Achilleas Souras’s life jackets designed for refugees

Arrives at Maxxi in Rome the igloo of young Achilleas Souras with a mission: to raise awareness of the world

Some stars of contemporary art have made their social and political cause and, more specifically, the hot topic of immigration and refugees

their battle horse and their media (and commercial) success at the international level. In the head, the Chinese He Weiwei,

who continues to occupy newspaper pages all over the world with his works

(a giant black raft is currently exhibited at the National Gallery in Prague) focused on immigration policies, the conditions of all refugees the world.

But even the ants in their little ones are pissed off.

The ant is called Achilleas Souras, Greek / English father, Thai / Austrian / Italian mother, lives in Barcelona and above

all has always been a great passion for Lego. The same passion that brought her to retrieve abandoned

life jackets on the island of Lesbos (there are over 400 thousand) and to build us an igloo of first-aid for refugees.

The objective is not so much that of recycling, which is, however, an important issue, but is aimed at raising awareness on the issue of refugees.

The first installment of the album “Save Our Souls” was exhibited at the Maritime Museum of Barcelona in 2016.

Then he traveled around the world, making his way to Cape Town, Milan, Los Angeles, New York and many other cities.

The young man was contacted by Patrizia Moroso and together they began to think of the creation of an igloo larger than the original project.

The new installation was inaugurated during the last Fuori Salone in Moroso’s showroom: a 3-meter-high igloo

made with 800 rescue vests abandoned and shipped thanks to the help of the mayor of Lesbos Island.

Next Steps? On June 20th, at the International Day of Refugees, Save Our Souls will be installed at

the same time as the Maxxi of Rome with

the patronage of UNHCR, the Tomorrow’s Museum of Rio de Janeiro and the El

Born Cultural Center in Barcelona for the week of Refugee will organize a series of events throughout the city.

From August 4, Save Our Souls will be exhibited at the Human Rights Museum in Winnipeg for 6 months. Small heroes grow up: applause!

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