One moment, an island How to fly in a bathtub hanging on a balloon, 300 meters above the sea. Magic of Santorini, where spring and summer is Instagram does not need filters.
I land on the island at dawn, when a fine veil of fog covers everything, and I struggle to realize where they are. I struggle to understand that the mounds of dirt and stone, covered with intricate very low sparse bushes, vines are: why in the desert climate only moisture is guaranteed the night dew, and always the Assyrtiko, the local variety, is grown low shot, to capture the mist, and woven basket to protect the grapes from the wind. I struggle to imagine what’s on the other side of the crest of the mountains to the machine gently climbs.

Then arrival in Pyrgos, I go down to the front lump sienna of Voreina Gallery Suites, entrance to the stairs to the studio, I reach the private terrace lapped by the slanting rays of the morning sun, I turn around and for the show I could fall in the paddling pool turquoise. A few hundred yards ahead of me, opens an amphitheater on a basin of blue sea precipice that the road from the airport arrival never would portend. The hem of frosted white houses: they are the “flying villages” of Santorini.
Hundreds of thousands of years ago, instead of the basin was a gigantic volcano during an eruption powerful, imploded and collapsed, sinking beneath the crater 400 meters of the sea and leaving everything around a high ring emerged. The volcanologists call caldera. Sixteen centuries before Christ, the settlers Cretan Akrotiri – a beautiful Minoan Pompeii – they realized that something was about to happen and fled by sea.

Shortly after, the volcano is now submerged performed in the most devastating explosion in history (it is assumed that the tsunami arrived in Egypt, could have generated on the coast alternating sea sucked and devastating waves that gave rise to the story of the Exodus Moses) and the archipelago took its present shape: the main island open horseshoe to the west, the smaller island Therasia to partially fill a piece of the destroyed part of the ring, and uninhabited islands, including the Vulcanello active Nea Kameni.

It is especially in Imerovigli, the highest of the villages perched on the edge, you breathe the feeling of being perched above the abyss, as the last ring of a stadium from vertigo. A swim in the infinity pool private of one of the whitest Astra Suites, you feel privileged to fly in a bathtub hanging on a balloon, three hundred meters above the sea.

The caldera is equally spectacular view from below, from one of the boats that line the beaches and rocks from the spectral shapes and vibrant colors: white pumice, olivine green, red, purple and black lava rock. The bottom “tinged” even water, which especially on dark rocks more heat from the sun is already perfect for a swim before spring. Spectacular landing in Oia, all of a terraced streets, walls white, cobalt blue domes, and a sunset very popular. Too popular: better wear comfortable shoes and walk on scenic trail that runs alongside the cliff, leading to Fira, the capital.

Night falls and the caldera becomes a black mirror surrounded by garlands of lights. But the colors are still at the table. A Pyrgos, away from the hustle of Fira, Selene serves explosive tomatoes yellow orange and red psychedelic round white balls Chloro, the local cheese; and then fresh fish and tasty meat, accompanied by fava – puree made with a type of grass pea that grows only here – and sweet white aubergines island.

But, first, the aperitif. Also in Pyrgos to Santo Winery, which transforms the fruits salty and mineral screws centenarian white Assyrtiko from citrus scent, or in the excellent sweet Vin Santo. Do not bother to ask if the name has come to our side of the Mediterranean along with the Crusaders who dedicated the island to St. Irene – hence Santorini. Sitting on the terrace overhanging the precipice, before bowls of olives and cold cuts, toast to the sun that falls between the islets of Aspronisi and Palea Kameni. This is the most beautiful sunset of Santorini. And when you see the sky apricot, raspberry and plum, you will understand that Instagram here does not need filters.



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Holidays in Greece for the summer 2015

Choose the right island according to your taste from Crete to Rhodes, Kos and Corfu through, Greece is a destination by the historical economic invaluable ideas for a trip to Greece for summer 2015 Ideas for a trip to Greece for the summer 2015

Are many people who are planning a trip out to the Bridge of May 1, but many are those who already seeking inspiration for a nice beach vacation esate for 2015, which is expected to be particularly warm in the sun . Among the most popular tourist destinations and cheaper for the summer, it is impossible not to mention Greece, home to a history and architecture ideal for discerning travelers. Even those looking for a little ‘relaxation by the sea will be satisfied, however, thanks to a multitude of small islands where you can stay a few days. We assume that the Greek State has more than two thousand islands under its control: the two largest (and most famous) are undoubtedly Crete and Rhodes, in which there is much to do and try, from diving in the water at snorkeling, without forgetting to visit the ancient sculptures in both these.

The Greek nightlife and the smaller islands
For younger people, you know, Greece also offers islets where wild to the rhythm of music while sipping a cocktail. In this regard it is suggested to go to Kos, a favorite with cyclists, as we move more in the island by bicycle or public motor. For those, however, look for the clear water and contact with nature, the island of Zakynthos (Zante) is a real blessing. Zakynthos is ideal for travelers who do not want to deprive yourself of any comfort, since it costs a bit ‘more than those described above but it still represents an affordable option in the panorama of international travel cheaper for summer 2015. Those Instead, they wanted to go to a place closer to Italy and in particular to Italian cuisine the best option is Corfu, Ionian island where you can enjoy the best flavors of the Italian-Greek and engage yourself in marine activities worthy of our Sardinia. For more travel tips for summer 2015, click the “Follow” you see on the top left above the article and stay updated on the best deals of the moment.



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Greece: tourism boom, between Hollywood and tweet

Tourism is one of the main resources for Greece in crisis. The government in Athens has now decided to support the involvement of the “dream machine” of American cinema
Just a tweet to make the fortune of a tourist resort. They know well in Mykonos, the most fashionable Cycladic frequented by actors like Jennifer Lopez, Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Aston. This summer, it took a “chirping” Russell Crowe, among other things unforgettable star of “Gladiator” (2000) to multiply endlessly enthusiastic comments on the network on the island of the Aegean and its bookings.
So successful was in 2001, also in Kefalonia, between the Ionian islands: there was the film “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” with Nicolas Cage and Penelope Cruz, on the sad story of the Italian brigade “Acqui” that precisely in Kefalonia – where was stationed during the Second World War – after the armistice of 1943 did not accept to surrender to the Germans and was passed by the weapons from former allies. The tear-jerking film was based on the novel by Louis de Bernières. Result? An increase of 50 percent of visitors to Kefalonia the following summer.
Not to mention the tourist dell’arrembaggio tiny and hitherto unknown Kastellorizo, little more than a rock of men and goats in the stretch of sea between Rhodes and Turkey, after the Oscar for “Mediterranean” by Gabriele Salvatores set in 1991 on ‘Greek island.
Greece called Hollywood
Made two accounts, the Greek Minister of Tourism Olga Kefaloghianni has now decided to woo the American star system by flying directly to the United States, and precisely – as announced by the daily To Ethnos – in January 2015 at the Sundance Festival, founded and directed by Robert Redford, now seventy, but still in the heart of millions of spectators all over the world.
In the sixties, the glamorous star of “The Way We Were” and “All the President’s Men” has spent long periods in Crete with his family, declaring himself a fervent admirer of the land of the gods. And what’s better today, for the Greek economy disaster in every sector except in tourism, to remind Robert Redford spent his youth Greeks and to invite him to visit, for example, the International Film Festival of Patmos next summer?
And especially to take advantage of the elite Sundance Festival to attract new promises of quality cinema American gathered there and in general to hijack the looks of the gods of Hollywood and their faithful on the small but eternally fascinating Hellas?
Of course, taking care not to repeat the fatal mistakes of the recent past. Woody Allen in 1995 was asked to shoot some scenes highlight of his “Mighty Aphrodite” in the ancient theater of Epidaurus. But when he was asked the screenplay by the Ministry of Culture in Athens, the great Woody notoriously jealous guardian of the privacy of his works until their release in cinemas, preferred to opt for the scenarios of Sicily.
To open the eyes of today’s Minister of Tourism Olga Kefaloghianni on etiquette to follow if you want to convince the American directors and producers to shoot their films in Greece, was the actor Jeremy Irons who visited Athens in September 2013. In that ‘Irons occasion stressed that the Greek Government should also encourage financial and legal means the descent of dollars hollywodiani Olympus area.
Said and done: the Kefaloghianni, in agreement with the Ministry of Culture, is offering a package of facilities such as the repayment by the Athens 20-30 percent of the cost of production of the scenes shot in Hellenic land, and is studying policies about other European countries more “film friendly”.
The game is worth the candle, it is true that 40 million tourists in the world, as claimed by the Ministry of Tourism, choose the destination of their holidays among those which was the setting of the biggest hits of the big screen.
Tourism, ‘”heavy industry” of Greece
Not that Greece can complain about the influx of visitors: record year 2014 seconds digits pitted dall’Eot (Hellenic Organization of Tourism) as many as 19 million tourists chose Hellas, a million more than in 2013, which plus about 2 million who have “touched” sostandovi least for one or two nights on a cruise. Whereas the Greek citizens are about ten million, it is as if Italy was invaded by nearly 120 million fans of its beauties. A doomsday scenario for lovers of peace, but certainly not for the economies of southern Europe in crisis.
Just a few figures to understand its importance: according to SETE (Union of Greek tourism operators) in 2014 the revenues of the industry were around 17 billion euro, equal to about one-fifth of the national GDP because if you also include the ‘induced tourism, such as 115 thousand seasonal jobs in most, the figure is 37 billion euro. The vacation industry, in short, is more than ever the real heavy industry of the country, an ointment on the wounds of the crisis.
A spurt enthusiasm is the small, but increasingly fierce fleet of Aegean Airlines, private airline but it struck a deal with the former flag carrier Olympic Airways in the first nine months of this year the Aegean Airlines reported net income of 78.6 million euro compared to 60 million euro collected in the same period of 2013.
Although for the next years Athens wants to focus not so much on the arrival of the masses even more numerous, but on a system that attracts travelers Vip, willing to spend on luxury complex for now not very numerous in Greece, apart from the Arabian niches night as Mykonos.
It seems, however, that the growing love for the Aegean Islands will last even in 2015, with peaks of up to 6 per cent increase compared to 2014: according to the agency specializing in the study of tourism trends Skyscanner, Greece next summer, in particularly its Mykonos, will be the second favorite of Australians after the Asian Myanmar. Power of the tweet of their fellow native of Sidney Russell Crowe?



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Holidays in Greece? Mykonos Island beaches and relaxation


Crystal clear water and windmills, nightlife and archaeological sites. Journey into the jewel of the Cyclades.
It is one of the tourist destinations of Greece. Famous for its bustling nightlife and trendy clubs, Mykonos is certainly the ideal destination for those who like to stay up late. The island of the Cyclades, however, also has another face: that of the beautiful beaches, crystal blue sea, a long history and stunning scenery. It is no coincidence that every year is stormed by thousands and thousands of tourists looking for fun, but also of nature and relaxation.
Lively and cosmopolitan Mykonos is famous for its beautiful beaches. Those along the southern coast are the most popular, thanks to the vibrant nightlife and the picturesque villages that surround them. Do not miss the Mykonos Town (Chora), a typical Cycladic village built an amphitheater and crossed by a maze of small and narrow alleys. The most evocative glimpse of the island is the one who enjoys the windmills of Kato Myli, on the headland to the south west of where, many years ago, stood the old city. Some mills have been restored and turned into accommodation for tourists: a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the fascinating history of the island.
Do not miss the Church of Paraportiani, in the district of Kastro: dating back to the sixteenth century, is the oldest of Mykonos. Also visit the district Alefkantra: between Little Venice and the mills are at least 10 churches, including the cathedral, Odos Mitropoleos. If you want to breathe the history that has passed through the centuries the island of Mykonos is worth a visit of the Aegean Naval Museum, which houses many historical objects related to fleets that made stopovers in the Cyclades, but also a small thematic library.
Missed a tour to Delos, among the most important archaeological sites in Greece, who according to mythology was the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. Also appreciated the island of Rehina, Little Delos, famous for its crystal clear waters. Another way to enjoy the beautiful sea and the magnificent scenery of the Cyclades is the cruise, which often are also organized at sunset in beautiful bays and pristine.
Mykons is also a highly acclaimed destination for diving enthusiasts: among the most popular destinations is the island of Dragonisi, famous for cave diving and the opportunity to swim alongside the monk seals that inhabit this area of ​​the Aegean Sea .
Do you want to let loose? The most famous beach for its nightclubs is Paradise Beach, or Kalamopodi, on the southwest coast of the island, between the beaches of Paraga and Super Paradise Beach. Frequent bus services run from the beach to the city, while a taxi boat serves Platys Gialos and Ornos.
Finally, it should be remembered as Mykonos is possible to reach other islands, from Paros and Santorini: an excellent opportunity to advance your visit to other pearls of the Aegean Sea.



Summer Holidays 2015

low cost destinations in Europe for those who love the sea Some tips for the summer holidays in 2015: low cost destinations in Europe for families and young people who love the sea.
Have you already started to organize your holiday at sea for summer 2015? If you have not yet thought of a perfect destination for your summer trip, here is a series of low cost destinations in Europe recommended for all kinds of travelers.

Destinations Summer 2015 at sea in Europe
Europe offers many ideal destinations for summer holidays, resort for those who love the sea and the beach, but also for those who do not want to spend too much or get away from home and still want a holiday that offers everything you need to disconnect from daily life. Travelling could be considered a real luxury these days, but by organizing themselves in advance with the right information you can design a low cost holiday perfect for all types of travelers.

What are the most interested in low cost destinations in Europe for summer 2015? It starts with the most known, those that mostly make headlines: Ibiza, Lloret de Mar, Rimini and Island of Pag, all very popular tourist destinations, which have been transformed over time to offer everything you need to tourists keeping prices quite content if you book in advance. The attention of tourists is focusing in recent years on countries such as Croatia, Spain and Greece, which offer the traveler real corners of paradise for those who love the sea. In addition to the above mentioned places, you can consider other: the favorite destinations are definitely the Greek islands like Corfu, Santorini, Mykonos, Ios, Naxos, the villages around the city of Dubrovnik and Pula in Croatia and, finally, the islands of Formentera, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Mallorca and Menorca in Spain. We must not of course forget the many Italian places of Salento and the Sorrento Coast or the beaches of Sardinia and Sicily. For those who are looking for something new, some summer destination yet to be discovered, such as the locations of Bulgaria Varna, Nessebar, Burgas, Golden Sands could be the right choice for a truly low cost.



Holidays in Greece in 2015?

Choose Mykonos: Mykonos is the most important one of the most visited, and if you want to spend your holidays in Greece, this is the place
We are in a time of sun, sea, vacation. That said, you should not miss a holiday in Greece, one of the most beautiful of all: Mykonos. By day it is a livable town that offers sea and beach clean, but at night it turns into a real island of fun, given the multitude of venues that are located right in the Greek city. So if you want to take a trip to relax and have fun, Mykonos is the perfect destination for both young people who want to give free rein to their emotions, and is for adults who still feel young. But we see in detail the most famous and important of this Greek city.

2015 Holidays in Greece Mykonos, the most beautiful of Greece
Since you have chosen for your holidays 2015 Mykonos, it is assumed that you are people who love to have fun. Therefore, to find the most beautiful and admired of Greece, must move a bit ‘up to Chora, which is the capital of the island. Once there, you will have good reasons to stay, given the wide range of local “for all sizes”: among the most beautiful are the Semeli, Galleraki, Veranda, Escape and the Caprice that we say are the stepping stone to other types of rooms, such as Agyra, 9 Muses and Remezzo. Are the premises that will surely make you enjoy and relax at the same time, because most likely you shall hold your magnificence on your beach chair all day, with the beaches absolutely fantastic, which is not going to visit would be a sacrilege. These are the most important around Mykonos, and if you decide to spend your holidays in Greece in 2015, believe me, you will not want to come back here in Italy, seen the sea and the beach is absolutely divine, and given also the many events each evening welcome tens of thousands of young people who, perhaps after a year demanding to school, college, or after a hard year at work, they want to take a little vacation.



Summer 2015 travel in Greece: between sea and offers low cost

We offer the best travel in Greece for the Summer 2015 and the most advantageous offers low cost for a beach holiday.

It is not too early to begin to organize the summer holidays. For Summer 2015, you could take advantage of the numerous proposals for trips to Greece, to enjoy a crystal blue sea, even now by booking one of the affordable low cost offers.

The Residence Sun Village, on the beautiful island of Corfu, proposes an offer of 257 Euro per person (3-7 July), including flight from Milan Malpensa and stay for seven nights, in an area very close to the beach and equipped with swimming pools for children and adults.

In Crete, in the first week of August, could always stay at the Hotel Maria Aptm-Sissi, for 394, 20 Euro per person, offers a package that includes airfare and accommodation for seven nights, from 1 to 8 August. Also very advantageous offer for Kos, with a package that includes air travel and stay of seven nights at the Hotel ATPS Filitsa Studios for two to 829 euros in total, in the week 5-12 August.


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Hellas Travel: Greece nearest summer 2015

During the next summer reach Greece by ship will be much smoother than in previous years thanks to the new programming of the shipping companies. Announces Hellas Travel, which indicates a capacity more than tripled from last year on the lines to the islands of Kefalonia and Zakynthos, the strong expansion of connections Corfu and the novelty of direct departures to the island of Paxos.

The operator noted that, while still remaining a movement purely summer, and concentrated in a limited time, companies have been able to hone their programming, identifying appropriate operational best meet the demand of its most critical dates. Moreover it has come through direct routes to the most popular destinations, and adun’attenta route planning.

Programming in detail
The initial weekly schedule of Bari-Kefalonia-Zakynthos (every Monday) was doubled for the month of August, with departures also on Tuesday, and is a separate from Brindisi, on Sunday, with a stopover also in Gaios, the main port of the island of Paxos. The latter is the only direct link between Italy and this small island located south of Corfu.

Brindisi is also to Corfu, a return after the suspension of the last two years, with daily departures in August and four times a week in July and September. Routes that continue then to Igoumenitsa, ensuring further capacity even to this destination. Corfu is also from Bari with great frequency, and Ancona twice a week.

Then confirm the classical lines to the mainland, or Igoumenitsa and Patras, active all year from Brindisi, Bari, Ancona, Venice and Trieste. The line of Ravenna instead remains active, for the moment, only until June.

All this means therefore more reachable destinations with direct ships and more availability, and therefore many more seats sold in top-season dates.

Hellas Travel reports the interesting pricing, with discounts reward for those who book in advance, valid until May.

While on the occasion of Orthodox Easter, which falls a week after the Catholic, was scheduled a direct trip from Brindisi to Corfu departing Thursday, April 9 and return on Sunday 12 April, to allow those who wish to attend the evocative Holy Week celebrations which attract thousands of tourists.

A special mention goes to the internal connections in Greece, from the mainland to the islands and from island to island, most of which offer excellent services for vessel quality and punctuality, and allow you to explore the best that sea of ​​islands that every year attracts many tourists.




Desert island not only for millionaires

The Mediterranean offers even to those who can not afford six figures the dream of a vacation Robinson Crusoe

An island all to himself? Things to star Johnny Depp, David Copperfield, Nicolas Cage and Eddie Murphy have chosen the Bahamas, Celine Dion owns Ile Gagnon in Quebec lake, Leonardo DiCaprio has preferred the ocean of Belize and $ 2 million bought Blackadore Cay, while Mel Gibson has spared no expense and $ 15 million bought his piece of paradise in Fiji.
If you can not give up the dream of a deserted island on which to take refuge, surrounded only by the sea and immersed in total peace and seclusion, but some figures will make me a headache, do not despair: the Mediterranean also has a rich heritage of destinations that are right for you. You can not brag to friends that they were the owners, but will surely respond to your desire for total escapism.
At 400 meters from Brodarica is Krapanj, that with only 0:36 sq km is the smallest island in the region of Sibenik-Knin. It is called the “island of the sponges” because since the eighteenth century, this is the main activity of its inhabitants. The Spongiola is the only hotel, but you can find accommodation in rooms and private accommodation. Only 5 minutes travel separate it from the mainland, which is connected by ferry line.
Further south, in southern Dalmatia, is Mljet, small island occupied by a third eponymous national park, lovely riot of vegetation. During the high season, is connected by ferry to Dubrovnik, Korcula, Lastovo, Hvar, Split and Rijeka. During the rest of the year is reached, always by ferry from Dubrovnik, Prapatno and Sobra. Very few stores, mobile phones operating only in some areas, one hotel in the port of Pomena (Hotel Odisej, or alternatively family run accommodation, camping or apartments mini eco-village Soline 6) restaurants mostly improvised by the inhabitants of the place, food is simple and very affordable prices make it a little paradise on the Adriatic.

Not only Mykonos, Ios and Santorini, certainly beautiful but super inflated in the summer season. The islands will satisfy your desire to escape the city stressed, there is Patmos, also known as the “Jerusalem of the Aegean” because here the Apostle John would have had the famous vision. The monastery dedicated to him in the center of Chora and the Cave of the Apocalypse are among the points of interest that will certainly devote a visit, together with the monastery of the Prophet Elijah, 270 meters high and great vantage point from which to enjoy great views. The easiest way to get to Patmos is to fly to Athens and then take a ferry, but you can also reach it by sea through the services that connect it to the rest of the Dodecanese, Mykonos, Samos and Tinos.
In the archipelago of the Northern Sporades Alonissos is an oasis of outstanding natural beauty, where it is not uncommon to see get on the white beaches monk seals from the nearby protected marine park. 2,500 inhabitants, mostly in the southern part of the island, and thousands of goats that graze freely in the hinterland make it a perfect charm decidedly original. And to satisfy the palate, deserve a taste the astakomanestra (pasta with lobster) and karydopites (walnut cakes with syrup).
Far from the mainland and from the unbridled fun, Amorgos – even with 2,000 inhabitants in an area of ​​126 square kilometers – is part of the Cyclades and offers a pleasant interlude of peace to those who want to experience the most authentic Greece. Hidden coves and often accessible only through paths rather inaccessible, villages perched on the rock, ruins of Minoan and Mediterranean. The island is easily accessible by ferry from Paros, Naxos and Ios, arriving at the main port of Katapola.
Who said that the goal of the dreams must be sought far? Even the sea of ​​our house is dotted with small oases of peace to be discovered.
From the Italian Riviera and the island of Palmaria, less than 2 sq km. It is located in front of the village of Porto Venere, which is separated by a narrow strait (mouths), and along with Tino and Tinetto form a small archipelago. Inhabited by a few dozen families in the summer months is linked to Porto Venere, Lerici and La Spezia by ferry, while for the rest of the year serve private boats to reach it. The most interesting area is the one to the west, looking out into the open sea, with the Blue Cave and the Cave of the Doves, where you need to abseiling.
Further south, in the northern Tyrrhenian, peeps the wildest and natural Tuscan island Capraia. The driveway is only one and connects the port to the country, which together represent the two towns on the island (400 inhabitants during the year, up to 3,000 during the summer season). Accessible by boat or ferry from Livorno own, is an ideal destination for trekking lovers, so much so that to open the tourist season is every year the Walking Festival.
To the northeast of Ponza (which is about 6 miles), home to a Cistercian monastery abandoned in the thirteenth century and currently inhabited only in summer by the two lighthouse keepers of Cape Negro, lies the island of Zannone. Isolation and inaccessibility have ensured for decades the natural value, and for this there is an ongoing tourism development plan “light”, linked to environmental education and summer school camps, which enhance the heritage without risking to infringe the very delicate balance.
Farewell to the frenzy even in Sicily Linosa, in the province of Agrigento, and Alicudi, the westernmost of the Aeolian Islands. In both cases a hundred inhabitants and less than 6 sq km in area, clear sea and wind to beat the coast almost every day of the year (so as to influence the connections with the other islands and the mainland). Remember, also, that the beach of pozzolana, Linosa, is the last nesting sites in Italy for the turtle Caretta caretta.


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Greece is not sold

Greece and the sea are a combination inscidibile, a guarantee for the wishes of each client, but not for everyone’s budget. This is the trend that the travel agencies have estimated compared to its customers. The Italian tourist, who remained among the most loyal to the greek market, struggling to combine the needs of budget with products that stabilize on a medium price range. This discrepancy has led operators to diversify the proposed building customized packages in collaboration with the many to local.
Mykonos, Rhodes, Santorini and Zakynthos are the most popular destinations is the south than in the north of Italy, new destinations such as the Peloponnese, however, begin to arouse great interest. The beach vacation is the most in demand in absolute terms, while the tour of classical Greece are in sharp decline for some years.
“The demands are greater on Rhodes and Mykonos: the first is a very eclectic destination, while Mykonos has established itself as meta young – says Mauro Landini Olympia Travel in Varese – We found a lot of curiosity to the Isle of Idria and the area of Ermioni in the Peloponnese, thanks to the presence of new structures and Italian villages. ” The holidays sea are absolutely the most popular, while the tour of classical Greece have a market share of marginal because even the perception of a certain instability of internal connections of the state-owned companies. “The product is the most sought all inclusive; declining requests instead of jumping between the islands and the internal paths “concludes Landini.
I would but (sometimes) I can not
Greece is confirmed as a destination accessible even if it persists a certain distinction between the client’s budget and offers. “At the end is rewarded professionalism Advaita – emphasizes Maurizio Barbirotti of Barbirotti Travel Salerno – the ability to help the client navigate. Unfortunately there are those who still believe to find a dream holiday at a very low price. Greece, however, a strong a loyal international customers now consolidated, is no longer the target low cost was a few years ago. Quote requests are numerous, but bookings are not satisfactory. Zakynthos, the Ionian Islands and Santorini are the most popular destinations in the face of a 90% of our customers who choose the holidays sea. Only a small percentage is oriented towards the combination with a tour of Classical Greece. ”
Francesca Dilisio, owner of Chephren Travel in Bari, observes: “The customer is moving well in advance and we already have many bookings for the summer, especially for Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Crete and Santorini. 2015 has started very well thanks to promotional offers the type book early and save, but today the flow of bookings has slowed. Greece is no longer a target low budget, there is no longer the sea view apartment at an affordable price to all. ” Over and above the Alpitour, Veratour, Francorosso and Settemari, active traders historically greek market, the travel agencies also tend to rely on local dmc that guarantee an excellent quality / price ratio.
Some people choose the style ‘on the road’
“We also work with wholesalers by booking cheap flights because our customers often choose a vacation free style on the road – says Alberto Manfregna of Malj Travel in Rovigo – therefore we try to offer maximum flexibility and convenience during both estimate that in confirmation. ” It states: “The trend is stable compared to 2014 and we already have many reservations both for Kos to Rhodes, especially by pairs of professionals. Families prefer to wait a few more weeks, perhaps extending the stay of up to 15 days. ”