Weekend in the footsteps of Game of Thrones: where to go and how much it costs

From the cold lands beyond the Wall to the mild beaches of King’s Landing. EDreams Here are tips to enjoy a weekend among the landmarks of the TV series
Winter is coming. Or rather, no, meteorologically we are moving towards the summer, but the return on TV Game of Thrones forces us to remain vigilant, with a heavy coat and obsidian dagger at hand in case of sudden invasion of the Others. Ready, therefore, to leave for the world of the Seven Kingdoms? Whether your destination is the cold lands beyond the Wall or much milder beaches of King’s Landing, here are the tips eDreams for a weekend from fantasy colors, the discovery of the landmarks of the Iron Throne.

Wearing armor, sticks his sword in your suitcase (not in hand luggage, I recommend), and prepared to leave for Girona. The Catalan city will in fact be the absolute star of the sixth season of Game of Thrones, hosting sets Bravoos and King’s Landing.
Proposal 2 nights in a double room at 4-star hotel, plus flight to / from major Italian cities: from 239 Euros per person.

northern Ireland
The majority of the most famous places of the series can be found here, from the Great Palace of Winter Stark the Iron Islands, home of the most hated Greyjoy. For this are already active real guided tour on the trail of the most popular sets.
Flight to / from Belfast with stay of 2 nights in a double room at a 3 star hotel: from 322 Euros per person.

To revive the marriage between Daenerys and the unforgettable Kahl Drogo you just have to leave for Malta, and in particular for the paradise island of Gozo. Beach, sea dragons, and in abundance, in fact. 2-night stay in a double room at a 3 star hotel and flight to / from Malta: from 300 Euros per person.

A fan of Game of Thrones might really moved arriving in Dubrovnik. Here you could see with their own eyes landscapes that were the backdrop to the sublime plots Cersei Lannister.
Flight to / Dubrovnik with 2 nights stay in a double room at a 3 star hotel: from 324 Euros per person.

Do you want to earn in a jiffy a loyal army and become the new champion of freedom? Do as Daenerys to Astapor and parts for Essaouira, Morocco. Here, perhaps not destroy the city.
Flight to / from Marrakech with stay of 2 nights in a double room at 4-star hotels: from 315 Euros per person.

If you want to explore the lands beyond the Wall, at your own risk, then the goal to consider is Iceland. You’ll find what remains of the Night’s Watch. With guided tours, of course.
Flight A / R for Reykjavik with 2 nights stay in double room in 3 * hotel, from 587 Euros per person.

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