Brexit, results: the UK out of the EU. What happens now?

zero year for Europe: the “Brexiters” won with 52% of the votes. financial and political earthquake. They are unleashed throughout Europe nationalist parties

You Leave. More than a million votes more on Remain. The United Kingdom goes out the EU after 44 years. They win the ‘Brexiters’ 52-48, lose all. In absolute terms, the vote out grossed 17.4 million votes against 16.1 pro-European Union. How she had sensed yesterday the German Finance Minister Schaeuble “the referendum is a call for change.” however, too late to correct the ‘fiscal compact’ intended to Berlin and the insane bureaucratic regulations that non-elected technocrats in Brussels do not get tired of imposing on every matter. “We do not want the superstate”, was therefore the position of the British Prime Minister Cameron that he had obtained from the EU, on the eve of the consultation, an “agreement except” in adhesion. Too late that too. Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP nationalist party that has campaigned to leave the EU: “It is the dawn of independence. Cameron should resign. ”

England has voted for the compact Brexit, except in metropolitan areas of London and Manchester where he prevailed Remain. Leave the wins in Wales. Confusion and maximum uncertainty. For markets it is already Black Friday. Tsunami on the Nikkei declining by 8%. Collapses the pound, so it never depreciated by 85. It will be a long and heavy day in all the political and financial capital. The Japanese Central Bank in the dilemma of whether to slow down the appreciation of the yen vertical or finish under fire for monetary war. Meet in Brussels parliamentarians group leaders who will meet with the President of the Commission, Mr Juncker, and the President of the European Council, Tusk ( “The situation is politically dramatic – said hot – impossible to predict all the political consequences”), pending the ‘formalization of London. After which it will begin the long exit procedure Union which provides a two-year period within which will also express the European Parliaments and of the various member countries.

Unleashed the nationalist-populist parties all over Europe. Marine Le Pen: “It came our turn, we want Frexit”. Geert Wilders: “we WANT back our country, our money, our borders and our immigration policy.” Salvini exults: “Now it’s our turn.” The political earthquake is going to last, an entire ruling class – in the light of the outcome of the polls, including Cameron who wanted the referendum to silence “sovranisti” of his Conservative Party – failed not only the project of European integration, but the relationship of trust with the citizens. And ‘Year Zero: jump all executives / political structures. The shock crosses the Atlantic. London is no longer “the” capital of Europe for the United States. Obama had traveled to London underlining the “multilateralism” built after the war. Even the Democratic Party see the direction convened on administrative vote. Renzi brings together the government in Palazzo Chigi with the governor of the Bank of Italy, Visco, as well as the Elysee Hollande has called Prime Minister Valls. The Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon: “We feel part of the EU” is looming a new referendum in Scotland (which voted by a large majority Remain) time to break away from London and stay hooked to Europe. Prime Minister of Northern Ireland Martin McGuinness asks for Ulster, where he won the Remain, a referendum on unification with Ireland EU partner. Lifted the lid of the jar of Pandora: the cracks open the inability to rule the double crisis – the economic and migratory – they become a radial fractures.

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