Everything on the remake of Death Wish. With Bruce Willis and director Eli Roth

The Hostel director, after The green hell, back to the setting seventies to direct the reboot of del’74 cult film starring Charles Bronson (whose role goes to the star of Die Hard)

The red wire (blood) between the years seventies film and Eli Roth continues: after The Green Inferno, who lauded the Italian vein of Cannibal Movie, the Hostel director and Knock Knock will direct the remake of another cult film (US time) the same decade that inspired him so much.

There will in fact just Eli Roth directed to the rebuilding of Death Wish, who turned Michael Winner in 1974 and from which they took the moves well other 4 films.
In the original film, starring Charles Bronson was transformed into executioner in revenge for the death of his wife and the rape of his daughter; in the remake of Roth, it’s up to Bruce Willis to do the hard avenger of abuses suffered.

The director, who dumped Meg, took the place behind the camera Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado, which would abandon the project for deviations from the script directed by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski, who signed, among others, the script by Larry Flynt – Over the scandal, Big eyes, Goosebumps.

In fact, the curiosity greater than the remake of Night of the executioner concerns precisely its adaptation in modern times.

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