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The economic crisis does not stop the tourism in Greece.

The economic crisis does not stop the tourism in Greece.
One of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean is certainly Greece. A nation that has very much to offer both cultural and archaeological the capital Athens and the town of Katakolon, both nature with its thousands of islands and territories with beaches of fine sand and crystal clear sea. To understand the beauty of these landscapes, you must visit Greece on several occasions and, in my opinion, not just a lifetime of holidays to realize the things that this area has to offer.

In recent years, the country was involved in a difficult economic crisis, which began in 2004 after the huge debt for the organization of the Summer Olympics which brought a large write-down of Greek debt. Many families have found themselves without work, many companies have been forced to close but hopefully the country a little ‘time to be able to find the right way and the right political leadership to get out of this situation. The economic crisis, however, does not ruin the tourism sector of the country, with a lifeblood of fundamental importance to this national system. Today Greece wants to leave and is organizing thousands of ships, planes and trains are able to report on its beautiful islands and on the mainland through ancient ruins, millions of visitors.
The prices have remained almost the same as previous years, and Greece is still considered an economic goal that attracts groups of young people who are looking for a beach holiday full of fun and nightclubs but also families and over 65 who want to explore beyond the beach the rich cultural and archaeological sites of ancient Greece. Ie in the Cyclades islands such as Mykonos, Paros, Santorini, and many other favorite especially by young people, the holiday flowing quiet, ferries run regularly distribute cash and ATMs. The accommodation facilities are almost a family, for this reason sometimes managers do not accept payments by debit or credit cards, but inquiring about the payment in advance, you can avoid problems.

As reported by the website Travel Safe, of critical situations you can be in the presence of demonstrations and strikes in particular the public sector. It should therefore make sure that in the days dedicated to living in Greece and to the movement, the services are provided regularly (ports, airports, railways, hospitals, etc.) And that the roads are passable.




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Here are summer destinations which we recommend to take possession of your peace of mind and raise the index of “self-love”
Here we are. The Summer is coming!

And if this year you went to take a vacation with her friends? I talk about girlfriends, those which do not have to justify anything!
Why travel in pink are several, to the right company.

Giving birth to find myself!
Maybe after a report to forget, or to have the opportunity to choose a beautiful museum, rather than the stage of the European Capital of turn … Or indulge in a sweeping adventure

Here are summer destinations that you’ll want to take back your peace of mind and raise the index of “self-love”:

– SINTRA – PORTUGAL: if you love the natural beauty and history, this town of Portugal is a fabulous destination to enjoy in the company.
Here you will find yourself immersed in a warm valley, in the middle of the green gardens and parks have become Unesco heritage.
And if you like the typical landscapes, you love Sintra for its uneven streets that offer breathtaking views of the valley and will introduce you to amazing historic houses and castles.

– ST JULIAN’S – MALTA: The small Malta is a perfect destination if you just want to get away and do around 4 am local.
The Maltese nightlife is concentrated in St Julian’s, just a few steps from Valletta, where you can choose from discos and live music.
“Portovino” wine bar, is one of the most chic, followed by the “Bamboo Bar”, and “fuego”, where patios are theme parties and Caribbean rhythms that last until morning.

– GALLIPOLI – Salento: there is no doubt that for some years the Salento is a favorite of Italians who do not want to spend too much and they want to let go the overwhelming summer adventures.
According to a survey of C-Date, 69% of the friends on holiday just two days of overwhelming passion, to be reconciled with the world.
Relaxation, including bathrooms and tans in the sun, lasts only up to drink. After the night belongs to the most popular beach party of the whole coast.
Here, too, he expects the morning dancing on the track, or rather in the water in the arms of your unknown …

– MYKONOS – Greece: one of the most beautiful islands (and more expensive), and particularly suited to her friends travel to the nightlife and the nightlife.
It is the island of fun! Go and have fun until dawn equipped with leather sandals … already because you can leave the heels at home. It is a must!
Lunch is the time of the descent to the beach, you will not want to ruin your reputation?
Relax, meetings, trendy clubs and the sun caresses. Who could ask for more?
And you, what kind of holiday would you do with your friends?




Travel, Mykonos ‘hidden’ and deserted

After a look in the network to the myriad of islands and islets one more beautiful than I decide, for logistical reasons (not all the islands have an airport or a port where you can get directly from Italy) to opt for the best known: Mykonos , much of which I had heard and Santorini, whose photos I had made from time to enter in the list of destinations to visit.

Two nights in each island, I tell myself that should be enough to get a taste of the minimum sites. I leave Ischia, my island, the day of August, in its hottest period (in every sense), but for a moment on the plane that takes me from Naples to Mykonos I feel that all the “worst” of diciottenne- Hooch-cafonazzo-italianomedio crowding Ischia the week of August has decided to pursue me. Sure, you might say, it is like Ibiza and Mykonos is known that there is anyone who wants to party. What I did not imagine is that in “partying” were almost the only kind of “tourists”.
In fact the picture is chiarendosi once arrived. Oversimplifying a bit ‘you could say that the island is divided two types of tourists: the eighteen-Hooch-cafonazzi-Italian-medissimi scooter running in the streets of the island as they had never driven before, without a helmet, drunk (drugged?) screaming and singing and going back and forth between “Paradise beach” and “Super Paradise Beach” where “fun” with the excesses of loud music 24/24, rivers of alcohol and sex in freedom. Then there are those who (usually over 25) simply wish to enjoy their holiday in complete relaxation discovering deserted beaches with crystal clear water, tasting the excellent grilled fish and sipping a glass of local wine. You may have already guessed easily which of the two categories covered writer.

Staying only two nights and arriving at sunset I say that would be a good idea to see the center of Mykonos already on the first night. Not until I put something in your stomach and after getting out of the hotel I come across “Andreas & Maria” a typical greek restaurant where you can sample excellent Greek salad and grilled seafood specialties.

To reach the center I just have to find the nearest bus stop. Buses, characteristic and with Greek music in the background, easily connect the center with the main points of the island until late at night. The heart of reminds me a little ‘Sant’Angelo d’Ischia: a labyrinth of narrow pedestrian streets paved with traditional white stones full of boutiques, restaurants and small bars with music of all kinds. Immediately jumps to the eyes (or rather ear) the strong presence, including tourists, to Italian and gay (in the 70s Mykonos was among the most popular destinations “gay-friendly”)

Among the streets sprouting one after the other churches from the classic Greek colors (white and blue) that follow one another frequently enough that I end up thinking of star circling and, just when I start to think that I “lost” in that maze and the exceptional heat of those days (40 ° C) makes me look cool, I find myself in front of the “cinema-coffee mantle” with a courtyard garden that reveals a true oasis in the center of Mykonos where rehydrate with a fruit salad to cool the palms or watching a movie outdoors.

On the second day, in order to maximize the time available, I decided to rent a scooter. The company, however, is more difficult than expected: accomplice the week of August (high season) there are scooters available and can in extremis to find a Quad. The medium is revealed, however, the best thing to see as much as possible of the island if you want to go to places still off the tourist circuit mass.

Recommended by the owner of the hotel where I head accommodation opposite the beaches “casinare” and crowded beach of Paradise and Super Paradise beach to the north – the beach “Unknown” it is here. And indeed, after leaving the main road the landscape becomes desert, the road is unpaved and it seems to be – without exaggeration – in one of the “roads” connecting Afghanistan to Pakistan. And it is when I start to think to head towards the nothingness that opens before my eyes a dream panorama. A small bay with reddish sand and crystal clear water practically deserted (you only hear speak greek, which is a good sign). Only evidence of human presence on the hill behind the tavern the small beach.

I remain so taken by this unique place that rest until the sun begins to disappear behind the hills. The only thing that can make me give up – even temporarily – the beach paradise is the smoke that I see in the distance coming from the tavern at lunch begins to cook fish on the grill.

The time of sunset is approaching and I headed to the famous windmills of Mykonos that the night before I had seen and give their best at sunset. On the spot, crowded with tourists of different nationalities, I stop to admire the soft light of the setting sun on mills and in a flash it is already evening.

On the last night back in the center (this time motorized) to explore what I had seen the night before including the old port. When the stomach starts to grumble I start to look for something other than the typical local “catch tourists” and for that I commend the excellent “nose” of food bloggers who accompanies me. This time made no mistake and we are left to “Maerejo” where wet your appetite with delicious dishes of traditional Greek cuisine such as “BAKIA Ezmesi” (hummus with fava beans), “Melitzanosalata” (eggplant salad) and many other delicacies.

The third day is the time to leave Mykonos to Santorini once. Appointment to the port to catch the ferry to arrive where they are pleasantly surprised to see that this is actually a “fast ferry” new and more efficient than those serving in our seas (Bay of Naples docet). In addition, for the series “Myths” I note how the police do not rule that an order from us there not leaving any pedestrian approach to the dock already half an hour before the ship. Boarding (thousands of people) is done in the blink of an eye as the control of the tickets takes place not at the ship door but once on board.

I just have to settle instead enjoying the beautiful landscape with its Aegean islands (the ship stop in Paros and Naxos) and wait for the arrival in Santorini with overhead images of heavenly corners of Mykonos just left.




Greece, Sifnos

Panoramic Views Of 11 Different Islands Of The Aegean Sea As Well As Of Picturesque Parts Of Sifnos
Villa, 8 Bedrooms, 8 Bathrooms, 15 persons, Pool, Garden, WiFi

It has perfectly maintained its noble charm, while it has been delicately modernized with more creative and contemporary touches.


Ground floor:

Entrance, sitting area with fireplace, perfectly equipped kitchen with dining area.

2 master suites with double bedroom. en suite bathroom and separate sitting area
2 double bedrooms with en suite bathroom
1 two-storey room with double bedroom and mezzanine with double bed and en suite bathroom
Garden level:

1 single bedroom with en suite bathroom and independent entrance (No A/C, suitable for teenager or nanny)
Pool level:

2 double bedrooms with en suite bathrooms and independent entrances

Infinity swimming pool with jacuzzi and water gym equipment, dining and sitting area, barbecue, 2 shaded lounging areas, small orthodox church, yoga-meditation area.

Independent staff accommodation used by the villa housekeeper.


Daily Maid Service
Change of linen twice a week
Travel assistance and Concierge services

Swimming pool: 90 sqm, Infinity
Air-condition in all bedrooms (except single bedroom)
Wireless Mobile Router and Satellite

Closest airport: Athens airport, 2h 50 min boat and 45 minute drive
Closest port: Kamares port, 25 min drive
Closest town: Apollonia, 7 min drive
Closest beach: Various beautiful beaches, 10-15 min drive




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Alessandra Ambrosio and Sara Sampaio
How to transform the beach in Mykonos in paradise

Panorama Company Periscope Alessandra Ambrosio and Sara Sampaio
Giacomo Talkative
The Greek island of Mykonos itself is a little gem. But if the beach there’s two top models like Alessandra Ambrosio and Sara Sampaio, then the jewel turns into a paradise. What else to add?





Kea, the Greek Cycladic His name is Kea, but the Greeks call her Aunt, without pronouncing the “t”, as if it were a relative of theirs. It is one of the largest islands of the Cyclades: just one hour from Athens, but still little known
He was nicknamed Kalofagas, “the man who knows how to eat.” And there are those who call him Nero, because it is always in front of the fire to fry the pork souvlaki and lamb that serves in his restaurant in Ioulida, the Chora. Neat tables, overlooking the Aegean, children playing, some cat dozing, geraniums at will, a tourist who does not understand the menu.

We are in Greece, Kea, one of the largest islands of the Cyclades. For its inhabitants is Tzia and how they pronounce the name, it seems that say “aunt.” If you’ve never heard of it, if not for the similarity with the Swedish manufacturer of furniture (but without the “i”), you are among the many who, while knowing Greece (Italians are sixth in the world rankings as presence Tourism, according to the Association Of Greek Tourism Enterprises), have the feeling that the “aunt” has been locked in a room for a while ‘. Perhaps to look good, because it is really beautiful. And it is also nearby, which avoids the headaches – that those traveling in Greece knows – to match the landing with the ferry, overnight with the lift at dawn to Piraeus. Because the steps are very simple: once in Eleftherios Venizelos, the hub of Athens, you go to the port of Lavrio, 40km and just under an hour’s drive farther (the time it takes to reach Syntagma , Parliament Square in the capital). And after an hour’s ferry Here we are in Kea, an island almost eerily still unknown, if you think that you pass to go to Patmos and that is only a few nautical miles from Serifos. Nearest even Spetses and Hydra, classic goals from the weekend to the Athenians well and that counts among its guests always the real Greece.

But the “aunt” is different, understate, although there Gialiskari airstrip for helicopters: just six minutes of flight to drink a gin and tonic in Kolonaki, the most sophisticated neighborhood of Athens, as do daily the few millionaires Greeks, the only “presence” tangible luxury here.
Although this can not breathe the crisis as it happens in the other islands, but it can happen to meet people who have had to adapt to a new lifestyle, as Vagia Goula, a former television journalist who now accompanies us in new clothes driving tourist. One wonders if this will end up as in Argentina after the great crisis of the late nineties, when taxi drivers in incappavi-philosophers or even former executives.

Until now, if the Kea has always done well, because, historically, has always been an island self-sufficient with its own currency and economy based on the cultivation of cereals, honey production and sheep farming. An island that has had to turn into a strength the poor accessibility, given the difficulty of crossing the canal waters raging wind Meltemi, the same who gave apologies to Ulysses to delay his return to Penelope.

Today Kea is the hidden paradise for those who prefer the tranquility of beaches and crystal clear waters of the unforgettable name as Orkos, or Kampi or Pisses Bay where, not surprisingly, the group Aman Resorts will open a new luxury hotel. A necessary step is Karthea, to Poles Bay, where, for a few years and with many efforts of local investors and the Ministry of Culture, has been unearthed an archaeological site dating back to 500 years before Christ, with the greek theater and the columns. Bello: swim, resurface the blue, see the capitals of antiquity and now you imagine people in robes. A tip: here there is not even a tavern, you have to bring a packed lunch and plenty of water.

The Chora is as were the ancient city, the agora, the central square clean and presentable, the cascades of bougainvillea, the architecture marked by the passage of the Venetians, the Turks and the Russians and, in addition, a high school designed by Heinrich Schliemann , archaeologist and discoverer of Troy. Other examples of elegance are the villas like Lefkothea, near the town hall, built in the late nineteenth century. Around, do not expect immaculate buildings of the most famous islands such as Paros and Santorini, but the scent of jasmine, apricots and tomatoes of the small shops.

Vourkari, sea, seems a tiny St. Tropez. The tavern’s busiest (and good, look on p. 140) is Aristos, with the blue tables. The owner was quick to pour generous glasses of raki, the local brandy, but this is also one of the few places where you will find the water Mastika, carbonated and flavored with herbs beneficial rubber tree of Ios, which goes rage. Boutiques nearby Emmanouela, the fashion guru of the island, offers designers and design zero km: as you look among the white clothes of sangallo you would now also present at fashion shows of Greek ladies coming in and out from the dressing tunics perfect for a comedy light Antiphanes. At sunset, we meet at the Blue Bay, just off Vourkari, drinking an aperitif. And on the beach of Gialiskari, maybe, there is an ongoing party for a baptism, as it happened to us. Lounge music, beautiful people, children playing in party dresses, some parents slick, two or three guests âgé vaguely uncomfortable in that universe of white beds and ice buckets. Or you go to Porto Kea Suites in Korissia, where they serve at the pool bar with the best Mojito and alcohol-free smoothies and discuss about what is the most beautiful island. It is a national sport for the Greeks and for us Italians talk about food and recipes. No doubt, the “aunt” is a pearl of the Aegean.




Greece, Corfu


Located on the north-east coast of the island, nearby the serene and scenic fishing village of Agios Stefanos, this beachfront residence seems peacefully tucked away on a virgin piece of land reminiscent of Greek myths.

It is positioned among ancient olive groves, dense vegetation and soothing water fountains with the plot smoothly descending amphitheatrically into an unusually secluded, virtually private beach, only accessible through the property’s gate or by the improbable intrusion from the sea. Residents of this estate, no matter their age, are lulled by the sound of the sea while they can admire spectacular views to the Corfu Channel stretching from the mountains of Albania up to Corfu’s own gentle hills.

This residence offers a great living experience as it exquisitely balances sheer grandeur with exceptional domestic comfort: the interiors feature sleek marble floors and sparkling chandeliers with opulent contemporary designer fabrics dressing soft-colored and magnificently comfortable beds and couches. Overall spacious en suite bedrooms with stunning sea views are decorated with fine Italian inlaid marble whereas the master bathroom and VIP suite are also equipped with sunken oval baths for two. The sea-view kitchen, blending superb aesthetics with professional equipment, is a dream come true for stylish gourmet aficionados and a wonderful gathering point for leisurely enjoying an evening cocktail while dinner is being prepared.

All interior spaces are intriguing, however, the property’s outdoor-spaces are pure bliss: an elegant, extensive terrace features a large mosaic horizon swimming pool with built-in Jacuzzi, sun loungers as well as various shaded sitting areas, all complemented with just perfect sea views.. Get ready for your private beach party under the starlit sky! As the entire area is illuminated at night this will become your favorite hangout at all hours.




Santorini Holidays 2015

Here is an offer for a holiday in Greece, Santorini specifically: the proposal is especially recommended for couples.
In view of the summer, tour operators are proposing a series of vacation packages useful for the first departures of the season.
Here comes a special proposal particolamente suits couples: A holiday in Santorini, the beautiful island of the Cyclades, Greece.
And ‘Veratour to have developed this package, taking as reference the tourist Veraclub Imperial. It is an intimate accommodation and collection that goes to be characterized by two distinctive elements.
First, the size, not too big: they are available 57 rooms; for this reason it is a place that inspires tranquility, in an atmosphere of peace.
The other noteworthy feature is its location: it is located just steps from the beach of Aghia Paraskevi. Comfy to reach because of direct access, the beach is very long, perfect for relaxing in the sun, by the sea.
From there of course it will also be very easy to organize trips to Santorini, going on other spiegge and discovering the beauty of this island.





Greece, Kea

Combining Comfort, Elegance And Style In A Marvelous Aegean Surrounding.
Villa, 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, 10 persons, Pool, Garden, WiFi

Kea Villa is a modernly designed pool villa in a land area of 1.100 m2 with a panoramic view over the Aegean’s marvellous waters and of world-famed sunsets that will offer you an unforgettable holiday experience.

Aegean View

All rooms have a stunning view of the Aegean sea and its a breathtaking sunsets.

Ideal location

• 600m from a secluded sandy beach
• 1km from the island’s famous sandy beach of Otzias,
• 4 km from the cosmopolitan marina village of Vourkari • 6 km from Kea’s port

Easy access from Athens International Airport

• 20min drive from the Athens airport to Lavrio port
• 1 hour ferry trip from the port of Lavrio to Kea island

With 215 m2 spacious room spread in 2 levels (the main house & the studio), Kea Sunset Villa has a sleeping capacity of 8-10 People.

The Villa boasts a private impressive infinity pool and a Spacious garden with BBQ, pergolas, dining areas and relaxing corners




Greece, Kea

A Beachfront Family Haven
Villa, 6 Bedrooms, 6 Bathrooms, 12 persons, Pool, Garden, WiFi

Setting on 12.000M2 land, the only house whit direct access to a beautifull sandy beach.


Main House: Living room, kitchen.

1 double bedroom with private bathroom.
Second house — next to main: Living room, kitchenette.

1 double bedroom ensuite
1 twin bedroom ensuite
Various dining and sitting areas, pergola-shaded barbecue area, “chill out” area with pillows. Swimming pool and pergola shaded pool bar.

Independent Guestroom: Sitting room, kitchenette and double bedroom en suite
“The love nest”: 1 en suite double bedroom of smaller size/ natural cave
Independent Suite: One double bedroom en suite with small living room
Independent kitchen and staff house used by the villa staff.

For even larger groups, the villa can be rented together with a neighboring small house (suitable for up to 4 guests).