Travel: alternative holidays in houseboats and yurts

Not the usual hotel, not the usual apartments in the city center: the new frontiers of the trip point to unusual accommodation to make their holidays even more memorable
How to make a vacation truly unforgettable? Choosing an alternative destination and starting with the best company possible, of course. But also the choice of accommodation can make a decisive contribution to the success of the trip. He is well aware of the Logis chain European team, which expands its range of restaurants and hotels with two new proposals: Maison by Logis, ie villas and rural homes specifically refurbished for the most truthful tourists, and especially Insolites by Logis, tents, yurts, tree houses, rafts, houseboats and caravans transformed into unique accommodation, perfect for lovers of holidays out of any scheme. To live in one breath and to tell your friends for the rest of their lives.

“Travelers are increasingly seeking experiences and alternative solutions – reflects Thierry Amirault, President of the Fédération Internationale des Logis -. By hospitality experts we could hardly disregard this requirement. Here then, next to our hotels and restaurants, offering excellence of Logis d’Exception and restaurants Table Distinguée, we decided to expand our portfolio to include new categories and Maison Insolites.

This innovation is a milestone in the growth of our chain. ”

unconventional solutions under the banner of personalized and family atmosphere and strong links with the surrounding area. “Currently we are counting Insolites 12 and 15 Maison, between France, Luxembourg, Spain and the Netherlands – said Amirault – but we aim to substantially increase this new offering by the end of 2016”.

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