Icon, a book tells the story of Land Rover and Defender

Optional now and available from July, between unpublished photos and interviews the volume tells the (almost) 80 years of the mother of all Suv

On April 30, 1948, the first Land Rover, named I Series, was launched at the Amsterdam Motor Show and designed by Maurice Wilks,

founder of the Rover Company together with his brother Spencer, and particularly inspired by the American Jeep already in production since 1941.

The idea of ​​the Wilks brothers was to build a 4 × 4, obviously better than the Jeep, especially with regard to mechanics and,

as early as they were, they thought to introduce the roof, with the idea of ​​making the car appetizing even to Public and not just to the Armed


Nonetheless, some features such as pillows to make passengers more comfortable, doors, heating and spare wheel were initially considered optional.

Series I followed about ten years after the Serie II and in 1971, the Serie III was launched. To get a million cars out of the Solihull factory

near Birmingham had to wait in 1976. Defender, born Land Rover One Ten first and Land Rover Ninety then, was introduced in 1983 while Discovery

came in 1989 And the Freelander in 1997.

As a preview of festivities for seventy years, the English brand announces the release of Icon, the first official book on the Defender models and

the Land Rover Series. The lion’s share of the publication makes the images, even unpublished,

along with exclusive interviews and a series of themed artwork commissioned for the occasion.

Among the celebrities who enjoyed the famous 4 × 4 English and who willingly gave testimony to the loyalty are Ralph Lauren and the

former captain of the South African rugby team, John Smit, in addition to Queen Elizabeth II.

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