Box, the bottle opener that alerts friends when uncork a beer

You open the bottle with one hand and he sends the notification on your smartphone of your friends

Uncork a blonde in the company of friends is definitely one of the best ways to put an end to the workday. Different times, small or large distances, unexpected last-minute and various and any commitments, however, can make it very difficult to organize the beer of 19. And drink it at home alone, in front of a packet of crisps opened a few days, not it is not at all the same thing.

To try to solve somehow the problem, taking advantage of the new capabilities of the company, it brings us Box (Bottle Opener X), the bottle opener that will alert your friends when you’ve just opened a beer to make them share and share the moment with the joy, albeit at a distance. Its design allows you to uncork using only one hand, but there’s more. Inside lies a sensor powered by a simple AA battery that can connect via Wi-Fi smartphone app that warns in real time.

The app, in fact, can in turn be connected to a group chat on Facebook or to a group of WhatsApp, which send from time to time notification of uncorked bottle. In addition to the virtual toast, also it allows you to keep track of beers drunk, by honoring company to the most devoted consumers. The Box Project is currently in the process of fundraising on Kickstarter: if the fundraising campaign were to increase to nearly $ 15,000, would be affordable at about 16 euro.

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