Impossible I-1 will remind you what were fine Polaroids

Proof of analog camera more desired year. Top 10 reasons to buy (or not) the Polaroid 2000

Impossible Project for years makes films for Polaroid, the Polaroid that it had stopped. But since the Pola, in the sense of the cameras, grow old and potentially go into extinction, the company has well-thought to produce its first instant camera that snaps compatible with Polaroid film, the Impossible i-1. A hybrid between the old and the new century of photography, this analog camera, but with Bluetooth and micro USB charging it via (the old Polaroid had the battery in the film). I tried to get us some pictures and I can tell you a bit ‘of things:

1. It’s beautiful. Superior design and materials you would like to have it in your hand all day. With the girls it works better than a cocker puppy;
2. It is difficult to carry. No bends and gives the constant feeling of being super delicate;
3. Among the most difficult things is the viewfinder, which folds back on itself and is removable, attached to the camera only by a magnet, in practice, you’ve already lost;
4. Then there will be other viewfinders available? Hopefully, because this takes a degree to use it and it’s not really a masterpiece in precision;
5. There is a ring flash, super for portraits;
6. If you do not do portraits of the flash is a bit ‘weakling;
7. The camera, surprise! It connects the phone through a dedicated app (the exit, only to iOS). With the app you can have manual control of timing and diagram, making double exposures, selfies distance and other options;
8. But: the viewfinder is quite analog, so you can not control the shot from the phone;
9. If you use the options in the app, you have to start from the app. Camera in one hand, phone in the other. You’ll look like a fool, always you are coordinated enough to succeed;
10. Nothing management focus!
And the pictures? Impossible on the site you will find a bit ‘of examples. GQ soon we will publish a photo shoot made with the I-1 by Davide Ambroggio for Girls section. The photos I took during the test are beautiful. But also a bit ‘bluish and evanescent. Not as full and saturated with Pola of when I was little, or the least detailed and precise as those that do for some years to friends with my Polaroid Spectra. Those of I-1 are vague pictures, Nordic, evocative. Surely also depend on the type of film, but as long as campa prefer to keep shooting with Spectra. Which, among other things, it has manual controls directly in the machine, without the slam of ganged via Bluetooth. This I-1 seems in effect meant for survivors of lomography. It is a beautiful object and the result is almost always surprise you. A sort of snapshot of the Holga, in super deluxe version and with its dedicated app, because today unless you have the app you do not buy anyone.

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