Who was Magico Gonzalez, 10 strong over Maradona

It is one of the most revered of modern football players: it tells a new novel that seems a Sorrentino

Sports journalism, when done right, has the uncanny ability to drag the player in the field, among the players, to tell a story that is not just that of the ball, racket or basket; but a story with many layers and so many meanings. Marco Marsullo, this thing here, it does well. Napoletano, journalist of The Journal, writer – for his age – prolific. In his latest novel, The taxi driver Maradona published by Rizzoli, manages to combine effectively fiction and anecdotal, to unite the story of the protagonist – under the guise of a taxi driver – with that of a hero of the past, matador of the football field , sample (for real) of Spain.

The smoothness of the style and musicality of the construction periods are the foundations of The taxi driver to Maradona. Then there are the anecdotes about the time in California, that El Mago was caught with two blondes (more, actually) while he was on retreat with Barcelona (who then drove him); or of his wonderful friendship with José Monge Cruz, aka Camaron de la Isla, an expert player and flamenco legend.

It seems all a movie, a great movie, to there Sorrentino: and in fact, more than once, especially when at the end of career, weighed down and slowed by age, interview El Mago, seems to relive the scene of Tony Pisapia, a talented Toni Servillo, man Up. “You do not even know what the fuck that means. I love freedom. I am a free man”.
Jorge Gonzalez, the name of El Mago baptism, was a football player, a passionate lover and an absent father; his retirement, in his spare time, he was a taxi driver. He was named best player Salvadoran ever (under him, El Salvador is qualified twice for the World Cup) and Maradona once, he said it was even better than him. In the story of Marsullo, the reality joins a perfect narrative fiction: love, friendship, pain. The usual mix. And then there are the many why: why, for example, El Mago was so rebellious and unruly, because he liked – and he liked, yes sir – sleep late and skipping workouts; because he did not go to France, England and Italy when everyone called him; and why he had always preferred to wear the jersey number 11 to number 10 ( “it’s like there’s one more,” he said).

At the end of his career, Magico Gonzalez had nothing, not a reward, not a trophy. Only the recognition of its people, the veneration of the fans (and if you do not do for them, for those who do?) And the possibility – say the least – of being able to say satisfied. Despite everything.

What remains, then, of the ball, football and a sport; that remains the goal. Here, by the way is an interesting dialogue that Marsullo makes keeping the Magic in the car, with a very young customers, who talks about Messi. You saw, he asks, how many goals did he do? But football, responds El Mago, it’s not that. Football, he says, is “correct the moments when all seems lost. The matches will last a lifetime, not just ninety minutes, it’s like to never exit from the field. ” And “sometimes one confuses the greatness of a player with the number of goals he has in his career. When you forget that to get to those goals he has as many wrong, and as many times – insists El Mago – not even arrived in sbagliarli because late in the action, because it had slipped, because sometimes you just do not get. ” And because in the end it’s not just football. There is also life, the other one, the one off the field and you have to live with both things until the end. Sometimes even beyond. What a beautiful book

5 easy things that we would like in every Italian club, but which are lacking

What we would like to see in the evening when we go out is this. It is not much, but we would change life

1 – The lists in step with the times. It can not be missed in 2016 so long because the unfortunate officer has to check lists of dozens of pen-written sheets (and badly) if there is the name in the list. Back and forth, duplex with bic pen, flowing inexorably on names, last names and nicknames, the dirty hands as well as at school. Impossible, I feel tenderness for him and anger at the party because of this vintage short circuit always delays in taking off. Solution: iPad installed above the entrance with some simple list management programs. There are dozens of easy and intuitive. There are even some companies that specialize in this type of software. I saw them always use abroad and very few times in Italy. Just enter the name in the search and in ten seconds appears the outcome. And away we go.

2 – economic and spacious wardrobe. Someone has to explain why a person has to pay between 3 and 5 euro per head for laying the wardrobe his jacket.

I remember an incident in a small club protagonist of the nightlife in Milan where I was asked 15 euro to leave the wardrobe a jacket, a sweater and a scarf. It was snowing outside, but I wanted to dance comfortable view the temperature range. 15 euros? Are we joking? I do this to the wardrobe girl responds annoyed me: “Here we are in beautiful Milan, it costs so …” Despite the terrifying experience, a few weeks after I get back in the room called for a table for a birthday. Mindful of the cloakroom fee (not a fact of tirchiaggine, but a matter of principle and customer services), support my leather jacket on the sofa in the private room. It guess’ what happened? stolen jacket! Crazy, and I’m not talking about a Bronx club with metal detectors at the entrance but rather a local dude with big claims about it. In Milan! Solution: Walk more spacious as possible, I can not do after lining up to withdraw jacket. Or at least a bit ‘cheaper. 5 euro per head is one-upmanship.

3 – Care Soundsystem. Any club should be built around his sound system. This argument should be taken into account by underground clubs like the Bible for Christians, but history teaches us that it is necessary to extend it to business premises because today what counts is experience. And excuse the redundancy conditional but rather must have a duty. It is not true that nobody cares, and even if that were the club’s manager should be culturally prepared to make its customers feel the music that offers the best possible way. The taste is imposed Nietzsche said, and the power, or rather, the sound quality is set. The production of an event unique experience to which the customer can not give up and for which perhaps will be gladly willing to spend his money. Two, three euro extra to see a 3D movie or the Energy Melzo room we spend it, right? Las Vegas is the manifesto, the Club Haus Milan a virtuous example of how to get used to an audience, on unselfish paper, such a quality product in exchange for the excellent results. Solution: rely on a series of passionate and competent professionals who can transform your room in the best way, being able to get sound from the plant the best possible performance. Sometimes just moving a case of a few degrees to completely change the perception of the music. It will be a crazy cool!

4 – Attracting girls. There is no rule as true and simple: if in a club there are so many girls the club will be full of boys but also of many other girls who no longer feel at risk in the midst of lions’ cages that many now look like dancefloor. It is not true that girls do not like the sophisticated and underground music. Women like to be comfortable in an environment where they feel safe and at ease. So, dear promoter, let’s make them feel good these girls. Solution: treat door policy to ensure a healthy environment, fresh, cool and cozy, possibly photogenic for Instagram and Snapchat. And the bathrooms. The main room for girls is the toilet! but also us boys would like the clean, bright, spacious, comfortable and fragrant, with deodorants and perfumes in plain sight beneath the mirror. But if for us it is only the fault of our rudeness, beyond you you can do better …

5 – Drink drinkable (on a large counter) – Up to twenty-eight, thirty years I did go well with everything. I lost count of the evenings where I drank gasoline. But now they are grown up and have become more demanding. I’m not me talking, but my liver, increased from diesel to natural gas. It is not impossible to be content. The Astronomical Observatory of the Dude, in Milan, a couple of years with a bar service of the highest quality that has raised the level of customers and the hangover, less troublesome but more knowledgeable and sophisticated thanks to the preparation of cocktails, both classic more sophisticated, prepared with great care and class. It costs 1 or 2 Euros more than in the main room but drinks are those coins that do not spend the next morning in a drugstore to buy a box of OKI. Solution: on the market there are good quality liquor at a price no exaggeration. Please, have mercy on us. There is no need to fill the ice, orange peel, lemon and tonic water deviant.

Brexit, results: the UK out of the EU. What happens now?

zero year for Europe: the “Brexiters” won with 52% of the votes. financial and political earthquake. They are unleashed throughout Europe nationalist parties

You Leave. More than a million votes more on Remain. The United Kingdom goes out the EU after 44 years. They win the ‘Brexiters’ 52-48, lose all. In absolute terms, the vote out grossed 17.4 million votes against 16.1 pro-European Union. How she had sensed yesterday the German Finance Minister Schaeuble “the referendum is a call for change.” however, too late to correct the ‘fiscal compact’ intended to Berlin and the insane bureaucratic regulations that non-elected technocrats in Brussels do not get tired of imposing on every matter. “We do not want the superstate”, was therefore the position of the British Prime Minister Cameron that he had obtained from the EU, on the eve of the consultation, an “agreement except” in adhesion. Too late that too. Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP nationalist party that has campaigned to leave the EU: “It is the dawn of independence. Cameron should resign. ”

England has voted for the compact Brexit, except in metropolitan areas of London and Manchester where he prevailed Remain. Leave the wins in Wales. Confusion and maximum uncertainty. For markets it is already Black Friday. Tsunami on the Nikkei declining by 8%. Collapses the pound, so it never depreciated by 85. It will be a long and heavy day in all the political and financial capital. The Japanese Central Bank in the dilemma of whether to slow down the appreciation of the yen vertical or finish under fire for monetary war. Meet in Brussels parliamentarians group leaders who will meet with the President of the Commission, Mr Juncker, and the President of the European Council, Tusk ( “The situation is politically dramatic – said hot – impossible to predict all the political consequences”), pending the ‘formalization of London. After which it will begin the long exit procedure Union which provides a two-year period within which will also express the European Parliaments and of the various member countries.

Unleashed the nationalist-populist parties all over Europe. Marine Le Pen: “It came our turn, we want Frexit”. Geert Wilders: “we WANT back our country, our money, our borders and our immigration policy.” Salvini exults: “Now it’s our turn.” The political earthquake is going to last, an entire ruling class – in the light of the outcome of the polls, including Cameron who wanted the referendum to silence “sovranisti” of his Conservative Party – failed not only the project of European integration, but the relationship of trust with the citizens. And ‘Year Zero: jump all executives / political structures. The shock crosses the Atlantic. London is no longer “the” capital of Europe for the United States. Obama had traveled to London underlining the “multilateralism” built after the war. Even the Democratic Party see the direction convened on administrative vote. Renzi brings together the government in Palazzo Chigi with the governor of the Bank of Italy, Visco, as well as the Elysee Hollande has called Prime Minister Valls. The Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon: “We feel part of the EU” is looming a new referendum in Scotland (which voted by a large majority Remain) time to break away from London and stay hooked to Europe. Prime Minister of Northern Ireland Martin McGuinness asks for Ulster, where he won the Remain, a referendum on unification with Ireland EU partner. Lifted the lid of the jar of Pandora: the cracks open the inability to rule the double crisis – the economic and migratory – they become a radial fractures.

The consequences of Brexit: whoever wins, nothing will be as before

The British citizens vote to stay or exit from the European Union after 44 years. But this vote will mark, whatever the outcome, the European Union’s Year Zero
Today the most important vote in decades. British voters go to the polls from 7 to 22 rooms (from 8 to 23 Italian time) for the referendum of the so-called “Brexit”, or whether to remain (Remain) in the European Union or leave (Leave). The results will be known Friday morning, although in the night many in the world will follow with apprehension exit pool and projections. The average survey indicates such a tight butt that experts say can not predict the outcome of the consultation. We can count the votes one by one in 382 centers for the counting. Global anyway repercussions: in the USA, India, Australia look to the EU with the London Eye. Britons will vote (thus including Northern Ireland), citizens of the Commonwealth of age residing in the United Kingdom, British citizens living abroad registered in electoral rolls in the past 15 years. The persons entitled to vote are 46 million. To Remain, the prime minister David Cameron – who had launched the referendum to silence wing “sovereignist” of his Conservative Party – various Scottish ministers from all parties, the Labour Jeremy Corbyn. But the workers, traditional Labour voters, are for the Leave, according to the polls, because of the post-Lehman crisis that the European Union is unable to take care of for years and Corbyn said: “The EU is not democratic, but we have to stay there and try to change it. ” In front Brexit, conservative Boris Johnson, London’s former mayor Leave a victory would put in orbit 10 Downing Street, other Tory leaders including the Minister of Justice, Michael Gove, and Ukip, the national-party populist directed by Nigel Farage.

The result is not binding and in case of victory Leave parliament will be called upon to reject the European Communities Act 1972, the date of accession of Britain incorporating European law into national law as it does for all members (one of the points more disputed by proponents of Brexit that therefore speak of a “return of sovereignty”). Technically, the Parliament could ignore the vote, but it would be weird to go against the popular will, especially in a country of ancient and solid democracy. In politics essentially impossible. Long would be the withdrawal process, we should be clear and rewrite the treaties governing the relations with the EU. It would take years. At least only two to say goodbye. Then, is to be apportioned from scratch and the Commission President, Mr Juncker, he has already said that “off means off.” London should get back in the queue and negotiate from scratch agreements without any guaranteed fast track. In fact it would be canceled, with Leave, even the agreement torn by Cameron in Brussels with whom he popped, by a very accommodating EU, absolutely privileged conditions including a veto mechanism that locks initiatives do not like in London.

Snaps so another problem: in case of victory of Remain, the EU should ratify the agreement which establishes an exception British, but hardly the other capitals, let alone their national-populist parties on the rise, would sign without flinching or ask in turn equal conditions. Other countries could demand equal treatment unless ponder the exit. Has produced a “weak point” in the building when it is implemented ‘de facto’ a process of exception / detachment from the EU, where – according to many analysts – come home to roost nodes of the incomplete fiscal union, banking and politics and the deficit democracy embodied in an unelected Commission imposing – or so it is perceived by European citizens – choices that bypass their national parliaments avocandone sovereignty. The “shock” the referendum has already produced a zero year from which the EU nothing will be as before, whatever the outcome of the referendum in Britain.

Music, 5 app to become a professional deejay

Five applications to improve your pace and practice to create the perfect mix

The deejay has become one of the most sought-after professions in the world. If you do not want to spend so much money to start the business, you can start by downloading a few apps for the smartphone that will help you extricate yourself between tracks and audio fades, and give you an idea of how the craft and whether it is really your Street. As reported by the Guardian, here are five applications for iOS and Android to turn into deejay.

This app does the dirty work for you and allows you to merge several tracks, giving you the ability to create a playlist of songs from Spotify to put on an entire evening. If you want to jump from one song to just click and the app will try to mix them well for non-stop music. If you’re new to test the weapons Match Machine function, which automatically finds the next song with the beat just to create the perfect mix.

djay 2
It works with your music library on your phone or on Spotify Premium and gives you the ability to have a digital console in the smartphone range.

You can also record your mix and share it on social, or listen to it again later. It is the right app for those who want a bridge between the amateur and the professional activities, whereas you can buy separately several features and especially effective sound effects.

Serato Pyro
One of the most famous brands for the creation of software console launches in the mobile market with an app to a wider audience. It collects tracks from iTunes, Spotify or any other streaming music apps and advises you which songs are congenial to get a great mix. Pyro will engage the tracks between them and you can select a softer mix, or more extreme, depending on the type of holiday that you want to organize.

Cross DJ.
Another good choice to have a selection tool and mixing of songs automatically and free of charge. Does the basics – for the rest you have to buy the Pro version – but it can be useful as a viable alternative, especially for those who wants to use SoundCloud.

Traktor DJ.
This application is reserved for those already experienced, it is the first professional software of a smartphone and iPad console control. You can connect the Traktor devices, or you can work on songs using the virtual environment of the app, simplified to make you work with the most popular manual controls. It works with iTunes and with other apps for music on your phone. It can be the starting point of your new career.

Everything on the remake of Death Wish. With Bruce Willis and director Eli Roth

The Hostel director, after The green hell, back to the setting seventies to direct the reboot of del’74 cult film starring Charles Bronson (whose role goes to the star of Die Hard)

The red wire (blood) between the years seventies film and Eli Roth continues: after The Green Inferno, who lauded the Italian vein of Cannibal Movie, the Hostel director and Knock Knock will direct the remake of another cult film (US time) the same decade that inspired him so much.

There will in fact just Eli Roth directed to the rebuilding of Death Wish, who turned Michael Winner in 1974 and from which they took the moves well other 4 films.
In the original film, starring Charles Bronson was transformed into executioner in revenge for the death of his wife and the rape of his daughter; in the remake of Roth, it’s up to Bruce Willis to do the hard avenger of abuses suffered.

The director, who dumped Meg, took the place behind the camera Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado, which would abandon the project for deviations from the script directed by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski, who signed, among others, the script by Larry Flynt – Over the scandal, Big eyes, Goosebumps.

In fact, the curiosity greater than the remake of Night of the executioner concerns precisely its adaptation in modern times.

Emporio Armani presents the collection Antonia

Remix is called the new capsules designed for people who live and quickly moves to the city, but not sacrificing style

Emporio Armani Remix is a capsule men’s collection created in collaboration with Antonia, which testifies to the constant attention of Emporio Armani for the urban lifestyle. Born from an idea of dynamic urban mobility, low environmental impact, on two wheels. In the name, clear is the reference to the music, universal language and strong aggregation element, always a source of inspiration for the brand. Emporio Armani Remix is a urban wardrobe designed for those who live and move quickly in the city, but not sacrificing style. The garment design is simple and functional, fit over and contemporary. The logo, still in evidence and graphically reinterpreted, becomes a decorative sign and symbol of belonging to a new urban generation that is also acknowledged in the music.

Materials include: compact neoprene look for cotton sweatshirts with or without hood, even in sleeveless version; nylon parachute for specialized garments such as jacket and shorts; cotton jersey T-shirt and technical cotton leggings paths from a macro eagles logo pattern.

The colors are well defined: asphalt gray, dark blue, white, electric blue, red and yellow, with reflective print details. Fundamental in the urban nomad kits are the accessories: sunglasses with perforated metal, roll-up backpack blinders inspired ‘delivery boy’ of the most important cities in the world, turtle backpack backpack helmet, sneakers with reflective details, metallic headphones. Full and seals the project Remix Bike anodized steel, Italian revolutionary project developed in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano. Equipped with a special lithium ion battery that recharges in motion, Bike Remix provides assistance during pedaling.

The Emporio Armani Remix collection will be available, starting in September, in select Emporio Armani stores and online at Armani.com.

Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week here is the schedule of fashion shows for spring-summer 2017
Among defections and confirmations that’s who will march during the fashion week in Milan, on stage June 17 to 21

Everything is ready for the Milan Fashion Week dedicated to the world of menswear for spring-summer 2017, which will be staged June 17 to 21. A fashion week “in passing,” as many have described working in the sector, “looking for a new and exciting balance.” In fact, for this edition, there are many brands that do not present their collections. Another novelty is the last day of Milan Fashion Week, which is Tuesday, June 21. From 12 to 18.30, after the parade of Giorgio Armani, near Piazza Gae Aulenti at number 10, the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, led by Carlo Capasa, has organized a summit dedicated to the future of fashion, Crafting The Future Of Fashion, where designers, CEOs and business insiders will talk and discuss on the issue of digitization and communication 3.0.

Here is the official calendar of parades.

Friday, June 17
h 19:00 PORTS 1961
h 20:00 DSQUARED2

Saturday, June 18
h 10:30 MIAORAN
h 11.30 CHANNELS
h 12:30 JIL SANDER

h 15:00 MARNI
h 16:00 VERSACE
h 17:00 LES HOMMES
h 19:00 PAL ZILERI

Sunday, June 19

h 11.30 RICHMOND

h 14:00 SUNNEI (supported by CNMI)
h 16:00 MISSONI
h 17:00 DAKS
h 18:00 PRADA
h 20 :00 DAMIR DOMA

Monday, June 20

h 11.30 MOTO GUO (supported by CNMI)
h 12:30 GUCCI

Tuesday, June 21

h 14:00 ETRO

h 15:00 MSGM

h 16:00 JUN LI (supported by CNMI)
h 17:00 STRATEAS CARLUCCI (Supported by CNMI)
h 18:00 FENDI


Apple posts may soon be the best messaging app

IOS 10, is completely transformed, challenging Messenger, WhatsApp and Snapchat. The will also see on Android?

Messages, the application that manages the “correspondence” between Apple and the traditional text message devices, was up to date, up to the various releases of iOS 9, quite a cast. Versatile little, closed, it stops at a level of system functionality despite being the most widely used of the package. And not, as promises of IOS 10 revolution, with the ambition to compete with WhatsApp, Snapchat and chattante company.

During Monday’s keynote, and in the Worldwide Developers Conference being held in San Francisco, Apple has unveiled the main new features of iOS 10, the new version of mobile operating system for users coming in the fall but for which you know more already with the beta versions in a few weeks. Inside, the most detailed maps to Apple Music redesigned, is hiding just that ambition: to transform messages into something compelling, engaging, attracting users. Driving along, neither more nor less, the streets jokes from others.

The new Messages fact allow such amount of shares impossible today. For example we can include advanced animations (balloons, confetti and fireworks that will flood the entire display). Or choose from even more emoji: the number will be tripled and the enlarged size, so that – as he coldly planned the vice president of Cupertino Craig Federighi – “the children of tomorrow will not understand most English”. Not enough: On the subject of emoji, there will be a baptized Replace function that will turn words into smilies and trinkets.

Or, winking at Snapchat, you can write on the photos you are about to send, modifying them, and even send private messages. They work like this: instead of destroying itself, as in other apps, you see only if the recipient goes your finger over the baloon. In short, an injection of gamification Messages that served as the bread.

Still, since the application will be really something different than the current, rushing to the platform in the platform, challenging Messenger (whose emoji and stickers which you can use in conversation): with Tapback the user can quickly respond with a simple tap. also come with links to previews, that will allow to play music (if it is a music connection), video and online content such as articles without leaving the conversation.

But the real turning point, marking the keynote, is the opening of the ecosystem. Developers can now talk to the Apple’s messaging app, which opens – thanks to Siri, it is she who now goes and slips in every application – the universe of the App Store. You can copy and paste the stickers – will come a dedicated store – customize gif, edit photos, send money or make an appointment, call a car or supplement the capabilities of other similar applications. Sound familiar? Of course, Messenger. Who knows in the future Posts can not even watch the universe Android.

PopSlate, the cover that adds a screen e-ink behind the iPhone

The second screen is always on and keeps you informed about the latest news and notifications you receive to save you battery

PopSlate in 2015 was the first company to market a cover for iPhone that integrated a second screen in digital ink for users of Apple, despite some flaws – like the connection without Lightning and the lack of a second battery. A year after the US startup has put a lock and kicked off on Indiegogo to a fundraiser to debut the PopSlate 2, an enclosure with a larger screen, compatibility with notifications and space for an additional power supply that recharges also smartphone.

The new version is very thin (4 mm) and is designed to change as little as possible the Cupertino design: the two planned versions (for iPhone 6 / 6S and Plus) will have an e-ink display, which will always remain on, 200 ppi able to update the image displayed in one-tenth of a second. The second battery will be able to provide more than 9 hours of talk time and at least 5 online browsing, but the main purpose of the cover will provide a secondary screen from which to access any apps or notifications without unlocking the phone.

Simply download the reference app to manage content to be displayed by loading up to a maximum of 5 applications to scroll through three buttons at the bottom of the display.

The notifications to the most important news of the day until the appointments, or simply to read a book like the classic e-book readers: I will make the PopSlate 2 saves battery and you will have everything you need at hand. Of course, the energy of the phone will not consume, but it’s worth spending $ 129 to get a screen in black and white and preserve? The success of PopSlate seems to suggest that the answer is yes.