Music, 5 app to become a professional deejay

Five applications to improve your pace and practice to create the perfect mix

The deejay has become one of the most sought-after professions in the world. If you do not want to spend so much money to start the business, you can start by downloading a few apps for the smartphone that will help you extricate yourself between tracks and audio fades, and give you an idea of how the craft and whether it is really your Street. As reported by the Guardian, here are five applications for iOS and Android to turn into deejay.

This app does the dirty work for you and allows you to merge several tracks, giving you the ability to create a playlist of songs from Spotify to put on an entire evening. If you want to jump from one song to just click and the app will try to mix them well for non-stop music. If you’re new to test the weapons Match Machine function, which automatically finds the next song with the beat just to create the perfect mix.

djay 2
It works with your music library on your phone or on Spotify Premium and gives you the ability to have a digital console in the smartphone range.

You can also record your mix and share it on social, or listen to it again later. It is the right app for those who want a bridge between the amateur and the professional activities, whereas you can buy separately several features and especially effective sound effects.

Serato Pyro
One of the most famous brands for the creation of software console launches in the mobile market with an app to a wider audience. It collects tracks from iTunes, Spotify or any other streaming music apps and advises you which songs are congenial to get a great mix. Pyro will engage the tracks between them and you can select a softer mix, or more extreme, depending on the type of holiday that you want to organize.

Cross DJ.
Another good choice to have a selection tool and mixing of songs automatically and free of charge. Does the basics – for the rest you have to buy the Pro version – but it can be useful as a viable alternative, especially for those who wants to use SoundCloud.

Traktor DJ.
This application is reserved for those already experienced, it is the first professional software of a smartphone and iPad console control. You can connect the Traktor devices, or you can work on songs using the virtual environment of the app, simplified to make you work with the most popular manual controls. It works with iTunes and with other apps for music on your phone. It can be the starting point of your new career.

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