Selena Gomez is (in 2017) more Selena than ever

The singer has made honesty with herself and with others her ticket to happiness

They say that in moments of downturn is when one learns, that when you fall and you get up you are a little bit stronger and that after the storm there comes calm. So they say. And although we do not know how much there is of truth and how much of said popular in these words, the truth is that in the case of Selena Gomez have fulfilled each and every one of these maxims.

We know the secret of Selena Gomez’s new look: Christian Classen
In 2016 the singer had a really bad time. She was suffering from serious health problems, was under severe pressure (media and work) and worse, she was lost in an industry where being lost is not an option. But at the same moment that she admitted-to herself and to the world-that she needed to enter a clinic to overcome the anxiety, depression, and panic attacks she suffered from lupus; At the same time that he canceled his tour and deleted his profiles in social networks to take a break; At the same time that she prioritized the important thing (ie, she) … everything began to improve.

We talk about the first step of a long catharsis of which Selena has been reinforced. Her philosophy of life is far from what she had a few months ago, and perhaps the point is to have understood that she is the most important. He no longer tries to live through the public persona, but of the person. She no longer tries to please everyone, but to be honest with herself and act accordingly. He no longer cares what they will say, but what really matters. She is no longer lost.

And that has resulted in a rebirth like Ave Fénix. In 2017 she has explored other of her creative facets, such as becoming the producer of For 13 reasons, the Netflix series that explores bullying and vouyerismo 2.0; Has fallen madly in love with Abel Tesfaye, known as The Weeknd; And what is more important, Selena is more than ever.

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