Holidays 2015, Mykonos, Ibiza of Greece: fabulous beaches, parties chic and transgression Mykonos is also called the ‘Ibiza of Greece’ for his unbridled fun.
The comparison is a must: Mykonos is ‘the Ibiza of Greece’. Already with this definition we can already render a good idea of ​​what it represents, in terms of night life, the small island, but also the most popular of the Cyclades Islands. If you plan to go and spend a vacation in Mykonos … you’ll find yourself suddenly involved from everything that rotates at this beautiful gem located in the Aegean Sea and at night turns into transgression at its purest.
While, Mykonos is able to offer all kinds of attractions that can satisfy various curiosity of tourists, on the other, its main feature is its beautiful landscapes surrounded by miles of beautiful beaches that are even more impressive at sunset, giving feelings thrilling.

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The city more ‘intense’ Mykonos is, without a doubt, what is called Chora or Mykonos Town: its narrow streets, its typical white houses, its shops and stalls. If you talk to Chora, however, we speak mainly of the colorful and cute neighborhood of Little Venice and the ‘beach party’ which are often organized in ‘Paradise beach’. This is the most famous beach on the island, but also the most popular with tourists: it is located in the south west coast of Mykonos, about six kilometers from Chora: just to make the idea, at Paradise Beach festivities begin at 5 evening and continue into the night.
The fun at the top and the transgression pure state, however, has only one name: Cavo Paradiso. Besides being the most famous clubs of the island, Cavo Paradiso is considered one of the coolest clubs in the world, also for its enchanting setting: overlooking the Aegean Sea is able to offer an extraordinary spectacle, and of course the music wildest , ennobled by the presence of the most famous international artists.

Mykonos, what to eat and where to stay
When it comes to holiday abroad, for us Italians is also vital eating well: So, what gives us Myjonos the culinary point of view? First of excellent dishes of fish such as grilled octopus, fried squid, sea bass baked, while you can not miss the typical Greek salad with that flavor so Mediterranean. As for accommodation, we recommend to sleep at the Hotel Hermes just two minutes of scooter, (8-10 minute walk) from the center and the hotel Tagoo, both are really exceptional. Finally, could not miss the inevitable caveat: in fact, the only ‘danger’ to choose Mykonos as a goal for their holidays is suffering from nostalgia and melancholy when you come back … because it’s really tough start to return home !

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Greece, continuing the sale of private islands
Greece will be selling in the next few months, other private islands. A business that affects many buyers, attracted by the relatively low price of the property, from one million euro.
The most sought after are the islands of the Ionian Sea, thanks to the natural beauty and proximity to the mainland. As reported by the site GreekReporter most potential buyers residing outside the European Union, with a marked preponderance of buyers Arabs.

At this time, the new Greek legislation provides for those who buy real estate superior to EUR 250 thousand in the country, a residence permit for a period of five years. However, the completion of the purchase process is very cumbersome, with labyrinthine bureaucratic procedures that include up to 32 licenses signed (including that of the service Forestry and Archaeological Service), before the buyer can take full possession of the goods.

Since the beginning of the financial crisis to date, the prices of the Greek islands have dropped by 40 percent, making them the cheapest in the world. At the moment buyers can choose between fifty islands, both in the Ionian Aegean.isole-greche-1024x668



Greece this year is one of the most desirable destinations low cost by vacationers, primarily Italian. Sun, sea, beaches, charm and a charming and romantic are some of the reasons that lead many tourists in the Hellenic peninsula. Another reason is the very low prices of accommodation facilities. The time that the portfolio in difficulty is not small thing.
But where to go to Greece to save money and still enjoy all its extraordinary beauty? has compiled a list of some of the islands most low cost – but equally extraordinary – its archipelagos.
Not forgetting the less touristy islands, maybe not too cheap, but without the crowds are havens of a wonder indescrivibile.Paros, an island of the Cyclades, is distinguished by its beautiful scenery and a bustling nightlife. In Paros you come easily and without spending big bucks, because there are good ferry connections to Mykonos, in turn reached at low rates thanks to Easyjet. Paros has wonderful beaches with crystal clear waters, among which that of Pounta. For their historical rather not miss the Church of Panagia Ekatontapilianis, considered one of the greatest Christian monuments.


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36517.t.W630.H354.M4The other Greek era Tsipras.
6,000 islands for an idea of different holiday

Greece, the headlines for the known political events, to be considered the European country most “marine” and this is not to be a peninsula, as to have about 20% of the territory consists of over 6,000 islands of which 167 are inhabited.
Some are famous, Corfu, Santorini, Rhodes, other, more sensitive, are less well known to tourists. We dedicate this photo to the story less known islands of Greece with the hope that some reader can draw inspiration for the upcoming summer holidays.

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Kea, the most Greek Cycladic His name is Kea, but the Greeks call her Aunt, without pronouncing the ‘t’, like a relative of theirs. It is one of the largest islands of the Cyclades: just an hour from Athens, but still little known.
It has been dubbed Kalofagas, “the man who knows how to eat.” And some even called him Nero, because it is always in front of the fire to brown the pork souvlaki and lamb which serves in his restaurant in Ioulida, the Chora. Tables neat, overlooking the Aegean, children playing, some cat dozing, geraniums at will, a tourist who does not understand the menu.

We are in Greece, Kea, one of the largest islands of the Cyclades. For its inhabitants is Aunt and how they pronounce the name, it seems that say “aunt.” If you’ve never heard of it, if not for the similarity with the Swedish manufacturer of furniture (but without the “i”), you are among the many who, despite knowing Greece (Italians are sixth in the world rankings as presence Tourism, according to the Association Of Greek Tourism Enterprises), have the feeling that the “aunt” has been locked in a room for a while ‘. Maybe to look good, because it is really beautiful. And is also nearby, which avoids the headaches – that those traveling in Greece knows – to match the landing with the ferry overnight with the lift at dawn to Piraeus. Because the steps are very simple: once in Eleftherios Venizelos, the hub of Athens, you go to the port of Lavrio, 40 km and less than an hour’s drive farther (the same time it takes to reach Syntagma , Parliament Square in the capital). And after an hour’s ferry here we Kea, an island strangely still almost unknown, if you think that you pass to go to Patmos and that is just a few nautical miles from Serifos. Nearest even of Spetses and Hydra, classic goals from the weekend to the Athenians well and that counts among its guests always the real Greece.

But the “aunt” is different, understate, although there Gialiskari the airstrip for helicopters: it takes six minutes of flight, to drink a gin and tonic in Kolonaki, the most sophisticated neighborhood of Athens, as do daily the few millionaires Greeks, the only “presence” tangible luxury in these parts.
Although we do not breathe the crisis as it happens in the other islands, but it can happen to meet people who have had to adapt to a new lifestyle, as Vagia Goula, a former TV journalist who now accompanies us in new clothes driving tourist. One wonders if it will end here as in Argentina after the great crisis in the late nineties, when taxi drivers in incappavi-philosophers and even former executives.

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The 10 most beautiful beaches in the world

Places dream holiday memorable: the best beaches on the globe, with the confirmation of Lampedusa. The beach of Rabbits is the most beautiful in Europe (and third in the world)

Adventure is never exhausted. Yes it is true Christmas has just passed, and apart from the bridge Paschal, just the thought that to enjoy a little ‘relaxation to wait the summer resignation touches instantly unimaginable heights. To recover enough to start thinking about where to go and plan what to do, even out there because there are so many places to visit not just a life. And for many of them do not even need to wait for the hot season, as the temperature rises above 30 degrees all year round. Sun, sea and beaches, has always been a perfect triangle to forget everyday worries, more so if the segments of the world in question are those selected by travelers-TripAdvisor reviewers as the top ten of the Earth. Brazil, Cuba, Australia, the Caribbean, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, but also Europe with Greece, Spain and Italy; already because for the uninitiated in the Travelers’ ChoiceTM Beaches Award there’s a grain of tricolor.

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Austria, Croatia over Italy as an ideal destination holidays 2015

EU set to welcome Croatia amid enlargement doubtsSurvey, 17% of Austrians who plan holidays chooses Croatia
TRIESTE – The Austrians? This summer could ” snub ” Italy, preferring for the first time Croatia, new favorite destination for summer holidays. This was revealed by the 19 / th edition of a study of the ‘Institut fuer Freizeit- und Tourismusforschung (Ift) dedicated to current trends of citizens across the Alps about the summer holidays and their choices in the past season. Research that, among other things, indicates that 17% of Austrians who are already planning the holidays or who are certain to go abroad for the upcoming holidays have now chosen Croatia as a prime destination. In 2014, the percentage was 13%. In second place, the study highlights the Austrian Institute for Research on Leisure and Tourism, Italy, dethroned ” for the first time ” from Croatia and preferred by only 13% of Austrians who go for holidays quest ‘ Summer (-4% compared to 2014). And it is, it is clear from the graphs IFT, a historic overtaking. From 1996-2000 to the present, Italy had in fact always kept firmly in first place in the hearts of vacationers Austrians.

According to estimates by the IFT, already last year tended to outperform by Croatian was clear, with the same percentage (14%) of respondents who revealed he spent the summer in Croatia and Italy. Bronze, with 8% of the vote, to Spain (+ 4%). Fourth in the standings, a slight increase, Greece (5%, + 1% compared to 2014). Declining instead Turkey, chosen by a 4% of Austrians surveyed (down 2% from last year). The fifth, on the list of favorite foreign destinations, Germany (2% -3% compared to 2014). Only 11% of Austrians are instead planning a summer trip outside Europe, down 9% from last year. Here, the top destinations are the United States and Canada. In general, the study reveals the IFT, 41% of respondents stated that Austrian star already planning summer vacations, up 1% from last year, while a third is still undecided on the destination. 32% stated they want to go on vacation, but does not know yet that meta choose.

Undecided which increased by 6% in comparison with last year. 17% said it is rather certain that opt ​​for holidays ” self-sufficient ” to spend in a tourist resort in Austria (+ 4% compared to 2014). 27%, finally, assured that this summer will remain, however, between the four walls of the house (down 6% compared to 2014). The IFT survey is based on responses from a sample of more than a thousand people over-15, representative of the Austrian company, selected and interviewed by Spectra of Linz.

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Kea, exclusive paradise of the Cyclades

View Of Fira Town - Santorini Island,crete,greece. White Concret
The Greek island reveals pristine atmosphere, a sea always crystal clear and beautiful summer residences luxurious and refined
With the sun shining for over three hundred days a year, the Greek islands are the ideal destination for all those who can not give up the sea even in early autumn. In many of these havens Aegean high season lasts, in fact, until the month of October guaranteeing tan and waters from the pleasant temperatures of up to six months a year. Kea is one of these havens. This little gem of the Cyclades, located in a more secluded than battutissime Mykonos and Santorini, emerges in about an hour by ferry from the port of Lavrio, just 40 minutes from Athens, and covers an area of ​​only 132 square kilometers.

With a resident population of only 3,000 inhabitants, it is no wonder at all that this beautiful island, also known by the name Tzia, has become the destination of choice for those who pursue peace and quiet without renouncing the seductive beauty of the sea greek. Its atmosphere untouched, yet exclusive and refined, have made the island a favorite from the upper middle class Greek and, thanks to the increasing attention that the media are devoting, is enjoying increasing success for those who want a vacation to ‘teach relaxation.

All this would be enough to make the island an attractive destination and sought, but Kea everything exudes beauty and charm, and those lucky enough to spend their holidays should appreciate every corner and every view. There are many, in fact, the trails that wind, winding, through the wonders of its hilly landscapes, still intact and covered with almond orchards and vineyards. And there are so many quiet beaches that allow you to enjoy a sea no less attractive and unspoiled. Even the backgrounds here are a triumph of beauty. Who likes to devote himself to diving will, in fact, appreciate the wrecks that lie deep around the island, among which stands out the dell’HMHS Britannic, the sister ship of the infamous Titanic.

A kitchen seductive flavors, ancient ruins scattered on the island together with small chapels abandoned, lush forests, picturesque harbors and numerous coves to enjoy even more of its secluded atmosphere, would seem to complete the picture of the attractions of this island to be discovered. Kea but still has much to offer. A town full of charm, for example. Ioulis, which the locals call Khora, is, in fact, pretty much a place as special. Perched on top of a hill, is different, in fact, from the other countries of the Cyclades with its Mediterranean-style architecture, with their ancient terracotta roofs. The center can not be reached by car, confirming that everything here is devoted to peace and respect for the environment.

He has not forgotten even the architect Christos Vlachos, known internationally for its buildings in futuristic style. Engaged in the realization of the project “high quality holiday housing”, comercializzato from ikh villas (, was inspired by the pristine beauty of the island to make the summer residences extremely exclusive but in full harmony with the surrounding landscapes. The use of natural stone and wood raw and innovative solutions such as roof battens make its modern homes but never invasive. Thanks, also, to the order that prevents build on hilltops. The large windows that let you enjoy a wonderful sea view from every room, the elegant verandas and the spectacular infinity pools, add a touch of sophistication that makes it really unique properties.

Vlachos is not the only architect involved in the revival of tourism in the island. Even Ioannis Michalopoulos, along with Tanassis Kyratsous co-founder of the project, are working on the construction of homes in traditional style by focusing on the use of local materials and the environment of the island. The buildings, built to the highest standards, you have a rustic yet modern, each with its own independence and privacy as well as access to nearby coves and exceptional views of the beautiful sunsets local. Are represented by the company Ikh Villas ( that promotes the five housing complexes already present (Classic Mountain, Rock Mountain, Black Mountain, Mountain Soul Mountain and Symphony).

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Holidays sailing in the Ionian Greece.

The extraordinary charm of Greece to discover in a special way: this is the proposal that Cruise Sailing Favero offers to all those who wish to experience the exciting holiday sailing in the Ionian Greece, sailing on crystal clear waters and along coasts characterized by landscapes enchanting beauty and timeless tradition.

Driven by the mistral the journey towards some of the most beautiful Greek islands, among the treasures of Corfu, Paxos, Antipaxoi, Lefkas, Kefalonia, Ithaca, Zante, sailing on the routes that were Ulysses and peoples of extraordinary surfers.

We sail with sailings per week in the company of skipper Eugenio Favero and Paola Brocca, sailing aboard the Penelope, a sailboat model Sun Odyssey 16 meters long and equipped with all amenities, can guarantee to the whole crew opportunity to spend so pleasant and peaceful at all times of the holiday. The days of navigation proceed between waters that change color through the transparent turquoise to deep blue, to meet white sandy beaches, lagoons dream and steep rocks that take your breath away, with an endless array of emotions that make a memorable holiday sailing between the Ionian islands of Greece.

Once thrown the anchor will not miss the chance to spend time relaxing and bathing in the warm waters of this part of the Mediterranean, or To advance between the picturesque streets to the old towns, leaving wrap bright colors and atmospheres typical of Greece Ionian.

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Year round holidays in Greece, the proposals of the operators at Bit 2015

Greece participates in the BIT in Milan to present to the international its tourism product and the new season. In particular, the pavilion will host 18 exhibitors seven Greek: North Aegean – Lesvos, Chios, Samos (Hall 18-E20); South Aegean – Cyclades and Dodecanese (Hall 18 E22-F25); Western Greece (Hall 18-F19); Central Macedonia (Hall 18-G20); Halkidiki (Hall 18-H21); Ionian Islands (at the stand of the Tourist Guide of Greece); Corfu, Paxos, Lefkas, Meganissi, Kefalonia, Ithaca and Zakynthos.
The destination Greece has always been a clean sea and the largest number of beaches awarded with blue flags; holidays in history thanks to the numerous archaeological sites scattered throughout the territory; study tours for those who want to learn the language Hellenic; working holiday in many existing conference facilities; spa holidays, religious, and especially holidays not only in summer but all year round.