Emporio Armani presents the collection Antonia

Remix is called the new capsules designed for people who live and quickly moves to the city, but not sacrificing style

Emporio Armani Remix is a capsule men’s collection created in collaboration with Antonia, which testifies to the constant attention of Emporio Armani for the urban lifestyle. Born from an idea of dynamic urban mobility, low environmental impact, on two wheels. In the name, clear is the reference to the music, universal language and strong aggregation element, always a source of inspiration for the brand. Emporio Armani Remix is a urban wardrobe designed for those who live and move quickly in the city, but not sacrificing style. The garment design is simple and functional, fit over and contemporary. The logo, still in evidence and graphically reinterpreted, becomes a decorative sign and symbol of belonging to a new urban generation that is also acknowledged in the music.

Materials include: compact neoprene look for cotton sweatshirts with or without hood, even in sleeveless version; nylon parachute for specialized garments such as jacket and shorts; cotton jersey T-shirt and technical cotton leggings paths from a macro eagles logo pattern.

The colors are well defined: asphalt gray, dark blue, white, electric blue, red and yellow, with reflective print details. Fundamental in the urban nomad kits are the accessories: sunglasses with perforated metal, roll-up backpack blinders inspired ‘delivery boy’ of the most important cities in the world, turtle backpack backpack helmet, sneakers with reflective details, metallic headphones. Full and seals the project Remix Bike anodized steel, Italian revolutionary project developed in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano. Equipped with a special lithium ion battery that recharges in motion, Bike Remix provides assistance during pedaling.

The Emporio Armani Remix collection will be available, starting in September, in select Emporio Armani stores and online at Armani.com.

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