Foldimate, the appliance that you stretch, bend and smells shirts

Dedicated to all single men who are tired to go to the laundry life

Stretch and fold shirts and t-shirts in less than a minute. The cleaning lady? Your girlfriend? Mom? No, even better, it is Foldimate. Thanks to a steam system gets rid of every little fold of the fabric and also refreshes with the natural flavors. If you’re single and every time you take out the clothes from the washing machine will take an accident, do not worry, this is not a technological mirage in the desert full of clothes to be ironed. The invention is an Israeli startup based in Los Angeles and promises to make it available for preorder and 2017 at a price of 750 Euros.

But how does it work? Just hang sweaters or machine pants with tweezers, then sucks them up and return them to the sender perfectly folded and fragrant. It takes 10 seconds to fold a mesh and 20 to 30 seconds to stretch it. In total, Foldimate can bend up to 30 suits at a time. The only limit: coats, thick sweaters and underwear. So, solve wearing coats at the dry cleaners, and for the rest also keeps ironing: no one will notice the crumpled slip.

One thing is certain, though: it takes space to have all the amenities. This ‘laundress’ it should be next to a washing machine and dryer if any, that they too are quite bulky.

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