What to make of beautiful Amsterdam, (not the usual coffee shops and red light district)

Not only smoke, women and wild life. Amsterdam is a city to discover. Even day

Say and think Amsterdam Café, alcohol and girls in the window. It was wrong. It is one of the most beautiful capitals of Europe, perhaps the only one that balances perfectly the tourist side and its dark side.

A weekend just and advances to appreciate the culture of Amsterdam and its traditions, you do not live in fact only coffee shops and Red Light. Here are 5 things to do in the city of bikes, canals and tulips.

5.Passeggiata to Vonderpark
It is the largest park in the city, the perfect place to escape from the chaos of public transport and the tourists. Actually this is a very crowded place, from every where sprouting aspiring cyclists and people who are jogging, but it is so immense that almost no one pays any attention. It is not a tourist destination so you can enjoy closely the uses and customs of the locals, and especially after a long walk through ancient weeping willows, you can also admire a large expanse of blue poppies.

4.Crociera romantic between the channels of the city
To appreciate in its entirety Amsterdam, the city of a thousand quaint houses, the ideal is to take a cruise through the channels. This way you can admire comfortable seated on a small boat, all the tightest corners and secrets, all the oddities of a capital that over time consolidated its cosmopolitan metropolis status.

3. A dip in the art thanks to Van Gogh Museum
Art lovers then find bread for their teeth. The Van Gogh Museum, a short walk from Place Dom, is the nerve center of the Flemish culture. Structured on three levels, the museum offers a path of paintings, drawings and artist’s most celebrated stories of our time. Arm yourself with comfortable shoes and a lot of patience for the long queues.

2. Hap-Hmm, and the typical Dutch cuisine
Amsterdam is also famous for its cuisine and own the Hap-Hmm is the place. It is a very small restaurant, located outside the tourist center, known mostly by the British, opens only once a day for 4 hours, and even here the wait varies from half an hour to an hour. But the game is worth the candle. The restaurant has reasonable prices to suit all types of pockets, but the dishes never seen flavors awaken early now. Recommended meat stew: a culinary orgasm!

1. Rent a bike and then run like the wind
To dispose of the meat stew, or just to experience the thrill of running far and wide among the channels, with a few Euros per day, there is the possibility of renting a bike. You should know that Amsterdam has every street or cross a bike path, and in this way you can ride in complete freedom. You should only be careful to pedestrians, perhaps, they have not yet realized the existence of a path dedicated to the media on two wheels.

And if you want to find out even more the city, you can eat mussels sipping gin and tonic in Westerpark, take the ferry and take a walk to the north, between absurd loft on the canals, areas still under construction and rooms that seem to come from a post-apocalyptic movies like De Ceuvel, a cross between Mad Max and eco friendly. Or, more simply, a berti zatte beer a bit ‘wherever it happens.

25th Anniversary Montblanc De La Culture Arts Patronage Award

Montblanc celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Award and announces Giorgio Marconi as Italian Winner of 2016

In the splendid setting of Venice Montblanc celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Award, the visionary award that recognizes and supports the work of modern art patrons since 1992. The winner of the Italian edition 2016 Giorgio Marconi, for the ‘ engagement with the Marconi Foundation of Modern and contemporary Art, a non-profit institution for the dissemination and promotion of contemporary art and culture.

The new Co-Presidents of the Montblanc Cultural Foundation, Till Fellrath and Sam Bardaouil joined the CEO Jérôme Lambert to give the winner the Patron of Art Peggy Guggenheim, a fountain in a limited edition and 15,000 Euros in support of a project chosen by the Foundations Marconi.

“We are thrilled to be able to celebrate the first of 16 Click here to Venice, being a symbolic city for art, culture and architecture with a thriving arts community for many centuries,” said the CEO of Montblanc Jérôme Lambert.

“In addition Venice was Peggy Guggenheim’s home, one of the greatest patrons of the 20th century, an advanced woman who understood the cultural importance of cultivating creative talent, just like the other patrons that will be celebrated internationally in course of this year. ”

Giorgio Marconi joins the list of influential patrons who have received the award, including Robert Wilson, Quincy Jones, Renzo Piano and Yoyo Maeght.

Every year since 1992, the prestigious Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Award, has recognized the most important personalities and their outstanding contribution, reinforcing the importance of their commitment to spread art and culture making it accessible to a wider audience.

Chanel fashion show in Cuba for the first time

The fashion house of Karl Lagerfeld presented in Havana the Cruise collection in 2017. With even Gisele Bundchen runway. The photos

For the historical parade of Chanel flew to Havana in Cuba even Vin Diesel, Tilda Swinton and Gisele Bundchen. Karl Lagerfeld took advantage unique to the island energy presenare collection Cruise 2017. And among the spectators on the Paseo del Prado was also Antonio Castro, the niece of Fidel, aspiring model

Burn The Witch: output is the new song from Radiohead

After five years, a new single (and a new video, with the now famous bird)

Other than “Much Ado About Nothing”: for the saga of Radiohead, Shakespeare would be bothered and adapted with a more appropriate title, such as “Very quiet for a little.” Yes, because the English band, who last May 1 has made headlines for the sudden disappearance from the web, has maintained silence online for a short time.

After just over 24 hours is back on, with a new Instagram account brand, a video teaser of a chirping bird, and a written “Dead Air Space” added the URL of the official site.
A few hours later – around 17 pm to Italy – that there the bang: Tom York and partners have just posted a video clip on the website, on YouTube and on all social.

It’s “Burn The Witch”, a song written by then 13 years ago and never published. To date, complete with a launch video.

The movie is in line with the teaser of the bird and the next video published shortly after: a cartoon with plasticine characters, directed by Chris Hopewell, director who, in addition to Radiohead – with whom “There There” won an MTV Video Award in 2003 – has collaborated with Franz Ferdinand, the Killers, Scissor Sisters, the Offspring and others.

The story told it looks like a modern version of the Inquisition and the hunt for a witch (from the burning of the title), up to a final in sorpesa reminiscent of The Wicker Man, a horror film of 1973.

While the social pages are populated with new images, on the band’s website, the video for “Burn The Witch” appears in a box – the album? – With the inscription of the URL, “Dead Air Space”. That, in Radiohead’s history, indicates the band’s blog.
It remains to be seen whether it is a new clue, do you want to suggest – perhaps the album will be released more or less directly on the blog (as happened with In Rainbows? – Or whether, instead, even the title of the new album on the way.