Forget the sports, the mink sandals are the new shoes for everything

From going to the super until a dinner at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Zizi Donohoe’s designs are suitable for any occasion

 Zizi Donohoe is a pioneer of self-styled style. Under the flowing palm trees and the omnipresent Los Angeles sun, the British designer

is betting on a decadence every day with her extravagant choices. The place of honor of his look,

his fluffy mink flip flops, which he carries practically on all sides.

“They’re very grateful,” Donohoe says, laughing, “but I’ll put them on for shopping.

” This 24-year-old woman from Sheffield moved recently and is now a resident of Shoreditch,

London, where she studied shoe design and whose first project was flip-flops made of recycled skins –

light blue for her boyfriend and Acid green “like tennis ball” for her. When his friends began to place orders, Donohoe realized with surprise

that he had a hit: “At first I thought the design was not much worked, but then I understood that its simplicity made them fabulous,”

he says. “Instead of putting the sports to go down to the 7-Eleven, why not some flip-flops? And why not dine at the Beverly Hills Hotel. ”

Donohoe launched a discreet homonymous line in December, with flip-flops in five bright colors and a few stoles of hair that immediately gained

fans in the nets. The new five tones, pop and retro, are

inspired by L.A. And she considers them her true debut.

Flamenco rose, cream, and pearl gray are based on the colors of the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel,

while the more intense tones, lilac and yellow, are reminiscent of the Californian

films of the 1980s: “The troupe of Beverly Hills, Pretty Woman, Crazy in Hollywood, in all of them,

the colors were very saturated, “she recalls, and translated into mink, the designer turns them into real wonders.

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