Microsoft Pix, the app that makes better pictures thanks to artificial intelligence

The app enhances your smartphone camera and snaps dramatically better pictures. For now only for iPhone

This year, the AI will invade our lives and conquer all our devices: there we will find it in the headphones when you’re going to run, will be at home in Mac or PC in the office. But above all it will take possession of the smartphone (see iOS 10) revolutionizing some of our daily habits, such as taking a picture or a selfie. At least that’s the intent of Microsoft Pix, an app that takes artificial intelligence and puts it at the service of the camera phones to improve, much, the potential – for the moment the iPhone since the application is only available for iOS. Microsoft had been working on a similar solution in the past, but the evolution will notice right away. Pix resolution does not add to the images, but uses the work of complex algorithms to show you the perfect image through the combination of elements and of 10 sequential shots pixels, passed under the computer processing.

It’s like if you take the best elements of each photo and put them together to get the best photos. A bit ‘the same mechanism on which the HDR (High Dynamic Range) and landed on mobile phones to improve the exposure of light in photographs in which there are both bright areas that share the shade.

Microsoft Pix

When you press the button, the app processes 7 images taken before the click and 3 immediately after – according to Microsoft, when you take a picture, always lose the right moment because you have to find your phone, open the camera and press the button, so Pix tries to anticipate the times to avoid burning the subject of the photo – then choose which picture you think best and, depending on your decision, the app will improve that picture in terms of contrast, tone, white balance and shade, also trying to correct some common mistakes, such as eyes closed. The result is that with Pix made images are cleaner, brighter and with higher contrast, especially when it comes to shooting in low light conditions. Also outlined are more and manage to better outline the portrait subject: ie, it improves the sharpness of the image, bringing out the colors but without losing information and keeping the overall contrast.
The other interesting feature is that Pix can reproduce similar effects in Live Photos, also on the previous iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. By leveraging artificial intelligence, the app Redmond manages to create cinematic effects starting from movement, realizing small Gif 4 seconds to be shared on social. Trying to compare a photo taken with the iPhone camera 6 and taken with Pix, the effect is remarkable: We must say that it works better in low light than when it makes photos in optimal conditions – that case there is practically no difference – and remains the mental effort to remember to open Pix instead of the classic camera.

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