5 easy things that we would like in every Italian club, but which are lacking

What we would like to see in the evening when we go out is this. It is not much, but we would change life

1 – The lists in step with the times. It can not be missed in 2016 so long because the unfortunate officer has to check lists of dozens of pen-written sheets (and badly) if there is the name in the list. Back and forth, duplex with bic pen, flowing inexorably on names, last names and nicknames, the dirty hands as well as at school. Impossible, I feel tenderness for him and anger at the party because of this vintage short circuit always delays in taking off. Solution: iPad installed above the entrance with some simple list management programs. There are dozens of easy and intuitive. There are even some companies that specialize in this type of software. I saw them always use abroad and very few times in Italy. Just enter the name in the search and in ten seconds appears the outcome. And away we go.

2 – economic and spacious wardrobe. Someone has to explain why a person has to pay between 3 and 5 euro per head for laying the wardrobe his jacket.

I remember an incident in a small club protagonist of the nightlife in Milan where I was asked 15 euro to leave the wardrobe a jacket, a sweater and a scarf. It was snowing outside, but I wanted to dance comfortable view the temperature range. 15 euros? Are we joking? I do this to the wardrobe girl responds annoyed me: “Here we are in beautiful Milan, it costs so …” Despite the terrifying experience, a few weeks after I get back in the room called for a table for a birthday. Mindful of the cloakroom fee (not a fact of tirchiaggine, but a matter of principle and customer services), support my leather jacket on the sofa in the private room. It guess’ what happened? stolen jacket! Crazy, and I’m not talking about a Bronx club with metal detectors at the entrance but rather a local dude with big claims about it. In Milan! Solution: Walk more spacious as possible, I can not do after lining up to withdraw jacket. Or at least a bit ‘cheaper. 5 euro per head is one-upmanship.

3 – Care Soundsystem. Any club should be built around his sound system. This argument should be taken into account by underground clubs like the Bible for Christians, but history teaches us that it is necessary to extend it to business premises because today what counts is experience. And excuse the redundancy conditional but rather must have a duty. It is not true that nobody cares, and even if that were the club’s manager should be culturally prepared to make its customers feel the music that offers the best possible way. The taste is imposed Nietzsche said, and the power, or rather, the sound quality is set. The production of an event unique experience to which the customer can not give up and for which perhaps will be gladly willing to spend his money. Two, three euro extra to see a 3D movie or the Energy Melzo room we spend it, right? Las Vegas is the manifesto, the Club Haus Milan a virtuous example of how to get used to an audience, on unselfish paper, such a quality product in exchange for the excellent results. Solution: rely on a series of passionate and competent professionals who can transform your room in the best way, being able to get sound from the plant the best possible performance. Sometimes just moving a case of a few degrees to completely change the perception of the music. It will be a crazy cool!

4 – Attracting girls. There is no rule as true and simple: if in a club there are so many girls the club will be full of boys but also of many other girls who no longer feel at risk in the midst of lions’ cages that many now look like dancefloor. It is not true that girls do not like the sophisticated and underground music. Women like to be comfortable in an environment where they feel safe and at ease. So, dear promoter, let’s make them feel good these girls. Solution: treat door policy to ensure a healthy environment, fresh, cool and cozy, possibly photogenic for Instagram and Snapchat. And the bathrooms. The main room for girls is the toilet! but also us boys would like the clean, bright, spacious, comfortable and fragrant, with deodorants and perfumes in plain sight beneath the mirror. But if for us it is only the fault of our rudeness, beyond you you can do better …

5 – Drink drinkable (on a large counter) – Up to twenty-eight, thirty years I did go well with everything. I lost count of the evenings where I drank gasoline. But now they are grown up and have become more demanding. I’m not me talking, but my liver, increased from diesel to natural gas. It is not impossible to be content. The Astronomical Observatory of the Dude, in Milan, a couple of years with a bar service of the highest quality that has raised the level of customers and the hangover, less troublesome but more knowledgeable and sophisticated thanks to the preparation of cocktails, both classic more sophisticated, prepared with great care and class. It costs 1 or 2 Euros more than in the main room but drinks are those coins that do not spend the next morning in a drugstore to buy a box of OKI. Solution: on the market there are good quality liquor at a price no exaggeration. Please, have mercy on us. There is no need to fill the ice, orange peel, lemon and tonic water deviant.

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