Sanlorenzo SL106 features Hybrid, the eco-friendly yacht that makes no noise

luxurious interiors, elegant shapes and a hybrid drive system that reduces fuel consumption and minimize noise. Here is the new eco-friendly gem that has marched to the Elite Days of Sanlorenzo

Inside, the style of a contemporary and sophisticated decor, where real masterpieces of contemporary design alternate with precious marble bathrooms and fine fabrics Kits Frette. Outside, 42 meters of that spirited elegance that has always distinguished the creations of Sanlorenzo. And all around absolute silence, interrupted only by the sound of crashing waves. It is the first step of a marine industry revolution, the one that the Sanlorenzo shipyards presented in Rapallo during their Elite Days, in front of an international audience of owners and fans: the new SL106 Hybrid is officially the first boat of its category with hybrid propulsion, able to alternate the use of electric and diesel engines to reduce fuel consumption and minimize noise.

“The pursuit of excellence is written in the DNA of Sanlorenzo – explains the President Massimo Perotti – and the constant dialogue with our owners provided us with the ultimate inspiration to move in the direction of a hybrid solution, in line with the highest standards of efficiency, quality and comfort of our brand. ”

The new propulsion system, developed in collaboration with Diesel and MTU Center, allows you to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, also going to limit noise and vibrations considerably. The result is a significant increase in comfort on board, both under way and at anchor.

Already, because the SL-Hybrid can operate with five different modes of operation: Diesel-electric propulsion for navigation particularly silent, usable up to 10 nodes (perfect, for example, when the yacht has to go out from the port); Hotel Zero Emission Mode for parking at anchor in motors and generators turned off, with the on-board powered by lithium batteries (no background noise, no fuel emissions into the air or water); Shaft alternator Power Generation for navigation in high energy efficiency mode, with only one main diesel engine on which operates the two propellers and generates electricity for the entire yacht; Traditional Diesel propulsion for high-speed browsing and fast transfers with the main diesel engines (because every once in a while ‘sprint is necessary); Booster power mode for navigation with a top speed of bits increased to 1.5 knots and quicker acceleration through the power combination of electric and diesel engines.

“Hybrid engines have been used in the past, but only now technology has reached maturity needed to make them really affordable in terms of maintenance and fuel consumption – underlines the engineer Paul Bertetti, operation of Sanlorenzo Yachts director -. The yachts, nowadays, traveling for most of the time at a slow speed, and in this case the diesel engine is no longer the best solution: because the consumption and the costs are considerable, but also because it pollutes more objectively. The hybrid becomes a choice of responsibility towards the environment, and we are confident that our customers will be ready to embrace this new ethic. Sure, it will take a bit ‘of time to witness a true market revolution, but we are happy to put this foundation stone in the right direction. ” The SL106 Hybrid is therefore a jewel high luxury rate of around 8 million Euros, made even more beautiful and unique by its brilliant eco-friendly soul.

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