Best wishes to Peanuts: Charlie Brown and Snoopy accomplished 65 years

On 2 October 1950, the comic strip Peanuts debuttavano for the first time on US newspapers. Fifteen years later, the film was broadcast on TV A Charlie Brown Christmas. Here is a set of stamps to mark these important anniversaries
The anniversary of the important ones: October 2, 1950 appeared for the first time in seven US newspapers (the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, the Minneapolis Tribune, The Allentown Call-Chronicle, the Bethlehem Globe-Times, Denver Post and The Seattle Times) what was to become one of the most popular comic strips in history. Yes, because to put out the 65 candles are just the characters of Peanuts.

A grand celebration for the band of Charlie Brown, Lucy and Linus, ready to invade theaters with film 3D Snoopy & Friends, to be released on November 5th. Meanwhile, to celebrate another anniversary of the group of friends, or the 50th anniversary of the TV movie A Charlie Brown Christmas, the Usps, the American postal service, he has decided to release a special series of stamps. Twenty collectibles portraying Peanuts committed between snowmen, Christmas trees and skating in the company.

With those funny expressions, those sudden changes of humor and those little fetishes that made them absolutely timeless.

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Cyclades islands

White houses, blue domes, bougainvillea with bright colors and clear waters: they can be described as the Cyclades group of islands located in the Aegean Central, gathered in a circle (from the greek kyklos) around the island of Delos. More than two hundred islands, but the most important can be counted on the palm of a hand. Or almost: from the mundane to the traditionalist Mykonos Paros, Ios from option through Delo (which houses one of the most important archaeological sites of Greece and declared World Heritage by UNESCO) and Santorini, the island of lovers. What immediately strikes the Cyclades is that each island has its own characteristics and peculiarities. So, you can choose from the most popular destinations of mass tourism, such as Mykonos and Santorini, and least-known and off the beaten track of the tour operator, as the Little Cyclades. The lowest common denominator of the archipelago is surely the wind: the Melteni constantly blowing from the north, and can grow up to 9 knots. Which does not prevent tourists to take long walks on its long sandy beaches, sip cocktails at sunset scenic and lost in the maze of narrow streets overlooked by the typical houses whitewashed towns. Each island is connected to the other and move around the archipelago is convenient and fun. Taste the local cuisine in one of the typical restaurants overlooking the sea, then, it allows guests to experience the traditional Greek hospitality, immersed in a still almost untouched.


Ermoupoli is the capital of the Cyclades, located in the island of Syros. Ermoupoli was founded during the War of Independence of 1821 when came to Syros refugees from other islands subject to the Turks. The city has been thought of as the future commercial center and water around the Aegean Sea, and in fact it looks modern and neoclassical in contrast to the more traditional one of the other towns in the Cyclades. The upper town dates back to the Byzantine era: it hosts buildings 700 years old. Currently part of the municipality of Ano Syros, which is a municipality separate from Ermoupoli. Dominated by the Church of St. George, placed on top of the hill and raised for the first time in the thirteenth century. The present building, however, dates back to 1834 and is the seat of the Catholic bishop of the Cyclades. Inside are preserved in an archive, manuscripts of the sixteenth century. The rest of the town is built around Miaouli Square overlooked by the Town Hall designed by architect Ernst Ziller.

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Greece, from 1 October goodbye to the discount on VAT for the first six most famous islands

Greece Alexis Tsipras has found political stability after the elections of 20 September but not the economic one. After the third popular vote in nine months, including also the referendum on 5 July, here in Greece that comes with autumn harsh austerity wanted by creditors. Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, Naxos, Paros and Skiathos. It’s six Greek islands Thursday, October 1 will have to say goodbye to the system of tax benefits on VAT rates, a system that the troika has decided to dismantle, albeit in installments.

The unpopular measure, decided by Athens as part of the reform priorities for access to the third bailout of 86 billion euro and avoid default, will see the elimination of the 30% discount sull’aliquota of value added tax which the Islands have enjoyed for years, bringing their rates in line with the rest of the mainland of Greece. This was announced by the Ministry of Finance headed by economist Euclid Tsakalotos after the resignation of glowing Yanis Varoufakis.

From hotels to food, the tax rates currently imposed on the islands vary from 5% to 16%, but will rise between 6% and 23%, in short, will lose the discount of 30% on the corresponding standard rate. For the less developed islands and poorer tax rates will rise in the month of June 2016 and January 2017. The government will try to provide other incentives for those who live in winter in poor areas such as small islands and where the products cost more than in mainland .

The Greek islands are 6 thousand including the smallest, of which only 227 are inhabited. Many Greek islands are being depopulated because of the difficulties of finding a job and a stable long-term perspective for the young. The economic crisis has also reduced the ship connections in winter by reducing the quality of life in these frontier territories.

The knot of farmers – According to the Ministry also farmers will be affected by higher taxation. Their tax rate for personal income will rise in stages from 13% today to 26% by 2017. It will also increase taxes on diesel for farm machinery, from 66 euro to 200 euro per tonne from October next year. However, the final decision on increasing agricultural taxes must be approved at the beginning of October and farmer groups have announced protests against the measures. Farmers are a group election coveted and courted by all parties so it is expected a parliamentary process of the tax measure very complicated.

Growth estimates – it goes year to improve the estimates of growth in Greece in the budget bill that will be presented on Monday. According to advances reported on the website of the newspaper Ekathimerini, the GDP should mark a contraction of 1.5% in 2015, compared with -2.3% previously forecast. Estimates bring optimism among creditors, now more confident that Athens will complete the first revision of the EU bailout plan later this year, “if only because there are other options on the table,” the newspaper said the Greek. This week is also awaiting a teleconference of the Euro Working Group on the list of priority actions that Athens will have to be put in place by the beginning of November to get the go-ahead to the tranche of 3 billion loan program of creditors. The new Minister of Economy, George Statakis provides a return to growth in 2016.

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Combining Comfort, Elegance And Style In A Marvelous Aegean Surrounding.
Villa, 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, 10 persons, Pool, Garden, WiFi


Kea Villa is a modernly designed pool villa in a land area of 1.100 m2 with a panoramic view over the Aegean’s marvellous waters and of world-famed sunsets that will offer you an unforgettable holiday experience.

Aegean View


All rooms have a stunning view of the Aegean sea and its a breathtaking sunsets.

Ideal location

• 600m from a secluded sandy beach
• 1km from the island’s famous sandy beach of Otzias,
• 4 km from the cosmopolitan marina village of Vourkari • 6 km from Kea’s port

Easy access from Athens International Airport

• 20min drive from the Athens airport to Lavrio port
• 1 hour ferry trip from the port of Lavrio to Kea island

With 215 m2 spacious room spread in 2 levels (the main house & the studio), Kea Sunset Villa has a sleeping capacity of 8-10 People.

The Villa boasts a private impressive infinity pool and a Spacious garden with BBQ, pergolas, dining areas and relaxing corners



The vegan diet is really healthy?

It is continuously increasing the number of people who choose a vegetarian diet (no meat) or vegan, which excludes all animal foods such as meat, fish, milk and dairy products, eggs, honey and so on. In Italy it is estimated there are 8 vegetarian and vegan one per 100 inhabitants.

For some it is an ethical choice, but many opt for an exclusively vegetable diet for health reasons. It is well known, in fact, the importance of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables to reduce the risk of some of the major diseases of our century, such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.


Yet experts are not unanimous in considering the vegetarian, let alone the vegan, among the healthiest diets. In the ranking made annually by a team of nutritionists, cardiologists, dieticians and diabetes specialists on behalf of the magazine US News, the vegetarian diet is about a third of the ranking and the vegan around two-thirds, respectively 11th and 18th position out of 31 schemes Dietary considered in the rankings last year. And among them are vegetarian-based diets prefer the Mediterranean, the Flexiteriana and Ornish; the vegan diet also the traditional and anti-inflammatory.

In addition, a study of the Austrian 2014, analyzing the latest census on public health, found, surprisingly, that vegetarians and vegans would be more exposed than omnivores to a range of physical and mental disorders, from depression to cancer, confirming reserves of nutritionists.

While a 2011 study, based on the review of dozens of research on vegetarianism, performed the last three decades, confirms the risk of stroke and heart disease and vascular disorders related to vegetarian diets.

If some advantages mainly vegetable diets are definite (weight control, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, plenty of fiber and antioxidants), a diet that completely excludes one or more classes of foods is likely, however, to be unbalanced and to expose serious deficiencies, especially if followed loosely and improvised.

Maintain a balanced diet regime in vegetarian, vegan and even more so, in fact, it is far from easy. Suffice it to say that the best protein, both for assimilability of both its composition, the so-called noble proteins, are those of animal origin.

Those who eat meat, eggs, milk does not need to make any effort to ensure the right amount of all essential amino acids (those that our body can not synthesize autonomously, but must take with food). Just a slice of meat and you’re done.

In contrast, those who follow a vegetarian diet must combine vegetable proteins of different sources, including those that are not part of our traditional food such as soy, quinoa, azuki red and green, cashew nuts, sesame seeds, coriander seeds, malt, rice, millet decorticated, rye, etc., to achieve the same result.

But the problems do not stop at proteins, also concern some vitamins, such as B group, found mainly in meat and, to a lesser extent, in milk and eggs, while those from plant sources, such as certain algae, fungi or plants contaminated, They are present in insufficient quantities or in a non-bioavailable. Risks of deficiency were also observed for some minerals, particularly calcium, iron and zinc, and essential fatty acids. All this, in the absence of a diet extremely careful and scrupulous or adding some elements may result in increased risk for various diseases.

One of the main pain points of nutrition-free foods of animal origin, or even of one flesh, is the lack of vitamin B12 and other B vitamins which, if not corrected through taking supplements can cause serious damage to health.

The B vitamins, B12 in the head, are in fact involved in the metabolism of homocysteine, a substance that if not metabolized remains in excess in the blood, and would seem to represent a risk factor for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. There is, for example, a type of brain stroke typical of vegetarians and vegans.

Also B12 deficiency, prolonged (our body is able to accantonarne enough supplies for a year or so) and associated with folate deficiency predisposes to megaloblastic anemia, while associated with a high number of folate can cause nerve damage, also irreversible.

Vitamin B12 is in fact necessary to the maturation of red blood cells in the bone marrow and the formation of myelin (coating of nerve fibers). When stocks run out you can meet, in addition to anemia, a deficiency of sensitivity and deficits of peripheral nerve function.

The lack of Omega 3 fatty acids and the imbalance between them and Omega 6 (fatty acids typical of vegetable oils) can lead to reduced levels of HDL, cholesterol “good”, which together with excess homocysteine ​​predisposes to atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and all cardiac and vascular related to this.

And we come to the iron, found in large amounts in foods of animal origin, in short supply in those plants. Not only that, in the latter in a condition far less assimilated and this exposes vegetarians and vegans to a shortage of this important micronutrient. The deficit of iron, essential for the transport of oxygen by red blood cells, can cause iron deficiency anemia, also called iron-. Finally, the possible deficiencies of calcium and vitamin D, can promote osteoporosis.

At this point it seems clear that a vegetarian or vegan diet, especially if followed in a superficial and improvised, can actually be bad for your health. And while remaining true that can avert the risk of certain diseases, he adds other equally serious.

Otherwise, a vegetarian diet scrupulously followed under medical supervision and with additional B12, and possibly iron and omega3, should not involve special risks, but even greater benefits than you would with a healthy diet such as the Mediterranean or already Flexiteriana, which provide, yes, abundant intake of vegetables, but without excluding any food.

Finally there remain unclear results of the Austrian study cited above, which reported an increased risk in vegetarians, vegans and raw foodists also for depression, anxiety, allergies and cancer.

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8 holiday sailing in the Mediterranean

Here serves only the desire not to keep your feet on the ground and spend the day led by wind and waves. Are you ready? 8 ideas to set sail immediately, starting on their own or in groups, from the Balearic Islands to Croatia

Grado, 01/07/11 Solaris One 44 Bellatrix Photo: © Francesco Ferri

Grado, 01/07/11
Solaris One 44
Photo: © Francesco Ferri

No pre pit stop, with the sea VintFin cross following wind and desires, deciding moment to moment to stop for diving, sunbathing, resting. Among the proposals for this summer, seven days between the Cyclades and the Dodecanese, for individual tours or entire boat with two double cabins and, if desired, two seats in the cabin. We need to enjoy the best of the sea without chaos.
Info: 500 Euros per week, www.ventfin.com

The real sea dogs know: in summer the stretch between Liguria, Provence and northern Sardinia is full of dolphins. That is why this is known as the Cetacean Sanctuary. Sailing from Livorno to Corsica with Jonas chase aboard sloop of 14 meters for 6-8 people with cabins. The tour is one week (throughout the summer until September): starts from Livorno, passes from Capraia, and a cove after the other through the most beautiful places of Corsica, from Cap Corse Centurion.
Info: 350 Euros, www.jonas.it

By day on board one of the Aeolian, at night in the most exclusive clubs in the archipelago with the crew, to not get bored. It does so with The Yacht Week, which between tour this summer it offers one of seven days: starting from Portorosa to get to Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, Panarea through this wonderful sea before long good night in the lounge bar and trendiest nightclubs.
Info: 790 Euros, www.theyachtweek.com

If the idea is to leave for a vacation “all’acchiappo”, taken on board the sailboat of Alma del Mar this summer, among others, they organized a tour of Ibiza and Formentera reserved for lonely hearts. We embark and disembark in Ibiza and you are off 7 days a sloop of 13 meters sailing between coves, nature reserves and golden beaches of the Balearic Islands along with 7 people at most. So you just have to try to ignite the spark.
Info: from 350 Euros, www.almadelmar.it

BETWEEN the Pontine islands, TO LEARN (EVEN) HOW TO DO
With Orza Minore, sailing, you also learn the art of sailing. Among the tour in August, what to Procida through the Pontine islands for a week: Ventotene, Ponza, Palmarola and Zannone, stopping for swimming, sunbathing, but also to discover these wonderful cities. Traveling with cabinets of 13 meters with 4 cabins.
Info: 640 Euros, www.orzaminore.it

One or two weeks, including the Kornati Islands and the more the central Dalmatian. With Mondovela August we set sail from Marina Seget (near Split) and browsing flotilla of boats from 14 meters in the footsteps of Marco Polo, who passed from these islands to reach the East: Solta, Brac, Hvar to get to Scedro Korcula and going from typical small harbors and bays crystal clear.
Info: 690 Euros, www.mondovela.it


Sports fanatics? To discover a different Sardinia, you can queuing crew Sailsquare (there we talked about in this article) that Aug. 10 to 16 and 31 to 6 September starts from Olbia to La Maddalena and Corsica South heading for Porto Pollo, large cove of white sand very windy, therefore considered a paradise for kitesurfer. On board, it is the first time, there will also be an instructor ready to teach you every move and a photographer will immortalize every moment.
Info: 700 Euros, it.sailsquare.com
If July and August there were enough to conclude the summer to embark with great Water Tribe September 19 to 21. A weekend off by taking a boat with friends (there are 3 or 4 cabins) or accodandosi others. It starts from Blackboard or Genoa, browsing the Gulf of Tigullio and you stop for dinner on Saturday in Paraggi. The next day it’s off to the bay of Portofino and San Fruttuoso.
Info: from 195 Euros per person, www.watertribe.it
8 holiday sailing in the Mediterranean

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The quiet side of the Aegean

Who does not like mass tourism, there are still wild islands where lonely souls can savor the most authentic parts of Greece without anything to envy to the Caribbean

September, as of March, a month is capricious and unpredictable, alternating, in waves of bad weather, temperatures returning to the past but to hope for intense running out in the summer. Beyond what we read on the sites of meteorology, the Adventure is never leave threatening: who sacrificed his summer staying in the city, it is finally time to pack your bags to enjoy the famous holiday upstream. As tradition has it, among the top destinations in the Mediterranean and stands out, although this year it was black for Greece, its appeal continues to attract the attention of tourists from everywhere.

When it comes to this country, the mind flies to the archaeological sites of Athens, to the romance of Santorini, Mykonos and Ios in the fun and still the thousand and one opportunities to enjoy water sports Lefkada but, beyond the most tourist destinations, there are many jewels where peace is the order of the day, places where the advent of modernity has not canceled the pleasure of small and simple things. The Cyclades are a riot of color with those little houses painted white and blue, and the picturesque and narrow streets can flavor the atmosphere of authenticity: who says no to chaos can fly at a time of Anafi, an island reachable wild by sea from Santorini, a microcosm that jealously guards its appearance, where fall in Love of those beaches and clear waters as Kleisidi, Exo Rokounas and Mikro Roukouna and what of its Chora, the main town, once it reaches it enjoys stunning views, especially at sunset, the Aegean Sea.
Who wants to pull the plug can opt for the Little Cyclades, an archipelago consisting of only six islands southeast of Naxos as Iraklia, pristine paradise where there is no room for any kind of noise: if you’re looking for nightlife and glamorous addresses in the wrong place, here peace reigns supreme and is able to make the joy of all those who want to isolate themselves from the hustle and bustle dedicating themselves to their passions. Here the days pass slowly between sunbathing on the beach of Livadia or rolling in the soft sand of Agios Georgios and, not least, by diving into the wonderful natural swimming pool that features Tourkopigado. Staying in the archipelago, worthy of note is Donoussa, the most remote archipelago reality where isolation, wanted and not forced, is made even more sublime by the sight of his heavenly beaches such as those of Kendros.

Another group of islands, another hidden paradise: we speak of the Sporades who started learning about the success following the shooting of the film Mamma Mia! that has made Skopelos while, away from the limelight is Alonissos, a green island surrounded by the waters of the North Aegean suggested to all those who want to spend quiet days in close contact with nature. The entire island is a veritable botanical paradise where, to alternate, are olive groves, pine forests and beautiful flowers such as anemones, orchids and even plants such as oaks, Kermes oak, arbutus etc.

wonderful Greece. Symi island , Dodecanese

There are so many opportunities to become familiar with the area, you can walk among the taverns and streets of the delightful and picturesque villages such as Palia Alonissos, Patitiri, Votsi and Kalamakia, each worthy of being discovered for its unique appearance and, although his profile made of rocky cliffs and rolling hills is nothing short of spectacular, the real attraction is the National Marine Park, also known as “the Galapagos of the Aegean” because of the presence of the Mediterranean seal Monachus-Monachus, the rarest species in the world that dwells on the small island of Piperi. Its surface, totaling approximately 2,200 square kilometers, in addition to Alonissos embraces many uninhabited islands, pieces of a precious mosaic to be discovered by boat, putting to discover a world of colors and shapes such as caves, stalactites, stalagmites of great natural value and biological.

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When they finish the holidays


The teachings of one Summer umbrellas and social networks


It, officially the last day of August coincides with a Monday that leaves no way, it’s back to work. The subway looks exactly the same as any other day of June, supermarkets (for spesone post holidays) are at the mercy of those who prepare stocks like the day of the Apocalypse and, on top of the list, the view out the window of ‘ office is the same as when you started and how they look out dreaming leakage to distant destinations, the same.

No, I do not think that the beauty of the holiday is in its being intangible, where we put syndrome endless summer then?

The fact is that these (my) nearly three weeks of separation from the desk, monitor and keyboard led me to lose myself in other seas: those stormy Instagram and calm but those with a few waves surprise from time to time, from the microcosm Adriatic seaside resort.

The first gave me great truths:

-The New eat-pray-love is definitely Stromboli-Bangkok-Mykonos. Yes, forget the whole cabal played by Roberts, Stromboli offers good food and a slice of worldliness fashionable for the most addicted. Thailand, so this year they were all there, however breathtaking nature and mysticism, say it also Baby K and Giusy Ferreri. But the real discovery is certainly Mykonos. Half the funny? But it should be, is the new Nirvana, at least what we read on social networks. It seems that the light arrives in front of sunset island. Do you go to dance and flirt look cheerful. No, forget it.

-I Fireworks soprendono us and enchant us again in 2015, just as their discovery in China in the year 1000. We are all hopeless romantics;

-There Is no limit for the worst when it comes to post dishes and foods. I saw brought ham crumpled, charred steaks and other horrors brought on greasy tables, in blurry photos taken by goals breaded fingerprints;

-Vincono Photos beautiful yes, but also and above all, the fun dida;

The microcosm of the typical bathhouse instead it was very open mind on the signals that, to know how to pick the right age, they would have avoided the great existential drama:

-The Table tennis is a sport boring and frustrating, you always end up arguing. Teaching: NEVER rage;

-Although The table tennis is the most boring sports practiced by mankind, if it is to play a nice guy there will always be one of the prettiest beach watching. Teaching: No matter how good you really are, never.

-I Still do bleached hair scandal. Teaching: Make a color before leaving;

-If You are separated or in crisis, during August (when the plant is always the same for years) is to stop all wars family, as during the Olympics and the descent to the sea is always smiling. Teaching: the holidays are sacred for all.

-Salutare Always all, never ask how it goes to those who do not laugh and when you want to avoid someone, use the excuse of illness from the heat. Teaching: always wear sunglasses;

-Make Friends with lifeguard. It is always a must, there must be a reason right?

Good start at all!

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Mykonos offers for cheap holidays

Summer is not over yet and in the heart of the Mediterranean is still possible to bathe in the sea and enjoy the last sunny days. The opportunities out there, especially those at very affordable prices, it is necessary therefore to take advantage. After our reports on Cyprus, Corfu, Taormina and Sicily in general, Porto Cesareo, it’s time to go in the Aegean Sea, a Greek island in the top destinations, we are talking about Mykonos, also known as the ‘island of fun.

In this period, perhaps you will not find the worldliness that usually characterizes Mykonos in high season, but the clear blue waters of the sea, the fabulous scenery with the typical white houses, the excellent Greek cuisine, the sun still hot and relaxation a resort not too crowded you will love this place without feeling the lack of parties and celebrations.




Weekend in Le Marche: addresses Moreno Cedroni

Consecrated 2015 to its new summer menu, the Susci 50. Try to Clandestine Portonovo. And while you’re in the area, take note of his suggestions. Worthy of one star (go and discover it for the Madonnina of the fisherman and all’Anikò Senigallia …)

Senigallia, including sausages and pizza by the meter “At Metro and sourdough: pizza Ale was the best of the city and has become the best of the center Italy. Always choose, even in the case of celiac disease. Sausages, ribs and pork steaks are bought by Furcinon, the most famous butcher of Senigallia, Via Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour 19. For wine, take some advice Enoteca Galli and shared with a Verdicchio (with Bucci and Fattoria San Lorenzo not wrong). ”

Read also: Welcome to Senigallia, between 50 and 50 years of Cedroni

Pesaro, the valley of Metauro, Pecorino Barrel “After two months of seasoning is put to rest in barrels between layers of leaves of walnut or chestnut or covered with thyme, bay leaf and savory. To choose according to taste more bitter (than in the leaves), sweeter (than between herbs). ”

Fano, direction Acqualagna for truffles “Until the end of August is the time of the black summer truffle or hooked, less refined of his cousins ​​but still good, then it’s time the white truffle of Alba and Acqualagna, the most valuable (and the highest first): to know the prices, see the bag of truffles. Alllungate up to Cartoceto to reach the master refiner Vittorio Beltrami. From him you can buy cheese, jam berries growing wild (wild rose, elderberry …), oil. ”

Restaurant Clandestino Moreno Cedroni
Restaurant Clandestino Moreno Cedroni

South Ancona, Conero and mosciolo Wild “The mussels that live attached to submerged rocks of the coast of Conero, mosciolo wild in short, are Slow Food presidium, and the clear water of Sanxenxo is around my Clandestine, therefore touches you go!

Portonovo, Ancona, Giugno 2015

Portonovo, Ancona, Giugno 2015