Burn The Witch: output is the new song from Radiohead

After five years, a new single (and a new video, with the now famous bird)

Other than “Much Ado About Nothing”: for the saga of Radiohead, Shakespeare would be bothered and adapted with a more appropriate title, such as “Very quiet for a little.” Yes, because the English band, who last May 1 has made headlines for the sudden disappearance from the web, has maintained silence online for a short time.

After just over 24 hours is back on, with a new Instagram account brand, a video teaser of a chirping bird, and a written “Dead Air Space” added the URL of the official site.
A few hours later – around 17 pm to Italy – that there the bang: Tom York and partners have just posted a video clip on the website, on YouTube and on all social.

It’s “Burn The Witch”, a song written by then 13 years ago and never published. To date, complete with a launch video.

The movie is in line with the teaser of the bird and the next video published shortly after: a cartoon with plasticine characters, directed by Chris Hopewell, director who, in addition to Radiohead – with whom “There There” won an MTV Video Award in 2003 – has collaborated with Franz Ferdinand, the Killers, Scissor Sisters, the Offspring and others.

The story told it looks like a modern version of the Inquisition and the hunt for a witch (from the burning of the title), up to a final in sorpesa reminiscent of The Wicker Man, a horror film of 1973.

While the social pages are populated with new images, on the band’s website, the video for “Burn The Witch” appears in a box – the album? – With the inscription of the URL, “Dead Air Space”. That, in Radiohead’s history, indicates the band’s blog.
It remains to be seen whether it is a new clue, do you want to suggest – perhaps the album will be released more or less directly on the blog (as happened with In Rainbows? – Or whether, instead, even the title of the new album on the way.

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