Who is Olivier Rousteing, the designer of the new limited edition collection of NikeLab

Young has succeeded in a short time to restore luster to a historic fashion house of luxury. Today, after collaborating with H & M for a limited which made sold out in a few hours, it is ready to repeat the full house with capsules designed for the sportswear giant

Born in 1986, born in Bordeaux in France, Olivier Rousteing is five years, the creative director of Balmain and some day even the new guest designer of the limited edition collection of NikeLab.

Despite his young age (at least for the fashion business), it is considered one of the most promising and influential designers of the global fashion scene. His career began with a degree in fashion design at the École Supérieure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode in Paris, after leaving in the first year, to study law. At 18, he decided to undertake an internship as Roberto Cavalli, working closely with the designer Peter Dundas which will work for six years. Ended the experience by Cavalli, Rousteing begins to work in the study of the controversial designer Christophe Decarnin, first as manager, then, with the departure of the founder, as creative director. In 2011, only 24 years old, will begin directing style department of Balmain, which will grow thanks to the very great successes and excellent sales results (in 2014, in fact, the brand has invoiced more than 30 million euro, in up 20% over the previous year).

In addition, thanks to its creative skills, business, and his fame (his profile @olivier_rousteing Instagram has more than 3.2 million followers), last year the Swedish fast fashion giant H & M has called him to draw the capsule collection deluxe Balmaination, exhausted the first day of sale, in a few hours. His creations, from super skinny fit, in fact, are very popular among fashionistas around the world. And by many celebrities, including all Kanye West and Kim Kardashian (who have worn at the 2016 Met Gala in New York City), Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and especially the pop star Rihanna, her friend, muse and face of the advertising campaign Balmain for spring-summer 2014, which often takes selfie posing for social networks. “His aura, his charisma are special,” the designer had declared during an interview with The Telegraph last year, speaking precisely of Riri. “She is a woman of the world, which tells a new world, the world of today”

BMW 2002 Hommage, vintage touches and so much wickedness

At Villa d’Este BMW has lifted the veil on a prototype inspired by the series 02 of 1966. A concept from super aggressive lines

He has just completed the 2016 edition of the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, BMW chose appointment to pay homage to one of the most important models in its history, thanks to an inspired concept to it: the BMW 2002 Hommage. It was, in fact, to 1966, when the propeller house introduced in its range a small three volumes, the BMW Series 02. Of that series was also built a turbo version (the 2002 Turbo, in fact), the first in Europe , to be equipped with this type of series technology. It just thinking about that car that the German designers have shaped the beautiful prototype unveiled at Villa d’Este.

A draw your ancestor there are the round headlights, the Turbo written on the mask, and some details, vintage, such as opaque color hood – a solution once popular among rally drivers to avoid being bothered by reflections, during the guide. For the rest, huge wheels, side skirts to go go and viciousness not seen since the first M3. We would like one? You bet. We already see us to park it in front of the bar and to come down with a nice pair of bell-bottom pants and pointy shoes. Criminal novel.

A Mojito to ham as an appetizer

An intriguing base of Great Cookie cocktail appetizer. Here is the idea of the students of the Institute Alberghiero Carlo Porta of Milan who triumphed in the first edition of the Academy Rovagnati Food Experience
It looks like a cocktail, but it is not. Because inside the inviting cup that we usually see on the bar we have here is an appetizer made with ham. The Mojito Ravagnati, devised by young Roberto Antelmo and Clare Gospel Institute Alberghiero Carlo Porta di Milano, triumphs in the first edition of the Academy Rovagnati Food Experience, an international competition for aspiring chefs high school sponsored by the famous Brianza-based company.

The goal, to find “a new interpretation of the salami”, has been largely succeeded by winning proposal. On the final evening at the Academy Gualtiero Marchesi in Milan, the Milanese institute students prepared and presented their creation in front of an attentive jury of Claudia Ravagnati, President of Rovagnati Spa, the starred chef Enrico Bartolini and – of course – the Maestro Gualtiero Marchesi.

“It is an interesting dish that managed to radically overturn our main product, the Great Cookie, while respecting all the fundamental qualities – explains Claudia Rovagnati.

– It’s amazing that it has been developed by children so young. ” The recipe starvation cocktail / appetizer, which took home a prize of 5000 Euros, combines a ham cream with pistachios, a white turnip and chopped jelly mojito. A proposal by the quintessentially contemporary spirit and metro, which you can try at home following the recipe below.

Mojito Rovagnati

Ingredients for two cups:
100 g of cooked ham Great Cookie Rovagnati
50 g mascarpone
50 g whipped cream
40 g pistachios
15 g white turnip, cut into cubes and cooked
For the jelly:
40 ml of white rum
40 ml lime juice
25 ml of water
15 g brown sugar
2 g of gelatin sheets
candied lime peel
mustard (pear, cherry)

For the jelly, heat the water with the sugar, add the gelatin sheets and melt. When cool, add the lime juice, rum and keep refrigerated.

Blend the ham, add the mascarpone and add gently the whipped cream.

Distribute the base of the martini glass a layer of pistachio nuts, then the white turnip cubes, so the ham cream and cover with the gelatine.

Let cool in the refrigerator and decorate with mustard, pistachios, candied lime peel and mint.

Box, the bottle opener that alerts friends when uncork a beer

You open the bottle with one hand and he sends the notification on your smartphone of your friends

Uncork a blonde in the company of friends is definitely one of the best ways to put an end to the workday. Different times, small or large distances, unexpected last-minute and various and any commitments, however, can make it very difficult to organize the beer of 19. And drink it at home alone, in front of a packet of crisps opened a few days, not it is not at all the same thing.

To try to solve somehow the problem, taking advantage of the new capabilities of the company, it brings us Box (Bottle Opener X), the bottle opener that will alert your friends when you’ve just opened a beer to make them share and share the moment with the joy, albeit at a distance. Its design allows you to uncork using only one hand, but there’s more. Inside lies a sensor powered by a simple AA battery that can connect via Wi-Fi smartphone app that warns in real time.

The app, in fact, can in turn be connected to a group chat on Facebook or to a group of WhatsApp, which send from time to time notification of uncorked bottle. In addition to the virtual toast, also it allows you to keep track of beers drunk, by honoring company to the most devoted consumers. The Box Project is currently in the process of fundraising on Kickstarter: if the fundraising campaign were to increase to nearly $ 15,000, would be affordable at about 16 euro.

10 self-destructive habits that keep us to succeed

Too much from listening to other people’s opinions perpetually postpone the moment to take action. Here’s what we have to stop doing to finally achieve our goals
“Who is the cause of his pain, crying himself” goes the famous saying of popular culture. And in fact sometimes, in a more or less conscious, that which keeps us away from the successes that we could get is only one thing: our bad habits. From always and in any case postpone action, to distract themselves with the expectations of others here is a list drawn up by Inc.com portal of everything that we should stop doing.

Do not know what it means success
Be satisfied with oneself does not necessarily mean to be famous or have a lot of money, a nice car and a lavish home. Success depends on the ability you have to address your personal expectations. In this regard, you know?

To be influenced by others
To please everyone is impossible. So do not even try. Once the works to reach your goal, without listening to too many different bells. The risk is to lose orientation.

Succumbing to boredom
Whatever your goal, never isolate yourself from the rest of the world. Always be curious and look around to discover new possibilities and new points of view. Boredom, when you have to work a long time to get something, it is a deadly enemy.

Not take care of themselves
This is true in every point of view: eat quality food, trains your body, enjoy a relaxing moment when you feel they should really be. In short, try to love you.

Ignore your limits
You can not know how to do everything himself and perfection. Begin to understand what are your weaknesses and surround yourself with those people who are able to fill your gaps. The ability to have a good team you can rely on is critical.

Accept the impositions
There is a subtle difference at all between rules and impositions. The rules, as well as the expiration dates, deliveries etc, must be respected. Impositions, however, only tend to clip the wings and limiting opportunities. Therefore, observe the rules, but rebelled against the impositions.

Succumbing to other people’s dramas
Do not get involved in dramas and in other people’s jitters. Listen to the people close to you and try to help them as you can, but being at a safe distance from their problems.

Living in the past
The past is to learn from mistakes, and not to indulge in regrets and remorse. If you made a mistake apologize and try to fix it, but always continuing to look ahead.

Keep waiting for the right time
Being good is not enough, we must also be able to recognize the perfect time to take action. Very true, but beware: the wait should be aimed always to the maturation of an event, and not last forever. Otherwise it degenerates into sloth.

Forgetting to be grateful
Once you reach your goal, do not think I did it solely because of your talents. You were good, it is true, but never forget all the people who have helped you in your climb to success.

Pirelli Calendar 2017, the shots have Lindbergh

Already the author of the shots of the calendar in 1996 and 2002, as well as the celebratory campaign made with Demarchelier for the 50th anniversary, in 2014, the photographer Polish will sign next The Cal

It is the photographer Peter Lindbergh to which Pirelli has decided to entrust the creation of the new Pirelli Calendar 2017. Part of the images will be made in New York. Lindbergh, 72, considered one of the most respected names in the world of photography, he has already collaborated with Pirelli on three other occasions, always in the United States.

In 1996, when snapped in California models with the likes of Eva Herzigova, Carré Otis and Nastassja Kinski. In 2002, in Holywood when portrayed among other Kiera Chaplin, Brittany Murphy and Mena Suvari. And more recently, in 2014, when he participated in the commemorative project for the 50 th anniversary of The Cal, along with Patrick Demarchelier: creating an iconic image with supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio, Helena Christensen, Isabeli Fontana, Miranda Kerr, Karolina Kurkova and Alek Wek.

When the horror is the life of a Personal Shopper. With Kristen Stewart

The new film by Olivier Assayas restless, strikes and opens many deep questions. About ghosts, mystery and materialism but risks remain imprinted for a masturbation scene

Kristen Stewart returns to the tapis rouge of the Cannes Film Festival with a new look, very different from the frivolous and glamorous Café Society. And ‘the director Olivier Assayas to make it absolute protagonist today with its Personal Shopper, vying for the Palme d’Or. A film that explores the way in which each communicates with the afterlife, a thriller stained here and there with horror heroine who puts his face to face with the ghosts of the past and present.

Maureen is in Paris for a few months, since the twin brother has died following a heart attack due to a malformation that also threatens her. Why Paris? To wait. Wait for him to send a signal from quell’aldilà he believes in, which is able to communicate while working, reluctantly, as a personal shopper for a star. Wedged between the most extreme expression of materialism and a spiritual dimension that envelops, Maureen seems to find peace. Alone, resigned, as gloomy atmosphere that surrounds it and you appear to be trapped.

Sometimes, though, he becomes aware of his animal side, wearing provocative clothes buying for work, undressing, watching, masturbating. “My character is so imprisoned in his own mind that he can not even have a physical relationship with someone. Time passes to be analyzed, to look itself “- says the actress at a press conference. “After all of this is, for me, that’s the movie: the pursuit of individuality.”
Nudity, he says, he faced it without thinking. “When you have actors trying to live up to any situation”.

In addition to intangible presences Maureen is obsessed with insistent messages and destabilizing a mysterious interlocutor, who says to want to take possession of her.

“If you believe in ghosts? I do not know, I call myself an agnostic, I do not believe in many things. But I’m sensitive to the flow of energy around us, motivated by something I can not define. And ‘an ambiguity that fascinates me. ”

He says he has a special relationship with the director, who has created and shaped this character around her, after worshiping her performance in Clouds Of Sils Maria, his latest film in competition at Cannes.

“I love the surreal side of this film, the adrenaline of its rhythm, its ability to generate in us important questions. The world really is, or all white or all black? Can we really believe in intangible presences? ”

Assayas, that making the film was inspired by the esotericism of the late nineteenth century, it seems to believe it. “If we think about it, we all have, even just occasionally, the feeling of not being alone. We live our earthly dimension but deep down we know that there is a more intimate life. It’s up to us to decide whether or not to open ourselves to it. “

Sanlorenzo SL106 features Hybrid, the eco-friendly yacht that makes no noise

luxurious interiors, elegant shapes and a hybrid drive system that reduces fuel consumption and minimize noise. Here is the new eco-friendly gem that has marched to the Elite Days of Sanlorenzo

Inside, the style of a contemporary and sophisticated decor, where real masterpieces of contemporary design alternate with precious marble bathrooms and fine fabrics Kits Frette. Outside, 42 meters of that spirited elegance that has always distinguished the creations of Sanlorenzo. And all around absolute silence, interrupted only by the sound of crashing waves. It is the first step of a marine industry revolution, the one that the Sanlorenzo shipyards presented in Rapallo during their Elite Days, in front of an international audience of owners and fans: the new SL106 Hybrid is officially the first boat of its category with hybrid propulsion, able to alternate the use of electric and diesel engines to reduce fuel consumption and minimize noise.

“The pursuit of excellence is written in the DNA of Sanlorenzo – explains the President Massimo Perotti – and the constant dialogue with our owners provided us with the ultimate inspiration to move in the direction of a hybrid solution, in line with the highest standards of efficiency, quality and comfort of our brand. ”

The new propulsion system, developed in collaboration with Diesel and MTU Center, allows you to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, also going to limit noise and vibrations considerably. The result is a significant increase in comfort on board, both under way and at anchor.

Already, because the SL-Hybrid can operate with five different modes of operation: Diesel-electric propulsion for navigation particularly silent, usable up to 10 nodes (perfect, for example, when the yacht has to go out from the port); Hotel Zero Emission Mode for parking at anchor in motors and generators turned off, with the on-board powered by lithium batteries (no background noise, no fuel emissions into the air or water); Shaft alternator Power Generation for navigation in high energy efficiency mode, with only one main diesel engine on which operates the two propellers and generates electricity for the entire yacht; Traditional Diesel propulsion for high-speed browsing and fast transfers with the main diesel engines (because every once in a while ‘sprint is necessary); Booster power mode for navigation with a top speed of bits increased to 1.5 knots and quicker acceleration through the power combination of electric and diesel engines.

“Hybrid engines have been used in the past, but only now technology has reached maturity needed to make them really affordable in terms of maintenance and fuel consumption – underlines the engineer Paul Bertetti, operation of Sanlorenzo Yachts director -. The yachts, nowadays, traveling for most of the time at a slow speed, and in this case the diesel engine is no longer the best solution: because the consumption and the costs are considerable, but also because it pollutes more objectively. The hybrid becomes a choice of responsibility towards the environment, and we are confident that our customers will be ready to embrace this new ethic. Sure, it will take a bit ‘of time to witness a true market revolution, but we are happy to put this foundation stone in the right direction. ” The SL106 Hybrid is therefore a jewel high luxury rate of around 8 million Euros, made even more beautiful and unique by its brilliant eco-friendly soul.

In recent years, we have become great fans of Greece ?

After Crete, Thessaloniki and Chalkidiki, especially, after the cruise in the Mediterranean last year, where we visited Athens and several islands,
we re-enamored of Greece, especially of Santorini.

“If you like Santorini, then go to Mykonos!” They all said.
“It has the same white houses, blue domes and windmills winds on the sea,
but in Mykonos, the sea is dream. ”
All very true.

“But it is true that you loved?”. Unfortunately.
Mykonos is probably the most expensive island we have ever visited.
But we managed to approdarla out of season, to early May,
so we got to take a vacation Pasha but with a very low budget!
How low?
Well, if I tell you that we spent € 700 for 3, for 1 week, including flight – machine – Hotel (meals, petrol and extras not included), you do not believe it?
Let me tell you everything.
How much we spent
(Total quotas for: 2 adults + 1 child 5 years, 7 nights):

Easyjet: Milan-Malpensa -> Mykonos A / R
€ 300 for 3 (taxes included + 1 suitcase boarding) – booked in January

National / Alamo – 7 days (pick up and drop off Mykonos Airport) – mod. Suzuki Swift, 5 doors
€ 120 (excluding fuel), booked on rentalcars.com (prepaid by credit card, all inclusive price)

7 nights in Platis Gialos (an 8-minute drive from Mykonos town)
Acrogiali Hotel (4 *)
€ 270 (c / breakfast – booking.com, offer customers genius, booked one month in advance)

tot: 670 € 3 for 7 nights (meals, petrol and extras not included)
Travel period: first week of May.
Climate: 6 sunny days out of 7.
Outside temperature: an average day: 22-27 ° (in the evening: 16-19 °)
(We were at the beach most days; sunset hours approx 20:30)

And all the rest?
Everything else is quite expensive. From souvenirs, to restaurants, beach bar, all pretty carettino and figures worthy of Italian places more “vipsssss”.
Drinks on the beach x 3 (anacolici): from 13 €.
Lunch x 3: 30 to 50eu (excluding wine).
If the restaurant is long little venice or the old port, the prices go up (on average a plate of grilled prawns – what I love most in the world! – € 20- € 30!).

But there are also many local takeaways and takeaways, where you can eat a simple kebab or sausage typical of Mykonos with a budget of € 10.06 each.
Expensive or cheap, one thing I have to say that I found everywhere incredible hospitality! I love miconiani! They are incredibly kind people, warm and family friendly and, in fact, they remind me a lot of my fellow Thais ?


What we did
Here is some guidance on what we did.

After a flight of just 2 and a half hours, we arrive in Mykonos and after practices for the pick up of the car, in 10 minutes we arrive already in Platis Gialos, the chosen location for our stay.
The first impression I had of Mykonos is that it is a very small island: just 85kmq.
As I like to get to a place and find myself immediately in the heart of the place, without having to travel hundreds of kilometers!
And in fact, after one hour by plane landing, you believe us that we were already sprawled on the beach?
Among the various locations, we chose Platis Gialos because the offer found on Booking.com. Hotel Acrogiali was just made up of white houses with blue window frames, Mykonian-style, and it was beachfront.
We were lucky because it was the best choice!


Platis Gialos is a gem.
A beach towel surrounded by blue and white houses, used as hotels and resorts, with sunbeds (maybe too many for my taste) and surrounded by 4-5 great restaurants!

Have the sea literally on the doorstep is priceless.
In fact, every day, after breakfast, we stopped on the beach.
Then, in the afternoon, we took the car to get around the island and other beaches.
Mykonos is so small that in 10 minutes you arrive at the tip of the north (do not miss the Lighthouse!) And up to 20 minutes at the eastern end (Ano Mera and the beaches of Kalo Livadi and Kalafati).
In short, an island very easy to get around, whether by car or motorbike / quod.

Perhaps for younger couples, my advice is to stay directly in Mykonos Chora (Town), in the heart of the narrow streets, narrow, white and wrapped in a cozy atmosphere:
or somewhere with a breathtaking view:
Then visit the other beaches, taking a bus (€ 1.50 each way) or by renting a scooter or a quad (starting from 8 € per day).
The sea in Mykonos is nice and clean everywhere, even in the vicinity of the port:

(The nearest beach in Mykonos between the two ports, the old one and the new one)
Not to be missed

In short, it is impossible to stand still alone on a beach,
There are too many things to do in Mykonos!

Here are the things that are most liked:

Ornos beach
a beautiful bay, with fine sand, turquoise waters and a very relaxing environment.
A Ornos await you chic lounge bar with sofas and comfortable:
Paraga beach
an almost wild beach, the other side of Platis Gialos.

Paradise beach and Super Paradise beach
The beaches of the fun. We are told that on these two beaches, in summer approdono boats departing from Mykonos town, the young charges. The beaches are filled with young people, music and sangria!
(Below, the Paradise beach beach, but the photo does not do because the sea was very rough)
The mills
Among our most beautiful ritual: look for mills to photograph them!
And then, go in the late afternoon at 5 mills to wait for the sunset.
Wade that MAGNIFICENT scenery …
Little Venice
And right under the mills, there is little venice, as they call it.
In this stretch, there are 3-4 rooms on the sea that offer unforgettable sunsets.
Do not miss the appetizer to tramondo from the local “Veranda”.

Magic pura..da “thousand Splendid Suns”:

And because, at the sunset Paraportiani?
A church made up of several structures built in time, one of the symbols of Mykonos.
Look when we got to visit that scene we found ..?


The recipe for three variants of Margarita made with Tequila Espolón

Original, contemporary or Tommy version. With the arrival of warm weather each Margarita is acceptable, provided it is prepared with a quality tequila. How to Espolon, presented by historian Master Distiller Cirilo Oropeza
No, it’s not just what you drink in a snap with a little ‘of salt, just to get drunk quickly and pay little. And no, it is not even one that is only used to prepare a Margarita any, nothing part. The tequila is distilled from the roots deeply embedded in the history of his country, Mexico, which now – thanks to the reflection on the quality standard that has involved a large part of its producers – is finally ready to clamor for a new place of prestige in international mixology. Are you absolutely convinced Cirilo Oropeza, Master Distiller of Espolon for 50 years, which in a special master class at the Sesto San Giovanni Campari Academy wanted to tell the story and the evolution of this jewel of the Mexican tradition.

“Espolon means outcrop, and is a term used to denote that particular cartilage that is located on the rooster legs – says proud Oropeza -.

The fighting cock, which we also honored the label of our Tequila Blanco, is a symbol of strength and courage, qualities that the Mexican people had to prove to win their independence. ” Yes, because the tequila, whose large-scale production began in the seventeenth century, become a real national symbol just after India achieved independence from Spain in 1821. To regulate, it can be produced exclusively in five areas well defined Mexico, baking, pressing, leaving ferment and thus distilling the piña blue Agave that grows in those lands.

Destiladora from San Nicolas to Espolon, founded 115 years ago by Don Raul Plascencia, come out so far, four types of the prestigious 100% Agave Tequila Blanco and Reposado, also available in Italy, but also Añejo, aged at least 12 months in cask, and new Reposado aged in bourbon barrels. The Espolón Tequila Blanco, in particular, it is proposed as a new star of mixology, with its hints of tropical fruit, pepper, fresh agave and lemon zest. Perfect for Original Margarita, a more contemporary Margarita but always quality, or for a more fresh and light variation as Tommy’s Margarita. To you the choice.

Original Margarita
45 ml of Espolón Tequila Blanco
45ml Triple Sec
45 ml of lime juice

50 ml of Espolón Tequila Blanco
22.5 ml Triple Sec
22.5 ml of lime juice

Tommy’s Margarita
50 ml of Espolón Tequila Blanco
25 ml of lime juice
14 ml of agave nectar

Cool the glass, lightly wet the rim with salt and beading. For Tommy’s Margarita, however, prepare a glass with ice and salt.
Pour all ingredients into a shaker along with plenty of ice and shake vigorously.
Filter into the glass and serve.