10 iPhone features that change with iOS 10

Change photos, music, iMessage, we can delete preinstalled apps. Above all, changes the underlying philosophy

The first thing that emerges from Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference keynote presentation is that Apple has decided to change his story. Thirty years ago, Steve Jobs founded the Cupertino philosophy on creating a closed ecosystem and armored to the outside world that could work perfectly. At the center of it all was all the pursuit of perfection and absolute beauty of its products, to which only Apple, however, could be accessed, with close to zero chance of customization by users. Yesterday this was launched from the window, opening (almost) completely to the imagination of developers and users who will have the maximum freedom of use. Especially in the mobile sector, including iPhone and iPad, with the brand new iOS 10. A revolutionary and completely new operating system is not in the design, which will remain essentially the same, but the underlying concept: Siri, Maps and iMessage will be available to developers will be able to indulge themselves in designing new forms of interaction with the virtual assistant or with the app messaging.

Who knows that this change of perspective is not the long-awaited response from Apple to drop the iPhone sales last quarter. The fact is that, for example, in the new iOS 10 we will delete all of the pre-installed Apple apps that do not use very often: the only considered essential for operation are Phone, Safari, Photos and App Store, the rest will be eliminated to make room (like Exchange, Books, Podcasts, iTunes and so on). We have to wait a bit ‘(the first beta is expected in July, the official release in the fall) but in the meantime we summarize the 10 new features that we can take advantage of iOS 10.

1. New center notifications. It will be redesigned the iPhone screen with the keypad is locked. The notifications will be bigger and enriched with more details. By clicking on a notification with the 3D Touch you can accept invitations, reply to messages or interact with third-app (there is the example of Uber). Finally there is the option to clear all notifications lost with a single click. With the new “Raise to wake” function you can see the notifications screen simply by lifting the phone.

2. Touch 3D more useful. On the main screen you can access the functions without even opening them: for example, to see who has sent you a message, the results of the match on ESPN, see videos of Youtube or view the app activity with the Apple Watch data.

3. Siri at maximum power. With the opening to the external app we can send messages of Whatsapp, call a taxi on Uber or start a training session on Runtastic. And ‘become smarter and using more learns our behavior and is able to be useful to us, makes suggestions focused on your position and depending on your use (recent contacts, addresses, calendar etc.) Becoming an assistant in real bot who ask any question you throw your head. Siri will also control the keyboard that will be more intuitive and will not auto-correction errors.

4. iMessage. We can send stickers, emoji larger or interact with other applications without leaving the app screen. Photos, videos and external links can be previewed without having to click on it. One of the novelties most acclaimed by the public are the words that become emoji: through the recognition of words connected with emoticons you can replace the word in the face of reference (eg. Basketball with the emoji of the ball). There will be effects and animations as regards the text (fade-in, pop, to explosion and so on) and the background of the conversation. Integration with Apple Music allows you to share tracks with friends and listen to them in real time.

5. Photos. The AI also arrives in the camera roll. You can view your photos on a map and, with the recognition of objects within the image can be created automatically for specific albums based on their content: people, animals, objects or landscapes. The iPhone will be able to create videos with photos automatically, previewing directly from the home of scermata Photo: will any phone, will mount the video, choose the music and you will scroll through the images; You can decide the mood of the movie (funny, melancholic, epic and so on), so as to change the soundtrack and editing.

6. Map. Another app is completely revised maps that will be more integrated with Siri: new design, more details about location and more advice on places in the area. The navigation will be dynamic and clear (that is, you will be immersed in the road or Pan wider to control traffic, which eventually there will be real-time information), and there will be more shortcut to access certain functions (for example stations the local service). Maps will also open to the contribution of the external app, so you can make an application directly to the restaurant or buy a ticket to the movies and pay with Apple Pay.

7. Music. One year after its launch, the app has 15 million subscribers but needed a makeover to boost its run: via Connect – the failed attempt of the social network dedicated to music, clearer interface and simple and closer to the needs of users, especially viewing the sections that are used more. The library has been rebuilt from scratch giving (finally) importance to playlists, artists and songs that are easily visible. A crazy news is that there are the words of the songs that are being played. “To you” it was revised to highlight daily playlist and new artists to be discovered.

8. Apple News (still not available in Italy). Design all new with stories trends, the reference topic (sports, entertainment, etc.) And inquiries. There is the possibility to subscribe to read all the content available on the app without limits.

9. Apple Home. The app that was missing in order to have a control center for all the gadgets connected to the Internet of Things with Homekit within the same software. Just open this app to control all electrical appliances at home. Instead of having ten different apps, you can now have an overall control in one application (that supports Siri, so you can open the garage with your voice or turn on a light switch). The app also works from the lock screen of your phone or Apple Watch.

10. Phone. The Phone app changes: default appear previews of voice mail messages that can be read out without having to listen to the voice mail. In addition, the notification of a missed call will not be the classic automatic message, but you can see the photo of the person who was looking for you. The app can also point you whether an incoming call is a call center, using “spammy” in the phone number.

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