Greece, Mikonos
Perched Just Above The Beach Of Platis Gialos Which Literally A Few Steps Away From The Front Door
Villa, 5 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms, 10 persons, Pool, Garden, WiFi#mykonos #sea#summer2016 #ikh #ikhvillas #ikhvillas_official @ikhvillas_official #beach #love

Greece, Mikonos

Attention To Every Small Detail And To The Overall Architecture Makes This Property Unique!
Villa, 5 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms, 10 persons, Pool, Gym, Garden, WiFi

Located in the area of Kounoupas, at a convenient 7 minutes drive from the town of Mykonos and only 10 minutes by car from many of the famous beaches on the island , this brand new property is a real dream estate!

The location of the villa offers breathtaking views over to the sea , the island of Delos and also to spectacular sunsets every evening while it provides privacy and exclusivity from all houses around

A stunning and large pool area hugs the one side of the house and includes an elegant outside area and also a lot of lounging spaces equipped with beautifully designed furniture , soft and comfortable cushions and grate shaded areas that can be used for entertaining

Gray concrete , simple lines and natural stones enhance the unique architecture of the villa introducing tasteful style , elegance and practicality at the same time

All bedrooms feature en suite bathrooms and common areas are showered of the Cycladic light during the day and the amazingly intimate lighting at night . Great artwork throughout the house and tastefully handpicked furniture create a very cosy but also cosmopolitan atmosphere.


Euro 2016 final 
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Olympics. The IOC voted the entry of five new sports

Karate, surfing, skateboarding, rock climbing and baseball / softball. The plan to modernize the Olympics

Five new sports in Tokyo in 2020
They were on the agenda of the IOC, which tonight has officially voted the karate hall, surfing, skateboarding, rock climbing and baseball / softball in the Olympic program in the coming games.

The newcomers were expected since two years ago, President Thomas Bach had launched the Agenda 2020 with the aim to modernize the Games. And they were voted unanimously. It could only be the host of the Tokyo karate as it had been in ’64 for judo. Despite the entry of other combat sports – taekwondo – the way of karate, longtime Olympic candidate, has been very long, it is said because of the different acronyms that have represented internationally. The conclusion of a legal dispute has allowed the IOC – which rinosce federation headed – to give the entrance to one of the most popular sports in the world, even among the very young and in the schools for the educational value of sport besides discipline.

The intention of the IOC to “rejuvenate” the Olympics is indeed evident in the skateboard choices – snowboarding entered the Winter Games in Turin in 2006 – and the surf that was its father. We skate have been proposed specialties “street” and “park” both male and female. Surfing is now a global sport, already a legend of Hawaii and lifestyle that spreading to the whole world and to a wider pool of practitioners has increased to 90 the number of countries members of the International Federation Isa, not to mention that the best professionals count already on a circuit of international competitions and participate in the World Surf League.

Young and on the rise, even in confined spaces and / or citizens on the artificial surface, climbing is represented by Ifsc that was born only in 2007 and was recognized by the IOC in 2010. Three years ago his entry had been rejected. These are fast sports, acrobatic movement, in short, in line with the tastes of the younger generation and grammar multi-platform Flash use to which they are accustomed younger.

To obtain the consent of all the five new entry has studied a compromise, that the new sport will go to the Games Organizing Committee expenses. This because of the fact that the federations do not enter the allotment of Olympic revenues, the cake that share the 28 hours that give life to the big show and you would perhaps opposed to the analysis by 33. The IOC reserves the right to review the ‘ architecture, perhaps raising to 30 the number of federations and taking away the place to someone. It is no secret that it is not like the package chain of golfers who downgraded the level of the Rio tournament.

Returns likely to remain baseball after missing the 2012 London and several appearances as a demonstration sport. The difficulty was that the female version was run by another federation. Now the number one baseball / softball Vaccari is the Italian to head the new entity bisexual World Baseball Softball Confederation.

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The Garden’s Jewel, the studio of artist on the tree

Loris Cecchini has installed in the French countryside a spectacular shell of organic form clinging to a large horse chestnut

What happens when a named Colette Tournier collector meets the artist Loris Cecchini – known for its spectacular objects replicated in real scale and reproduced in gray urethane rubber, withdrawn into themselves and distorted – and commissioned a work environment to be placed in the garden of his villa in the French countryside near Grenoble?
He founded The Garden’s Jewel, “a shell of organic form, sort of space / cell, made of polyester resin and windows”, clinging to a large horse chestnut. The environment, reminiscent of a studio model Tokyo, accommodates up to four people, and we can sleep two people comfortably. Almost all the weight of the structure, which will remain permanent, is downloaded to the ground thanks to the scale that, in addition to allow access thereto, has a supporting pillar function. The tree has not been damaged in any way, either by screws or from any drill member. To embellish the exterior of the structure and part of the trunk of the tree have been used about 2500 steel elements characterized, there explains the artist, by a form of “biological memory, because the individual modules are born from the observation of the forms shown in nature, but also by diagrams and illustrations related to science. ”

Loris Cecchini has collected a series of exhibitions abroad and in Italy, where he exhibited his work, among others, nell’Armani Store in Milan and in the Palazzo Fendi in Rome. He recently collaborated with the Chaumet brand to create a limited edition watch Class One diver. After living several years in Berlin he is about to return to Milan in a large loft / workshop south of the city. Info:

South Africa, Cape Town
This Designer Home Is The Essence Of Pared-Down Glamour.
Villa, 6 Bedrooms, 6 Bathrooms, 12 persons, Pool, Spa, Garden, WiFi

Llandudno Beach Villa is built above the dense green coastal vegetation, with judicious use of dark stone to reflect the smooth boulders that define the tiny coastal enclave of Llandudno. This designer home is the essence of pared-down glamour.  Ikh Villas  #ikhvillas_official  #ikhvillas #life #villas #ikhvillas #nice #top #like

Microsoft Pix, the app that makes better pictures thanks to artificial intelligence

The app enhances your smartphone camera and snaps dramatically better pictures. For now only for iPhone

This year, the AI will invade our lives and conquer all our devices: there we will find it in the headphones when you’re going to run, will be at home in Mac or PC in the office. But above all it will take possession of the smartphone (see iOS 10) revolutionizing some of our daily habits, such as taking a picture or a selfie. At least that’s the intent of Microsoft Pix, an app that takes artificial intelligence and puts it at the service of the camera phones to improve, much, the potential – for the moment the iPhone since the application is only available for iOS. Microsoft had been working on a similar solution in the past, but the evolution will notice right away. Pix resolution does not add to the images, but uses the work of complex algorithms to show you the perfect image through the combination of elements and of 10 sequential shots pixels, passed under the computer processing.

It’s like if you take the best elements of each photo and put them together to get the best photos. A bit ‘the same mechanism on which the HDR (High Dynamic Range) and landed on mobile phones to improve the exposure of light in photographs in which there are both bright areas that share the shade.

Microsoft Pix

When you press the button, the app processes 7 images taken before the click and 3 immediately after – according to Microsoft, when you take a picture, always lose the right moment because you have to find your phone, open the camera and press the button, so Pix tries to anticipate the times to avoid burning the subject of the photo – then choose which picture you think best and, depending on your decision, the app will improve that picture in terms of contrast, tone, white balance and shade, also trying to correct some common mistakes, such as eyes closed. The result is that with Pix made images are cleaner, brighter and with higher contrast, especially when it comes to shooting in low light conditions. Also outlined are more and manage to better outline the portrait subject: ie, it improves the sharpness of the image, bringing out the colors but without losing information and keeping the overall contrast.
The other interesting feature is that Pix can reproduce similar effects in Live Photos, also on the previous iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. By leveraging artificial intelligence, the app Redmond manages to create cinematic effects starting from movement, realizing small Gif 4 seconds to be shared on social. Trying to compare a photo taken with the iPhone camera 6 and taken with Pix, the effect is remarkable: We must say that it works better in low light than when it makes photos in optimal conditions – that case there is practically no difference – and remains the mental effort to remember to open Pix instead of the classic camera.


Eddie Redmayne and others: all the protagonists of advertising campaigns autumn-winter

From Prada to Gucci here is a selection of images of the upcoming advertising campaign for autumn-winter fashion taken by internationally renowned photographers and ready to tell the autumn-winter fashion trends

Create the “dream.” And send all the values of the brand, also lesser known ones, as well as presenting the cult pieces from the new collection. All immortalized in a few seconds from the hand of an experienced photographer, in a single shot. This is the purpose of an advertising campaign. Tell “the beautiful with a snapshot.” And that’s what made the shots collected in the gallery up here: a selection of photographs from the adv campaign for autumn-winter 2016/17 of the most famous fashion houses in the world.
Among these is that of Prada signed by photographer Craig McDean with Eddie Redmayne (see GQ piece July / August 2016 n. 201) as the protagonist, and the Gucci taken by Glen Luchford in the chaotic city of Tokyo. The advertising campaign of Moncler “A surrealist fantasy”, however, has been immortalized by Annie Leibovitz, whereas the Ermanno Scervino is signed Peter Lindbergh. Plan de Corones is the location chosen for the evocative shots of Fay for the new campaign A / W 2016-2017 chooses feature two sons of art: Morgane Polanski (daughter of Roman Polanski and Emmanuelle Seigner) and Gabriel Kane Day Lewis ( son of Daniel Day-Lewis and Isabelle Adjani).

Hailey Baldwin and Lucky Blue Smith are the pair of models and influencers selected as faces to represent the American brand Tommy Hilfiger.


The top 10 European airports where it is easier to flirt

Adventures fleeting or eternal love stories, popped between a gate and the other: the app happn reveals what are the hottest ports of call of the moment

A look, a smile, the trolley that cross and the irresistible temptation to turn your head after a few steps, to see if she is doing the same. The flirting at the airport is a classic levels of Real Madrid – Barcelona but let’s face it, more often than not ends up in a stalemate: everyone to his gate and many dear things. And that is where enters happn game, the app for smartphones that allows you to retrieve contacts (or make new acquaintances) with people who are nearby, based on your geolocation. The service has so investigated between the data of its database, drawing up a ranking of European dell’aerea airports where digital meetings are more successful.

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The first-ever, the number of “crush”, is the result of Amsterdam Schipol, followed dall’Ataturk of Istanbul and from Heathrow, of course in London. It’s Italy? The Rome Fiumicino airport is ranked in ninth place, tied with the Stockholm Arlanda.

Here’s the full top 10 of the hottest stops. And … bon voyage!

1- Amsterdam AMS
2- Istanbul IST
3- London LHR
4- Copenhagen CPH
5- Oslo OSL
6 – Paris CDG
7- Madrid MAD
8 – Lisbon LIS
9 – Stockholm ARN / Rome FCO
10- Moscow SVO


Impossible I-1 will remind you what were fine Polaroids

Proof of analog camera more desired year. Top 10 reasons to buy (or not) the Polaroid 2000

Impossible Project for years makes films for Polaroid, the Polaroid that it had stopped. But since the Pola, in the sense of the cameras, grow old and potentially go into extinction, the company has well-thought to produce its first instant camera that snaps compatible with Polaroid film, the Impossible i-1. A hybrid between the old and the new century of photography, this analog camera, but with Bluetooth and micro USB charging it via (the old Polaroid had the battery in the film). I tried to get us some pictures and I can tell you a bit ‘of things:

1. It’s beautiful. Superior design and materials you would like to have it in your hand all day. With the girls it works better than a cocker puppy;
2. It is difficult to carry. No bends and gives the constant feeling of being super delicate;
3. Among the most difficult things is the viewfinder, which folds back on itself and is removable, attached to the camera only by a magnet, in practice, you’ve already lost;
4. Then there will be other viewfinders available? Hopefully, because this takes a degree to use it and it’s not really a masterpiece in precision;
5. There is a ring flash, super for portraits;
6. If you do not do portraits of the flash is a bit ‘weakling;
7. The camera, surprise! It connects the phone through a dedicated app (the exit, only to iOS). With the app you can have manual control of timing and diagram, making double exposures, selfies distance and other options;
8. But: the viewfinder is quite analog, so you can not control the shot from the phone;
9. If you use the options in the app, you have to start from the app. Camera in one hand, phone in the other. You’ll look like a fool, always you are coordinated enough to succeed;
10. Nothing management focus!
And the pictures? Impossible on the site you will find a bit ‘of examples. GQ soon we will publish a photo shoot made with the I-1 by Davide Ambroggio for Girls section. The photos I took during the test are beautiful. But also a bit ‘bluish and evanescent. Not as full and saturated with Pola of when I was little, or the least detailed and precise as those that do for some years to friends with my Polaroid Spectra. Those of I-1 are vague pictures, Nordic, evocative. Surely also depend on the type of film, but as long as campa prefer to keep shooting with Spectra. Which, among other things, it has manual controls directly in the machine, without the slam of ganged via Bluetooth. This I-1 seems in effect meant for survivors of lomography. It is a beautiful object and the result is almost always surprise you. A sort of snapshot of the Holga, in super deluxe version and with its dedicated app, because today unless you have the app you do not buy anyone.


Sledgehammer, Rihanna makes the alien for Star Trek Beyond.

The video with the singer in a role of a priestess (or witch?) Of a distant galaxy

The real news is not so much the video clip, but rather the fact that Rihanna, for once, is not naked. Indeed, not so covered is perhaps unprecedented. The singer has accustomed the public to always put more extreme, until the nakedness thinly veiled, and instead, has made a choice definitely “Anti” (as the title of his latest album) for the Sledgehammer clips, song in the soundtrack and theme music of the last Star Trek Beyond trailer.

The effect, as alienating, does not diminish the singer’s sensuality, which in dance videos sinuously in a lunar landscape, with his face up to look-like alien.

The video, in fact, is particularly striking, with his voice, unusually intense, as if this time were precisely the vocal talents, rather than physical, the ones that RiRi wants to emphasize.

Written and produced by written by Jesse Shatkin and Robyn Rihanna Fenty, the Sledgehammer video clips shot by the Italo-Canadian Floria Sigismondi is the first to have been entirely with IMAX cameras.


Who was Magico Gonzalez, 10 strong over Maradona

It is one of the most revered of modern football players: it tells a new novel that seems a Sorrentino

Sports journalism, when done right, has the uncanny ability to drag the player in the field, among the players, to tell a story that is not just that of the ball, racket or basket; but a story with many layers and so many meanings. Marco Marsullo, this thing here, it does well. Napoletano, journalist of The Journal, writer – for his age – prolific. In his latest novel, The taxi driver Maradona published by Rizzoli, manages to combine effectively fiction and anecdotal, to unite the story of the protagonist – under the guise of a taxi driver – with that of a hero of the past, matador of the football field , sample (for real) of Spain.

The smoothness of the style and musicality of the construction periods are the foundations of The taxi driver to Maradona. Then there are the anecdotes about the time in California, that El Mago was caught with two blondes (more, actually) while he was on retreat with Barcelona (who then drove him); or of his wonderful friendship with José Monge Cruz, aka Camaron de la Isla, an expert player and flamenco legend.

It seems all a movie, a great movie, to there Sorrentino: and in fact, more than once, especially when at the end of career, weighed down and slowed by age, interview El Mago, seems to relive the scene of Tony Pisapia, a talented Toni Servillo, man Up. “You do not even know what the fuck that means. I love freedom. I am a free man”.
Jorge Gonzalez, the name of El Mago baptism, was a football player, a passionate lover and an absent father; his retirement, in his spare time, he was a taxi driver. He was named best player Salvadoran ever (under him, El Salvador is qualified twice for the World Cup) and Maradona once, he said it was even better than him. In the story of Marsullo, the reality joins a perfect narrative fiction: love, friendship, pain. The usual mix. And then there are the many why: why, for example, El Mago was so rebellious and unruly, because he liked – and he liked, yes sir – sleep late and skipping workouts; because he did not go to France, England and Italy when everyone called him; and why he had always preferred to wear the jersey number 11 to number 10 ( “it’s like there’s one more,” he said).

At the end of his career, Magico Gonzalez had nothing, not a reward, not a trophy. Only the recognition of its people, the veneration of the fans (and if you do not do for them, for those who do?) And the possibility – say the least – of being able to say satisfied. Despite everything.

What remains, then, of the ball, football and a sport; that remains the goal. Here, by the way is an interesting dialogue that Marsullo makes keeping the Magic in the car, with a very young customers, who talks about Messi. You saw, he asks, how many goals did he do? But football, responds El Mago, it’s not that. Football, he says, is “correct the moments when all seems lost. The matches will last a lifetime, not just ninety minutes, it’s like to never exit from the field. ” And “sometimes one confuses the greatness of a player with the number of goals he has in his career. When you forget that to get to those goals he has as many wrong, and as many times – insists El Mago – not even arrived in sbagliarli because late in the action, because it had slipped, because sometimes you just do not get. ” And because in the end it’s not just football. There is also life, the other one, the one off the field and you have to live with both things until the end. Sometimes even beyond. What a beautiful book


5 easy things that we would like in every Italian club, but which are lacking

What we would like to see in the evening when we go out is this. It is not much, but we would change life

1 – The lists in step with the times. It can not be missed in 2016 so long because the unfortunate officer has to check lists of dozens of pen-written sheets (and badly) if there is the name in the list. Back and forth, duplex with bic pen, flowing inexorably on names, last names and nicknames, the dirty hands as well as at school. Impossible, I feel tenderness for him and anger at the party because of this vintage short circuit always delays in taking off. Solution: iPad installed above the entrance with some simple list management programs. There are dozens of easy and intuitive. There are even some companies that specialize in this type of software. I saw them always use abroad and very few times in Italy. Just enter the name in the search and in ten seconds appears the outcome. And away we go.

2 – economic and spacious wardrobe. Someone has to explain why a person has to pay between 3 and 5 euro per head for laying the wardrobe his jacket.

I remember an incident in a small club protagonist of the nightlife in Milan where I was asked 15 euro to leave the wardrobe a jacket, a sweater and a scarf. It was snowing outside, but I wanted to dance comfortable view the temperature range. 15 euros? Are we joking? I do this to the wardrobe girl responds annoyed me: “Here we are in beautiful Milan, it costs so …” Despite the terrifying experience, a few weeks after I get back in the room called for a table for a birthday. Mindful of the cloakroom fee (not a fact of tirchiaggine, but a matter of principle and customer services), support my leather jacket on the sofa in the private room. It guess’ what happened? stolen jacket! Crazy, and I’m not talking about a Bronx club with metal detectors at the entrance but rather a local dude with big claims about it. In Milan! Solution: Walk more spacious as possible, I can not do after lining up to withdraw jacket. Or at least a bit ‘cheaper. 5 euro per head is one-upmanship.

3 – Care Soundsystem. Any club should be built around his sound system. This argument should be taken into account by underground clubs like the Bible for Christians, but history teaches us that it is necessary to extend it to business premises because today what counts is experience. And excuse the redundancy conditional but rather must have a duty. It is not true that nobody cares, and even if that were the club’s manager should be culturally prepared to make its customers feel the music that offers the best possible way. The taste is imposed Nietzsche said, and the power, or rather, the sound quality is set. The production of an event unique experience to which the customer can not give up and for which perhaps will be gladly willing to spend his money. Two, three euro extra to see a 3D movie or the Energy Melzo room we spend it, right? Las Vegas is the manifesto, the Club Haus Milan a virtuous example of how to get used to an audience, on unselfish paper, such a quality product in exchange for the excellent results. Solution: rely on a series of passionate and competent professionals who can transform your room in the best way, being able to get sound from the plant the best possible performance. Sometimes just moving a case of a few degrees to completely change the perception of the music. It will be a crazy cool!

4 – Attracting girls. There is no rule as true and simple: if in a club there are so many girls the club will be full of boys but also of many other girls who no longer feel at risk in the midst of lions’ cages that many now look like dancefloor. It is not true that girls do not like the sophisticated and underground music. Women like to be comfortable in an environment where they feel safe and at ease. So, dear promoter, let’s make them feel good these girls. Solution: treat door policy to ensure a healthy environment, fresh, cool and cozy, possibly photogenic for Instagram and Snapchat. And the bathrooms. The main room for girls is the toilet! but also us boys would like the clean, bright, spacious, comfortable and fragrant, with deodorants and perfumes in plain sight beneath the mirror. But if for us it is only the fault of our rudeness, beyond you you can do better …

5 – Drink drinkable (on a large counter) – Up to twenty-eight, thirty years I did go well with everything. I lost count of the evenings where I drank gasoline. But now they are grown up and have become more demanding. I’m not me talking, but my liver, increased from diesel to natural gas. It is not impossible to be content. The Astronomical Observatory of the Dude, in Milan, a couple of years with a bar service of the highest quality that has raised the level of customers and the hangover, less troublesome but more knowledgeable and sophisticated thanks to the preparation of cocktails, both classic more sophisticated, prepared with great care and class. It costs 1 or 2 Euros more than in the main room but drinks are those coins that do not spend the next morning in a drugstore to buy a box of OKI. Solution: on the market there are good quality liquor at a price no exaggeration. Please, have mercy on us. There is no need to fill the ice, orange peel, lemon and tonic water deviant.