Skiing in Greece

It is normally tend to think of Greece as a purely summer resort town, with excellent beaches and islands where nature and fun are mixed. Instead, even in Greece you can organize winter holidays in the snow and below we will report the most renowned ski resorts.
The center is located on Mount Parnassus is probably the richest area ski and arranged in all of Greece. Here you can choose from 17 downhill slopes of varying degrees, 8 off-piste routes, 2 minipiste for beginners and several pedestrian connections for a total of 30 km of slopes between 1640 and the 2260 meters above sea level. Two of these tracks were also approved by the International Ski Federation for international competitions organizations.
To this was added the possibility to practice snowboarding, rent all the necessary equipment and to stay close to the area in one of the many accommodation facilities provided.

A hundred kilometers from Thessaloniki you will find this ski area consists of two peaks: Contact 1500 meters and Tria-Pente Pigadia, ranging from 1400 to 2000 meters above sea level and is the only area that has snow-making system artificial.
And ‘much quieter than many other more famous ski resorts, but also more affordable and less overflowing with people. The accommodation can accommodate up to a thousand people, as well as the twelve downhill slopes, reached by several lifts.
Among the services we find cafes, restaurants, medical service, ski rental and ski slopes for beginners.


Crete: a place all to herself

It smells of salt but also nuanced ouzo shrimp, ancient buildings such as Homer, turquoise waters and ancient olive trees. The discovery of an exclusive corner of Crete, where the wind comes from the sea gives taste to the fields making the most delicious food.
How to program holidays and bridges in 2017
Maybe in summer it serves little, but in this case you may as well leave the umbrella at home, because in Crete there are three hundred days of sunshine a year. A bit ‘of numbers: the island measures 300 km and is the largest of the Greek islands (and fifth in the Mediterranean), and you live more than 600 thousand people. We are in the most southern point of Europe, just to stretch an arm and was in Africa, it can be seen from the coast Libya and Egypt.


Mykonos is the island from fashion here is where they go fashionistas

Beautiful beaches of tranquility and relaxation and nightlife. Mykonos, enclosed in the Cyclades archipelago, has a double face: beach paradise

The shoe designer Bruno Bordese is a true regulars (there goes 85). “The beauty of Mykonos is the all-day beach: you can go to the beach in the morning and stay until the aperitif, but also for dinner and after dinner. There are places equipped at all hours: number one is Alemàgou Beach Bar Restaurant in Ftelia. Cosmopolitan, elegant, with boho-chic sessions, here you can breathe a unique atmosphere, the food is excellent and “risks” to meet many designers, from Peter Dundas (creative director Roberto Cavalli) Kris Van Assche until Olivier Rousteing, head of Balmain designer. If I want to enjoy a cocktail at sunset with great DJ sets I choose the beach club restaurant Scorpios, from design inspired by nature. If I want to isolate myself from everything I go to dinner at Kiki’s Tavern (you can not book!), A hut on the beach of Agios Sostis in typical greek style and no electricity where you prepare meat and fish on a grill wood. It’s so isolated, hidden and suggestive that is already a haven for VIPs. There I even met Madonna. “


In Finland, part of the experiment of basic income

From 1 January 2017, Finland in 2000 will receive an income of 560 euro per month without doing anything: it intends to test the viability of universal income to support consumption and demand

From January 1, Finland became the first country in the world to experience the universal basic income. Amount: 560 EUR monthly. Not much, but it’s the principle that counts. The landing comes after a “universal” debate is not concluded.
They face two schools of thought: one wants that all citizens are to have a minimum budget, which helps the economy today, economists say, entrusts to the flywheel consumption growth being scemati investment is public and private; the other argues that it is un’elargizione “welfare” that would reward those who have less desire to do.

Switzerland went to the polls for the first proposal – the introduction of a basic income of 2500 francs amounted to more than 2300 euro – which the majority of voters rejected with 78% in the referendum last June.

The Swiss rejection, however, has not dismissed the idea debated everywhere in the West, and advanced in the past in Italy by the Movement 5 Stars.

To take now the baton is Finland.
Experiment is the right word: it will be basic income that is paid in exchange for nothing, but not universal in that sense it is, for two years, only 2,000 citizens.

The lower parameter is explained by the fact that in Finland there is no defined minimum wage. The country, however, is also one of the world’s central innovation as was confirmed a month ago the crowded start-ups fair Slush, in Helsinki; and they do not ignore the studies that indicate a progressive depletion of human labor with the advent of hi-tech production processes and even in areas such as personal care and entertainment.

They are two sides of the same coin, because “avveniristi” imagine that development environment and especially artificial intelligence will erase soon a good number of jobs also very specialized.

Among those who believe the answer is therefore some form of universal income there is Elon Musk. The patron of Tesla, SpaceX and SolarCity said if the robots take jobs away there is no other remedy that “a universal basic income or something like that,” while admitting that “it is a debate that will bring us back for another ten or twenty years”. Just enough time, has exemplified Musk, they spread the guider systems with software: there will be no need of so many drivers, so to speak. The technology and its boost productivity will make more and more human labor superfluous in various sectors. But without pay, those who consume those products or services? No coincidence that a similar experiment part in 2017 in Utrecht in the Netherlands and one is going to Oakland where 1,000 citizens receive $ 500 a month. If you go by the idea of ​​distributing income it is therefore not to reward “slackers”, but to support the economy in Europe which also suffer from anemic growth.


The hoax of the Nazi table produced by Ikea

The table photograph Hadolf shaped swastika appeared on social networks and was shared thousands of times, forcing the Swedish furniture giant to deny the news

A table in the form of a swastika, on display on the Ikea catalog. In Germany it took was a modified photograph with some simple touch of Photoshop to unleash a veritable media storm on the famous Swedish company of home products. The picture, obviously false, represented the elusive Hadolf table, square with ad hoc slots designed to transform it in the fatal symbol of the Nazi Party. All this at a price of 88 euro for nothing random, with that double-8 often used as an abbreviation for Heil Hitler salute.

A hoax full-blown, in short, and even rather obvious. But so they have not thought about thousands and thousands of people – as unfortunately happens often – have begun to share the image on their social network without verifying its truthfulness, blaming Ikea for the crazy idea of ​​putting a similar product in the catalog. Moral: the Swedish company had to intervene with an official statement of its spokesman categorically deny that he had ever made or even thought of producing a table dedicated to Hitler.

And now he would be willing to identify the author of the photograph to be claim compensation for the loss of image.


How would your Pokemon in the real world

Reveals him to the British artist Joshua Dunlop in his series of illustrations in 3D Pokemon Zoology
Needless to hide it: despite being spotted for the first time back in 1996, the Pokemon were the protagonists of this 2016. And although now seem from past centuries when the whole world was wandering through the streets and squares of the city looking for a few rare monster to catch, the creatures invented by Satoshi Tajiri continue to tease the imagination of designers and digital artists. Like English Joshua Dunlop, who has decided to make the Zoology Pokemon series by exploiting all its 3D computer graphics skills.

“I started the project after seeing the film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – he says. – The views creatures in the film were so incredible that I wanted to realize some too. I love Pokemon since I was playing Pokemon Red with my first Game Boy, and so I wanted to draw them in 3D. ” Yeah, little creatures in three dimensions, but not limited to: the Pikachu, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander developed by Joshua present with an incredibly realistic look.
“The success of these early works have obtained on the web convinced me to start a fundraising campaign that allows to continue on this path and create a complete website dedicated to realistic Pokemon, a sort of encyclopedia with data, behavior and eating habits – , explains the author. – Which Pokemon I’d like to meet in real life? I do not know, probably a Raichu, although I’d be a little intimidated. So, imagine you meet a electric mouse, or a dog that breathes fire … I’d rather keep a distance. “


Hvar, the perfect island to ask her to marry you

Here is how to organize the perfect romantic getaway in Croatia. To enjoy together between the waves of the Adriatic, discover the local traditions and conclude all with the question, “Will you marry me?”
The moment has arrived. Finally both have an employment contract that can be defined as such, been together for some years and have found that yes, she is the right one. Because it is the first to feel the need to call when something good happens to you, because it is the only one with whom you want to share a boring evening on the couch watching TV, because no can make you angry and make you laugh five minutes after the way she does. In short, you just want that she is the witness of your life. Great, congratulations. Do you miss just one last, crucial step: ask her if she wants to marry you.

Where? As? When? Film and Real Time programs have raised the bar of his claims, but the general rule is only ever one: sorprendila, doing what you would never expect from you. Or organize something to perfection. A trip on the romantic island of Hvar, Croatia, complete with a boat trip, food and wine and great final dinner excursion, can be the right choice.

But far from simple, it is considering that hardly were you able to successfully concocting something that went beyond the soccer match on Thursday night. Better then to rely on someone local, who can point you in the beaches, the chef and the right path to make this unforgettable week end.


Greece, Mikonos

Attention To Every Small Detail And To The Overall Architecture Makes This Property Unique!
Villa, 5 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms, 10 persons, Pool, Gym, Garden, WiFi

Located in the area of Kounoupas, at a convenient 7 minutes drive from the town of Mykonos and only 10 minutes by car from many of the famous beaches on the island , this brand new property is a real dream estate!

The location of the villa offers breathtaking views over to the sea , the island of Delos and also to spectacular sunsets every evening while it provides privacy and exclusivity from all houses around

A stunning and large pool area hugs the one side of the house and includes an elegant outside area and also a lot of lounging spaces equipped with beautifully designed furniture , soft and comfortable cushions and grate shaded areas that can be used for entertaining

Gray concrete , simple lines and natural stones enhance the unique architecture of the villa introducing tasteful style , elegance and practicality at the same time

All bedrooms feature en suite bathrooms and common areas are showered of the Cycladic light during the day and the amazingly intimate lighting at night . Great artwork throughout the house and tastefully handpicked furniture create a very cosy but also cosmopolitan atmosphere.



Olympics. The IOC voted the entry of five new sports

Karate, surfing, skateboarding, rock climbing and baseball / softball. The plan to modernize the Olympics

Five new sports in Tokyo in 2020
They were on the agenda of the IOC, which tonight has officially voted the karate hall, surfing, skateboarding, rock climbing and baseball / softball in the Olympic program in the coming games.

The newcomers were expected since two years ago, President Thomas Bach had launched the Agenda 2020 with the aim to modernize the Games. And they were voted unanimously. It could only be the host of the Tokyo karate as it had been in ’64 for judo. Despite the entry of other combat sports – taekwondo – the way of karate, longtime Olympic candidate, has been very long, it is said because of the different acronyms that have represented internationally. The conclusion of a legal dispute has allowed the IOC – which rinosce federation headed – to give the entrance to one of the most popular sports in the world, even among the very young and in the schools for the educational value of sport besides discipline.

The intention of the IOC to “rejuvenate” the Olympics is indeed evident in the skateboard choices – snowboarding entered the Winter Games in Turin in 2006 – and the surf that was its father. We skate have been proposed specialties “street” and “park” both male and female. Surfing is now a global sport, already a legend of Hawaii and lifestyle that spreading to the whole world and to a wider pool of practitioners has increased to 90 the number of countries members of the International Federation Isa, not to mention that the best professionals count already on a circuit of international competitions and participate in the World Surf League.

Young and on the rise, even in confined spaces and / or citizens on the artificial surface, climbing is represented by Ifsc that was born only in 2007 and was recognized by the IOC in 2010. Three years ago his entry had been rejected. These are fast sports, acrobatic movement, in short, in line with the tastes of the younger generation and grammar multi-platform Flash use to which they are accustomed younger.

To obtain the consent of all the five new entry has studied a compromise, that the new sport will go to the Games Organizing Committee expenses. This because of the fact that the federations do not enter the allotment of Olympic revenues, the cake that share the 28 hours that give life to the big show and you would perhaps opposed to the analysis by 33. The IOC reserves the right to review the ‘ architecture, perhaps raising to 30 the number of federations and taking away the place to someone. It is no secret that it is not like the package chain of golfers who downgraded the level of the Rio tournament.

Returns likely to remain baseball after missing the 2012 London and several appearances as a demonstration sport. The difficulty was that the female version was run by another federation. Now the number one baseball / softball Vaccari is the Italian to head the new entity bisexual World Baseball Softball Confederation.


The Garden’s Jewel, the studio of artist on the tree

Loris Cecchini has installed in the French countryside a spectacular shell of organic form clinging to a large horse chestnut

What happens when a named Colette Tournier collector meets the artist Loris Cecchini – known for its spectacular objects replicated in real scale and reproduced in gray urethane rubber, withdrawn into themselves and distorted – and commissioned a work environment to be placed in the garden of his villa in the French countryside near Grenoble?
He founded The Garden’s Jewel, “a shell of organic form, sort of space / cell, made of polyester resin and windows”, clinging to a large horse chestnut. The environment, reminiscent of a studio model Tokyo, accommodates up to four people, and we can sleep two people comfortably. Almost all the weight of the structure, which will remain permanent, is downloaded to the ground thanks to the scale that, in addition to allow access thereto, has a supporting pillar function. The tree has not been damaged in any way, either by screws or from any drill member. To embellish the exterior of the structure and part of the trunk of the tree have been used about 2500 steel elements characterized, there explains the artist, by a form of “biological memory, because the individual modules are born from the observation of the forms shown in nature, but also by diagrams and illustrations related to science. ”

Loris Cecchini has collected a series of exhibitions abroad and in Italy, where he exhibited his work, among others, nell’Armani Store in Milan and in the Palazzo Fendi in Rome. He recently collaborated with the Chaumet brand to create a limited edition watch Class One diver. After living several years in Berlin he is about to return to Milan in a large loft / workshop south of the city. Info: