Sledgehammer, Rihanna makes the alien for Star Trek Beyond.

The video with the singer in a role of a priestess (or witch?) Of a distant galaxy

The real news is not so much the video clip, but rather the fact that Rihanna, for once, is not naked. Indeed, not so covered is perhaps unprecedented. The singer has accustomed the public to always put more extreme, until the nakedness thinly veiled, and instead, has made a choice definitely “Anti” (as the title of his latest album) for the Sledgehammer clips, song in the soundtrack and theme music of the last Star Trek Beyond trailer.

The effect, as alienating, does not diminish the singer’s sensuality, which in dance videos sinuously in a lunar landscape, with his face up to look-like alien.

The video, in fact, is particularly striking, with his voice, unusually intense, as if this time were precisely the vocal talents, rather than physical, the ones that RiRi wants to emphasize.

Written and produced by written by Jesse Shatkin and Robyn Rihanna Fenty, the Sledgehammer video clips shot by the Italo-Canadian Floria Sigismondi is the first to have been entirely with IMAX cameras.

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