Greedy identity. From tiramisu to vegetarian artichoke dessert coffee

Chefs Andrea Ribaldone, Loretta Fanella and Moreno Cedroni accepted the invitation of Lavazza to create new and amazing recipes with the most loved by Italians spice

It has just completed the 12th edition of the Congress Identity Greedy. Among the novelties of this year we followed Identity Coffee, cooking shows dedicated to the most loved by Italians spice promoted by Lavazza, leader in top gastronomy with the range of iTierra mixtures! Origins and committed to the respect for the environment and social in attention in its coffee origin countries.

Alll’evento participated along with other great masters of the kitchen, Andrea Ribaldone, Loretta Fanella and Moreno Cedroni (Madonnina del Pescatore in Senigallia). In common, besides the use of coffee, the more creative freedom associated with a large professional technique. Result: sweet and memorable savory dishes, each an expression of personality and genius for its author.

Andrea Ribaldone (I Due Buoi of Alexandria and now also in charge of the kitchen of the Hotel Bauer’s Palace in Venice), with special guest Marco Bernini (Fattoria La Cavarchella), cheese artist, has invented a vegetarian Tiramisu, which also will include today in the paper’s own restaurant in Alexandria.

Sweet in the mouth, it resembles in all respects to a normal tiramisu, but normal is not at all. Of course there is coffee, but obtained from an infusion of Arabica premium iTierra! with vermouth. The chocolate, however, that in the cocoa powder is diluted with water spreadable. But the taste of coffee of her tiramisu we find him as such even in wafers obtained with toasted potato peel. And the mascarpone. Since the Ribaldone dessert is vegetarian. Indeed, virtually vegan, instead of cheese chef has created a cream with celery, soy milk and jelly. final treat: a wooden cutting board and coffee organoid which serves dessert. How to accompany him? With a distillate of cocoa beans.

The Power of Freedom according to Andrea Ribaldone: “Do what I want! For this also I do not have a book of recipes. The kitchen changes as people change and the contamination between different cultures at the stove are the lifeblood “.

Loretta Fanella, former head pastry chef at Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence, has accepted the invitation of Lavazza and together they interpreted the theme of Identity Greedy this year, La Forza della Libertà, with a “sweet fairy tale”, a dessert which entitled once upon a time … and her plate looks just like an image bucolic and fabulous, with three crisp colorful butterflies protagonists, for Fanella symbol of freedom. “Freedom is being able to fly, and it remained where and when you want.” In fact, the pastry is now working on his own, he makes the consultant, teaches and creates new desserts. In Once upon a time, for example, we have taken the liberty to approach the coffee in three different varieties of iTierra! with glaze of cherry, orange icing and chocolate. It has even taken the liberty of creating a tropical Cappuccino, with mango puree, passion fruit, pineapple and a biscuit soaked in tangerine juice. Seeing is believing.

Moreno Cedroni (Madonnina del Pescatore in Senigallia) already physically embodies the Force of Liberty and interprets it in each of his creations from the salty coffee ice cream. “I like to conceive dishes that make headlines and circulate ideas,” he says during a brief chat. So Identity Coffee displaces the audience with two new dessert: Tiramisu with a salty scallops and artichoke coffee. Free and creative ideas, implemented with the skill of a starry champion. In salty Tiramisu for example, instead of mascarpone mousse we are a sweet carrots with custard to whipped cream, brewed coffee inspired by a recipe of tea discovered during a trip to Vietnam and an addition of Thai sauce. Here contaminations are truly remarkable. And so they are significant in striking Artichoke coffee with sponge cake and ice cream to peanut. Ensure that these are dishes that fans talk about himself and circulate ideas.