Greece, a member of the Swiss: “Buy an island, so we will have access to the sea.

The Parliamentary Union of Ticino’s Party proposes that Pierre Rusconi Bern contribute in this way to save the country of Greece. So its citizens can “go on holiday safely.”
Switzerland should “give a bit ‘of money” to Greece in exchange for an island. So it would have “access to the sea” and its citizens could “go on holiday safely.” The proposal comes from the deputy Ticino’s Party center Pierre Rusconi, who has submitted a question to the Federal Council asking among other things that the country participate in this way to save Athens. That, moreover, based on the plan imposed by creditors, will have to transfer to a specific fund public goods for sale to derive, in theory, 50 billion euro. They will end up in ports, airports and public companies but potentially, in fact, even islands and beaches. E ‘news two days ago that the actor Johnny Depp bought for 4.2 million Euros, the islet of Strongylí, in March of Levante.

Bern, according Rusconi, should take advantage of the opportunity to get their hands on what could become the 27th Swiss canton. And on the island could build “a national sports center.” Opposite reactions from colleagues parliamentarians felt by the weekly Blick: the UDC Lukas Reimann agrees but would use the island “to send refugees” while the Socialist parliamentarian Zurich Jacqueline Badran speaks of “heat stroke ”





MYKONOS – After numerous holidays for singles around the world, Tamara Ecclestone is the time of a family holiday.
The daughter of the magnate Bernie Ecclestone, the historical “patron” of Formula 1, June 11, 2013, married (with wedding costing over 7 million pounds), the stockbroker Jay Rutland and March 17 of the following year born the little Sophia: the little family has been caught during a few days of relaxation in Mykonos, with Tamara engaged in the role of mother.


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Athens, Mykonos and Santorini where homes cost half.
For months now the vultures flying around the remains of the carcass Greek. And soon find another piece attackable we sling on him mercilessly. So after feasting as they could with the financial (stocks, bonds, government bonds etc.). Foretaste other lavish lunches to be consumed due to apartments and villas with sea view of the city and the Greek islands.
Not that opportunities were missed to this day, from ‘beginning of the crisis the real estate market has devalued between 30 and 50%, but ahead of the referendum that is likely to enact the’ exit from ‘euro prices could fall in drachma at least another 40%.
These numbers, drawn up by experts, start from a premise.
An account is the city, primarily Athens, where prices per square meter today are at their lowest in 20 years. Another island, Cyclades of all, where c ‘was a cut but not so clean and above all more differentiated.
“In the most prestigious neighborhoods of the capital – said the study center – ​​such as in the area of ​​Kolonaki, apartment prices do not exceed 4,000 euro per square meter.
More houses are spacious, over 200 meters, plus the price is lowered. In the typical district of Plaka, the apartments have prices that vary from 1,000 to 1,500 EUR, depending on the state of fact.
While in the area close to the ‘Acropolis houses valuable not reach up to 3,000 Euros. It is placed in homes comparable historical buildings, for example, to those of Monti-Magenta in Milan, where the values ​​are 3-4 times higher. ”
In short, in the central areas of Athens does not trouble finding apartments in good condition sold around 10,000 Euros by families choked by the crisis. While the super-bargain becomes less simple if you land on the islands. In Santorini, Naxos, Rhodes, Paros and so the real estate market has collapsed by an average of 30% compared to 2008 (all data in the table). But l ‘occasion is very dependent on the area and type of property.
“In the most famous islands of the Cyclades – continues the study center – there are important differences between the average product and quality product. Just take the VIP villas of Mykonos or Lindos (Rhodes) that have been made over the past decade with infinity pools and views of the bays, to realize that the prices (at least those starting ed) still exceed 90% of cases one million euro. The cost per square meter can be estimated to arrive even to touch the 5,000 Euros, but these are the highs, while average valuations top come to 3,500 EUR. Then there are the apartments that are less sought after especially by foreign buyers and cost at least € 1,000 less per square meter. ”
Some examples? In Mykonos a ‘new home or renovated beachfront fluctuates between 2,000 and 3,800 euro per square meter and in the inland areas, the fork is between 900 and 1,900 Euros. So, 27.8% lower than the highs of 2008 and down 2.8% on May 2014.
While in Santorini between 2014 and 2015 prices fell by 4.4% and 5.3% of Samos even that becomes 35% if it expands the ‘span the highs of 2008.
So, given the well-established trend increase speculators who look forward to the victory of the “no” and a possible return to the drachma. A “bargain” that could awaken even the ‘interest of dormant Italian.
Our favorite island is Crete (where many have taken up residence), but despite the prices to balance last year, only 9% of households in the beautiful country that has decided to buy a house all ‘foreign chose to shop in Greece . Maybe they had seen long and knew that the ‘real estate in Athens and surrounding area still had plenty of room for decline.



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Mykonos, the Aegean island party

Mykonos, the Aegean island party
Founded as a place of worship of the gay community in the ’70s, now the island is a true place of pilgrimage for revelers from across Europe. And also a magnet for celebrities: between soubrette, players and designers

The fame of Mykonos as a holiday destination perfect for those who want to party is long-standing. The queen of the nights Hellenic already in the 50s it was already a hot spot, thanks to artists like the Italian Piero Aversa. It’s in the ’70s, however, it becomes known to the colorful atmosphere of Super Paradise, one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. So was visited primarily by the gay public, today is perfect for anyone who wants to party, from dusk to dawn. Party girl unleashed come from all over the world, including Italy. Among them, a few nights ago, was spotted as well a certain Victoria Silvstedt, that of a party, bikini fun and certainly they will be. If the crisis in Greece is being felt yet, island tourism is big and is constantly growing. Sign that the mix between glamorous atmosphere, crystal sea and local works of all kinds. In recent weeks they landed Cristiano Ronaldo, Mourinho and Manuel Neuer, the Germany goalkeeper and world champion right here Dsquared2 has decided to open its first store in Greece: Dean & Dan Caten, designers of success are certainly Night owls and more frequent the island for over 15 years.
RESTAURANTS CULT – The disk to dance the night away in reality are only two, Cavo Paradiso and Paradise Club. Both, more than having a musical identity precise point on the great names of EDM, house and techno, making a cut-throat competition. On August 7, the cable there is the beautiful Nina Kraviz, while Sven Vath, the techno dj more beloved in Europe comes here on the 16th, just after Sebastian Ingrosso (Swedish House Mafia). A welcome change for people who like electronic sounds and research is the Ballshevik. Opened a few weeks ago with the support of RBMA, the project dedicated to electronic music created by Red Bull, has brought to the island as a legend Giorgio Moroder, while on July 30 there will be a DJ set of sophisticated and Tiger Woods.
PROUD ITALIAN – The nightlife of Mykonos is also made in Italy. For example, for many years one of the most popular guest at the Paradise Club is Cristian Marchi. After the good results of Watch That Face, track produced with Smoothies, Brands this summer to dance back to the Paradise Club on 17 and 23 August. 17 with him in console there are also young people Vinai, too Italian, fresh from the success of Tomorrowland. Together they have to beat the competition of a certain David Guetta, that same evening her dancing Cavo Paradiso, where on August 13, however, comes another top Italian DJ Benny Benassi. If the Tropicana Paradise Beach vocalist / entertainer reference is Sasa, on the sands of Super Paradise 20 to 26 August there are Bruno Barra and Fago Mc. The first is one of the strongest protagonists of fashion hard Italian, the second day creates connections with his agency KuMusic, night likes to scream and blow up half of Europe (August 2 is the Tito’s Palma de Mallorca with David Svezza and the beautiful Amely).

AND MORNING, RELAX … – Mykonos is magical at any time and is full of spaces designed for relaxation. For example, after dancing, the huge pool of the Paradise Club is the perfect place to enjoy the sunrise before the deserved rest, maybe to San Giorgio, the beach hotel in bohemian style managed by the staff of the club. Who is not attracted by the nightlife exaggerated the Tropicana, he can make a quick trip to Kalua, in Paraga Beach. Also here is a party, but with a certain style and the day you can laze in peace, just like the sophisticated Alemagou, Ftelia Beach. Every detail of the space refers to the history of the island and the bar has a breathtaking view of the sea.




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Truly Aristocratic Property And One Of The Most Exceptional Villas Of Paros
Villa, 5 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms, 11 persons, Pool, Garden


Located in the midst of a protected natural preserve on the south coast of the island, surrounded by six acres of magical garden, with direct access to a beautiful secluded beach dedicating only a small part of its premises to a very small swimming pool.


Main Building:

Dining area, living area, professionally equipped kitchen.

Independent Guestrooms:

1 double bedroom en suite &
1 bedroom with 3 single beds en suite both with separate entrances leading to the main veranda.

Covered veranda with dining table and sitting area, barbecue.


Separate building:

Office area,

1 master bedroom en suite &
1 double bedroom with private bathroom both with access to the small swimming pool.
Upper floor:

1 double bedroom en suite with independent entrance.

Daily Maid Service
Change of linen twice a week
Travel assistance and Concierge services

Swimming pool: 5X3 m
Air-condition in all bedrooms
Wi-Fi and Satellite


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LGBT festivals in Europe in August


Discovering the main festival LGBT of the Old Continent
After the landmark ruling of the United States last June, the Supreme Court has made it legal gay marriage, the international LGBT community has again raised its head to get the same rights as States in the world.

Meanwhile, in a mobilization and a petition, including a pride and a demonstration, there is also time to have fun and cool off in what is the most scorching summer since 2003. Here then are some LGBT Festival, open to all, where the fun is on the agenda. We discover the key of the Old Continent.

Brighton Pride

The Brighton Pride is one of the most important among the hetero-friendly festival in Europe held on 1 and 2 August. Landmark community in Europe, takes place here the most important Pride of our continent, which each year attracts thousands of visitors not only gay. It starts with the Parade in the morning, which culminates at Preston Park for the main event. Meanwhile, djs set, dancing in the streets and markets. Caution: The parade is free and for the party you pay a ticket of 25 euro.
Circuit Festival

In Barcelona there is the Circuit Festival, 5 to 16 August. Born in 2008 quickly he became among the most sought after because it is a dynamic and fun festival, open to all sexual orientations.
The festival consists of a series of pool parties with no stop dj set of international fame; it all ends on August 16 with a mega event set in a water park. Admission to the festival is about 350 €, which allows access to all the initiatives.

The XLSIOR Festival is held on the beautiful island of Mykonos, Greece, August 19 to 23. And ‘one of the most exclusive gay events in the world that takes place in a breathtaking location. An event open to all, good to support Greece in this difficult economic time also. Many evenings scheduled for this year 2015, and, although, given the frequent sold-out, it’s hard to get tickets for the entire event, you can groped to buy individual events.


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The 15 most beautiful beaches in Greece

1. Falasarna Crete
The spectacular beaches of Falasarna, on the west coast of Crete, is a paradise of white sand, sometimes pink, lapped by a cobalt sea, with sheltered coves, rock pools and a wild stretch. In the more long, sandy, always ventilated, there are sunbeds and umbrellas, a few restaurants, some rooms for rent and hotels where to enjoy the sea, which is clear even with the waves. From Chania along a stretch of road that ends in a clearing and from there continue on foot on a dirt path.

2. Balos Lagoon in Crete
On the peninsula of Gramvoussa, on the same stretch of beach of Chora, along a dirt path and bumpy or embarking from the port of Kastelli or Kissamos you get to Balos, a picturesque lagoon of fine white sand with low backdrops and transparent. Behind the beach is Mount Geroskinos while standing out in front of the picturesque island of Gramvoussa, dominated by a Venetian fortress. Arriving on foot you will struggle a bit ‘but the view from the top is incomparable; those arriving by sea with boats should know that available only a few hours to swim and enjoy the beach; otherwise better to rent a private boat. And it’s always convenient to bring food and drink.


3. Fakistra in Pelion
It ‘hard to reach the beach of Fakistra in Pelion on the Greek mainland, but the long trek pays off with a superb view and a wild beach of coarse sand mixed with gravel, lapped by clear water and many shades. The beach, located in Thessaly, houses on the north side two historic caves Panagia Megalomata, full of stalactites and, a few meters higher, Krifo Scholio, home to an illegal school during the Turkish occupation.

4. Mírtos in Kefalonia
And ‘most popular beach and photographed the island of Kefalonia, with the spectacular natural amphitheater of rock clear that surrounds it. The white pebbles and stone talc give clean water reflections of nacre that contrast with the turquoise water. The chromatic effect from the top is truly amazing. The heavenly bay is located in the northern part of Kefalonia, just 3 kilometers from Divarata, and to reach it you need to travel a road full of curves. At sunset it offers a unique and breathtaking views.

5. Navagio in Zakynthos
And ‘the famous shipwreck beach on the west coast of the island of Zakynthos, beautiful and very impressive, certainly the most photographed of Greece. Yet there can only be reached by boat sailing from Agios Nikolaos, and often gets in line to come down and bathe. Yet these difficulties do not affect the beauty of the beach, characterized by the wreck of a ship lying on the white sand. The beach is enclosed by high cliffs whose brightness, along with some sulfur springs, giving the bay a unique color ranging from light blue to turquoise and electric blue.

6. Porto Katzìki Lefkada
Sull’impervia west coast of the island of Lefkada in the Ionian Sea, the beach of Porto Katzìki is the most beautiful and spectacular of the slope, where the cliffs overlooking the sea throws. A long staircase down to the beach overlooking that is a strip of white sand, 600 meters long; over the cliffs, sea caves and crannies preserve the passage of sailors and surfers. The beach, which is very crowded in the summer months, can be reached by sea, embarking from the port of Lefkas.

7. Simos Elafonissi
It ‘a sand lapped by crystal clear water and clean, that check next to Cape Frango, on the southern side of the small island of Elafonissi, south of the peninsula of Laconia, in the southeastern Peloponnese, once joined to the mainland. The white sand, the sea of ​​tropical colors and the beauty of nature that surrounds it attract every summer sailing enthusiasts and naturists, who is a private beach side.

8. Voutoumi to Andípaxi
Caribbean, lapped by clear blue sea, the beach Voutoumi is only one of the sandy beaches and the whitest of Andipaxí, small island situated in front of the most famous and equipped Paxi. The beach is reached by boat and has a tavern, where you can dine and enjoy a beautiful view of the promontory. From here, renting a small boat, you can sail along the coast, scuba dive or snorkel and discover many other small paradises like this, even more quiet and isolation.

9. St. Paul’s Bay in Rhodes
The St. Paul’s Bay, Lindos, on the east coast of Rhodes, is a show for lovers of sailing and the sea most pristine; It is a small cove surrounded by rocks where the water is shallow and emerald color. The ideal is to arrive by boat and swim off the bay in the summer because it’s always very crowded. However on the beach there is the possibility to rent sun beds and umbrellas and have lunch at a great restaurant. For lovers of archeology, we recommend an excursion to the Acropolis above the coast.

10. Kleftiko Milos
The island of Venus, in the Cyclades archipelago, he could not have a beautiful beach, with cliffs of white rock in the middle of a Caribbean sea. Beach Kleftiko is reached only by boat, which allows you to enjoy the beauty of the sea and visit caves and rocky gorges; but only inflatables can switch between several arches of white stone. The rocks hide tiny blinding beaches of fine sand, isolated and untouched.

11. Golden Marmári Euboea
The strong current and wind Meltemi characterize the long white beach of Marmári, on the island of Euboea, Attica front. Frequented by the Greeks is a paradise for surfers and lovers of sailing. The sandy beach, which in summer is often crowded, located in the southern side of the island, near the village of Karisthos and uninhabited archipelago in front of Petalioi, where you get to dive.

12. Pidima Tis Grias Beach to Andros
Only six miles separating Euboea island of Andros, where, on the eastern side, south of the capital, is the amazing beach Pidima Tis Grias, which in greek means “the jump of the old”, where the sand is fine and the ‘crystal clear water invites you to dive. The beach is characterized by the huge rock that rises in front of the sea and which recounts the story of an old woman who betrayed the local population into the castle by the Turks, and that the strong remorse jumped into the sea from high rock and turned into stone.

13. Kolona Kithnos
Three kilometers from Chora, the beautiful beach of Kolona is a strip of fine golden sand that connects the island of Kythnos to small Agios Loukas. Surrounded by the gentle slopes barren, the beach is lapped on both sides by clear blue sea: it is reached by boat from Merihas, the main port of the island, or on foot with a long hike. Kolona has no tourist facilities but two large trees provide shade and a nice taverna excellent food and wine greek.

14. Agrari in Mykonos
On the south coast of Mykonos, not far from the famous and crowded beach of Elia, it is the spectacular and quiet bay of Agrarians, not much frequented by tourists. The pristine beach is sandy and pebble clear, equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds, and a part nudists. There is a bar and a tavern, where you can relax. Agrari can be reached by car and then walk on a road unwieldy or boat from the port of Platis Gialos.

15. Kokino Kastro Alonissos
It ‘a paradise beach Kokino Kastro, the island of Alonissos, in the Sporades: a pine forest and a rocky ridge overlooking the red on a strip of white sand, almost blinding, push up to a turquoise sea, whose waters hiding remnants of lost cities. The sea all around the island is protected by a marine park: the beach, in fact, is frequented by divers, but also by those in search of relaxation in front of a show that leaves you breathless.



Mykonos, the island divided between glamor and celebrities Austerity.

In shop windows trendiest – those of young fashion victim and clubbers who flock to the Cavo Paradiso beach shooting techno music 24 hours 24 – rages shirt cafonal-chic, “Do not waste a lollipop sucking a …» . It costs 50 euro.
Summer seems like one of the many, the most popular Greek holiday destination and one of the seaside resorts most “in” the Mediterranean. But it is not. Over the past five days it has rained 50 thousand cancellations. Usually in the streets of the old town, behind the Super Guide Little Venice, you do not walk, so it’s crowded. Today it is almost deserted.

Inside one of the many luxury boutiques, a saleswoman from the cover of Vogue welcomes two foreign tourists. Featured sports leaders Moncler, Prada, Gucci. Just opposite, in the narrow street whitewashed lime an elderly Greek lady with the stick, ask a neighbor to buy a packet of aspirin. He pulls out one by one penny from 5 cents, centellinandole fatigue. Contrasts of a country dangerously on the edge.

Austerity and glamor go hand in hand in the island which every year ranks with Ibiza the scepter of queen of unbridled fun and glitz. For centuries this was an uninhabited island. Courses and historical claims: in front of Mykonos, stands the profile of ancient Delos, the center of political and economic power at the time of the League Attica dell’Atene Alcibiades and Socrates, the city that dominated the Mediterranean and had invented democracy . Today she is to be uninhabited.

Yummy bar in one of the squares near the main bus stop, are found dozens of Greeks. Usually the place is frequented only by tourists, now holed up in a corner. They all return or are about to go to the Neighbor public elementary school where there is a polling station. At one of the tables, Vasilis makes campaign for the “yes”: distributes, and not so secretly, flyers and cards that have been pre-compiled to go and vote. The Freedom is yes, no is the insecurity and poverty, says the “holy card”. His table is a continual coming and going of people, turned the bar into a political office. At the referendum, it is sure that he was born in Samos in the Dodecanese but for 23 years in Mykonos, will win the yes. Slightly, but the euro will be saved. In the Cyclades in the evening is a heads up in the polls, but you will find that the rest of the country will Vasilis spectacularly wrong his prediction.

A few meters from him a woman and an old man opened a banquet of wood with posters for Oxi, No feared that as a nightmare by the European chancelleries and ECB. “The closure of banks in the days before the vote? Blackmail to force people to vote yes, “said the activist. Mykonos is favor of yes because they are all rich and entrepreneurs, predicts.

If the atmosphere is relaxed for seniors who eat breakfast with coffee bar Yummy, a little ‘more concerned must be those, and here in Mykonos are the majority, who live with the tourists. Italians apart. Discharged atmosphere hovers over a town usually overrun with crowds. They disappeared even the Russians, sidelined by the collapse of the ruble.

None of the apocalyptic scenes coming from some chronicles. The country is collapsing, not rationing anything, ATMs, suddenly become the obsession of all, they work and deliver money (only for foreigners). Greece of the islands is not Sarajevo, but a week of closed banks are putting a strain on an economy that thrives on consumerism, tourism, where there are more designer shops and souvenir inhabitants.

Under the arbor of the restaurant Maria’s, which operates since 1975 with his family, the mother in the kitchen and the wife in the dining room to serve, Petro spreads his arms, in an eloquent gesture, when we ask if we can pay by credit card. The universal language of gestures: “What can I do? If you do not have cash, I also take the credit card. ” He says there is 30% less tourists. But while the menu has raised prices since last year. The crisis if the pay tourists. But with regular ticket, of course.

Against Greek skies, one of the Mykonos Island Windmills, Chora. Cyclades, Agean Sea, Greece.

Against Greek skies, one of the Mykonos Island Windmills, Chora. Cyclades, Agean Sea, Greece.

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Greece: Santorini, Mykonos and other havens that will say goodbye to the discount VAT.

Among the measures to be voted at the Hellenic Parliament there are also changes to the system of discounts on rates of VAT for the Greek islands. Reminds the Greek daily Kathimerini, explaining that the bill, spread yesterday, includes measures for a value of 3.175 billion, much of which is related to VAT (2.39 billion). The changes to the facilities should bring income to 795 million in the state coffers this year. The bill divides the Greek islands (6 thousand including the smallest, of which 227 are inhabited) in four categories: the first includes the Ionian islands, to the west of the country, and several other like Crete, Hydra and Aegina who have VAT rates not discounted and maintain.

The second category includes the islands most popular among tourists, as Santorini and Mykonos (in the gallery, the photos of the two islands), whose lighter regime of 30% will end on October 1 this year. The less developed islands will continue to enjoy the 30% discount on the rates of VAT until June 2016, while the more remote will keep forever. Hotels (and organized camping) across the country will raise the VAT from the current 6.5% to 13% as of October while VAT for restaurants will rise immediately by 13% to 23%. Even food like pasta, bread and milk will see this increase.

Greece, Cyclades, Santorini, Firostefani

Greece, Cyclades, Santorini, Firostefani

Antiparos, Corfu

Velabondaggio Corfu Navigation with a small drift among the Ionian islands.


Only the essential. Superfluous even the sleeping bag, better sleep in the open in a small beach, up creeks. Navigation is freedom. Listen to the voice of the sea. He knows the sailor, writer Fabio Fiori, the protagonist of the last Friday evening of the fourth series of meetings “Winter sea”, organized by the Sailing Club Rimini.

His motto: “boat minimum, maximum route”. Back to basics, practice a “velabondismo” that has the taste of adventure to the rhythm slowed.

The large boats, then gigantism that is spreading in the world of sailing, Flowers recommends replacing the sail with small boats. And no large boats have traveled even famous people like Moitessier and Slocum.

Take time to enjoy the coast along for many miles, live for the day following the will of the sea. As it did last summer with his Laser, navigating around the fascinating Greek islands of Corfu, Paxos and Antipaxos. A two-week trip started with a small bag, a backpack (just for some change of clothes) and nothing more. It ‘just the wind and the winds of the Mediterranean Flowers (their history, the origin of names etc ..) knows them well: on the east, to the west, from the Mistral Scirocco. Even a boat of just four meters long, with a single sail and drift, may face coastal routes and give emotions to the starry heavens. At night the magic is sleeping next to the boat waiting for dawn. The sport is combined with ecology, respect for the sea and the poem, the writer recounted in “Vela libre” and numerous books, from “A sea. Horizon Adriatic “to” Anemos. The winds of the Mediterranean “. Fabio Fiori also participated in the publishing project “Adriatic Sea in Europe” and has published several books in addition to writing for several newspapers and magazines.