When the horror is the life of a Personal Shopper. With Kristen Stewart

The new film by Olivier Assayas restless, strikes and opens many deep questions. About ghosts, mystery and materialism but risks remain imprinted for a masturbation scene

Kristen Stewart returns to the tapis rouge of the Cannes Film Festival with a new look, very different from the frivolous and glamorous Café Society. And ‘the director Olivier Assayas to make it absolute protagonist today with its Personal Shopper, vying for the Palme d’Or. A film that explores the way in which each communicates with the afterlife, a thriller stained here and there with horror heroine who puts his face to face with the ghosts of the past and present.

Maureen is in Paris for a few months, since the twin brother has died following a heart attack due to a malformation that also threatens her. Why Paris? To wait. Wait for him to send a signal from quell’aldilà he believes in, which is able to communicate while working, reluctantly, as a personal shopper for a star. Wedged between the most extreme expression of materialism and a spiritual dimension that envelops, Maureen seems to find peace. Alone, resigned, as gloomy atmosphere that surrounds it and you appear to be trapped.

Sometimes, though, he becomes aware of his animal side, wearing provocative clothes buying for work, undressing, watching, masturbating. “My character is so imprisoned in his own mind that he can not even have a physical relationship with someone. Time passes to be analyzed, to look itself “- says the actress at a press conference. “After all of this is, for me, that’s the movie: the pursuit of individuality.”
Nudity, he says, he faced it without thinking. “When you have actors trying to live up to any situation”.

In addition to intangible presences Maureen is obsessed with insistent messages and destabilizing a mysterious interlocutor, who says to want to take possession of her.

“If you believe in ghosts? I do not know, I call myself an agnostic, I do not believe in many things. But I’m sensitive to the flow of energy around us, motivated by something I can not define. And ‘an ambiguity that fascinates me. ”

He says he has a special relationship with the director, who has created and shaped this character around her, after worshiping her performance in Clouds Of Sils Maria, his latest film in competition at Cannes.

“I love the surreal side of this film, the adrenaline of its rhythm, its ability to generate in us important questions. The world really is, or all white or all black? Can we really believe in intangible presences? ”

Assayas, that making the film was inspired by the esotericism of the late nineteenth century, it seems to believe it. “If we think about it, we all have, even just occasionally, the feeling of not being alone. We live our earthly dimension but deep down we know that there is a more intimate life. It’s up to us to decide whether or not to open ourselves to it. “

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