The Garden’s Jewel, the studio of artist on the tree

Loris Cecchini has installed in the French countryside a spectacular shell of organic form clinging to a large horse chestnut

What happens when a named Colette Tournier collector meets the artist Loris Cecchini – known for its spectacular objects replicated in real scale and reproduced in gray urethane rubber, withdrawn into themselves and distorted – and commissioned a work environment to be placed in the garden of his villa in the French countryside near Grenoble?
He founded The Garden’s Jewel, “a shell of organic form, sort of space / cell, made of polyester resin and windows”, clinging to a large horse chestnut. The environment, reminiscent of a studio model Tokyo, accommodates up to four people, and we can sleep two people comfortably. Almost all the weight of the structure, which will remain permanent, is downloaded to the ground thanks to the scale that, in addition to allow access thereto, has a supporting pillar function. The tree has not been damaged in any way, either by screws or from any drill member. To embellish the exterior of the structure and part of the trunk of the tree have been used about 2500 steel elements characterized, there explains the artist, by a form of “biological memory, because the individual modules are born from the observation of the forms shown in nature, but also by diagrams and illustrations related to science. ”

Loris Cecchini has collected a series of exhibitions abroad and in Italy, where he exhibited his work, among others, nell’Armani Store in Milan and in the Palazzo Fendi in Rome. He recently collaborated with the Chaumet brand to create a limited edition watch Class One diver. After living several years in Berlin he is about to return to Milan in a large loft / workshop south of the city. Info:

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