In Greece a drone circles around a beautiful landscape

In Greece a drone revolves around a beautiful landscape and the video becomes three-dimensional I
Greece = summer. That is, bathrooms, white houses, blue sea, great food by the sea. It’s a shame that it’s November and that all this seems so far away that it can not even really exist. To realize that yes, there is light at the end of winter, this beautiful video shot with a drone in Greece is the perfect answer to the first wool scarves and caps pulled out of the closet.
We are used to seeing beautiful videos shot with drones, capable of making images that until a few years ago could only be brought home with helicopters and therefore with costs that only large productions were able to cover. This is no longer the case and the result is a large amount of videos that show up from splendid landscapes. In this case it is Folegandros, Greece.

Compared to the usual videos of this type, in this case the authors chose a particular technique, making their own machine a sort of orbital motion, which almost suits the idea of ​​three-dimensional shooting that, of course, are in two dimensions . At the technical level is what is called Low Earth Orbit, that is, an area between the Earth’s surface and the 2,000-kilometer-high, that area, or where we orbit most of the artificial satellites that revolve around our planet. An orbital movement inspired by the movement of this drone.
In addition to the beauty of the landscape, the clouds seem to stand out, whose consistency seems almost tangible, at hand. Not only because Greece, summer, the sea and all that seemed far away only a few lines ago seemed to reach out to hand. Because it is true: the summer is still at the bottom of the tunnel, but sometimes little is enough to save a Novembrina day without big prospects.

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