the tub and reach the table. In our case the tables are anchored next to each other. The lesson begins in the lotus position with a series of controlled breaths. We then get on our knees to move to the position of the happy child and then to the down dog and some variants. The sway is light, not at all annoying. When we pass the dog upside down on one leg the balance becomes more precarious, but following Denise’s advice to keep the abdomen strong we find it immediately. The positions for (us) beginners are all lying down, sitting or on all fours. The lesson ends again in the lotus position, asana in which we perform before the breaths checked then a deep stretching walking with the fingers towards the tip of the table. The sequence was so fluid that the 45 minutes of the lesson flew!

Livigno, vacation in the ice rooms: a thrill that pleases

The suites were built in small Tibet
Fall asleep in the snow huts, wrapped in a warm sleeping bag and wake up in the morning in a muffled silence, in an icy atmosphere, after having “snow dreams”. It is the unforgettable night that can be experienced in chalets made entirely of pressed snow, in Livigno, at an altitude of 1816 meters. The original experience was conceived by the Giacomelli family, owner of Lungolivigno and of the Hotel Lac Salin Spa Mountain Resort, near which the two ice constructions are located: «The idea was born from Lungolivigno’s long experience with Art on Ice , a competition of ice sculptures, cultural event available to all the guests of the country – says Fabio Giacomelli – After 18 years of Art on Ice, and on the occasion of the tenth birthday of the Lac Salin hotel (in 2017), we decided to propose something new and that’s how the two snow chalets were born, which we re-proposed this year. They differ from the characteristic igloos to reproduce the typical constructions of the valley of Livigno instead. In the first edition they consisted of a bar and a room and this year we chose to use both as suites ».

Two constructions with a diameter of 5 meters have been open since December 20 (and will remain until at least the end of February) available to guests who want to try a unique experience: “Experience that includes in the package even a typical Valtellina dinner in our restaurant , spa treatments and a rich breakfast at the hotel ». Decorated with ice sculptures inside them, both rooms have a theme: «Suond Design» is dedicated to music, with notes that seem to come from the piano or the ice sax. While “Livigno Design” has been rebuilt just like a typical small Tibet home. “It is having a great success, we are already at almost 90 bookings and we aim to reach 100 – continues Fabio Giacomelli – I myself experienced the experience: it is very meditative”. Within the structure the thermal zero is reached. “For the construction of the chalets we relied on an artist from Livigno: Vania Cusini, sculptor of ice and wood”, he concludes. On the website from which you can book the «snow dream experience», you can consult «Snowi», a virtual assistant from which to obtain additional information.

Islands of Greece: those with the airport

We have proposed a guide from Greece, with general information on the country. We have listed and shown the maps of the main Greek islands and their archipelagos. Here, however, we want to point out, the islands with airport, so easier to reach.

Greece islands with airport

The islands of Greece are all beautiful. An infinity of islands and islets with beaches and dreamy sea. Real paradises where everyone wants to go at least once. The Ionian Islands can be reached directly with ferries departing from the Italian ports on the Adriatic (Ancona, Bari, Brindisi). The plane is certainly faster. Many Greek islands, at least the main tourist destinations, can be reached by air thanks to the international airports available. Not all, though. let’s discover what they are together.

Here are the islands of Greece with international airport, connected with the rest of Europe. We start from the west, from the islands closest to Italy.

Ionian Islands with airport: Corfu, Kefalonia, Lefkada-Preveza (Aktion national airport, active in summer, near the town of Preveza, on the Greek mainland 20 km from Lefkada, connected to the mainland by a bridge), Zante, Kythera ( national airport only).

Crete: the island has two airports, in Iraklio (capital) and in Chania.

Cyclades islands with airport: Mykonos, Santorini, Naxos (domestic airport), Paros (small domestic airport), Milos (small national airport connected only with Athens), Syros (domestic airport).

Dodecanese islands with airport: Rhodes, Kos, Karpathos, Kasos (small domestic airport), Kastellorizo ​​(small domestic airport), Astypalaia (small domestic airport), Kalymnos (small domestic airport), Leros (small domestic airport).

North and Eastern Aegean islands with airport: Samos, Lesbos, Limnos, Ikaria (small domestic airport), Chios (domestic airport),

Sporades islands with airport: Skiathos, Skiros (domestic airport)
The islands of Greece that represent the main tourist destinations and have an international airport are connected in summer by numerous direct flights, both scheduled and low cost, departing also from Italian airports.

The other islands are important tourist destinations, like many of the Cyclades, but without an airport they are connected with ferries or fast hydrofoils departing from the nearby islands with airport or from the port of Piraeus (for example Ios is connected by hydrofoil to Santorini, while to reach Milos take the ferry from Piraeus).