Apple posts may soon be the best messaging app

IOS 10, is completely transformed, challenging Messenger, WhatsApp and Snapchat. The will also see on Android?

Messages, the application that manages the “correspondence” between Apple and the traditional text message devices, was up to date, up to the various releases of iOS 9, quite a cast. Versatile little, closed, it stops at a level of system functionality despite being the most widely used of the package. And not, as promises of IOS 10 revolution, with the ambition to compete with WhatsApp, Snapchat and chattante company.

During Monday’s keynote, and in the Worldwide Developers Conference being held in San Francisco, Apple has unveiled the main new features of iOS 10, the new version of mobile operating system for users coming in the fall but for which you know more already with the beta versions in a few weeks. Inside, the most detailed maps to Apple Music redesigned, is hiding just that ambition: to transform messages into something compelling, engaging, attracting users. Driving along, neither more nor less, the streets jokes from others.

The new Messages fact allow such amount of shares impossible today. For example we can include advanced animations (balloons, confetti and fireworks that will flood the entire display). Or choose from even more emoji: the number will be tripled and the enlarged size, so that – as he coldly planned the vice president of Cupertino Craig Federighi – “the children of tomorrow will not understand most English”. Not enough: On the subject of emoji, there will be a baptized Replace function that will turn words into smilies and trinkets.

Or, winking at Snapchat, you can write on the photos you are about to send, modifying them, and even send private messages. They work like this: instead of destroying itself, as in other apps, you see only if the recipient goes your finger over the baloon. In short, an injection of gamification Messages that served as the bread.

Still, since the application will be really something different than the current, rushing to the platform in the platform, challenging Messenger (whose emoji and stickers which you can use in conversation): with Tapback the user can quickly respond with a simple tap. also come with links to previews, that will allow to play music (if it is a music connection), video and online content such as articles without leaving the conversation.

But the real turning point, marking the keynote, is the opening of the ecosystem. Developers can now talk to the Apple’s messaging app, which opens – thanks to Siri, it is she who now goes and slips in every application – the universe of the App Store. You can copy and paste the stickers – will come a dedicated store – customize gif, edit photos, send money or make an appointment, call a car or supplement the capabilities of other similar applications. Sound familiar? Of course, Messenger. Who knows in the future Posts can not even watch the universe Android.

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