A Mojito to ham as an appetizer

An intriguing base of Great Cookie cocktail appetizer. Here is the idea of the students of the Institute Alberghiero Carlo Porta of Milan who triumphed in the first edition of the Academy Rovagnati Food Experience
It looks like a cocktail, but it is not. Because inside the inviting cup that we usually see on the bar we have here is an appetizer made with ham. The Mojito Ravagnati, devised by young Roberto Antelmo and Clare Gospel Institute Alberghiero Carlo Porta di Milano, triumphs in the first edition of the Academy Rovagnati Food Experience, an international competition for aspiring chefs high school sponsored by the famous Brianza-based company.

The goal, to find “a new interpretation of the salami”, has been largely succeeded by winning proposal. On the final evening at the Academy Gualtiero Marchesi in Milan, the Milanese institute students prepared and presented their creation in front of an attentive jury of Claudia Ravagnati, President of Rovagnati Spa, the starred chef Enrico Bartolini and – of course – the Maestro Gualtiero Marchesi.

“It is an interesting dish that managed to radically overturn our main product, the Great Cookie, while respecting all the fundamental qualities – explains Claudia Rovagnati.

– It’s amazing that it has been developed by children so young. ” The recipe starvation cocktail / appetizer, which took home a prize of 5000 Euros, combines a ham cream with pistachios, a white turnip and chopped jelly mojito. A proposal by the quintessentially contemporary spirit and metro, which you can try at home following the recipe below.

Mojito Rovagnati

Ingredients for two cups:
100 g of cooked ham Great Cookie Rovagnati
50 g mascarpone
50 g whipped cream
40 g pistachios
15 g white turnip, cut into cubes and cooked
For the jelly:
40 ml of white rum
40 ml lime juice
25 ml of water
15 g brown sugar
2 g of gelatin sheets
candied lime peel
mustard (pear, cherry)

For the jelly, heat the water with the sugar, add the gelatin sheets and melt. When cool, add the lime juice, rum and keep refrigerated.

Blend the ham, add the mascarpone and add gently the whipped cream.

Distribute the base of the martini glass a layer of pistachio nuts, then the white turnip cubes, so the ham cream and cover with the gelatine.

Let cool in the refrigerator and decorate with mustard, pistachios, candied lime peel and mint.

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