Greece, Mikonos

Pure Elegance Meets Infinite Privacy
Villa, 13 Bedrooms, 15 Bathrooms, 30 persons

Exclusive venue & luxurious accommodation choice, nestled between two of the most hip beaches of the island,

Kalo Livadi & Kalafatis.

Its absolute privacy, breathtaking sea & sunrise views,
unique accommodation & venue size and tailor-made professional services promises a marvelous vacation & magical celebration moments.

ACCOMODATIONS │ sleeps up to 30 guests
13 en-suite double bedrooms of boho style chic decoration, located in 2 adjacent buildings surrounding the pool area

Details | 5 suites & 8 en-suite double bedrooms | 14 bathrooms & 4 WC
1 Honeymoon Suite (60m2) with sunrise views & an outdoors jacuzzi on its private terrace (40m2)
1 Open plan Executive Suite overlooking the sea & the villa’s garden with jacuzzi on its private terrace

1 Executive Suite featuring a built-in romantic boudoir & a ‘Juliet’ balcony with unrestricted sea views

2 Executive Suites with sea & pool views equipped with hydro massage bathtub (1 is disabled friendly)

8 spacious Double Bedrooms en-suite with independent entrance and fully serviced

4 spacious Living Rooms with minimal Myconian decoration | Glass enclosed Wine Cellar – Bar corner | Reading Lounge | Fashionable fireplace | Fully equipped ‘Chef’s Kitchen’ to daily service up to 50 people | Walk-in chilled pantry | 2 Kitchens & 2 Kitchenettes | 4 WC

Modern fully equipped Gym in sheltered open area with splendid sea & garden view | Luxurious Spa room for absolute relaxation moments with locally crafted timber features

Fully air-conditioned in all indoor areas
High Speed Wireless Internet
8 LED Smart TVs with Satellite
Smart Music System Via Airplay (Indoor & Outdoor zones) | Movies/Music/Book Library

OUTDOORS (5.000M2)
Large lake-shaped infinity Private Pool (length 22m) featuring a water bar, equipped with hydro-massage

& reverse swimming while enjoying 180°stunning and unrestricted sea and sunrise views Heated Jacuzzi of 6 independent seats, adjacent to the pool with infinity sea view


Pool side zone (600m2), including a 400m2 relaxation area with sun lounges & pool bar as well as 200m2 sheltered pergola with BBQ, rotunda dining table (16 people) & rest corners with sea view

Lounge & dining shaded veranda with BBQ (220m2)
Garden flat Area (1200m2) with a private minimal chapel overlooking the endless blue sea Pool side zone supporting facilities | 2 changing rooms, 2 WC & 2 shower rooms Unlimited parking capacity & 2 covered parking spaces
Helipad (heli landing spot in the garden event area, next to the chapel)
Garden Event Area (1200m2) Fits up to 700 guests seated

Flat Venue area with 180° sea view
Private minimal style Chapel surrounded with ceremony -sitting- space Dinner & Gala area | Dance floor | Stage | Buffet area
Catering & Preparation rooms
Private & Direct access and exit from the venue area
7 Independent Guests’ Restrooms
Helipad (heli landing spot in the garden event area, next to the chapel)


Event, Lifestyle

Super Bowl Party: dishes (and numbers) of the great American rite in front of the TV

Nachos and guacamole, fried chicken wings and cheesecake, onion rings and popcorn, the Superbowl Party, gathered around the TV for the final of the football league, it is a great American liturgy. And a triumph of junk food more colorful and multiethnic world.
It is fixed at 00.30 on Monday morning or Sunday night for Italians, if you prefer, the beginning of Superbowl 2016. The historical number 50 edition of the final of the National Football League championship (NFL), the most watched sporting event in America and one of the most watched of the year in the world. The place: the Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco, California (15:30 am local time). Teams: the Panthers Charlotte, North Carolina, and the Denver Broncos, Denver Colorado. But these are details, the real news is the renewal of a truly great ritual that transcends social, gender classes, geographical distances, ethnic origin, urban or rural. Nor it is crucial if you are really passionate about the game or you rooting for one of two challengers. Because the Super Bowl is an American liturgy with its rules, its symbols and its numbers. Here’s what you need to know to understand the Superbowl Day.colazioni
Even if you are not able to win one of the expensive seats at the stadium (the figure has now exceeded $ 6,000 to cutting), it is not impossible to make a pilgrimage around it in the center of the city benefited from the event, in this case, San Francisco where already one week before the final it operated a Superbowl Village, a large theme park attractions and themed banquets Football.
A must to be able to follow the game in the living room with a group of friends and \ or relatives. It ranges from the one that has the largest and high-definition. They will be turned on, in the US alone, more than 114 million. Over 140 in the last minute. If you are in so many big screens in the living room can be two or more.
Superbowl Party is prepared several days in advance, every American family has spent at least $ 70 in the last setttimane for the little party.
The American national anthem, as indeed happens to every sporting event in this country, is performed immediately before the start of a star. After Cher, Billie Joel, Mariah Carey and many others, this year it’s up to Lady Gaga. At home it naturally follows up and with his hand on the heart.
The ads in key moments of the match are considered the most valuable of the global TV market this year one 30-second spot will cost $ 5 million (11% more than in 2015).
Mini musical show in the range is automatically pop the most watched event of the year; this year will be up to Coldplay and Beyoncé.
The alternative for those who have a large living room or out of the office: the local mega-equipped with beer, big screens, snacks and coffee tables saloon restaurant, and the certainty of always find an audience unleashed. Another American institution (here the best in the country according to USA Today). Who is abroad will always find at least one fortunately also available in major cities and airport.
They are admitted to the party but with the foresight to prepare for their alternative activities. Fundamental for the small children.
Immense. The official match lasts 90 minutes, four times of 15 minutes plus two intervals of 15, but the vision of a Superbowl, including ceremonies, intervals, comments and interruptions is a full day of TV. The party is split two main meals in the intervals, but usually it ends in a finger continuously fooding which platters – of course with differences according to the time of the uS state in which you find yourself – as an aperitif and dinner. According to statistics in recent years a 4000 tons of popcorn consumption was calculated on day x in the country, and equally of guacamole. E 14 and a half million tons of chips. Oh, and about three liters of American beer.
Those truly creative put together in living room, within reach of television, the whole scale reproduction of a stadium American Football consists of hot dogs, pretzels, chips, onion rings, cheese nachos and all the typical apparatus of trash food made in the uS (see photo): call them Snack Stadium and, of course, they are photographed before the assault and shared on the web via Pinterest, Flickr, or Facebook, with the video option tutorial for those who want to try.
A superbowl party is a triumph of comfort junk food that mixes all cultures of America, from Tex-Mex to noodles, from donuts to hot dogs. The important thing is that we speak of strong flavors and dishes to eat quickly sat in the couch or standing. And we have chosen the best and the most exaggerated.


Coca Cola teams up with Marvel here cans of superheroes

During the Super Bowl will air the commercials that celebrate the partnership between the two brands. Meanwhile on the web check an exclusive collection of cans with Iron Man shapes, Captain America & co

The alliance of the really powerful: Coca Cola has formalized a partnership with the team of targati Marvel superheroes for the next Super Bowl. The famous brand of drinks, as confirmed AdWeek, has in Serbia 60 seconds of pure entertainment advertising in key action movie, which will be aired during the most watched sporting event in the United States.

In the meantime, however, the company began a path towards the event that the clues, and small teaser preview. The first act of this marketing marathon arrives in the form of gadgets and is ready to make glittering eyes of collectors: it is in fact a whole series of custom Coca Cola cans with the silhouettes of Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk, Ant-Man, Captain America and Falcon. The company has not yet announced if the collection goes on sale, whether it will be a limited edition or whether it will stop only at the promotional shot. The fact is that the enemies of humanity and the rival brand are already trembling.

(151204) -- PINGTAN, Dec. 4, 2015 (Xinhua) -- Contestants take selfies when visiting the Haitan ancient town in Pingtan, southeast China's Fujian Province, Dec. 3, 2015. The final of the 2015 Miss World beauty pageant will he held in Sanya of south China's Hainan Province on Dec. 19. (Xinhua/Lin Shanchuan) (zwx)

10 Best app for selfies on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone

By retouching fast filters that transform the self-portraits in small masterpieces through captive goodies. Because now the self-timer is an art – and a necessity

Some people shooting selfies completely at random without losing too much time and who has become a true professional self. Do you belong to the latter group? Or simply you want to share photos least decent? If you want images that are able to emphasize your strong points hiding weaknesses or want to have fun with original touches and then here are the ten hilarious app for selfies that we have selected, ready for download. There is something for all three popular Mobile operating systems: iOS (iPhone, therefore), Android and Windows Phone.

Retrica (free for Android and iPhone) – The famous app that does the abundance of filters his strong point (it has more than 100, surpassing even his majesty Instagram!) Can really assure you of a chance to share selfies point across with minimal effort and even if your front camera is not very good. Want something more? It has four self-portraits together in a stylish collage.

MSQRD (free for iPhone) – This is the app of the moment for selfies and video-selfie fun. How does it work? Through a simple interface you can in real time to add to your face funny elements such as glasses, different eyes, strange mouths, hats and light shows. The company is depopulated, it becomes the new dubsmash (one of the 10 best apps of 2015, discover them)?

FaceTune (€ 1.99 to € 3.99 for iPhone and Android) – Admit it, before getting a selfie you taking new garbi you have at least a hundred. And so you’re never satisfied. But with FaceTune you touch quickly and accurately small faults as white teeth, pimples, wrinkles, red eyes, gray or white hair, eye and face and much more. Photoshop Express for a “cheat” with your new profile photo.

Fiverr (free for Android and iPhone) – Usually a selfie is instantaneous and takes a few seconds at most in post-production for touch-ups. And if I asked you if you were willing to wait 2-5 days for a truly unique self-timer? With Fiverr can send your pictures to a professional designer who re-play according to your instructions (there are the model-example to be selected) and then you ship it in high resolution. The app is free, but you pay for the artist’s work: prices start at $ 10, 9 Euros.

Selfies Cam (free for iPhone) – This app for selfies is created for use with only one hand and is one of the funniest of the lot because it opens you to a huge catalog of stickers to be applied to your face (hats, mustaches, written, wigs , masks …), written and compelling visualizations. Highly recommended if you do not want to take yourself too seriously.

Frontback (free for Android and iPhone) – many popular smartphone cameras applications (the LG for example) offer you the ability to simultaneously shoot with both cameras, then to mount a photo-collage with visual duplex. For all other models there frontback, showing, well, subjective and objective than an instant.

Cams (free for iPhone) – You have long arms, but not enough to click on interesting selfies? You can always rest smartphone on some flat surface and take advantage of the self-timer function. But if you want a more natural result and at the same time more interesting there cams. It operates through a simple gesture control (open and close a hand) and you “see” up to 5 meters of distance. More offers some practical preset tweaks on the fly.

Lumia Selfies (free for Windows Phone) – This app for selfies is one of the best among those natively developed specifically for self-portraits, but is exclusive of Microsoft Lumia models. What puts on the plate? From grid to pictures never wrong to so many suggestive filters up to fast retouches skin tone, eyes, lips and more. A true professional.

Perfect365 (free for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone) – According to US Weekly this is the app for favorite self portraits by none other than the Kardashian sisters to touch up and beautify their selfies famous (and Belfie to side B?). We do not know if it is true, what is undeniable is that it opens up to 20 specific features to make every self-timer a little masterpiece.

PICR (free for iPhone) – We end the selection with an app truly unique in its kind because his job is to regularly remember to click a selfie. Why? So you can then create a video (with music and writing, wanting) that tell a period of your life, how you have changed or a trip through an animated sequence of photos of your face. You can set a reminder every day, every few days, weekly, monthly and so on.


They have in common a fly to Amsterdam and Barack Obama?

They are both part of the theories of the nudge, the “sexy” policy that aims to improve the world. with kindness
Hard to think that the fly drawn to the center of a urinal represents the final frontier of policy making, but it is. In public toilets of Schipholl, the Amsterdam airport, serves to direct the flow of urine attracting the attention of people, have fun, instinctively “aim”: it works better than any appeal to cleanliness. Voila a classic example – and extreme – nudge, or “gentle push”: promoting good practice with a simple stratagem.
From flies to elephants is the Nudge cover, the push kind, in which an elephant with its trunk gently pushes his fellow man. This best seller of 2008 (which opens with the example of the urinals) inaugurated the theory and introduced to one of the two authors of the White House, Cass R. Sunstein: in 2009 he was chosen by Obama to participate in government activities first term.
Handpiece you for your own good
But what is it exactly? What are these nudge? They are the political-strategic consequence of the spread in the academic field of “behavioral studies”, the behavioral studies that combine economics and psychology, and studying the mechanisms of the choices and mental automatism behind every action, especially automatic ones.
These studies demonstrate that all of us overestimate our rationality: in reality, we move in the world driven by instincts, habits, mental and social influences simplifications. Many of these mechanisms, however, are predictable (as they know the marketing and advertising experts), and can be exploited to “gently push” towards intelligent and pro-social behavior. And here are the nudge, psychological ploys used to encourage people to donate blood, to separate their waste, pay taxes, enroll in a pension fund, eat healthy, save energy … So the nudge is a virtuoso marketing.
green footsteps and towels on the floor
Some examples? customized bills that show how much they save the neighbors (leading to a race to the bottom by stimulating competition and adaptation), hotels that inform their guests that “all other customers avoid wasting towels” (by leveraging the social norm rather than the classic, and less effective, appealing to save energy), green footprints drawn on Copenhagen sidewalks that lead gently to baskets for papers.
England is very active for years a “Nudge Unit” known as Bit, commissioned by James Cameron and committed among other things to promote organ donation and multiculturalism (behaviouralinsights), the newest of the United States, where moreover Barack Obama a few months does he even issued an Executive Order to push the use of nudge and behavioral sciences in social policies.
Italian nudge grow
And in Italy? We came out recently the book by Andrea Casu Doing better with less: to nudge the digital administration (Franco Angeli), which has whetted the interest of economists close to the government as Thomas Nannicini. And there is already a small Nudge Unit nostrana (nudgeitalia), tied at the European Institute for the Study of Human Behaviour. The example that inspired them is also the Danish one, where the most active promoter of the virtuous marketing Pelle Guldborg Hansen was among the first to create a nudge unit, and in April will hold a workshop to teach “the virtuous manipulation.”
A few weeks ago Pelle was in Amsterdam and guess which photo he tweeted for explaining to his many followers where he was? Yes, the famous Schipoll fly.


48 hours of photos in Milan. Camilla Delai, the second model

Two in the afternoon, always in via Bramante. The doorbell rings, snatching coma sushi post.
I raise the intercom: “Yes?”
“Hello, I’m Cami!”
“Come up! Prepare oxygen “-eh yes, the stairs!
Camilla does not know much; It is not a “revolution.”
I saw a few photos on his Instagram profile but was immediately struck and when Marco – now I should say my friend Marco! – Asked me to put it in this 48-hour of shooting, I said “sure, let’s do it!”
Camilla arrives on less fatigued than expected, with a smile on his face. He has physical, her.
It is tall, slender but muscular – it really shows – with long legs and green eyes that stand out on tanned skin … beautiful skin.
We approach for presentations and known that smells good, gentle.
Rossano, our make up artist, she immediately gets to work on her, with the colors that already lying on the table – it is inspired. In the background BIll Withers sings “Lovely Day” – my stuff, which are a type agee – while outside the sun sets over Milan.
It was a beautiful day. Milan, I mean.
Cami chat at ease.
Mark, the producer, runs around the apartment talking on the phone – is already planning a new shooting … that boy is uncontrollable.
Vale, in the next room, drew up a series of underwear sets on the bed – some brought them Camilla, directly from a boutique of a friend of Rome.
We will shoot right there, however, in the room.
Passes half an ‘hour. When Cami enters the room, wearing only a pair of panties and a T-shirt. It has a very natural makeup; Only a little ‘were intensified eyes, green and hazel. Not that it was necessary, believe me …
Rossano has done a good job.
“Here I am”
“There you are”
I watch her. For the second time I think has a beautiful skin. Camilla is sports and it shows. slim waist, beautiful legs, in harmony with muscular shoulders and abdominals mentioned on the flat stomach. Very sexy,
When it moves, it is light graceful, it makes you look.
Within minutes the outfits are decided. Not much to put them on him but what little he’s really good. She is not at all embarrassed.
I still even.
A few shots of “warming” and we are in the mood. Spend ten minutes or maybe less, before they ask her to take off her bra and go on the bed. The sun was already low behind the buildings in the city, it has given way to a soft light, bluish. We have a quarter of an ‘hour or so. It exploits the last few minutes of that light; Camilla is on the bed. The scene is very intimate and she is beautiful, conscious. I start to shoot in sequence. “Do not stop,” “beautiful, yes, very well.” She looks at me, smiles, continues to move, as I asked. He knows how to do it.
I’m getting closer. Details: the hands, neck, fingers resting on the lips, eyes, a corner of the sheet resting on her breast, leaving just a glimpse of a nipple.
Then I hear her laugh – someone must have shot bullshit.
For a moment, I thought he was alone in the room with Camilla.
I come back to reality.
We have photos. Before the light is completely gone, I ask one last quick return to the Vale. A complete lingerie and black stockings, which make it look silky smooth skin of Camilla.
I can sit on a white plastic chair against a wall. Two shots; she looks at me. He does not know what to do; it is already evening. It’s tired, too.
He steals a photo just as has that ‘expression as he asked, and asked me, with his eyes “now what?”
But I do not answer, at least not in words. A moment later, she already understood and is stretched out in the chair, beautiful legs and your back to me. Intense eyes say “here is what you wanted.”
Yes, this is it.
We have got it.
While we embrace for the greetings, I wonder if we will see you again, I Camilla. I feel I could take more pictures. There is still much to discover in her.
Tomorrow we go back to the base, in Bologna, and I will have a lot of material to be placed and things to write in my journal.
Over and out.


Dolomites without snow? 14 Spa dream to console

Scent of wood, pine and whirlpools overlooking. The Spa Dolomites offer a world of relaxation to enjoy the mountain without snow.
You have booked a holiday in the mountains and the snow does not just get out? I not skiing but still want to enjoy the panorama of the Alps in all their glory? The mountain is adapting to climate change and trends, focusing more and more on arguments alternative to skiing. And one of the most compelling is the welfare. It unfolds like a real world, made of wood scents, alpine essences and hot whirlpools, to enjoy the winter (snow or not) outside.
The larger and different? Spa is the shadow of the Dolomites, a Unesco World Heritage at your bathrobe, slippers and to contemplate in costume. through South Tyrol, Trentino and Veneto. Good relaxation!

Lifestyle, Mykonos

Greece, Mikonos

An Ideal Sanctuary For Those Seeking A Relaxing Vacation In A Serene And Untarnished Setting
Villa, 4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 8 persons, Pool, Garden, WiFi

Serene and dreamy residence is set in the quiet and classy area above Lia beach at the south- east coast of Mykonos. The villa, designed and built in authentic Cycladic architecture (minimal aesthetic, cube-shaped, at-roofed, whitewashed walls) offers a sense of escapism. The house is south-facing in a wind sheltered location, allowing stunning views of the Tsagari, Lia and Kalafati beaches. It also offers outstanding views over the islands of Paros, Naxos and the vast Aegean sea.

The villa is located in a gated property of a 4.000 sq. meter plot with two other picturesque villas and is at walking distance from three beautiful beaches: Tsagari ( 350 m.), Lia (700 m.) and Fragia (900 m.). Sandy Lia beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Mykonos, is fully organized and served, including sun-beds, umbrellas, a scuba diving school and a lovely beach-restaurant. Tsagari and Fragia beaches are untouched gems, two of the last quiet and unspoiled beaches of Mykonos, accessible only by a narrow footpath from those eager for the adventure. Kalafati beach with its water sports and famous Kalo Livadi beach are only a short drive away.

FqDN1y0f4kpI9eOBThe villa can accommodate up to 8 persons in 3 spacious, tasteful and airy bedrooms and an inde- pendent guest room, all with en-suite bathrooms. Three of the bedrooms enjoy sea and pool view.

The villa has a spacious open lobby with a stylish yet comfortable living room, including an open fireplace, and an elegant dining area. The Myconian style kitchen is fully equipped with state-of-the- art appliances.

The outside area features a spacious terrace including a large in nity edge swimming pool with
its pergola and comfortable sun beds. It also includes a sheltered, pergola-covered veranda with beautiful sitting and dining arrangements for eight persons. There is also private parking space for 4 cars and a generator to prevent unpleasant power cuts.

The property’s uniqueness is the high standard of its construction, the lovely taste with which the house has been designed and furnished, the quiet and peace of its surroundings, the easy access to beautiful beaches and its magical views. This villa is an ideal sanctuary for those seeking relax- ing vacation in a serene and untarnished setting which is only 20 minutes away from the action of the vibrant town of Mykonos.


South Africa, Cape Town
This Designer Home Is The Essence Of Pared-Down Glamour.
Villa, 6 Bedrooms, 6 Bathrooms, 12 persons, Pool, Spa, Garden, WiFi

Llandudno Beach Villa is built above the dense green coastal vegetation, with judicious use of dark stone to reflect the smooth boulders that define the tiny coastal enclave of Llandudno. This designer home is the essence of pared-down glamour.

Living areas open onto the spacious wrap-around Balau deck, which is furnished with oversized, comfortable deck furniture, dining tables and chairs and a built-in barbeque. On the lower level is the heated pool, more sundecks, sun loungers as well as a steam room and a guest bathroom with shower.#capetown #life #like #ikh #ikhvillas @ikhvillas_official #luxuryvillas#beach #summer

Tourism at the time of the Caliphate

The flights were affected: the heavy atmosphere following the attacks real and the pre-announced, changed your mind to many travelers even those loyal to the aircraft in time of the holidays. The view of the destinations is now all over again, with less and less scent of exotic although some destination at the top is really a novelty.
From Malpensa, but roughly even from Linate, there are many destinations like Brindisi, Lamezia Terme and Bari but are mainly university students attending the universities of Lombardy to return home for the holidays. Those who wanted to make the holidays abroad, here appearing Fuerteventura, Canary Island, ranked fourth of the top destinations. Then also Mykonos and Ibiza, and to stay in Italy, Palermo and Catania, who have a similar climate to the Canaries and the Greek islands.
Insospettabilmente from Orio al Serio Airport, the third busiest airport in the Milan area, the most popular was the Romanian Bacau, which is the seat of reference for immigrants. Scalo also important Tirana: all ticketed round trip, a sign that it’s back to Italy at the end of the Christmas holidays. Bacau has two reasons, which have made her attractive: it is home to a low coast line and is also close to the Galatians and other cities, locations of high emigration, but is also a step away from Moldova. Before Bacau in Turin Caselle, which also adds to the destination of Timisoara Romanian among the top ten. Then only Italian destinations.
A trend of Italian airports is confirmed also in Rome, which sees the first Trieste. In Naples a surprise: the goal is most sought Kristiansand, which is a Norwegian citizen freezing but also home to a dozen pizzerias managed just from Naples, making back and forth with that location. Two other foreign locations end up in the top ten Neapolitan: Katowice, used for the return of Polish workers, and Lesbos for those who want a bit ‘of sun.
In Palermo, needless to say, the choices are pinned on northern Italy: Turin, Bologna, Trieste. The percentages are very low, however, a sign that there is a great indecision about where to go on vacation. Again the numbers are very small: symptom, as in Naples, the Sicilians were divided, and not a little, before leaving for the Christmas holidays.

forbidden flower

The sisters Californian who struggle for the liberalization of cannabis

The Sisters of the Valley produce marijuana for years and oil for therapeutic purposes and are fighting against the prohibition order of City Hall

Christian for cannabis. Although not affiliated with the Sisters of the church bodies Valley produce marijuana for years and oil to therapeutic and dress similarly to the nuns. Unaffiliated, but even non-religious, the Sisters are inspired by a mix of spirituality, environmentalism and new-age. Earlier this month, they saw a threat to their activities. Merced City Council, City Hall in California where there is the “convent” in which they live Sister Kate, sister Darcy and his son, he is in fact inclined towards an order prohibiting the cultivation of cannabis for therapeutic purposes. This, despite the planning commission has ruled for the renewal of licenses. It happened that after the approval of the law of the State last September for the legalization of cannabis, several administrations have used a loophole that erroneous postponed to March 1 of this year the verification of business permits to issue orders prohibiting the cultivation .

The Sisters found themselves, like other manufacturers, in a legislative vacuum filled by now the municipal ban. Essentially in the middle of a political conflict in California between forces that want liberalization and prohibitionists. In the meantime, however, from day to day the Sisters that produce in the garage of the house / convent dyeing of cannabidiol, are outlawed, at least until lawmakers Californians do not take action to correct the error and repeat the higher law of the State quashing the provisions who were quick to issue local authorities. Anyway Sister Kate said that the activities undertaken 19 years ago will go on. “We will not accept the ban. It is against the will of the people, and this makes it unnatural and immoral “, and kicked off a series of initiatives, including the” bombing “of phone calls to City Hall in order to build a united front of protest of the farmers. If you will not be revoked prohibitions local areas currently cultivated will not stand for cultivation licenses to be issued from 2018 under the new law. In practice, the Sisters and other small farmers could find themselves without clearance while other larger farms could convert their production obtaining licenses from scratch. No coincidence Hezekiah Allen, executive director of the newly formed California Growers Association, expressed concern of “ricriminalizzazione” of small farmers.