Heartbeat Once you choose the right partner based on the beat of your heart

The application of online dating that offers a sweet half a day can now relies on the true natural judge of the emotions, the heartbeat: the more intense over there feeling

What is the most obvious reaction when we are faced with a person that we like? That’s right, the uncontrolled dancing our hearts that can accompany a sweat in your hands, shake and butterflies in the stomach. It happens the same even when the attraction is less romantic and more physical. It is the first case or the second does not matter to Ounces, that just to exploit always sincere reactions in our bodies, opts for new Heartbeat feature.

What Once? It is an application for iOS and Android (and also online for PC) dating (ie appointments, discover all the best) that focuses on quality and not quantity. Unlike virtually all other competitors (such as Tinder, of all), it only offers one and only one day potentially compatible partners, which is carefully selected by a staff team of specialists, called Matchmakers. Going to mix to your profile information and preferences entered, experts are looking for the other half can of apple.

It’s up to you to decide whether or not to contact their “match”. Something new, but in the end even the old saw that closely resembles and digital work of dear old marriage agencies than once.

The new feature is called Heartbeat heartbeat and that is just what it sounds like: associating a detector pulse as a kind smartband FitBit or one smartwatch (with Android Wear operating system) will give a “scientific” response to the partner who is offered every day . The photo will be displayed and you will observe the behavior of the heart: if it starts to beat wildly, then we will have to give it a thought, but if it will remain quiet then better trust him and move on. If so, you may contact the person associated within 24 hours.

For more precisini there is also the possibility to save the history of the beats in a historian who knows a bit ‘of “ranking” to see who really did beat most of our vital muscle. But not limited to, the Matchmakers will also study these physiological reactions to get even more clues to any more attractive proposals.

So it’s something really never seen? In fact, the company Texan T3 had studied a “hands-free” version that is without hands to Tinder. You know the dating app that offers burst photos and profiles you must then choose or discard with a swipe from one side or the other? Well, for the app on Apple Watch it was exploited its heartbeat to let their hearts decide whether to choose or not the proposed user. Of course, with Once you finally become reality and, to be honest, it is also more consistent with the philosophy of this app less devoted to the adventures of a night stand and more to those “series.”

What will be the next evolution? Maybe the combined action between heart rate and electroencephalogram that studies the reactions of the brain? And if it also would add the detection of the pupil dilation? And why not, the measurement of blood shift toward “peripheral areas”? The horizons are endless.

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