PopSlate, the cover that adds a screen e-ink behind the iPhone

The second screen is always on and keeps you informed about the latest news and notifications you receive to save you battery

PopSlate in 2015 was the first company to market a cover for iPhone that integrated a second screen in digital ink for users of Apple, despite some flaws – like the connection without Lightning and the lack of a second battery. A year after the US startup has put a lock and kicked off on Indiegogo to a fundraiser to debut the PopSlate 2, an enclosure with a larger screen, compatibility with notifications and space for an additional power supply that recharges also smartphone.

The new version is very thin (4 mm) and is designed to change as little as possible the Cupertino design: the two planned versions (for iPhone 6 / 6S and Plus) will have an e-ink display, which will always remain on, 200 ppi able to update the image displayed in one-tenth of a second. The second battery will be able to provide more than 9 hours of talk time and at least 5 online browsing, but the main purpose of the cover will provide a secondary screen from which to access any apps or notifications without unlocking the phone.

Simply download the reference app to manage content to be displayed by loading up to a maximum of 5 applications to scroll through three buttons at the bottom of the display.

The notifications to the most important news of the day until the appointments, or simply to read a book like the classic e-book readers: I will make the PopSlate 2 saves battery and you will have everything you need at hand. Of course, the energy of the phone will not consume, but it’s worth spending $ 129 to get a screen in black and white and preserve? The success of PopSlate seems to suggest that the answer is yes.

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