Lindsay Lohan: the back to Mykonos with Mtv

There was a moment when Lindsay Lohan was the promise of American cinema. The girl capable of “doubling” interpreting twins in Parents in a trap of 1998 and making everyone believe they really have a twin. Then Mean Girls of 2004 has consecrated her to idol of teenagers, the film becomes a cult still today cited every October 3, Halloween and Christmas with the unforgettable Jingle Bell Rock. His first album, Speak, climbs the world rankings and Lindsay is officially the new media obsession.

As expected, after the climb to the stars follows the descent to hell. The dark years, a family that drains the accounts in the bank, some dependence too much, the worldly outings, the wrong friendships and some wild paparazzi too. All told by paparazzi and videos on Youtube, watched with the bitter awareness of witnessing the umpteenth talent that is thrown away.

Then this summer bounces on all social networks a new viral video starring the Lohan, not one of those damn nights or poison words to alleged friends. Rather. LiLo dances happily in Mykonos and as only Queen George in Mean Girls could do with a punched tank top, Lindsay’s dance becomes the summer catchphrase, a halloween costume, a megamix and a dance class.

Today we can say that the video was nothing but a teaser. Unaware, it is clear, LiLo was really enjoying the moment nothing prepared to table, but in fact MTV has aired, simultaneously the MTV of the world (exclusively on Sky at channel 130) the first episode of LINDSAY LOHAN’S BEACH CLUB , the docu-series that tells the entrepreneurial “new life” of the American star. The episode will then be replicated on Saturday 12 January at 9.10 pm, while the entire 12-episode series will start on MTV (Sky 130 channel) in March.


Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club explores a new side of the life of the American actress and influencer, who has recently embarked on a career as a businesswoman. The program will follow the launch of the Lohan Beach House, its new club in Mykonos, Greece. The past remains in the past, he said, “It’s time to turn the page and finally look to the future”. In Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club we will see Lindsay directing a team of young and ambitious VIPs who will work with her to increase the restaurant’s reputation and promote it as an ideal location for luxury vacations. But romance and friendships could interfere with the work, and it will be the job of the boss Lindsay to handle every difficulty.

Ideal For Windsurf & Kitesurf, Very Close To Alemagu Restaurant Greece, Mykonos,

This luxury villa rental in Mykonos is built on a slight slope overlooking Ftelia bay that has been established as the windsurfers and kite surfers paradise, with its impressive waves and strong winds.

The location is ideal for guests in search of tranquility and privacy as well as for more active travelers. Visitors can dwell in the 60sqm pool, have fun barbecuing in 2 barbeques or hike down 500m and enjoy the lovely turquoise waters of the Aegean and the sandy beach. Later on during the evening guests can simply relax and enjoy the serenity this luxury villa rental in Mykonos offers, gazing at the sea and stars in any one of the four available outside sitting areas.

The villa is located at a distance of 2 km from the picturesque Ano Mera, 6 km from the sizzling nightlife of Mykonos and 4 km from the beaches of Elia, Kalafatis and Kalo Livadi. The property is in the middle of the Mykonian universe and 1 km from Alemagou restaurant.

The top level comprised of 4 spacious bedrooms two of which have an en-suite bathroom.There is also a modernly furnished living room with a fireplace, a fully equipped kitchen with a large table and 10 chairs.
The lower level comprised of 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. One of the bedrooms has its own private entrance. There is a spacious living room, kitchen and open seated area with BBQ and dining area.





7 Outside sitting Area – 3 of them shaded


Fancoli Clima

Ceiling Fans

Kitesurf equipment (3 kitesurfs)

Fully Equipped Kitchens



Laundry machine / laundry Dryer


Daily maid service

Maintenance service

Daily change of towels

Change of linen every 3 days

Vip concierge service

Wednesday 19 September in corso Italia back Compagni di viaggio, the exhibition dedicated to books about lands near and far

The Aegean islands are born from the sea of ​​the gods and heroes. The Aegean mythology of the glorious and sacred waters, the Aegean which was the archipelago from which everything, or a part of it all, originated. Remembering the names of all is an unequal challenge: Chio, Koufunissi, Skiatos, Santorini … there is always a few missing, as for the seven kings of Rome or the seven dwarfs. A partial justification can certainly be said to be many, many more, and it is very difficult for anyone to visit them all unless he is employed in a Hellenic shipping company, and even so it is not said.
Professor of Greek literature at the University of Trento, Giorgio Ieranò has visited most of the islands of this part of the world that is between the Balkan queue and the Anatolian peninsula. He saw them and told them in the Archipelago. Islands and myths of the Aegean Sea, volume published by Einaudi shortly before the summer. Just in time to leave on the annual pilgrimage to the lands of myth, which at certain points – Mykonos, Santorini – are now so mundane that they are truly mythical only for those who love the crowds.

Ieranò’s book is a portolano dense of ancient myths, a travel diary in the history and literature that tells of this succession of islands lashed by the sea, from Crete to Rhodes, from Naxos to Lesvos. There is a story, a fragment of poetry, an ancient tale for all the islands of the prince of the seas, the archipelago where so much, at least our western culture, began.

Giorgio Ieranò inaugurates the new season of Compagni di Viaggio, the exhibition dedicated to books about lands near and far that is held at the Punto Touring in Milan, in corso Italia 10.

Wednesday 19 September from 18.30 Ieranò will talk with Raffaella Calandra, editor-in-chief of Radio 24, to accompany us with myth in myth, history in history, between the islands of the Aegean. Free entry.

September 26th
Paolo Merlini and Maurizio Silvestri discuss with Michele Lauro of Sicilia Express, Exòrma Edizioni
3 October
Giorgio Franchetti presents At table with the ancient Romans
October 10th
Roberto Abbiati and Matteo Codignola talk about Moby Dick or La Balena, a novel by drawings published by Keller publisher
17 October
Adriano Favole and Tino Mantarro discusses Vie di fuga, Utet, for an anthropology of the encounter between cultures
October 24th
As part of the Milan Mountain Festival, the journalist of the Tci Piero Carlesi and the authors talk about Rifugi and bivouacs. The unmissable Alps, architecture, history and landscape, published by Hoepli Editore

Romantic getaway to the Cyclades islands or cultural holiday among the striking artistic beauties of the Acropolis of Rhodes?

What your destination will be of no importance because Greece deserves to be visited at least once in life. So why not do it with style?

Here are the essential items and accessories to take with you: a light silk caftan to be worn by the sea from dawn to dusk; a pair of rope espadrilles; a godet skirt to turn and at nightfall for a goddess look a maxi dress in peplum style. Finally, focus on accessories in raffia, tassels, fringes and colored beads.

To avoid mistakes, we recommend a palette with sky blue, deep blue Aegean and lime white shades.

For the gallery we were inspired by the look of Sophie protagonist of the new musical Mamma Mia! Here we go again.
Romantic getaway to the Cyclades islands or cultural holiday among the striking artistic beauties of the Acropolis of Rhodes? What your destination will be of no importance because Greece deserves to be visited at least once in life. So why not do it with style?

Here are the essential items and accessories to take with you: a light silk caftan to be worn by the sea from dawn to dusk; a pair of rope espadrilles; a godet skirt to turn and at nightfall for a goddess look a maxi dress in peplum style. Finally, focus on accessories in raffia, tassels, fringes and colored beads.

To avoid mistakes, we recommend a palette with sky blue, deep blue Aegean and lime white shades.

For the gallery we were inspired by the look of Sophie protagonist of the new musical Mamma Mia! Here we go again.

Panoramic Views, Privacy, Serenity, Comfort, Style And Luxury Are The Distinctive Characteristics Of This Villa. Santorini,

A 5-bedroom ultra-luxury villa situated in a private land of 4000 sq. meters in Imerovigli overlooking the volcano and the sunset.

There are 2 entrances in the house. One is the main door that enters at the main entrance of the house through an exterior path in the back courtyard of the villa.

Inside the tradition, a short distance from the most beautiful beaches

Stone-built 250 square meters ground floor detached house in a plot of 7 acres with a breathtaking view at the Toronian bay, highly aesthetic, with a unique style and attention to the details in order to provide unique moments of relaxation and calmness to the guests in the most private environment.

It provides all the comforts of a modern residence with high requirements, including a large living room with a porch, a cuisine, 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms fully furnished with high quality furnitures and handmade structures from wood both at the inside and the outside of the house, central air conditioning system on the sealing of every room, an 100 sq. m. swimming pool with hydro massage and a night lighting chromotherapy, WiFi 4G, Smart TV LED 55″, CD/DVD, stereo amplifier for 2 internal and 2 external speakers with the ability of a Bluetooth connection, external barbecue, a beach volley court, external ping- pong table and a parking for 4 cars.


Cleaning services every 2 days , outdoor maintenances (pool, garden , etc)


Located in a small distance both from the cosmopolitan beach of Saint John and the quite beach of Kastri.

Nikiti, the tourist center of Sithonia’s municipality is 2,5km away while Thessaloniki’s international airport “Macedonia” is 80km away.

Paxos Contemporary Art Project is born. In Greece, public art on an unspoiled island

After the inaugural art week of Manifesta 12 in Palermo, we remain in the Mediterranean area to tell you about the birth of a brand new initiative. This is Paxos Contemporary Art Project (P-CAP), a brand new contemporary art festival – scheduled from 22 June to 9 September 2018 – which aims to celebrate the pristine and unique beauty of the Greek island of Paxos, through a rich program of artistic events and site-specific installations, commissioned exclusively for the occasion to eight young international artists invited to be part of the project.


“The idea came from a deep passion for the unique and marvelous nature of the island”, says its creator, Marina Tomacelli Filomarino, a frequent visitor to the island over the last 40 years, and with various work experience in the field of communication in Germany and France. “At the beginning, it seemed like a dream, to realize such a demanding project, which would combine the magnificent landscapes of Paxos with a stimulating contemporary art. However, when I started sharing my dreams with artists, curators and friends from Paxos and abroad, I received tremendous response and great moral and practical support. I am very happy that everything is going to happen “. Thanks to the achievement (and exceeding) of the target (about 25 thousand euros), through crowdfunding on the online platform Kickstarter launched a few months ago with Chris Boikos, owner of an art gallery in Paris and Paxos, Tomacelli Filomarino has, in fact , was able to realize his dream: to finance this free public art project, inspired by the nature and beauty of this small Greek island, south of Corfu, which has so far been able to protect itself from the onslaught of mass tourism, to make known the uncontaminated spirit and, at the same time, to support the work of young artists.


The eight involved in the project – Axel Void, Jewgeni Roppel, Leonid Keller, Linus Lohmann, Quintessenz Creation, Rene Wagner, Michael Sebastian Haase Yiannis Pappas- have long worked in close contact with the wild nature of Paxos, realizing works on paper, sculptures , murals, performances and audiovisual installations, both in natural and architectural places, but mainly outdoors. During the inaugural weekend – from 22 to 24 June – the artists will be present to accompany the visitors in the various festival sites distributed throughout the island – some also visible from the sea; while in the following days the public will have available a map that, in addition to providing information on the works on display, will take care to point out nature reserves, restaurants, beaches and other places of interest.

Mykonos: the less windy beaches of the island

For this summer 2018 you might think of going on vacation to Mykonos. It is a very touristic island of Greece, it is true, but objectively it is also very beautiful and fascinating even if its beaches are very windy. Among the most beloved islands of the Cyclades, Mykonos is famous for its beautiful beaches, whitewashed houses, bays lashed by wind and the characteristic mills that have now become almost a symbol of this island. In recent years, Mykonos has become an island dedicated to entertainment, nightlife and often besieged by young matured students who choose the beaches of Mykonos as a destination for their journey of Maturity. It matters little, whether you are a mature or a thirty-year-old on holiday, Mykonos, like all the islands of Greece, deserves to be discovered and appreciated, in all its beauty. Although, objectively, the island of Mykonos with its beautiful beaches, has become very touristy, preserves glimpses of rare natural and characteristic beauty. But there is a problem, as we said at the beginning.

Mykonos is also considered “Island of the Wind” and therefore almost all its beaches are very windy. So if you hate the wind or you get a headache and you just can not spend too much time on the beach with your hair braided like a storm, it is important to choose the less windy beaches of Mykonos. Here we are to suggest you three beaches with little wind in Mykonos.

Psarou: we are in the south-western part of Mykonos and this tiny paradise beach is perfect for those who do not like the wind. Among the less windy beaches of the Greek island, in fact, Pasarou is a wonderful corner, well equipped, full of services and, we reiterate, with little wind.
Platis Gialos: this beach of Mykonos is among the least windy of all. A paradise for families, with shallow beaches and protected by rocks and white houses. There are many bathing establishments perfect for all families, we are in the western part of Mykonos and, perhaps for its characteristics, this beach is very crowded.
Agios Ioannis: this beach is one of the most famous in Mykonos so be careful because you could find it full of tourists. This area is among the least windy in the whole island of Mykonos because it is protected by hills and the beach is divided into two parts by the rocks. Despite the great tour of tourists that populate Agios Ioannis is still characterized by tranquility with crystal clear waters that will make you believe you are in the Maldives.

The trendy beaches and clubs of Lindsay Lohan in Greece

Lindsay Lohan has decided to invest in some clubs in Greece and has opened three activities in Mykonos, Athens and Rhodes
For the uninitiated, the famous actress Lindsay Lohan has opened three nightclubs in Greece in Athens and in the islands of Rhodes and Mykonos.
The world is full of VIPs who decide to open businesses in countries other than theirs and Lindsay Lohan is no exception. The actress, famous for her starring role in Mean Girls and her not-so-clear past, has founded three nightclubs in Greece. The chosen places were the wild island of Mykonos, the magnificent Rhodes and Athens, the cradle of culture. Lindsay Lohan’s decision to invest in Greece had made much discussion at the time since the economic crisis certainly does not make it a place to party every night. In a statement released to the press last year, the star revealed that she wanted to succeed where others failed and wanted to celebrate the meeting between different cultures. Last year, when he opened the Athens nightclub, he revealed that part of the proceeds would be donated to the children’s associations of refugees from Syria.
The last club opened by Lindsay Lohan is the “LOHAN Beach House” of Mykonos that follows the one already existing on the island of Rhodes. The actress has chosen three of the most beautiful places to start her commercial activities and, even if the Athens nightclub could have a difficult life due to the economic crisis, the Beach House can go on thanks to the arrival of tourists in the summer season. If these clubs are lucky, only time will tell.
Greece is the country that most suffered the economic crisis of 2007. Many businesses have closed, restaurants are empty for most of the year, and young people try to go abroad to get some luck. Despite this, however, tourism has not diminished, indeed: continue to be millions of people who, every year, go to Greece to spend their summer vacation. Mykonos has always been the youth destination par excellence, with its nightclubs and clubs on the beach. Athens, full of history and culture, deserves to be visited and discovered in every small detail. And the magnificent Rhodes is not far behind.


the Villa is a breath-taking modern villa perched on the rocky hillside above the exclusive Super Paradise beach. Here on the sun-kissed Mykonos coast the focus is entirely on relaxation and luxury. The captivating infinity pool, glistening in the bright Aegean light, stretches out to the horizon. Your traditional stone terrace and two shady pergolas are blessed with panoramic views of the sea. Everything in Honde has been designed to give you an unforgettable vacation under the Mediterranean sun.

Caressed by the soft sea breezes, this magnificent property makes the very most of your location. Descend the steps from the upper level and you can skip over the playful stepping stones laid across your shimmering pool. A rank of inviting sun loungers line up to give you unrestricted views of the sea. Built into the stone walls either side you’ll find two sheltered porches. One provides relaxed seating while the other is the perfect setting for refined al fresco dining. Light the wood-fired barbecue and gather around the wooden table as the sun sinks below the horizon.

From the moment you arrive at Honde you’ll be won over by its artistry and elegance. This ultra-modern luxury villa takes the finest elements of Mykonian architecture and adds contemporary style. The sunny terrace connects directly with a spacious living room full of tasteful furniture and decorated in subtle shades. Next to it you’ll find the gleaming modern kitchen, its sleek lines and unblemished surfaces ready and waiting to produce delicious meals. Bright, light and airy, this is open plan living at its simple best.

the Villa four luxurious bedrooms greet you with chic sophistication. Each air-conditioned room is decorated in cool tones and embellished by four-poster beds, feature furniture or minimalist artwork. The spacious master bedroom and its two companions open directly onto the pool terrace through French doors. The separate guest house bedroom offers an extra level of privacy. Sleek, modern en-suites add an extra level of indulgence.

the Villa you are just 500 meters from the golden beach at Super Paradise and the dazzling Aegean Sea. This sought-after strip of sand sparkles under the Mediterranean sun, dotted with loungers and parasols. Attracting a mixed crowd of trendy, gay and relaxed clientele it’s an eclectic but friendly environment for lazy days by the sea. Beyond the beach, the island of Mykonos begs to be explored – from ancient towns and windmills to its teeming bars and dance floors.

Kefalonia, see the best of the Greek island

Kefalonia, see the best of the Greek island The northern tip of the island of Kefalonia is the most authentic and picturesque area to go on holiday A two-hour flight from Italy, Kefalonia, in the Ionian Islands, is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. Partly destroyed by a terrible earthquake in 1953, the […]


Phenomenal volcanic views, cool cavernous interiors…welcome to Santorini at its sexiest. Once a working bakery, this villa has been transformed into the perfect hide-away, great for couples or a small group of friends.

The Villa consists of two cave houses, set on an upper and lower level, connected with exterior stairs..It is rented as a whole and you use both levels with two terraces and an outdoors Jacuzzi plunge pool.

The upper level offers a smooth, cool sculpted interior with an easy flow from one living area to the next and a vista to knock your socks off. It consists of a light and airy living room, dining area, and well-equipped kitchen. The master bedroom leading from the living area, offers a cozy bedroom with Queen size bed and en-suite bathroom. The second bedroom has two mattresses pushed together as a double so we can put two sheets or put a double sheet to make a King, the bedroom is served with en-suite bathroom . A private balcony provides the perfect outdoor area for enjoying the uninterrupted volcano view.

Exterior stairs connect you with the lower floor.

Enter the lower floor cave house – if you can take your eyes off the view that is! – which offers fresh white interiors with the continuous flow from living space to bedroom creating a quietly cool and friendly atmosphere. This villa boasts a spacious double bedroom with a gorgeous en-suite bathroom with his and hers vanities. Ideally a villa for two, there is additional sleeping room for extra guests on the banquette style couch, which is serviced by a second bathroom just off the lounge. For those who love to cook, the piece-de-resistance of this villa will most definitely be the kitchen – an uninterrupted Caldera view from your stove top. A private sun drenched terrace with soul-stirring views and outdoor Jacuzzi – plunge pool complete the picture.

The Villa claim an enviable position in the village of Imerovigli, and guests can enjoy the myriad of shops and excellent restaurants which are within a few minutes leisurely stroll from the houses.

An idyllic setting for a relaxed vacation. Trust us – you’ll forget the very idea of stress.

Greece Crete

From its hillside perch, Villa ikh possesses an endless view of Kokkino Chorio’s hillside, mountain range, and beautiful turquoise Ocean. With a background like that, it’s easy to spend a whole day just soaking in the amazing atmosphere on the terrace, lounging in the swimming pool, and enjoying dinner under the stars. You’ll love the private setting and appreciate the proximity to beaches, small towns, and big cities, all within a half hour
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Mansion Sophia was built around the mid-19th century and inhabited by one of the feudal landlords of the island at that time. These merchants and land barons became wealthy exporting the unique Vinsanto wine the island still produces. Trade brought wealth which in turn brought the Mansion Houses. Megalochori had a particularly strong link with the Port of Odessa in Russia. Many of the church bells which still toll in the village today are from Russia and have a very distinct clarity. Up until fifteen years ago the house was still occupied by one of the descendants of the Akila family, after which the villa is named. She refused to allow modern technology to enter the house, and lived happily with no electricity collecting her water in the well after each winter rain.
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Santorini: the most beautiful island of the Aegean 10 reasons to visit one of the symbols of Greece

Why choose Santorini as a destination for your holidays? Simple. Because there are no other similar islands. Here are 10 good reasons to choose the island of Santorini as a dream destination!

Santorini: the most beautiful island of the Aegean

1. Overlooking the Caldera: Caldera means landscapes, luxury hotels, sunsets, infinity pools, jewelery shops, cocktails on the cliffs and 5-star dinners.

Santorini: the most beautiful island of the Aegean

2. Il Tramonto: from the ruins of the Venetian castle, it applauds when the sun disappears, in a moment of collective exaltation. An almost anthropological experience. Santorini: the most beautiful island of the Aegean

3. Archaeological sites: Santorini houses the most important archaeological site of the Aegean Sea. An ancient volcanic explosion literally buried a city that was at the forefront in every aspect. There are still many traces of it left in the archaeological site of Akrotiri, excavated only in small part.

4. The Beaches: among the noteworthy beaches: Kamari, the kingdom of backpackers and Perissa, the paradise of organized tours.

the most beautiful island of the Aegean

5. Feeling in the middle of the Volcano: fumaroles, stones, sulfur and warm water sources will remind you that the island is of volcanic origin and does not sleep at all. Rather…

6. Taste the specialties: Santorini is special for its olives, for an excellent white wine, tomatoes, white aubergines and its famous Greek salad.

the most beautiful island of the Aegean

7. Discover the countries: Fira, Oia, Imerovigli, every village here has a story to tell. A cradle of white villages that are printed as indelible memories, and remain etched in memory forever.

the most beautiful island of the Aegean

8. Walking Sea View: a relaxing walk, breezy, undemanding, full of characteristic views, fragrant and, above all, far from the crowd.

9. Impressive in front of the luxury: resorts, infinity pools, candles, bars, terraces and outdoor jacuzzi. Santorini is the new frontier of luxury vacation.

10. Think of the idea of ​​Greece: so white, with the blue domes of the churches and the houses superimposed on each other. Everything in the island of Santorini is harmonious and romantic.
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Mykonos Greece

Honde is a breath-taking modern villa perched on the rocky hillside above the exclusive Super Paradise beach. Here on the sun-kissed Mykonos coast the focus is entirely on relaxation and luxury. The captivating infinity pool, glistening in the bright Aegean light, stretches out to the horizon. Your traditional stone terrace and two shady pergolas are blessed with panoramic views of the sea. Everything in Honde has been designed to give you an unforgettable vacation under the Mediterranean sun.

Caressed by the soft sea breezes, this magnificent property makes the very most of your location. Descend the steps from the upper level and you can skip over the playful stepping stones laid across your shimmering pool. A rank of inviting sun loungers line up to give you unrestricted views of the sea. Built into the stone walls either side you’ll find two sheltered porches. One provides relaxed seating while the other is the perfect setting for refined al fresco dining. Light the wood-fired barbecue and gather around the wooden table as the sun sinks below the horizon.

From the moment you arrive at Honde you’ll be won over by its artistry and elegance. This ultra-modern luxury villa takes the finest elements of Mykonian architecture and adds contemporary style. The sunny terrace connects directly with a spacious living room full of tasteful furniture and decorated in subtle shades. Next to it you’ll find the gleaming modern kitchen, its sleek lines and unblemished surfaces ready and waiting to produce delicious meals. Bright, light and airy, this is open plan living at its simple best.

Honde’s four luxurious bedrooms greet you with chic sophistication. Each air-conditioned room is decorated in cool tones and embellished by four-poster beds, feature furniture or minimalist artwork. The spacious master bedroom and its two companions open directly onto the pool terrace through French doors. The separate guest house bedroom offers an extra level of privacy. Sleek, modern en-suites add an extra level of indulgence.

From Honde you are just 500 meters from the golden beach at Super Paradise and the dazzling Aegean Sea. This sought-after strip of sand sparkles under the Mediterranean sun, dotted with loungers and parasols. Attracting a mixed crowd of trendy, gay and relaxed clientele it’s an eclectic but friendly environment for lazy days by the sea. Beyond the beach, the island of Mykonos begs to be explored – from ancient towns and windmills to its teeming bars and dance floors.

Low cost holidays in Greece: where to go for summer 2018

Idyllic landscapes, where time seems to have stopped, and really affordable prices: this means that Greece is the favorite destination for many tourists, including Italian tourists, who come here many times of the year. If spring is ideal for visiting the ancient archaeological areas of this wonderful country, but also its fascinating monasteries and Orthodox churches, in summer the choice falls on the seaside resorts and on the islands.

You are really spoiled for choice: along the coast, there are always crowded beaches, while some of the islands are isolated and quiet. Here we will find sandy bays that are real jewels to be discovered. In short, Greece is the ideal destination for our holiday, where sun and good food are combined with the long history and culture of the country. All without leaving out the feasts that take place in the seaside resorts. It is above all the islands that conquer millions of tourists every year, starting from the most famous ones, such as Crete, with its white sandy beaches, Kos, the ideal for those seeking relaxation, Mikonos, which combines relaxation and fun. at parties, Corfu, very close to Italy, and the romantic Rhodes and Santorini. Ideal destinations for low-cost holidays are Citèra, also known as the Island of Venus, located south of the Peloponnese, in the Ionian Sea, the island of Serifos, just two hours of catamaran from Piraeus, and Scarpanto, an island of Aegean geographically belonging to the Dodecanese. These islands are ideal both for family holidays and for those with friends or for a very romantic couple package.

Let’s find out some unmissable vacation packages to live immersed in nature and enjoy the view of unique landscapes. The best packages include flight plus stay: for those who want to anticipate their holidays in the second half of May, it starts from just over 500 euros for seven or eight days, destination Rhodes, Kos or Crete, departing from Milan Malpensa and Verona . Then still seven days in Mykonos starting from Bologna on May 25th cost 570 euros. Certainly unparalleled are some low-cost packages: a seven-day stay at the island of Zakynthos, departing from Bari at the end of August, costs 267 euros; the hotel is located 8 minutes walk from the beach. Definitely a dream holiday in Skiathos, one of the most popular islands of Greece in the most popular period of the year, or August: it always starts from Bari on July 30 and the trip with stay costs 383 euros. If you choose Corfu and a stay at Oula Maisonettes, just a 3 minute walk from Kávos beach, you can start from Pisa on July 9th, a flight and seven days holiday cost from 186 euros. Seven days in the seaside resort of Nydri, less than 100 meters from the beach, on the island of Lefkada, flying from Bari on July 4, have a fantastic price: 263 euros.

Among the all-inclusive packages, lovers of Greek history and art can choose a Grand Tour with the following stages: Athens – Argolis – Olympia – Delphi – Meteor – Thessaloniki – Vergina. The full eight-day package costs € 1,380 and includes in addition to flying, 5-star hotels in Olympia, Kalambaka, Thessaloniki, guide for the whole tour, six lunches, family accommodation and tourist taxes. Santorini for seven days at the end of June with departure from Naples, Bari and Genoa and all-inclusive stay in a structure with the best quality-price ratio has costs starting from 413 euros. In short, holidays for all tastes, both for those who choose cultural tourism, for those who want to have fun, with special attention to families.

Responding to the needs of families who choose to spend holiday days in Greece, the holiday villages mostly respond, offering complete packages at really advantageous costs, while some are truly authentic jewels. In Corfu, for example, we find the St. George Villa, located six minutes from the beach, in Agios Georgios Argiradon. All bungalows have a balcony overlooking the pool and other common areas of the property, located just half an hour from Corfu International Airport. Kathisma is a famous long sandy beach on the west coast of Lefkada: here, in Agios Nikitas, we find the Pantheon, a structure with independent villas and two-storey apartments. In August we start from offers from 351 euros for three nights. Located in the village of Trapezaki, 1 km from the beach, Fiora Villas offers Ionian-style villas surrounded by nature.
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Travel to Greece. On the Pelion peninsula and in Rhodes. Between secret beaches, sanctuaries, art and nightlife

The dream sea of ​​the Pelion peninsula, but also the frescoed forests and churches. In addition to the train immortalized by Giorgio de Chirico. And then Rhodes, with its medieval corners, concerts under the stars, trendy beaches and deserted …

Meryl Streep learned how to prepare the dolmades, vine leaves stuffed with rice, in a vernacular taverna of Damouchari. Inlet of blue sea and clear rocks where scenes of the cult movie Mamma Mia !. The only flicker of worldliness in this beautiful and secret corner in the Pelion peninsula that closes the Gulf of Flight. This is so famous, because from here you embark for the Sporades islands, while few know the Pelion, a Greece for connoisseurs, far from the routes of mass tourism, the ugly invasive architecture of the landscape.

Only 90 kilometers of primary Mediterranean forest, oaks, chestnut trees, cypresses, centenarian plane trees, millions of olive trees, cherry trees and the famous apple trees of Zagora that produce red and sweet apples. Then the mountain that reaches 1600 meters, the flowers exported to the Netherlands until a few years ago, the 400 species of medicinal herbs. For the mythology here lived Chirone, the wisest of the Centaurs, medicine teacher of Asclepius. Then there is the sea: calm among olive and cypress trees of the Pasasitikos gulf, wild on the Aegean front, with coasts fringed by cliffs, caves, woods and coves, crystal water, dazzling turquoise, blue.

White sand beaches like Aghios Ioannis, where Anthoula is located, a workshop of the classic Greek old woman perennially sitting on the door. She sells woven blankets and tablecloths, hand embroidered cotton curtains in the villages, made in Pelion, not in China. Whites also the beach of Horefto and the tables of the tavern O Petros, almost flush with water, where they seem never to end the lunches based on fresh fish and vegetables: fried shrimps with salicornia and other rock herbs, octopus with zucchini, sardines on aubergine purée.

But the most spectacular beach is Fakistra, one of the ten most beautiful in the world according to the Guardian, never crowded because it is reached with a long walk. It is just 15 km from The Lost Unicorn, a charming hotel in Claire (English) and Christos Martzos (Greek). And the British taste is felt in the prints on the walls, in the well-stocked library of books on Greece and novels, in all languages. From the terrace you can reach the highest branches of a centenary plane tree, so large to host comfortable seats to enjoy a coffee or an aperitif.

Under the hotel, a square invaded by another monumental platano, perhaps millenary. It is in Tsangarada, a country spread in micro villages, in the green. And it feels really suspended over a forest by the pool of the 12 Luxury Resort, an ecological five-star hotel with spa, which organizes wellness weekends and active holidays, horse riding, hiking and archery. In a fraction of Tsagarada there is the chatty pope of the eighteenth-century church Ag. Taxiarchis, who proudly displays the icon with Aristotle and Plato at the foot of the Virgin.

In the mountain villages – stone houses in the shade of plane trees and chestnut trees – churches and stories have the flavor of legend even if authentic. Here is Agia Marina in Kissos and the frescoes from the Bible. But also pedagogical figures of plants and animals: it was one of the many secret schools at the time of the Ottoman occupation, where Greek history and culture were clandestinely taught.
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Greece mania: a trip to Kea, the fairytale island

The Cyclades islands are among the most famous and visited of Greece. Picturesque islands, white villages perched on the mountains and culinary delicacies, ideal destination for those who want a relaxing holiday between solitary coves, crystal clear sea, bright-colored bougainvillea and archaeological sites.

The Cycladic archipelago consists of more than two hundred islands all bathed by the Aegean Sea and gathered in a circle (from the Greek kyklos) around the island of Delos.

The most important of these, however, can be counted on the palm of one hand and are the mundane Mykonos, the traditionalist Paros, the alternative Ios and Santorini, the island of lovers.

However, those who want to deviate from mass tourism, can opt for those less known locations and off the routes of tour operators, such as the Small Cyclades.

Among these, the island of Kea or Tzia as the Greeks alternately call it. An island of just 131 square kilometers and about 2500 inhabitants, which focuses on family friendly tourism.

This little paradise is a place of absolute relaxation, thanks also to the climate that for six months a year, from May to October, offers extraordinary days.

The sea that surrounds the island is very tempting for divers, given the presence of numerous wrecks, such as the HMHS Britannic, the sister ship of the Titanic, lying about 100 meters deep.

The architecture of Ioulis (from the locals called Chora), the island’s capital, differs greatly from the classical architecture of the Cycladic islands, proposing a small Mediterranean-style village with terracotta roofs and situated on top of a hill.

All over the territory there are scattered many ancient ruins, abandoned chapels, picturesque harbors and taverns full of charm.

Fans of mythology and ancient history should not miss an excursion to the ruins of the temple of Apollo in Karthaia, an archaeological site overlooking the blue opposite the island of Kythnos.

The island has numerous winding paths, ideal for trekking or long walks.

The four city-states of Korissia, Ioulis, Poieessa and Karthaia are part of a network of twelve marked treks over 80 kilometers long.

In any case, the most important activities are aquatic activities such as windsurfing, sailing, snorkeling and water skiing.

Even dives are very popular, but you have to pay attention to the underwater archaeological sites to which you can not approach, at least without a diving center agreement.

Even before the storytelling became a marketing tool, on the island of Kea they created the “The Fairy Tales Festival”, which is staged from July 22nd to 30th, proposing the best bishops and story-tellers of the whole Cyclades archipelago, who came to tell their stories to children of all ages, languages ​​and countries.

Main ingredients of Greek cuisine are meat, yogurt, vegetables and cheeses. In particular, yogurt here has another consistency and another flavor compared to what is eaten in the rest of Europe and is often combined with honey and fresh fruit cut into pieces.

Feta is also a particularly famous Greek cheese, ideal for flavoring a chioriatiki salad made with tomatoes, olives, peppers and onions and dressed with extra virgin olive oil.

Among the main dishes, the moussaka (aubergine flan, potatoes and meat sauce, covered with béchamel) and the souvlaki (grilled cooked meat) and cheese rolls coated with vine leaves. As for fish, it is cooked especially on grilled meat or fried.

The island is home to the ancient lyric poets Simonis and Bacchilides, both living around the 5th and 4th centuries BC Simonide, in particular, inaugurated the second phase of the choral lyric and was known for his countercurrent spirit since he tried not to be influenced too much by the clients, or by local tyrannies.

The island of Kea has recently been discovered by tourism, so much so that many foreigners are starting to buy a small accommodation for their retreat. Among them, world-renowned architects such as Christos Vlachos and Ioannis Michalopoulos have made splendid residences there.
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Mykonos and Santorini: two magical islands

The most requested destinations for this Summer 2018 see Greece in first place.

In the summer the Italians love the sea and the hottest and most economical destinations. Among the most popular destinations for this summer 2018 we find the #Grecia with its two spectacular islands, Mykonos and Santorini.

Mykonos and Santorini: between colors and breathtaking sunsets
Mykonos, the island most visited by tourists of young and middle age, will surprise you by its appearance where the blue of the sea and the shades of brown of the earth dominate only by the white of the small villages. Very popular tourist destination for its clubs open all night and its beach parties, so if you want a little ‘relaxation the advice is to visit in the off season, in June or September, when the narrow streets of his historic center are less crowded.

Santorini is considered the romantic island, has a circular shape because it is part of a wall of a large volcanic crater. Impervious cliffs fall steeply into the sea in the western wall of the island while in the eastern part the slope slopes gently towards the beaches. The island offers a sea view and thanks to its Cycladic architecture, it is famous for its rugged landscape and its breathtaking sunsets.

Both islands really offer a lot to the visitor. If you spend your holidays in Mykonos, head to Matoyianni called “the shopping and nightlife street”, a narrow and long street that starts near the old port and almost reaches Little Venice, the neighborhood of the island so called by of the houses on the water like in Venice Along the way you will find all kinds of shops, from high fashion to merchandising and ethnic places as well as restaurants and pubs that fully reflect the cosmopolitan vocation of this island.

However, if you choose Santorini, diving is ideal for all, where you will be captivated by the depths of the caldera and volcanic rocks and heading towards the village of Emporio, in the heart of the island, it is worth visiting the church of Panagia Mesiani .

In conclusion, if you still have no ideas of which destination to choose for this summer 2018, my advice is to start taking a look at the travel proposals to these two extraordinary islands of Greece with the belief that you will not be disappointed but on the contrary fully satisfied passing so ‘an unforgettable holiday and all to tell. #estate2018 @ikhvillas_official #ikh #ikhvillas_official #villas #nice #villa #ibiza #lifestyle #sea #sun #summer #2018 #holidays #rentalvillas #formentera #greece #luxurylife #sicily #sardinia #top #mykonos

Euroflora 2018 in Nervi: the wonder of the Parks.

Genoa – And here we are finally at the big day of Euroflora 2018. After anticipations, information on where to buy tickets, how to get to the Parks of Nervi and the latest news on reaching Euroflora by helicopter, it is time to open the gates of the parks to show the work that technicians, gardeners, Aster and the young have done during these months. After the preview of Friday dedicated to institutions and press, on Saturday 21 April the dances are officially opened (9-19.30). Meanwhile, Mentelocale wanted to do an anticipatory tour of the parks to take the first pictures.

The parks, by themselves, are already a fantastic location. Imagine them all flowered and colored, with the blue of the sea in the background and the emerald trees above the head. A marvel for the eyes. A whole other Euroflora compared to the Fair, which had more scenographies and water games, but was more “built”. Here it is pure nature, with simpler but splendid scenery. A natural habitat decorated for a party. From the striking pink of the hydrangeas to the bonsai, from purple to yellow. An explosion of colors.

We are only at 20 April 2018, but the air has all the flavor of a full-blown summer day. Everything is in place on the day 0, but there are still those who water, who plants and takes care of the last flowers. On the other hand, the flowers exposed outdoors will need constant care and the stage where they will perform from 21 April until May 6 will be quite large: 86 thousand square meters and 5 kilometers of paths, between gardens and historic villas overlooking the sea . Flowers as far as the eye can see, 500 thousand to be exact, will form large compositions in contrast with the green of the meadows and the ancient trees. And for the first time, moving the gaze between a rose and a tulip, visitors will be able to see the sea of ​​Nervi on the horizon.

A great show, in 4 times: water, air, earth and fire. This is the quartet of themes that guide the exhibition: starting from Red Wawe, dedicated to fire, passing through the Water Lilies Lake, to the Germinations dedicated to the earth and to the Labyrinth dedicated to the air. The Red Wave catches attention right away. The red flowering of great visual impact contrasts with the green background: a flaming path that rises for 120 meters, for a total of 1800 square meters of blooms with 14 thousand plants of red daisies. Farther on, the Lake of the Water Lilies mirrors the green of the parks: the circular pool is resting on the ground, the lawn shapes and surrounds its contour. Its diameter of 13 meters contains 66 cubic meters of water. 150 rustic water lilies float in different varieties here.

And we move on to the Germinations: vertical green walls accompany in a sequence of vegetal scenes works of art placed in the landscape. The five fifths of vegetation, three meters high, develop 300 square meters of vertical green, which consists of pre-activated modules mounted on a metal grid to which the dripline irrigation system is fixed. In the section dedicated to the earth, one finds one of the most curious compositions: Giuseppe Carta at Euroflora 2018 realizes Capsica Red Light: sculptural installation of 20 red chillies in bronze and polychrome resin. Finally, the Labyrinth, a path of 200 meters, with 500 plants of Photinia x fraserii that accompany the visitor to discover the Bouquet de Coquelicots Suspendus (Bouquet of suspended poppies) created by Alain Micquiaux.

Obviously Liguria will be a great protagonist at Euroflora 2018 in all its colors. The Gardens of Maggi, a Bogliasco company, will focus on King Ulivo in all its forms, from macro-bonsai to secular plants. Do not miss Polifemo, an olive tree pruned in art whose branches recall the ancient tradition of bonsai. Around, the whole area will be characterized by 4 flowerbeds created with the technique of dry stone walls that will host lavender, luisa grass, rosemary, thyme and sage. The Ligurian route will end in the rose garden, where a historic greenhouse will be equipped for the cultivation of the Genoese DOP basil.
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Travel to Greece. On the Pelion peninsula and in Rhodes.

Between secret beaches, sanctuaries, art and nightlife
The dream sea of ​​the Pelion peninsula, but also the frescoed forests and churches. In addition to the train immortalized by Giorgio de Chirico. And then Rhodes, with its medieval corners, concerts under the stars, trendy beaches and deserted …

Meryl Streep learned how to prepare the dolmades, vine leaves stuffed with rice, in a vernacular taverna of Damouchari. Inlet of blue sea and clear rocks where scenes of the cult movie Mamma Mia !. The only flicker of worldliness in this beautiful and secret corner in the Pelion peninsula that closes the Gulf of Flight. This is so famous, because from here you embark for the Sporades islands, while few know the Pelion, a Greece for connoisseurs, far from the routes of mass tourism, the ugly invasive architecture of the landscape.

Only 90 kilometers of primary Mediterranean forest, oaks, chestnut trees, cypresses, centenarian plane trees, millions of olive trees, cherry trees and the famous apple trees of Zagora that produce red and sweet apples. Then the mountain that reaches 1600 meters, the flowers exported to the Netherlands until a few years ago, the 400 species of medicinal herbs. For the mythology here lived Chirone, the wisest of Centaurs, medicine teacher of Asclepius. Then there is the sea: calm among olive and cypress trees of the Pasasitikos gulf, wild on the Aegean front, with coasts fringed by cliffs, caves, woods and coves, crystal water, dazzling turquoise, blue.

White sand beaches like Aghios Ioannis, where Anthoula is located, a workshop of the classic Greek old woman perennially sitting on the door. She sells woven blankets and tablecloths, hand embroidered cotton curtains in the villages, made in Pelion, not in China. Whites also the beach of Horefto and the tables of the tavern O Petros, almost flush with water, where they seem never to end the lunches based on fresh fish and vegetables: fried shrimps with salicornia and other rock herbs, octopus with zucchini, sardines on aubergine purée.

But the most spectacular beach is Fakistra, one of the ten most beautiful in the world according to the Guardian, never crowded because it is reached with a long walk. It is just 15 km from The Lost Unicorn, a charming hotel in Claire (English) and Christos Martzos (Greek). And the British taste is felt in the prints on the walls, in the well-stocked library of books on Greece and novels, in all languages. From the terrace you can reach the highest branches of a centenary plane tree, so large to host comfortable seats to enjoy a coffee or an aperitif.

Under the hotel, a square invaded by another monumental platano, perhaps millenary. It is in Tsangarada, a country spread in micro villages, in the green. And it feels really suspended over a forest by the pool of the 12 Luxury Resort, an ecological five-star hotel with spa, which organizes wellness weekends and active holidays, horse riding, hiking and archery. In a fraction of Tsagarada there is the chatty pope of the eighteenth-century church Ag. Taxiarchis, who proudly displays the icon with Aristotle and Plato at the foot of the Virgin.

In the mountain villages – stone houses in the shade of plane trees and chestnut trees – churches and stories have the flavor of legend even if authentic. Here is Agia Marina in Kissos and the frescoes from the Bible. But also pedagogical figures of plants and animals: it was one of the many secret schools at the time of the Ottoman occupation, where Greek history and culture were clandestinely taught.

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This year the holidays in Greece!

Spring makes us want to start looking at flights and destinations. The first warm, the coats that end up in the boxes and the advent of the canvas shoes does not make this effect to you? If yes, here is our special list of Greek islands where you can spend your holidays.


Probably one of the best known and most popular, Santorini is also our favorite. The southernmost of the Cyclades, the volcanic island with black beaches. The black gravel makes a contrast with the windmills of Oia creating a suggestive landscape that you will not find elsewhere. Imerovigli, Fira, the Caldera and the archaeological excavations of Akrotiri are not to be missed. Sometimes too touristy, sometimes too crowded, so plan your departure for early June or early September.


We are still in the Cyclades, between Naxos and Santorini. Golden beaches, white houses and the tomb of Homer overlooking the sea. Hippies have “colonized” it over the past century and now, even if it is more chic than freak, it is still one of the most Greek islands. The frenetic nightlife especially in the area of ​​Chora has not erased its Hellenic spirit. The clear sea, a pita with tzaziki and a sly cat that yawns in the shadows embody Ios more than ever.


Aegean Sea this time, Sporades archipelago. Here the film Mamma Mia was filmed, with Meryl Streep, Colin Firth and Pierce Brosnan. Skiathos is among these islands the most cosmopolitan: rich in woods and with beautiful sandy beaches. Describe it briefly? It’s a romantic bay, it’s a monastery on a hill, it’s a taverna on the sea. Skiathos is someone fishing on the dock.


The second largest island of the Dodecanese, after Rhodes. It is a natural bridge between Crete and Turkey. The “meltemia”, the wind that blows here constantly, has made it a very popular destination for surfers who come from all the countries of the world. Breeze aside, Karpathos is of rare beauty. Beaches, harbors and churches, but not only … Our dispassionate advice is not to lose the village of Olympos, stopped in time with its matrons cooking at the window and houses perched on the mountain.
Four islands for your holidays or for some unexpected sea-based escape, Sirtaki and Ouzo.

How to organize your holidays in Greece

Greece is one of the most popular holiday destinations for tourists from all over the world: wonderful beaches, history, art and entertainment. A place that every year hosts millions of tourists, of any age and origin, also considering the countless activities that can be carried out.

For lovers of the sea, the beach and relaxation, Greece offers many possibilities: just to mention the most famous islands, Corfu, Crete (the largest of the Aegean Sea), Santorini (famous above all for its beaches of black volcanic pebbles ) and Rhodes. Relax on the beach, sipping your favorite cocktail and forget all the worries, this is the synthesis of a perfect beach holiday. Greece is spoiled for choice with regard to the type of beach: we find white sand, for those who like to lie down comfortably, also ideal for holidays with their children who can run carefree without the risk of tripping and hurting themselves; at the same time, there are also pebble beaches, or lapped by the rocks, ideal for diving and snorkelling enthusiasts.

In addition to the sea also art and history

In addition to the sea, Greece is particularly renowned for the historical testimonies that holds, unique in the world, the heritage of humanity. A place to visit is absolutely Athens, capital of the country, which is the fulcrum around which all the historical and artistic beauties of the country revolve. Among the most renowned:

the Acropolis, where you can admire the most representative monuments and buildings of the city such as the Parthenon, the Propylaea, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Theater of Dionysus, the Erechtheum and the Theater of Herodes Atticus;
the Agora, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the National Archaeological Museum and the New Acropolis Museum, places where you can increase your knowledge on what concerns classical Greece.
There are many places to visit, both in Athens and in the rest of Greece, among archaeological sites, museums, exhibitions and places of worship, for a cultural journey that can show the origins of the civilization we know today.

Finally, as far as recreational tourism is concerned, in Greece there are many opportunities: both in the capital and in the numerous islands, night clubs, pubs, beach parties, meeting places and much more.

To better organize your holidays in Greece, visit where you can save up to 70%: many possibilities, for the most diverse destinations, whether you want to treat yourself to a weekend, or a longer holiday, crossing more places. Voyage Privé offers you unique opportunities, unmissable offers, to make your dreams come true, saving money and without worries.

What to ask for more? For an unforgettable holiday, between sun, sea, art and culture, Greece seems to be the perfect place and with Voyage Privé it will be easier to realize your dreams.

Greece mania: a trip to Kea, the fairytale island

The Cyclades islands are among the most famous and visited of Greece. Picturesque islands, white villages perched on the mountains and culinary delicacies, ideal destination for those who want a relaxing holiday between solitary coves, crystal clear sea, bright-colored bougainvillea and archaeological sites.

The Cycladic archipelago consists of more than two hundred islands all bathed by the Aegean Sea and gathered in a circle (from the Greek kyklos) around the island of Delos.

The most important of these, however, can be counted on the palm of one hand and are the mundane Mykonos, the traditionalist Paros, the alternative Ios and Santorini, the island of lovers.

However, those who want to deviate from mass tourism, can opt for those less known locations and off the routes of tour operators, such as the Small Cyclades.

Among these, the island of Kea or Tzia as the Greeks alternately call it. An island of just 131 square kilometers and about 2500 inhabitants, which focuses on family friendly tourism.

This little paradise is a place of absolute relaxation, thanks also to the climate that for six months a year, from May to October, offers extraordinary days.

On the island there are some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean: deserted coves, one more beautiful than the other, some of which can only be reached on foot.

The sea that surrounds the island is very tempting for divers, given the presence of numerous wrecks, such as the HMHS Britannic, the sister ship of the Titanic, lying about 100 meters deep.

The architecture of Ioulis (from the locals called Chora), the island’s capital, differs greatly from the classical architecture of the Cyclades islands, proposing a small Mediterranean-style village with terracotta roofs and situated on top of a hill.

All over the territory there are scattered numerous ancient ruins, abandoned chapels, picturesque harbors and taverns full of charm.

Fans of mythology and ancient history should not miss an excursion to the ruins of the temple of Apollo in Karthaia, an archaeological site overlooking the blue opposite the island of Kythnos.

The island has numerous winding paths, ideal for trekking or long walks.

The four city-states of Korissia, Ioulis, Poieessa and Karthaia are part of a network of twelve marked treks over 80 kilometers long.

In any case, the most important activities are aquatic activities such as windsurfing, sailing, snorkeling and water skiing.

Even dives are very popular, but you have to pay attention to the underwater archaeological sites to which you can not approach, at least without a diving center agreement.

Even before the storytelling became a marketing tool, on the island of Kea they created the “The Fairy Tales Festival”, which is staged from July 22nd to 30th, proposing the best bishops and story-tellers of the whole Cyclades archipelago, who came to tell their stories to children of all ages, languages ​​and countries.

Main ingredients of Greek cuisine are meat, yogurt, vegetables and cheeses. In particular, yogurt here has another consistency and another flavor compared to what is eaten in the rest of Europe and is often found combined with honey and fresh fruit cut into pieces.

Feta is also a particularly famous Greek cheese, ideal for flavoring a chioriatiki salad made with tomatoes, olives, peppers and onions and dressed with extra virgin olive oil.

Among the main dishes, the moussaka (aubergine flan, potatoes and meat sauce, covered with béchamel) and the souvlaki (grilled cooked meat) and cheese rolls coated with vine leaves. As for fish, it is cooked especially on grilled meat or fried.

For the desserts, well known and good are the baklavas, made of puff pastry coated with minced almonds and honey.

The island is home to the ancient lyric poets Simonis and Bacchilides, both living around the 5th and 4th centuries BC Simonide, in particular, inaugurated the second phase of the choral lyric and was known for his countercurrent spirit since he tried not to be influenced too much by the clients, or by local tyrannies.

The island of Kea has recently been discovered by tourism, so much so that many foreigners are starting to buy a small accommodation for their retreat. Among them, world-renowned architects such as Christos Vlachos and Ioannis Michalopoulos have made splendid residences there.

Carlotta Ferlito: my short (and sexy) Greek holidays

In bright form the blue gymnast, who enjoys the sun of Crete and prepares to return to the platform: with a little ‘training on the beach, “that you never know …”

“Remember, the man is the boss, but the woman is the neck and can make him turn when and how he wants.” Word of Nia Vardalos, who in his «Big Fat Greek Wedding» explains a theory that, in the picture, finds in Carlotta Ferlito its perfect fulfillment. Certainly not about male dominance, never, but rather the typically feminine ability to capture the spotlight. She who has very little “big” and “fat”, and for “marriage” is still a little early, in Greece she is spending her short vacations before returning to the platform.

It’s from the Rio Olympics, that is almost a year, that does not compete, but judging from the images that it publishes on its page Instagram appears in a dazzling form. To the delight of its 700 thousand followers, who can not wait to see her compete for a medal, perhaps already at the world championships in Montreal next October. She has been training for a few months continuously with a view to re-entry, experiencing a new entrance to the beam and a new acrobatic diagonal in the free body, which with the new scores could become fundamental.

Upgrade witnessed by videos shared on social networks before the well-deserved departure to the sun of Greece: “It will be my only week of vacation”, writes waiting to take the plane to Crete, where it will be forced to do without at least two of its fixations: the cappuccino, the original one, which will be able to return to taste as soon as it is back in Italy, and the socks, which for his fortune with his feet in the water will not be forced to wear. The braids remain in dance, another mania of Carlotta, which in the last photo posted by the beach proudly shows them.

He is balanced upside down, with his hands on the waterline and his legs in a semi-detached position: «Let’s do some gymnastics, which you never know», is his commentary on the image. So, in addition to the fans, his coaches will be happy too.

Easter weekend in all skiing from Cortina to Falcade

Enthusiastic installers for a satisfying season «Snow at the top thanks to the low temperatures of these days»
Easter and Easter Monday on skis, as if we were in full winter season. There is still time for snow lovers, to ski in Veneto (even until May 1 in Faloria in Cortina). “This year we certainly can not complain”, says Renzo Minella, president of the Venetian plant engineers, “thanks to the snow that has arrived copious we are back on the values ​​of 5/6 years ago. With the cold at the end of November, we managed to also contain the costs for snowmaking, which in the previous years had been very substantial, having been able to put away the cannons already at Christmas. And the low temperatures of these days have allowed the optimal grip of the snow, so those who want to ski for Easter and Easter Monday find slopes in conditions that are still truly perfect ».

The confirmation comes from the Ski Civetta ski area: «Finally a normal season», nods Bruno Piva, of the Ski Civetta Consortium, «our whole area closes on 2nd April and we are happy with the way it went thanks to the December snow that embellished the landscape and convinced to ski the many commuters of the plain, which for us represent 50% of the clientele. Then we had many Poles, Slovaks, Rumanians, or that tourism of the East, which we could define as proximity, which arrives directly in the car on our mountains. Winter tourism is driven by the Dolomiti Superski, then we will have to increasingly characterize ourselves as the ‘mountain of Venice’, to be competitive with other areas that are more competitive from the hotel’s point of view ». Already closed the slopes in Nevegal, Monte Avena, Sappada, Misurina and Auronzo (where however you are considering a possible reopening of three days, from tomorrow to Easter on the basis of weather conditions), will ski until May 1 in Faloria to Cortina , while the plants will close on April 2 in Tofana, where for the Easter week Cima Tofana (3244 m) opens, the trunk of the cableway leading to the terrace and from which you can admire the Ampezzo Dolomites amphitheater. The party at the end of the season will be held tomorrow at Col Druscié with DJ sets to celebrate with music, from 4pm to 8pm. The ski lifts will close on April 2nd, to allow the twenty-year overhaul of the cableway leading to Ra Valles, that this year is 20 years old, with a summer reopening then on 23 June. Today, among other things, snowshoeing is scheduled among the spectacular snowy views of the Tofana di Mezzo, with dinner at the Capanna Ra Valles restaurant (2,475 m).

In Marmolada you can ski until 8 April, and so also in the Falcade / Alpe Lusia / San Pellegrino area. Closed the Val Comelico Ski Area, on the 3 Zinnen Dolomites you can ski until 8 April from San Candido-Baranci
in Monte Elmo, from Croda Rossa Passo Monte Croce Comelico.

The Dolomiti Superski, from its website, announces that today there are 424 open systems on 456, for a total of 1. 134 km of slopes on 1. 200. As if to say that at Easter we are still in full ski season

Easter on skis and in Sella Nevea open slopes until April 25th

Easter in Friuli Venezia Giulia you will spend your skis with all the ski areas open

. The snow conditions and the climate are ideal for the last ski season with the days that lengthen and many activities for the last holiday in Carnia and the Friulian Dolomites in winter.

After Pasquetta Forni di Sopra, Sauris, Tarvisio, Piancavallo, Ravascletto and Sappada will close (on Monday 2 April) in Sella Nevea instead slopes and plants will continue to be open instead until Wednesday, April 25.


The Cyclades islands are among the most famous and visited of Greece. Picturesque islands, white villages perched on the mountains and culinary delicacies, ideal destination for those who want a relaxing holiday between solitary coves, crystal clear sea, bright-colored bougainvillea and archaeological sites.

The Cycladic archipelago consists of more than two hundred islands all bathed by the Aegean Sea and gathered in a circle (from the Greek kyklos) around the island of Delos.

The most important of these, however, can be counted on the palm of one hand and are the mundane Mykonos, the traditionalist Paros, the alternative Ios and Santorini, the island of lovers.

However, those who want to deviate from mass tourism, can opt for those less known locations and off the routes of tour operators, such as the Small Cyclades.

Among these, the island of Kea or Tzia as the Greeks alternately call it. An island of just 131 square kilometers and about 2500 inhabitants, which focuses on family friendly tourism.

This little paradise is a place of absolute relaxation, thanks also to the climate that for six months a year, from May to October, offers extraordinary days.

On the island there are some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean: deserted coves, one more beautiful than the other, some of which can only be reached on foot.

The sea that surrounds the island is very tempting for divers, given the presence of numerous wrecks, such as the HMHS Britannic, the sister ship of the Titanic, lying about 100 meters deep.

The architecture of Ioulis (from the locals called Chora), the island’s capital, differs greatly from the classical architecture of the Cyclades islands, proposing a small Mediterranean-style village with terracotta roofs and situated on top of a hill.

All over the territory there are scattered many ancient ruins, abandoned chapels, picturesque harbors and taverns full of charm.

Fans of mythology and ancient history should not miss an excursion to the ruins of the temple of Apollo in Karthaia, an archaeological site overlooking the blue opposite the island of Kythnos.

The island has numerous winding paths, ideal for trekking or long walks.

The four city-states of Korissia, Ioulis, Poieessa and Karthaia are part of a network of twelve marked treks over 80 kilometers long.

In any case, the most important activities are aquatic activities such as windsurfing, sailing, snorkeling and water skiing.

Even dives are very popular, but you have to pay attention to underwater archaeological sites that you can not approach, at least without a diving

Even before the storytelling became a marketing tool, on the island of Kea they created the “The Fairy Tales Festival”, which is staged from July 22nd to 30th, proposing the best bishops and story-tellers of the whole Cyclades archipelago, who came to tell their stories to children of all ages, languages ​​and countries.

Main ingredients of Greek cuisine are meat, yogurt, vegetables and cheeses. In particular, yogurt here has another consistency and another flavor compared to what is eaten in the rest of Europe and is often combined with honey and fresh fruit cut into pieces.

Feta is also a particularly famous Greek cheese, ideal for flavoring a chioriatiki salad made with tomatoes, olives, peppers and onions and dressed with extra virgin olive oil.

Among the main dishes, the moussaka (aubergine flan, potatoes and meat sauce, covered with béchamel) and the souvlaki (grilled cooked meat) and cheese rolls coated with vine leaves. As for fish, it is cooked especially on grilled meat or fried.

For the desserts, well known and good are the baklavas, made of puff pastry coated with minced almonds and honey.

The island is home to the ancient lyric poets Simonis and Bacchilides, both living around the 5th and 4th centuries BC Simonide, in particular, inaugurated the second phase of the choral lyric and was known for his countercurrent spirit since he tried not to be influenced too much by the clients, or by local tyrannies.

The island of Kea has recently been discovered by tourism, so much so that many foreigners are starting to buy a small accommodation for their retreat. Among them, world-renowned architects such as Christos Vlachos and Ioannis Michalopoulos have made splendid residences there.

Rimini. Easter does not take off, people go skiing

“The situation is a dancer, there are hotels full, others are still at the stake” Il Resto del Carlino: Easter does not take off, people go skiing / Hoteliers: “There is snow in the mountains, our customers choose the mountain”

Easter with the handbrake pulled. At least so far, one week from the first spring bridge. “With the air (icy) that pulls people is not much stimulated to come to the sea – attacks Lorraine Montebelli, hotel Marconi Beach and La Gioiosa -. There is competition in the mountains, where there is still snow. A very specific option especially for our customers who come from Piedmont, Lombardy and Veneto “. “As always, when the Easter Bridge ‘falls’ low, tourists wait for the last days to decide whether to take a short holiday or not – Andrea Biotti echoes, Hotel Genty -. For now there is not much movement. I see that the ‘polar’ forecasts for Easter of some site, a few days ago, have become African wind!

 The law requires the presence of the heating system, until April 15, reports the Association Hoteliers; average prices in a 3-star hotel from 50 to 60 euros per day per person, full board.

Snow at Easter in the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento? It is not an April fish. Burian returns for spring

Start the tourist season and open one to one restaurants and hotels for Easter, so many would like to know from us the weather forecast, forecasts that surprise us .. And that’s why
Still cold and frost, even snow on Positano, Amalfi and Sorrento? We will have to do a marathon weather and warn the citizens about Positanonews of what is happening, including open or closed schools, throughout the Sorrento Peninsula and Amalfi Coast and the surrounding areas of the provinces of Salerno and Naples. Even at Easter that coincides with the first of April? A joke or what? It seems instead that it is not an April fish.

The anomalous wave of cold and frost that has affected Italy and in particular Campania at the end of February could return and make an encore right on the day of early spring. According to the forecast by, in fact, the icy air from Russia, the famous Burian, could return from March 20, the day of the spring equinox.

“Accompanied by disturbed fronts, the Burian marzolino would once again bring snow into the plains on the northern regions. Our forecasts for Easter and Easter Monday 2018 indicate a scenario with cold and snowy raids until April, the classic winter rush “.
“Between the end of March and the first days of April the weather will be characterized by strong instability with thunderstorms at CentroSud, low altitude snow over the Alps and also on the central Tuscan-Emilian Apennines”. So there is an Easter and Easter Monday in the name of scarves, hats and gloves!

Even in the ’80s there were cold springs, sometimes until May after cold winters, a consequence of climatic anomalies. We have explained to you a few weeks ago how these extreme climatic events are in fact a sign of global warming caused by man.
All of you will remember the ’70s and’ 80s, with snowy winters, and icy weather for many days; all of you, who even with a little nostalgia, will remember the icy January 1985, caused by one of the last stratospheric overheating (stratwarming) that had split the polar vortex in two, favoring the descent of freezing air masses towards the Italy.

Well, writes the team of, the same thing will happen with the stratwarming of February 2018, one of the most powerful of the last 30 years, which will show its effects for the entire month of March and April if not even to compromise the Summer 2018 which promises to be limping and rainy, roller coaster style; the strat warming could in fact transform and lengthen into a FINAL WARMING or a lasting polar stratospheric heating.
Our forecast for Easter and Easter Monday indicates the real possibility of polar break-ins able to bring the winter back to our country, reaping snowfall at very low altitude if not in the plains, as often happened in the ’70s and’ 80s. The ski season could last until the first days of May, and the Azores anticyclone could really take long to arrive.

The most beautiful islands of Greece still unknown

Are you planning holidays in Greece? Forget the crowded Santorini, Rhodes and Crete and discover with us the most beautiful Greek islands three lesser known ones.

1- Skopelos

From May onwards the thought flies to the seaside holidays and one of the most popular destinations for summer holidays is Greece with its islands. Beautiful and loved by tourists from all over the world are Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Rhodes, Corfu, Zakynthos. With only one contraindication: in the summer months are invaded by hordes of tourists.

If you are looking for a holiday on an island in Greece under the banner of privacy, in which to fully enjoy the beauty of the sea without jostling for a place on the beach, maybe for a romantic holiday with him, here are 10 islands of Greece far from the mass tourism, yet enchanting.

Loved by sailors and covered in green coniferous forests, Skopelos is peaceful and frequented by elites in search of excursions and silent beaches. Its white pebble beaches open in the middle of the vegetation: the most beautiful are in the west, even if the water is everywhere very clean. In 2008 his evocative landscapes were chosen as the location of some scenes from the film Mamma Mia! with Meryl Streep. In this romantic island of Sporades, do not look for nightlife; there is some restaurant around the harbor area, but otherwise it is all about nature.

2 – Alonissos

The solitary queen of Sporades, the most remote of the archipelago, here is Alonissos, an island of exuberant nature and cliffs overlooking the blue sea. How to get? Ferries and hydrofoils regularly depart from Volos. Once on the island, you can relax on the beaches or go on excursions in the Mediterranean scrub, looking for wild and rocky bays. The sea here is transparent.

3 – Ios

It is said that on this island dotted with olive trees, vineyards and small chapels, in the Cyclades, next to Santorini, nothing less than the poet Homer is buried. The tomb of Homer is a destination for excursions by the vacationers, even if there is no certain documentation that attests that the singer of the deeds of Achilles is really buried here. Ios offers beautiful beaches and ancient Hellenic ruins, as well as a good night life (in the 60s it was the hippie island) which however does not detract from the genuine nature of the island.

4 – Symi

Different from the image that you normally have of the Greek islands (all domes and white houses), Symi will immediately catch you by surprise for its bright and colorful houses. This island of the Dodecanese north of Rhodes, was known as the island of sea sponges, whose trade made it one of the most prosperous islands of the Aegean. Brull, rough in the landscapes, but romantic: it is perfect for those who want to escape the chaos of the agostan vacationers.

5 – Tilos

Tilos is an island in the Dodecanese near Rhodes, not very populated and far from the mass tourism routes. It can be reached by ferry from Rhodes, for short stays or for day trips. This rocky island takes you by surprise with its wild bays that open up between the rocks. It is ideal for hikers: it includes an ecological park with almost 35 km of trails, where nature is interspersed with small urban areas and Byzantine churches.

6 – Folegandros

They call it “the island of couples” because it offers breathtaking sunsets and evocative views. Ideal for the first holiday with him, to stay alone far from everyone. The most beautiful beaches are located in Agkali, Agios Georgios, Agios Nikolaso ​​and Ampeli, wild, hard to reach with walking paths in the Mediterranean and poorly equipped. Each is a conquest, where the effort is rewarded by the beauty of the turquoise sea. In Folegandros you can sunbathe, hike in the nature and let yourself be lulled by the waves on a sailboat.

7 -Amorgos

The most remote of the Cyclades islands, and perhaps for this the most pristine. Its hills of red and arid land, the squared white houses, the stony beaches and the transparent sea, Amorgos is a real corner of paradise for those in search of peace and silence. It can be reached by flying to Athens and continuing by ship from Piraeus to one of its ports, Katapola and Aegiali. It is also connected to Santorini and Mykonos by ship. Chora, the capital, is one of the most beautiful and best preserved cities in the Cyclades. Fall in love with its white houses, on which the bougainvillea flowers climb.

Easter at the beach: 19 proposals to spend holidays at the beach

Take advantage of early spring and Easter holidays to wear flip-flops and enjoy some sun? Here the ideas for leaving and going – near or further away – but always the sea destination

34% of travelers departing from Italy for the Easter holidays will choose a seaside location to spend this time of year. This is revealed by eDreams, the leading online travel agency in Europe. So, even if Easter this year will fall soon – on April 1st and it is not a joke – a third of Italians is ready to prepare the suitcase with swimsuits and flip-flops to inaugurate the bathing season on the most beautiful beaches.

«According to the data collected by eDreams, 34% of Italians will decide to spend Holy Week in a coastal destination.

Among the preferences of our countrymen prevail that in addition to offering the view of coasts and inviting beaches do not miss precious cultural heritage: Sicily, Barcelona and the Amalfi coast are in fact at the top of the top 10 destination of seaside resorts for this Easter “, comments Alexandra Koukoulian, eDreams ODIGEO country manager for Italy.

Among the other popular places for this first long spring bridge are Malta, Lisbon, Sardinia and Salento. But we are sure that someone will go even further, taking advantage of a real spring break in even more distant places – but still accessible – like Dubai, the Canary Islands, the Red Sea or the Islands of Greece.

Holidays in Greece with children: ideas and advice

Holidays in Greece with children Greece is a tourist destination suitable for families: even parents of young children have the opportunity to spend days of relaxation and fun choosing one or more Hellenic destinations. Beginning, of course, from the capital Athens, the hub of culture, art and history: not only for the evocative and fascinating atmospheres of the Acropolis, but also for the vast assortment of amusement parks, zoological parks and museums able to capture the attention of young and old. Not to be missed, then, the beaches of Santorini and its water park, as well as the beauty of Crete: an intriguing location that can represent a unique opportunity to let children know the myths and legends related to this place. From the Palace of Knossos to Elafonissi Beach, there are many reasons to come here. How to forget, then, the fantastic Rhodes? The Hydrobiological Station of Rhodes, Faliraki Water Park and Ostrich Farm & Park are some of the obligatory stops during a holiday in the company of one or more children.

If you are looking for convenient offers and proposals for a family holiday, you can rely on Voyage Privé promotions. It could be an opportunity to discover Skiathos, known all over the world for its numerous beaches. The smallest Greek island of the Sporades has 44 km of coastline, on which alternate shores for all tastes: in total, almost 50 square kilometers of coasts, with numerous facilities for children, between swimming pools that ensure bathing protected and baby club that guarantee entertainment and entertainment. If it is true that Skiathos is very popular with young people who do not want to lose the emotions of summer nightlife, it is equally true that even children – especially in low season – can feel perfectly at ease.

And maybe parents could take the opportunity to go and discover the wonders of this island, starting with the Evangelistria Monastery, with such evocative power that it will end up intriguing and captivating children. For them, in fact, it will be like taking a dip in the past and be protagonists of a fantastic journey through time, between flavors of the past, aromas of the cellar and materials such as slate and stone that give exceptional visions. Very beautiful is also Chora, that is to say the capital of the island: there are many ancient taverns scattered among the narrow streets of the city.

Another location to mark in the agenda is Mykonos: next to unbridled fun for adults and nightlife without limits, in fact, this Greek island is also suitable for families who plan to organize a trip with young children in tow; provided, of course, to find a suitable hotel, or at least an accommodation that offers all the necessary services. Also in this case, the suggestion is not to focus too much on high season periods, both to save money and to be able to count on a greater possibility of choice.

To the east of the Chora Bay children will have the opportunity to admire a vast area dotted with white houses dating back to the eighteenth century: it is called Alefkantra, and is also known as Little Venice, since its appearance reminds that of the lagoon city (unfortunately, prices are similar too). The children will also be amazed, in the Maritime Museum, dedicated to the conquests of the Greeks and the navigations of the populations prior to the Mycenaean, as well as in front of the ancient mills of Mykonos. As far as the beaches are concerned, the quieter and better-frequented ones are Psarou and Panormos, which offers a free part and an equipped part, with fine sand and no wind.

Beyond the crisis of Valtur: holiday villages at full speed

The Valtur crisis, a historic group of holidays organized in Italy, does not even mark the crisis in the tourist village. The all-inclusive holiday resort, all inclusive as they say. Quite the contrary. There are at least a dozen new villages in the pipeline for the summer and bookings average an increase of 15/20%

It will then be necessary to see who will win the villages (at least 8-10) that Valtur leaves. And then there is an Invitalia tender for various development operations.

“The tourist village in Italy is already present since the early 50s. The first village product was the one created by Valtur on the initiative of the State (Insud) and Club Med that until 1997 was a shareholder of Valtur always appointing the director general – explains Giorgio Palmucci, president of Confindustria alberghi -. The villages are largely concentrated in the South and Islands and in particular in Sicily, Sardinia, Puglia and Calabria. On the site of some operators there are structures in construction or in redevelopment always in the aforementioned regions as well as in terms of supply on the market there are some real estate transactions in the sector of considerable size just think of Invitalia’s tender for the sale of Italy tourism, but that it also includes an assignment for lots of villages ». “There are large areas with high potential – says Emilio Valdameri, Head of the Hospitality division of World Capital -. There is a wide choice of ready-made accommodation facilities, and there are new areas of development. The best locations in the Center and in the South ». The last initiative was communicated by Th resorts that took over a village in the area of ​​San Teodoro (Sardinia.)

Tourism in Italy, added value 103.6 billion and + 4.6% arrivals
The most important investment of the summer will be the reopening of the Five tridents Club Med of Cefalù in Sicily, costing about 50 million, the first top class in the Mediterranean for the group. More projects are coming: Venice, Piedmont and probably Sardinia.

Alpitour, Italian leader with 1.2 billion turnover proposes about forty new village opportunities this summer, 113 in total: the increase in turnover in 2017 was 12%.

“The signs are very encouraging, even the spending power of Italian families is growing driven by a taste that is more evolved and demanding – comments Stefano Pompili, general manager Veratour -. At the center of the requests is the search for the quality of the tourist villages in key sectors such as cooking, assistance and animation. For next summer the most popular destinations to date are Greece and Italy for short range and Madagascar, Kenya and Zanzibar for the long haul ». For Greece bookings + 49%, Egypt well.

Tourism, Parma, the Italian capital of Culture for 2020
The Blue Serena group for 2018 proposes the relaunch of the Ethra tourist center (formerly Nova Yardinia) in Puglia; for 2019 the debut of Badesi looms in Sardinia. Soon a village in Albania. Blu Serena is part of the Maresca Group with over one hundred million total turnover (real estate and retail) which in turn also has a participation in the Grandi Viaggi group. The Aeroviaggi (Mangia family) acquired from Valtur the village of Pollina in Sicily, relaunched with an investment of about 17 million. Today Aeroviaggi manages about 10,000 beds between hotels and villages and invoices around one hundred million, double-digit growth in recent years. The Blue Brescian group of hotels has over thirty hotels in Italy between hotels and villages. The total turnover exceeds 60 million. The investments were concentrated recently in Milan. As for the meracto leisure headlights switched on Puglia, Sicicilia, Sardinia and Tuscany as well as on Garda. The Pugliaese group Nicolaus recently took over the Bagamoyo village in Calabria. Nicolaus has also launched rents of cowards and farms in Puglia as well as the development of villages in Greece and Spain.

Total Privacy, Comfort And Elegance With Great Panoramic Views, Where Private Path Leads In 5 Minutes Directly To The Beach Mykonos

Retreat 2 and the sister-villa Retreat 1 are two beautiful stone built properties constructed by owner in 2011. The two luxurious villas distinguish themselves for their unique design, the stunning location and the possibility to be rent together for large groups while still granting privacy one from the other.A private path leads in 5 minutes directly to the beach. The 4.500 sq.m. private land of the properties, located on a dead-end small street, is offering a peaceful surrounding.

The Retreat 2 shares the same philosophy as Retreat 1.Tranquility and total privacy, comfort and elegance with great panoramic views of the Southern part of Mykonos.The villa’s charming interior, a mixture of Mykonian and provincial beach house elements,blends harmoniously with the Cycladic architecture.A fully equipped open-plan kitchen with modern appliances, gives onto a living-sitting space directly accessing the water-front swimming pool and its Mediterranean garden.

Placed in front of the villa is a private lagoon-like infinity swimming pool with comfortable summer furniture next to a large wooden shaded pergola. It features a beautiful dining area and traditional wood-fire BBQ, offering a perfect entertaining area every hour of the day.

The most beautiful beaches in the world

Grace Bay at Turks and Caicos, the first according to the TripAdvisor Oscar. In Italy, the beach of the Rabbits of Lampedusa at the top, dominates Spain for Europe

If you are looking for a destination for the next summer holidays – or some exotic spring bridge, just around the corner – you have to read the three Travelers’ Choice Beaches Awards charts just released by TripAdvisor, the travel platform with more than 600 million reviews and opinions for accommodations, hotels, restaurants and experiences in every corner of the world. The most beautiful in the world? Or, at least, the best reviewed? It’s the Grace Bay at Turks and Caicos, the Caribbean (pictured above). Oh yes, like to win easy, to international travelers.
On the Italian level, however, the first in the ranking is the beach of the Rabbits of Lampedusa, a gem of the Mediterranean, in front of the beach of Tropea and the Pelosa di Stintino, in Sardinia (where the mayor has just banned towels to protect the beach, in August, almost 5 thousand swimmers spend a day there).

On an international scale, however, the second place is the Baía do Sancho on the island of Fernando de Noronha, the main archipelago of the same name 350 kilometers off the Brazilian northern coast, and the bronze medal at the beach of Varadero, in Cuba , beloved by Italian tourists who make it a fixed stop after visiting Havana.
The Traveler’s Choice awards this year award 355 beaches and have been decreed based on the quality and quantity of reviews and rating given to the beaches by travelers on TripAdvisor in the last 12 months. For Italy remain in the Cala Goloritze classification in Baunei in the province of Nuoro (fourth square), Porto Giunco ​​in Villasimius (fifth), the romantic Bay of Silence that jumps out from the historic center of Sestri Levante (sixth), Cala Mariolu always a Baunei (seventh) and Cala Rossa in Favignana (eighth). New entries in ninth and tenth position are respectively the Maria Pia beach in Alghero and the Marina Piccola beach in Capri.

On Seven Mile Beach facing the Caribbean Sea, Grand Cayman
With as many as six beaches washed by its award-winning waters in the European Ten Ttp of the best coasts, the Mediterranean Sea plays an absolute leading role in the ranking of the old continent. On the other hand, he could only be like that. As far as the mainland is concerned, however, Spain is the star, with three beaches in the top ten of the best in Europe including the absolute winner: La Concha in San Sebastián in front of Elafonissi beach in Crete, Greece, and Falesia Beach, in the Algarve, in the Atlantic south of Portugal. It does not disregard the Fig Tree Bay of Cyprus, in the eastern part of the island not far from the border with the Turkish Republic of the North, while the fifth position goes to Bournemouth Beach, in the United Kingdom. On the other hand, the sixth belongs to the Cleopatra beach in Alanya, in Turkey, in the south of the country and the seventh to the beach of the Rabbits. Another Cretan, Balos Lagoon, the Playa de Ses Illetes in Formentera and the playa de Las Canteras in Gran Canaria.
Returning to the world, the top ten is obviously hostage of the Caribbean resorts like the Eagle Beach of Aruba (fourth), the Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman, the homonymous one in Negril, Jamaica, the Bavaro Beach in Punta Cana, in Dominican Republic. Completing the global ranking playa Norte isla Mujeres in front of Cancún, La Concha in the Basque Country and Clearwater Beach in Clearwater, Florida.

The most beautiful islands of Greece still unknown

1- Skopelos

From May onwards the thought flies to the seaside holidays and one of the most popular destinations for summer holidays is Greece with its islands. Beautiful and loved by tourists from all over the world are Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Rhodes, Corfu, Zakynthos. With only one contraindication: in the summer months are invaded by hordes of tourists.

Loved by sailors and covered in green coniferous forests, Skopelos is peaceful and frequented by elites in search of excursions and silent beaches. Its white pebble beaches open in the middle of the vegetation: the most beautiful are in the west, even if the water is everywhere very clean. In 2008 his evocative landscapes were chosen as the location of some scenes from the film Mamma Mia! with Meryl Streep. In this romantic island of Sporades, do not look for nightlife; there is some restaurant around the harbor area, but otherwise it is all about nature.

2 – Alonissos

The solitary queen of Sporades, the most remote of the archipelago, here is Alonissos, an island of exuberant nature and cliffs overlooking the blue sea. How to get? Ferries and hydrofoils regularly depart from Volos. Once on the island, you can relax on the beaches or go on excursions in the Mediterranean scrub, looking for wild and rocky bays. The sea here is transparent.

3 – Ios

It is said that on this island dotted with olive trees, vineyards and small chapels, in the Cyclades, next to Santorini, nothing less than the poet Homer is buried. The tomb of Homer is a destination for excursions by the vacationers, even if there is no certain documentation that attests that the singer of the deeds of Achilles is really buried here. Ios offers beautiful beaches and ancient Hellenic ruins, as well as a good night life (in the 60s it was the hippie island) which however does not detract from the genuine nature of the island.

4 – Symi

Different from the image that you normally have of the Greek islands (all domes and white houses), Symi will immediately catch you by surprise for its bright and colorful houses. This island of the Dodecanese north of Rhodes, was known as the island of sea sponges, whose trade made it one of the most prosperous islands of the Aegean. Brull, rough in the landscapes, but romantic: it is perfect for those who want to escape the chaos of the agostan vacationers.

5 – Tilos

Tilos is an island in the Dodecanese near Rhodes, not very populated and far from the mass tourism routes. It can be reached by ferry from Rhodes, for short stays or for day trips. This rocky island takes you by surprise with its wild bays that open up between the rocks. It is ideal for hikers: it includes an ecological park with almost 35 km of trails, where nature is interspersed with small urban areas and Byzantine churches.

6 – Folegandros

They call it “the island of couples” because it offers breathtaking sunsets and evocative views. Ideal for the first holiday with him, to stay alone far from everyone. The most beautiful beaches are located in Agkali, Agios Georgios, Agios Nikolaso ​​and Ampeli, wild, difficult to reach with walking paths in the Mediterranean and not well equipped. Each is a conquest, where the effort is rewarded by the beauty of the turquoise sea. In Folegandros you can sunbathe, hike in the nature and let yourself be lulled by the waves on a sailboat.

7 -Amorgos

The most remote of the Cyclades islands, and perhaps for this the most pristine. Its hills of red and arid land, the squared white houses, the stony beaches and the transparent sea, Amorgos is a real corner of paradise for those in search of peace and silence. It can be reached by flying to Athens and continuing by ship from Piraeus to one of its ports, Katapola and Aegiali. It is also connected to Santorini and Mykonos by ship. Chora, the capital, is one of the most beautiful and best preserved cities in the Cyclades. Fall in love with its white houses, on which the bougainvillea flowers climb.

The king of Romania is dead, long life to the queen

Michele I of Romania died at the age of 96. His daughter Margareta succeeds after the break with the only male nephew, Nicolae, chosen but then disinherited by immoral conduct and arrested a few days ago for breaking into his grandfather’s house

Foreword: Romania is a republic which nevertheless acknowledges to the king “that he was” an important representative role and all the treatments granted to a head of state. For this reason Michele I, who died at the age of 96, enjoyed solemn funerals in the cathedral of Bucharest after the body was exposed for two days in the throne room of the Royal Palace for the greeting of the people, hundreds of thousands of faithful who dream the return to power of the Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen.

And who knows that around the body has not recomposed a family marked by a deep fracture, that of an important legacy that at a certain point has seen two sisters on opposite fronts, on one side Margaret, since last December 5 new queen of Romania , on the other Elena, mother of Nicolae, the only male nephew to whom Michele delivered honor and burden of the crown but then change his mind with a proclamation as net as it is cryptic in which the boy was accused of not being worthy of the role.

Event that produced mountains of illusions and certainly cracked the family relationships, so tense to result in a clash open a few days before the king’s death, when Nicolae was stopped by the police after being introduced to the grandfather’s Swiss house on charges of physically assaulting and verbally some Real Casa collaborators who forbade him to enter the patient’s room. “They want to discredit my name, but I will not lend myself to this dirty game,” the young man ventured a few hours later on Facebook, without specifying the purpose of his j’accuse. Perhaps Aunt Margareta, next to whom Nicolae’s own mother, Elena, unexpectedly took part, who with an official statement apologized to the people for their son’s lack of respect and declared himself devastated.

The Ionas monk seal cub returns to the sea in Greece

The little Ionas, a monk seal cub found on October 8th on a beach in Mykonos in a state of dehydration and anemia and taken care of by the Mom, a non-governmental Greek organization that took care of the sea, returned to the sea after about four months of treatment. of protection of the coastal marine environment.

Hospitalized at the Attica Zoological Park, under the guidance of Professor Natassa Komninou of the University of Thessalonica, the puppy has undergone intensive care and a careful observation program to monitor the state of health.

The little Ionas, which takes its name from the person who found it, has gained weight and has reached a state of health out of danger. After 114 days of hospitalization, having reached a weight of 58 kg, on January 31 Ionas was released into the sea in the heart of the National Marine Park of Alonissos, in the Northern Sporades.

Volonline, allotment packages in the new section

News at Volonline, the t.o. B2B specialized in tailor made. In its second year of activity, the Volonclick business unit, a self-booking tool for adv, now also includes allotment packages with guaranteed availability. A product offered for two years only through the booking, now within the portal. To book, simply define the destination and choose from the different options available for dates, departure airports, length of stay and treatment.

For each travel solution, the portal provides technical data sheets and information useful for the sale, anticipating the majority of customer requests; Furthermore, prices are always finished, including medical / baggage insurance, registration fee and fuel / currency adjustment.

The inclusion in the platform of the new Packages section, which is added to the flight, hotel, hotel + flight and itinerary channels, aims to make the agent more autonomous: in terms of dynamic packaging and the composition of tailor-made packages. “Without prejudice to our specialization in level tailor-made – explains Luigi Deli, to Volonline – we have also invested in fixed-date products to offer distribution partners the ability to intercept the most price-sensitive customers, especially in the case of bridges and high season periods ».

For example, for example, additional city breaks are announced with New York, Greece and Malta alongside the classic European cities. But the concentration is on the next high season. With 4 thousand seats on fixed dates blocked on August, and the possibility of unusual combinations such as Crete and Santorini for example, the games are made on a large part of Greece but also on other Mediterranean, Cuba, Caribbean, East and new circuits in Singapore and in Indonesia. On the long haul, stars of the Christmas / New Year programming, then, in the summer months, the Indian Ocean, Canada and the United States return.

Lastly, double-digit growth in Volonline in 2017: + 18% compared to 2016. “The tour packages have grown so much – Deli comments – Among the destinations remains the Indian Ocean best seller, especially the Maldives, but they go very well also South Africa and Oman ». The operator works with a selected parterre of 150 adv, between Lombardy and Triveneto, but for a year has also a solid presence in Lazio, Puglia and Sicily.

“I want to move forever on the Greek islands and THESE are the reasons”

“I want to move forever on the Greek islands and THESE are the reasons”
Cliché or not cliché, this is the definitive handbook of the Greek islands where to go on holiday for a week … or for a lifetime.

Okay, okay, okay = holiday in Greece = trivial holiday = NO, that’s not true. Are the Greek islands the tourist cliché that we will take with us forever? NADA. Are the Greek islands recommended only the Greek islands for young people? NOPE. The most beautiful Greek islands are the ones to go (and return) at least once in life, but the little Greek islands are the ones where to spend the holidays of life or all life … In all there are about six thousand and they are beautiful, beautiful, from the smallest rock to the largest islets. One fifth of the territory of Greece is occupied by its islands, or 25 square kilometers of sandy and often deserted beaches, stretches of jagged coastline that conceal small rocky bays, blocking and precious seabed.

Cyclades Islands map = among the most famous islands of Greece, southeast of Athens in the Aegean Sea. There are about 220 and among the main islands there are Amorgos, Ios, Milos, Naxos, Paros, Santorini and Mykonos, Andros and Folegrandos. What to see in Santorini and in the beaches of Mykonos AKA the most famous destinations of mass tourism, the best choice for those who want to party and pull the small hours making life mundane. Island of volcanic origin, Milos is also part of the Cyclades archipelago. Defined “Island of Colors” for the color effects of its waters, beaches and rocky landscapes. Despite being well known and loved by tourists, it has not yet been completely stormed. The island of Patmos is one of the most spectacular Greek islands of the Dodecanese: the climate is exceptional with a very long summer, with peaks of 35 degrees but beaten by a constant and light wind.

The Ionian Islands in Greece identify the group of islands that rest on the Ionian Sea. The largest is the island of Corfu to-te-mi destinations for low-cost travel. If you want to feel at least once in life Ulysses you can not however visit the island of Ithaca whose literary fame does not correspond large tourist influx because of its “rocky” but it is worth visiting for the beaches of rare beauty especially if you want a holiday of total relaxation. Also the north side is a maze of coves, bays, of fishing villages like Firopotamos, Mandrakia; to see the sand crescents of Mikitas, Aghios Kostantinos or Pachena Beach. Rhodes city attracts for its history that, like Ithaca, has its roots in mythology: its beautiful medieval center is beautiful. Ideal for those who want to combine a holiday in Greece with a culture, relaxation, sea and fun.

Greek Islands = Zante what to see. Among the most beautiful Greek islands, from the incredible reflections of the water of its Blue Caves or the splendid view from the Venetian castle of Bochali and the white sand with a lot of wreckage between two horseshoe rock faces. Beaches of Cerigo = among the most isolated Greek islands, here tourism is not yet very developed, an ideal destination for a journey of peace and tranquility. The beaches of Skiathos? In the Sporades archipelago Skiathos, the island of Greece recommended for its monasteries, the medieval remains of Kastro and the naturist beaches. Equipped with an airport, it takes about an hour by ferry to reach Skopelos, the largest of the Northern Sporades archipelago, also unknown to mass tourism but rich in greenery and beaches of rare beauty.

To the south of the Peloponnese, instead, we find the island of Khytera or Citera beaches where mythology tells the story of the goddess Aphrodite whose beauty is reflected in the Venetian and Byzantine architecture and in the breathtaking natural views of caves and waterfalls. Greek Islands = Crete totemic destinations. The largest of the islands of Greece, Crete, with over one thousand kilometers of coastline where to choose their destination. With its artifacts kept in the archaeological museum of Heraklion but above all its gastronomy really to be tasted and savored.

Unreachable Facebook and Instagram: what happened

Now a couple of minutes of overload and lack of connection are enough to unleash the social panic. Last night, as happened several times during the year, Facebook and Instagram have lived moments of fear, given the inability to connect both via the app for smartphones and tablets that directly from the computer.

The services managed by the US giant all lead back to the same brand, Facebook, but live on separate servers. This is a logical question: if something is wrong for the machines that run the main social network, it is not acceptable that the consequences are also felt by other platforms, which also serve millions of people.

And yet, just yesterday something happened that was rarely seen so far, perhaps only localized and for a few seconds: a contemporary down of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. How is it possible?

The social network will unlikely reveal the source of the problem but, excluding the possibility of an uninverted union of the servers, much could depend on the API shared between the three software. These are parts of code that, thanks to acquisitions over the years, allow the various apps to communicate with each other, for example to instantly share content from Instagram to Facebook and from these to the chat messages of WhatsApp.

It would be enough a couple of serious errors of the API on which Facebook works to tear connected clients, through a chain reaction that is not enviable at all. After all, just the bees were the cause of the last blackout occurred just a month ago, when both Facebook and Instagram had become inaccessible.

The mystery remains: according to the Facebook Outage Map, disclosed by the sites that monitor the international traffic of the main portals, Italy would be the nation that more than others suffered yesterday’s slowdowns, indistinctly from North to South. With us, in Europe also Portugal, central and eastern Spain, Greece and some specific cities including London and Paris, have experienced a similar but not extensive bloc as in our peninsula.

Ironically, a few hours after the rival of all time, Twitter, made available the doubling of characters available for each post: 280 instead of 140. So much so that someone has jokingly defined the down event as a mass transfer of the users from the blue square to the microblog with a thousand tweets.

Easter 2018 in Greece: where to go and what to see

In view of the Easter holidays 2018, among the many travel proposals that we have reported there is one that we particularly want and we want to propose: a nice trip to Greece. Spring is the ideal season to visit the cities and especially the ancient archaeological areas of this wonderful country, but also its fascinating monasteries and Orthodox churches.

In this season the summer heat wave, its unbearable temperatures and the scorching sun are far away, so it becomes pleasant to be outdoors, to take walks and excursions in a place with a thousand-year history. Sure to swim at the sea and sunbathe in the beautiful Greek islands is still early. The high Easter, Sunday 1 April, does not yet allow a summer holiday, not even in the mild Greece. Unless you want to challenge cold water on a sunny day.

Spring, however, is the perfect time to visit Greece, its monuments, archaeological sites, museums, churches and even for trekking and hiking on its mountains and natural areas. In short, all those activities for which it is too hot in the summer. You are spoiled for choice and above all the opportunity to discover many wonders and even little known places.

This year Easter will be high, Sunday, April 1st, and the holiday week will be more or less from Thursday, March 29th to Tuesday, April 3rd, following the school calendar. A party that will arrive in early spring, when it will be too early for swimming in the islands of the southern Mediterranean, but it will be the right season to visit art cities, monuments or to go hiking in nature, especially in southern Europe, where temperatures are milder. That’s why we want to offer you a nice trip to Greece, reminding you that our Easter period will not coincide with the Greek one, since the Orthodox Easter, which is celebrated in Greece, follows a different calendar from ours and this year it will fall exactly one week later ours, or Sunday, April 8th. What does this mean? That while during our Easter week we and other countries that celebrate at the same time will be high season, because everyone goes on vacation, in Greece the high season, at least for the Greeks, will be the following week. Be sure that many will book a trip to Greece in early April, so it’s good to hurry up.

The first destination that comes to mind talking about Greece is Athens, the capital with its ancient history and the majestic Acropolis that dominates its profile. There are many things to do and see in the Greek capital, from the visit to the Acropolis and the Parthenon, together with the underlying archaeological area with the Agora and the Temple of Zeus Olimpo, to the exploration of the most modern part, with museums, central Syntagma square and the many typical restaurants. Also visit the port of Piraeus with its breathtaking views and take advantage of it for a day trip to the beautiful islands of the Saronic Gulf. The holiday in Athens, then, is low cost.

The other great city of Greece that deserves a view is Thessaloniki (Thessaloníki), in the north of the country, commercial capital and second city after Athens. Thessaloniki is lively and full of cultural ferments, with numerous museums and monuments, including the White Tower, which is its symbol, and the Hagia Sophia, 8th century, which together with the other early Christian and Byzantine monuments of the city is ‘Unesco Humanity. Thessaloniki has a vibrant nightlife, with numerous restaurants and trendy clubs.

On a trip to Greece you can not miss a stop at the famous archaeological sites. After the Acropolis of Athens, to remain in the continental part of the country, a visit to the famous site of Delphi with the oracle of Apollo and the navel of the world is unmissable. Delphi is located in central Greece, in the historical reason of Phocis, at the foot of Mount Parnassus.

In the region of the Agri- colis, not far from Corinth, is the city of Mycenae, the center of the ancient Mycenaean civilization and famous for its Porta dei Leoni. The archaeological site of Mycenae is a UNESCO World Heritage site with an exceptional panoramic view.

Further west, near the coast overlooking the island of Zakynthos, we find the ancient Olympia, the most important place of worship of ancient Greece, with the temple dedicated to Zeus, and naturally also the place where the Olympic Games took place. Even today, the ignition of the Olympic torch takes place here with a solemn ceremony.

Guide of Mykonos: discovering the Greek island of entertainment

Continue our journey to discover the beautiful islands of Greece. After the general guide of the country, the archipelago of the Cyclades Islands and that of Santorini, it is time to propose the guide of Mykonos. The island is a popular tourist destination and has the reputation of a place of fun and transgression.

Mykonos (also Micono in Italian) is located in the eastern part of the Cyclades archipelago, close to the islands of Tinos, Syros, Naxos and Paxos, in the middle of the Aegean Sea and not far from the island of Ikaria. It has an area of ​​86 km², its territory is predominantly mountainous, formed by granite rocks, and the highest point is 341 meters above sea level. Off the coast of its western coast are the islands of Delos and Rineia that belong to the same municipality of Mykonos. Other uninhabited islets surround the island.

Mykonos was inhabited since the Neolithic and followed the fate of the other islands of the Aegean Sea, with different occupations by the Phoenicians, the Cretans, the ions and the Romans, where Mykonos experienced a period of prosperity. It ended therefore under the Byzantine Empire and under the dominion of the Venetians, until the Ottoman occupation. Having gained independence from the Turks, however, the Cycladic islands were abandoned due to extreme poverty. Only around the middle of the 20th century, thanks to tourism, Mykonos and the other islands returned to repopulate. Today the island is a cosmopolitan destination, which attracts visitors from all over the world. Discovered by the hippies in the 70s it has long been considered the paradise of the LGBT community for its tolerant costumes. Today it is known as the summer capital of tolerance in general and is a worldly holiday destination and aimed at fun on the kind of places like Ibiza and Rimini.

The name Mykonos comes from Greek mythology, from Mykons, son of the king of Delos, Anios, in turn born from the union of the god Apollo with the nymph Rhoio. On the island the battle between Zeus and the Titans took place.

The capital city is called Mykonos, but it is also known as Chora (to distinguish it from the island). It is located on the west coast and is inhabited by most of the island’s residents, just under 10 thousand people. The other inhabited centers, located mostly on the coast are: Agios Ioannis, Agios Stefanos, Ano Mera (inland), Kalafati, Ornos, Platys Gialos, famous seaside resort, Psarrou, Tourlos.

The island of Mykonos offers enchanting views, with beautiful views of the sea from the coast and the surrounding hills. Its coastline is very jagged, where beautiful sandy beaches open up between headlands and bays.

The first thing to see is certainly the beautiful city of Chora (or Mykonos), the main center of the island, where there are the typical white houses with windows and blue doors, crossed by narrow streets and paved squares. From the balconies and windows look out colorful flowers, which help to create a romantic and picturesque scenery. At the edges of the streets we find wooden chairs, white and blue, taverns and restaurants that give an even more characteristic look to the place.

To see in Little Chora the Little Venice, Little Venice (Alefkandra). It is a neighborhood of whitewashed houses with wooden balconies overlooking the water in a half-moon bay. The houses and the bay form a very characteristic and romantic scenery, a perfect place to admire the sunset. Today the buildings are home to bars, restaurants and trendy clubs. A very crowded place at aperitif time.

Near the Little Venice, a little further south on the same bay, there are the famous windmills of Mykonos, standing on the sea from the hill of a small promontory. From here you can admire a wonderful view of Little Venice and the sea and of course it is a another fantastic place to watch the sunset. The mills date back to the 16th century and have always been one of the symbols of Mykonos, depicted in many postcards.

Mykonos is home to around 400 churches, the most important being Panagia Paraportiani, the island’s most famous Orthodox church, located along the coast of Chora, at the end of Little Venice, near the old port. It is a real architectural gem dating back to 1425 and completed in the seventeenth century, whose particularity consists in being formed by several chapels, of which four on the ground floor and one on the upper floor. The characteristic religious complex is entirely painted white, overlooking the sea, giving a magnificent view.

Ten destinations not to be missed in 2018

From Lucca to Ragusa, from Bled in Slovenia to Sifnos in Greece: hidden wonders

From the extreme north of Norway to the striking shores of the Mediterranean, passing through Lucca in Italy and other less known destinations like Bled in Slovenia or Heidelberg in Germany, here are 10 European cities of great personality, creative, special, to discover or better yet to rediscover during 2018.

1. Ragusa Ibla, Italy – Here is a beautiful Sicilian city with baroque charm: Ragusa Ibla, a UNESCO World Heritage set in the southernmost province of the island of Sicily. Ragusa Ibla is an ancient district of Ragusa, the one located in the easternmost part on a hillock dotted with finely decorated churches and palaces. To capture its most scenic view, you have to climb the highest part of Santa Maria delle Scale, and then descend again into the tangle of whitewashed streets and surmounted by romantic terraces with pot-bellied railings. And then off to dispose of lunch in the footsteps of Commissioner Montalbano. Nearest Airport: Comiso (about 15 km), Catania Fontanarossa (about 100 km).

2. Heidelberg, Germany – 2018 is the right year to discover the romantic side of Germany, in a city still little known by Italians but very famous among Northern European travelers: Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg. The Alte Brücke bridge crosses the Neckar river while the manor, perched on the Königstuhl mountain, frames the village, a stone’s throw from the Odenwald forest. To discover the dungeons of the castle, and then descend into the cellars where the largest barrel in the world is preserved, consisting of 130 oak logs, 8 meters long, 7 wide and with a capacity of well to 221,726 liters! Then, do not miss, Kornmarkt, the most beautiful square in Heidelberg, and a ride to the oldest university in Germany, one where students such as Max Weber and Karl Jaspers have enrolled. Nearest Airport: Frankfurt / Main (95 km).

3. Krakow, Poland – 2018 is the right year to get to know Krakow, the pearl of southern Poland inscribed on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Located at the foot of Wawel Hill and embraced by the Carpathian Mountains, this is a city that still bears the aftermath of a sad but formative history, also visible in the shape of its center divided into two parts: Christian to the west, Jewish to the east . This last part opens the door to an authentic world that takes the name of Kazimierz, a neighborhood not to be missed. Then there is the ancient Agiellonian University, frequented by Copernicus and Wojtyla, to name two, and an event to be admired: the Juwenalia Krakowskie, the moment in which the city authorities, in May, deliver the keys of the city to the student community and so a myriad of interesting initiatives are organized. Nearest airport: Krakow-Balice John Paul II (about 10 km).

4. Moscow, Russia – Will host the 2018 FIFA World Cup and welcome the flying taxi. Beyond these two great innovations, the first that will mobilize thousands of tourists from every country and the second that will revolutionize the world transport, the Russian capital is closely linked to the past, the glorious and monumental of the Tsars, and continues to show great pride. Moscow lets its visitors enter the red walls of the Kremlin, among bells, cannons and museums, fills their eyes with the iconic St. Basil’s Cathedral and illuminates its face with the golden chapels of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. And then he brings them to learn about Russian art in the Tret’yakov Gallery, to see the ballet in the legendary Bol’shoj Theater and invites them to have a cup of tea with history in the romantic Café Pushkin. Nearest Airport: Moscow Šeremét’evo (about 30 km).

5. Kamares, Sifnos, Greece – Sifnos, a Greek Cycladic island that stays in the shadow of its Mykonos and Santorni sisters but has so much to offer between sunsets, beaches and cities. Among these there is the port of Kamares, one of the most beautiful of the Aegean, perched on a breezy hill and characterized by white houses, wonderful monasteries and romantic windmills. You start the day under the sun of the southern beaches like Platy Yalos, and then you can enjoy the last hours of the day from the Church of Ayia Maria and conclude with a dinner in a tavern typical of Agia Marina. Nearest Airport: Athens-Eleftherios Venizelos, Milos Island National Airport, Santorini Thira (then continue by ferry).

6. Alhambra, Spain – Granada is a marvelous city, an excellent example of Arabian style in Andalusia and a UNESCO World Heritage city, which has inspired artists and writers from all over the world. In part palace, partly fortress, essentially walled city, the Alhambrait enchants with gurgling fountains, sumptuous decorations and a unique atmosphere, magnificent during the day, amazing at night, with the walls illuminated by the pale moonlight. The name of Al-Qal aal-Hmbra means “red fortress”, probably because of the color of the sun-baked bricks of its outer walls … the leitmotif of all the views of the ciudad! Especially in the summer, there may be a queue and the number of daily entrances is limited, so it is good to book in advance. Nearest Airport: Federico García Lorca Granada-Jaén (10 km), Malaga Pablo Ruiz Picasso (130 km) .7. Leeuwarden, The Netherlands – This marvelous Dutch city, capital of the northern province of Friesland, will be the European Capital of Culture 2018. Thousands of inhabitants are thus completing the program of a very rich calendar of events, which revolves around the open-minded Frisian concept: ” iepen mienskip. “The centerpiece of the city is the avant-garde Fries Museum which hosts various exhibitions such as the one dedicated to Mata Hari, the Friesian courtesan with an intriguing and mysterious life, and the other which pays homage to Escher, the most popular and brilliant Dutch artist 20th century: from May it is the turn of the exhibition dedicated to 11 Fountains in 11 cities of Friesland and from 17 to 19 August it is the turn of the Royal de Luxe street show, with its iconic giant characters … for a magical tale of the city. Nearest Airport: Amsterdam Schiphol (150 km approx.) .8 Bled, Slovenia – This is the ideal city to amaze and astonish (maybe your own half). Bled, is located in Slovenia and offers the most romantic postcard view in Europe, the one that every lover or dreamer would like to have impressed in their heart and mind, in short, forever. We are talking about the vision – more than real believe it – of a small green island surrounded by the blue of an alpine lake. The small islet is only reached by sea on board a typical boat, the pletna, ferryed by experienced boaters who remain standing for the entire time of the journey. A few minutes and you reach the 99 steps leading to the Church of the Assumption of Mary. Once back on the mainland, you can walk to Bled Castle and admire the breathtaking view, or arm yourself with hiking boots and climbs on the Grajski gric hill. Nearest airport: Ljubljana Brnik (about 40 km) .9. Lucca, Italy – The visit to Lucca is a tour of the flavors, among local recipes, of history, among the many monuments, but also a fun ride, with the most famous cartoon festival in Europe. If you can not visit it for the Lucca Comics & Games, in November, do not despair because the beautiful Tuscan will still dream starting from its fantastic square “closed” Piazza dell’Anfiteatro, nineteenth-century work of the brilliant architect Lorenzo Nottolini. An urban masterpiece that is transformed into the symbol of this city surrounded by the Apuan Alps and the Garfagnana countryside. Another masterpiece are the Walls with the ramparts, the doors and the ancient trees, and also the Towers, like that of the Hours and the Guinigi. The homeland of Giacomo Puccini is to be discovered and knows how to take its visitors to the gorge with the buccellato – its typical dessert – because as a Lucchese adage says: “who comes to Lucca and does not eat the buccellato is like there had never been “Nearest Airport: Pisa San Giusto (about 30 km) .10 Tromsø, Norway – Here nature and culture shake hands leading to a magical world made up of midnight suns and northern lights.We are in Tromsø, a city that leads to the pursuit of strong emotions in the extreme north of Norway, after all, this was one of the most significant stages for the first Arctic expeditions, and from where the Hurtigruten, the Postal, the dream boat of naturalists, photographers or simple travelers looking for the red sunsets of the Barent Sea.The 2018 looks like a year full of winds from the International Film Festival and the Northern Light Festival, two events that attract visited from all over the world. But also full of adrenaline, since you can practice the most diverse sports, from kayaking to sleddog. Nearest Airport: Tromsø Langnes (approx. 5 km).

Holidays in Eubea, a pearl among the Greek islands

Discovering Euboea, one of the most beautiful, economical and little tourist Greek islands, among marvelous beaches, historic cities and archaeological sites

Ideal for those who do not like the places besieged by mass tourism, Eubèa or Evia stretches for about 170 kilometers and is connected to the mainland by a road bridge over the Strait of Euripo that joins the city of Chalcis, the island’s capital with the eastern coasts of Greece. Located in the Aegean Sea is the second largest island after Crete and offers many opportunities, including beautiful beaches, historic cities and archaeological sites that are worth a visit.

Thanks to its strategic position, Evia has always been a safe route for sailors, often becoming a crossroads of ideas and cultures and a succession of different dominations. Euboea has very ancient origins. The region was inhabited by Ionian populations and the two cities of Chalkida and Eretria were very flourishing throughout history and played a key role in the Greek colonization of the north-west Aegean, Magna Graecia and Sicily.

In the VI century BC it came under the dominion of the Athenians while the Romans arrived there in the third century BC. Later during the Byzantine period many churches and monasteries were built until the thirteenth century, when it passed to the Republic of Venice which changed its name to Negroponte, holding it until the Turkish conquest in 1470. Later, in 1830 it was re-annexed to Greece, after centuries of Ottoman domination. Eubea’s entrance gate is the city of Chalkida, connected to the mainland by an iron bridge, from which ferries depart and arrive.

Euboea can be visited both in winter and in summer. To get there just stop at Athens Airport and from here take the train or bus to Calcide which is about 90 kilometers from the Greek capital. But the island has a vast network of roads and you can then easily explore it by car or travel by bus. Sparsely known and frequented by foreign tourists, the island of Evia, is one of the main tourist destinations for the Greeks, especially by the Athenians who spend their weekends or summer holidays here. In addition, it still offers absolutely cheap and inexpensive prices compared to other Greek islands.

Its ancient capital is Calcide which, in addition to being the main point of connection to the mainland, today presents itself as a modern city dotted with bars, restaurants and shops. You can find them in the main street or in the small port where you can stroll, drink a bit of “tsipouro” or eat a good Greek seafood dish. But Calcide is also a city with 3000 years of history. Here you will find an interesting Archaeological Museum with several exhibits from all over the island, and the ruins of some ancient temples, including the ancient fortress of Karababa, built by the Turks in the 15th century to protect the city from the Venetians.

To the south, the second largest city is Eretria, an important financial and cultural center in ancient Greece, with its Archaeological Museum and the ruins of an ancient theater destroyed in part by the Romans in 198 BC. Also worth seeing are the remains of the 6th century BC Temple of Apollo. with several sculptures, some of which are kept in the museum of Chalcis. Furthermore, in this city of Eubea you will find the sacred temple of Isis, one of the most interesting monuments of ancient Eretria, as well as the splendid house of mosaics, an ancient building of the Hellenistic period, characterized by elegant mosaics representing mythological scenes.

More in the center is Kimi, one of the oldest cities of Evia, with old houses with wrought iron balconies. An interesting museum is that of folklore, considered one of the best of its kind, you can admire handicrafts, especially clothes and embroidery and a wide range of local costumes and various traditional and agricultural tools. A few minutes by car you reach Limni, a delightful town that overlooks a natural port connecting Euboea to the remaining Greek islands, characterized by an urban center with typical white houses with red roofs on the seafront along with many taverns and cafes. .

At 8 kilometers from Limni you can visit the oldest Byzantine monastery, the Moni Galataki. It is a wonderful place with numerous vestiges and frescoes. In the northern part of the island, Edipsos is one of the most renowned destinations in Evia since ancient times due to its healing waters. Today it is known for its spas and spas where you can regenerate with a nice bath in one of its springs, soak in the mud or relax with a massage.

Economic destinations for the summer, where to go to the beach spending a little

Longing for the sea, but without spending a fortune? Here is a selection of 10 cheap seaside resorts, for your beach holidays between Italy and abroad, where to have fun, discover new places, enjoy the deserved relaxation. But with an eye on the wallet. Although it seems that the trend of booking holidays, for Italians, is growing, this is even more true if we take into account nearby destinations. And for limited periods of time.
Therefore, the holidays hit and run by a few days increase, while the more substantial ones, from a week upwards, remain stable after all.

With our mini-guide to the most beautiful seaside resorts (and especially where to spend little), easily accessible and less traveled by mass tourism you will discover that it is possible to enjoy, at least once a year, a period of detachment a little longer than a handful of days.
The Bel Paese would suffice, in itself, to provide all the necessary ideas for a rich and interesting selection of summer destinations kissed by sun and sea. Among all, however, there are some that for the fantastic value for money do not really rivals, with often offers low-cost holiday packages, even in August. A single note to keep in mind: before you book, the less you spend!
Let’s start from Italy: Policoro, Basilicata

The crystalline and very clean water, the iridescent colored sand, which turn from dazzling white to bright pink, and its shallow and sandy bottoms make Policoro beach one of the hidden gems of Basilicata. Inside the WWF natural oasis Policoro Herakleia, here you can admire the hatching of the turtles’ eggs. Among the protected species that have elected the beach to their “nursery” there are the Caretta Caretta, those of land and the marsh turtle. Access to the beach is controlled by WWF volunteers who protect and preserve these friendly animals, very often subject to high risk of extinction. Policoro is not only sun and sea, but also archeology and uncontaminated nature. The history of the area tells of a glorious past linked to the glories of the Magna Graecia, of which you can admire evident traces in the National Archaeological Museum of Siritide, in the Sanctuary of Demeter and the Temple of Dionysus, even though in reality the city was founded in antecedent, around 432 BC Another must-have stop is the baronial castle or Palazzo Berlingieri, built in the middle of the Middle Ages and rearranged on several occasions until the late 18th century. If you are a lover of flavors, do not miss out on tasting the famous fragrant and juicy top quality Candonga strawberries, and taste a great glass of local wine in one of the numerous wine bars in the city center.
Because it is cheap: far from the usual circuits linked to mass tourism, the town of Policoro is still little known and is (also) for this reason that a holiday in this area offers very low costs.

San Ferdinando overlooks the Gulf of Gioia Tauro, in the province of Reggio Calabria, and is set between the Costa degli Dei and the Costa Viola in Calabria. Not very touristy and also far from the crowds that choose other locations, San Ferdinando is perfect for a beach holiday, relaxation, but also cultural visits. The strong point for sea lovers is its beautiful sandy beach that stretches for miles, kissed by a thick pine forest in which to find refreshment from the summer heat. But even at the historical-cultural level, do not mess around! It is in this area, in fact, that the Greek city of Medma stood, which left traces of its fertile presence with numerous finds of the era, and the entire area also tells of a prosperous Byzantine period. Not to be missed: a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Medma which is located inside the Archaeological Park of the same name. Here, among the olive trees, you can admire the necropolis with its cappuccina, tub and embryo crates. Then still terracotta statuettes, masks, vases and weapons in iron, precious bas-reliefs. Because it is cheap: the accommodation facilities, as well as the premises and restaurants are almost all family-run, when not single. This obviously allows to reduce costs.
In San Menaio, Puglia, crystal clear sea and Aleppo pines
In Talamone, Tuscany, explore the MaremmaMinuscial medieval village, protected by an imposing fortress, Talamone admires the Golfo dell’Argentario and its crystal clear turquoise waters in the Tuscan sea. According to legend, in the fortress of the village would be buried the Greek hero who gives the name to the town, Telamone, son of Aeneid and uncle of Achilles. Mythology aside, this village has in fact very ancient origins: some of the findings found on the territory, in fact, date back to the Neolithic. A holiday in this beautiful location can not ignore some fundamental steps: the Archaeological Museum of Orbetello, where you can admire the Roman finds, the Rocca di Talamone, built around the middle of the XIII century and the Natural Park of Maremma where to make bird -watching, walks immersed in nature, horseback rides or canoe explorations. Among its most beautiful beaches we mention the Bagno delle Donne, a small cove located along the Silver coast, overlooking the sea with an amazing beauty. Because it is cheap: between b & b, apartments and popular hotels, you can book wonderful holidays, at affordable prices.Extra low cost in AlbaniaA Saranda, Albania, sea and nightlife The coast is that of the Ionian Sea. Saranda is a charming Albanian tourist resort that has nothing to envy to other more popular sea destinations.

How many islands are there in Greece?

What we propose to you is a geographic question with a complex and articulate answer, because the various sources in this regard are divided into the total number as to the meaning of the word “island”.

And so the number of Greek islands varies, depending on the sources, from 1200 to 9835 units reported on the page of the Greek Government (6000 for the Tourist Board) taking into account a classification that includes in the total number islets and masses outcrop a little more great of a rock. A totally believable number if we think of the morphology of the country, whose 16,000 kilometers of coastline are almost half grown on islands.

For IkH the islands are over 1400, poché are considered as those with a surface above an acre (half a hectare or 4046 square meters).
Even on the number of those permanently or seasonally inhabited there is no single data. According to official sources, between 220 and 227 are those with permanent residents.

Most of the islands are located in the Aegean Sea and are divided into seven main groups or archipelagos and two major islands: to the south is Crete, the largest, while opposite the coast of mainland Greece there is another large island, Euboea, connected by a bridge to the mainland. The rest of the islands is divided between the Cyclades archipelago, the Dodecanese archipelago, the eastern Aegean islands and the northern Aegean islands, the Sporades archipelago. Between the Peloponnese and Attica there are the Saronic islands and, finally, to the west, towards Italy, there are the Ionian islands.

Windows on the sea: 10 truly extraordinary hotels

From Ischia to the Côte d’Azur, from Greece to the Seychelles hotels for those who love the harmony of the waves

Château & Hotels Collection is an association founded in 1975 that unites Hotel du charme and gourmet restaurants throughout Europe and beyond. In almost 600 hotels, we have chosen these ten dwellings decidedly in symbiosis with the sea.

The incomparable charm of Ischia – At Casamicciola Terme, the most important spa of the island of Ischia, is the Hotel La Madonnina, a charming dwelling overlooking the sea, in true Ischia style. Guests can stay in one of the 21 rooms decorated with characteristic tiled floors and all equipped with terraces. To enjoy a few moments of wellness, the modern spa with indoor pool with whirlpool, Kneipp path, sauna and emotional shower; and to make the first swim of the season, the hotel offers a private beach with solarium-platform and 37/40 ° hot springs coming directly from the sea.

An ‘art nouveau’ hotel overlooking the Ligurian landscape – In Rapallo, pearl of the Riviera di Levante in Liguria, lies the Grand Hotel Bristol Resort & Spa, one of the most famous and historic hotels in Italy. The hotel boasts more than 100 years of history and has managed to keep its unique Art Nouveau style intact. Located in front of the sea, from the rooms and the restaurant you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Tigullio. Inside a modern Spa.

The discreet luxury of an ocean dwelling -In France, in the villages of the Loire, in Les Sables d’Olonne, the Atlantic Hotel & Spa is a contemporary style hotel, overlooking the enchanting bay. Inside, 30 luxurious rooms, many with beautiful windows and terraces with direct ocean views. To indulge in some ‘cuddle’ the ideal place is the beautiful spa and the large indoor pool. At Restaurant ‘Le Sloop’, decorated with light colors and details that recall the colors of the sea, you can taste the fried seafood of chef Alexandre Bieignon.

A castle overlooking the Normandy beaches – On the English Channel, in Ėtretat, France, one of the most famous places on the Costa d’Alabastro, stands the exclusive Domaine Saint Clair-Le Donjon. To characterize this splendid castle covered with ivy and surrounded by a large park, is the breathtaking view that can be enjoyed from the rooms: the sea, the cliffs and the typical Norman village of Etretat. The outdoor swimming pool and the restaurant, which offers the best recipes based on local products, boast magnificent sea views.

A villa of the nineteenth century in the Corsican capital – Ad Ajaccio in Corsica, on the ‘Route des Sanguinaires’ you can stay at the Hotel Demeure Les Mouettes, in a typical nineteenth-century villa recently renovated. The hotel has direct access to the beach, an inviting swimming pool surrounded by palm trees and large rooms with views overlooking the Gulf of Ajaccio. All around a large green park.

A gem on the sea of ​​the French Riviera – In Sainte Maxim, there is a real jewel of the Collection, La Belle Aurore, a delightful home overlooking the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. The rooms are spacious, decorated in a Provençal style with soft hues and shades of blue, and have large balconies that give the whole show of the sea. The large outdoor pool seems to be one with the sea. Inside the restaurant the best recipes of the area and, in summer, there is the opportunity to dine outdoors, on the sea, and enjoy the delicacies based on fresh fish.

A hotel surrounded by the sea and nature – Saint-Jean-de-Luz is a charming town in the Aquitaine region of France, once a fishing village and a place frequented by privateers for its strategic position close to Spain. Here, next to the cliff and overlooking the Atlantic, is La Reserve, a charming hotel surrounded by 3 hectares of parkland. The huge swimming pool offers a unique view of the ocean, as well as the terrace of the ‘Ilura’ restaurant, where chef Fabrice Idiart prepares his gourmet recipes.

‘Pieds dans l’eau’ in the Breton sea – The hotel Le Sables Blancs is located right on the most beautiful beach of Concarneau, in Brittany, France. The interiors are welcoming, with wooden floors and furniture; the large windows of the bar, restaurant and rooms overlook the Breton sea. In this structure you can take cooking classes, walks in the vineyards and cycling.

Seven spectacular paradisiacal islands that only few can afford

Who has not dreamed of being the king or queen of an entire island. But becoming the owner of a heavenly place, although not impossible, is not for everyone.

The company Private Islands Inc. makes available a web page with an infinite number of listings of islands for sale or rent, distributed all over the globe and different sizes and prices. We present a selection of some of the most impressive islands.
The magnificent property that owns the island / Private Islands Inc.
In this enchanting natural environment and on the waters of Lake Flathead – one of the three most crystal clear lakes in the world – this spectacular island of over 89,000 m2 is located. With a price of $ 22.7 million, the island includes Montana’s largest home, a 3,000-square-foot home that offers priceless views.

For $ 29 million you can buy these two fantastic islands / Private Islands Inc.
An offer not to be missed. For the modest sum of $ 29 million, you can buy two paradisiacal islands of the Bahamas, which together reach more than 335 thousand m2.

Complete covered by vegetation, you can buy this island for 95 million dollars / Private Islands Inc.
Just 10 minutes by boat or helicopter from Miami’s famous South Beach, this island of 105,000 square meters is located. A perfect place for those who want to get away from the looks of others, the property is almost completely covered by vegetation. If you want to pump Pumpkin Key into your home, you must have at least $ 95 million to buy it.

For 60 million dollars you can buy this island of almost 900 thousand m2 / Private Islands Inc.
For just $ 60 million, you can purchase this impressive Bahamian island of over 898,000 square feet. Located in a unique natural environment, with virgin beaches, greenery and an impressive view of the Caribbean, the island has a house on top of a rock, a three-storey houseboat, a restaurant and many other facilities. The perfect place to turn into a hotel.

The price of this island of 240 thousand m2 is a mystery / Private Islands Inc.
Located in Waitemata Harbor, a 15-minute helicopter ride from Auckland, lies this magnificent 240,000-square-meter island. The property has two beaches, one on the east coast and the other on the north. In addition, the island has 24 huts and other houses to stay. As for the price, the company reveals it only to those who are really interested.

25 million costs this island of 360 thousand m2 to 209 km from Florida / Private Islands Inc.
209 km from Florida is this spectacular island of 360,000 m2, three private beaches, surrounded by islands and some of the best places in the world to fish. The island has numerous houses and factories and was conceived as a kind of resort. If you are interested in buying it, the price is 25 million dollars.

If you have 44 million dollars you can buy the largest private Greek island. It has an area of ​​54,000 m2 and a large variety of plant species. Its location and its natural environment make it the ideal candidate for putting it into business by building a luxury

Easter 2018 where to go on vacation

Easter 2018 where to go on vacation. We have just entered the Carnival period, but Easter is not long in coming, so if you want to leave for a nice trip it’s time to get organized to plan your Easter holidays and choose your favorite destination. This year Easter will be “low”, ie at the beginning of spring, then the Carnival in the middle of winter (Ash Wednesday will be 14 February, Valentine’s Day).

The date of Easter, in fact, follows the lunar calendar, so it changes from year to year. Easter Sunday is set on the Sunday after the first full moon of spring, which this year will be March 31, a Saturday. Therefore, Easter Sunday 2018 will be Sunday, April 1st. A curious coincidence with the anniversary of the April Fools. The week of Easter holidays, therefore, will go from Thursday, March 29 to Tuesday, April 3, more or less. Period during which the schools will close and many families, but not only, will leave for the holidays. Here we want to give you some advice on where to go for Easter 2018.

Easter holidays are the period expected by many. After the long winter months, many yearn for the beautiful season and above all a pause for fun and relaxation, perhaps outdoors, which is an advance of the summer holidays. After the Christmas holidays, in fact, the Easter week is the longest holiday period, between winter and summer. So many will leave for a nice trip, which is a return to the country of origin – we already imagine many Italians returning to the South – or the departure for a beautiful city of art, in Italy or in Europe. There are those who will take advantage of it for the first taste of the sea. In short, the opportunities are not lacking. You just have to choose your favorite destination.

Here are our tips to be taken on the fly for your Easter holidays 2018, a review of destinations divided by subject areas, depending on the trends of the moment and your specific needs. Easter 2018 where to go on vacation.

Easter holidays are an opportunity for many to visit a beautiful city of art in Italy. Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples are the most popular destinations, but the offer is vast and even many other smaller cities definitely deserve a nice holiday. You are spoiled for choice. Here in particular we recommend the beautiful city of Palermo, Italian Capital of Culture 2018, with a calendar full of events and events, in addition to its architectural and artistic masterpieces to see. If then the weather is good and it’s hot, even if we are still in the very first days of spring, nothing removes the weather allowing you to take a dip or sunbathe on the beach of Mondello, just outside the city. So in Palermo you will have fun for sure and fill your eyes with wonders.

Among the other Italian destinations that we recommend for Easter there are art cities like Verona, Mantua, Cremona, Lucca, Orvieto, Perugia, Lecce. All beautiful cities, which offer a wide cultural, artistic and gastronomic offer and which also organize events for the Easter period.

If you are looking for nature instead, you have a very wide offer here too. For Easter 2018, at the beginning of spring, we recommend forests and natural parks in central and southern Italy, where you will find better weather conditions. Among the natural areas we recommend: the National Park of the Casentinesi Forests, with its thick woods and sanctuaries, between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna; the Natural Park of the Maremma, with its wild territory, always in Tuscany; the Regional Park of Matese, between Campania and Molise, the National Park of Gargano with the Foresta Umbra, perfect in spring; finally the Parco del Conero, in the Marche, with its breathtaking views of the sea.

The Easter holidays for many are an opportunity to leave for a nice trip to Europe. A beautiful city of art, an important capital, or a natural area. The choice in this case is also wide. Here we highlight the 2018 trends and unmissable places. Among them is the beautiful Seville, which with its rich architectural, historical and cultural heritage is one of the most beautiful and unmissable destinations in Europe, included by the Lonely Planet guide in the top 10 cities to visit in 2018. The magnificent cathedral, the sumptuous Alcazar Palace with its lush gardens are the main beauties of Seville, but many others are to be discovered.

Among the other destinations to visit at Easter in Europe we point out: Amsterdam, with the first tulip blooms, and the opening of the wonderful Keukenhof Garden, 40 km from Amsterdam; Bruges and the enchanting territory of Flanders;the south of France, with the Côte d’Azur, Provence and the Camargue, to see Grasse the city of perfumes; The south of Germany, with the Black Forest and the cities of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and its castles.
Also to be visited Vienna, with its Easter markets. Timeless destinations like London, Berlin, Paris and Barcelona. If you are looking for the sea for the first sun and the first baths, the destination on which you can go fairly safe is the Canary Islands. Here you will not find a tropical climate, but rather warm and pleasant to be able to sunbathe and if you want to try swimming in the sea. The other alternative to go to the beach in early April are the Red Sea resorts of Sharm-el-Sheik and Hurghada, (not in Europe, it must be said for geographic precision, but close to us). On the Greek islands, however, in early April it is still early to go to the sea, you may be lucky to find exceptional weather conditions, but if you choose to go only to the sea is at your risk, then better to choose the island of Crete, where you can do a lot of things, including visits to cultural attractions, museums, archaeological sites, Venetian fortresses, coastal walks and inland excursions; then if you’re lucky and the weather allows it you can dare a dip in the sea. The climate of Cyprus is warmer.
Water 2018 where to go with the familyFor the family Easter trip the ideal destinations are amusement parks, nature parks and art cities with attractions for children. Children can not wait to go to Gardaland or Mirabilandia and spring is the right time to attend the playgrounds, even for the fun of mom and dad. Gardaland, then, is in a beautiful area from the point of view of the landscape and in an optimal position if you love culture. The amusement park is near the beautiful town of Peschiera del Garda and from here you can visit the entire southern coast of the beautiful lake, with Sirmione and Desenzano del Garda. The beautiful city of Verona, then, is very close, as is the Parco del Mincio, up to Mantua. A perfect destination to combine the city of art and nature with fun.The Mirabilandia park, however, is close to Ravenna and the coast of Romagna, a perfect opportunity to show your children the beautiful city of mosaics and take a walk to the sea at spring. Among other destinations for families with children we recommend a visit to the castles of the provinces of Parma and Piacenza.
On all the castles of Grazzano Visconti, with its picturesque medieval village where many events are organized, and the characteristic Castle of Gropparello where many initiatives dedicated to children take place, with an itinerary in the Parco delle Fiabe.Pasqua 2018 where to go in pairsLisbon ( iStock) For couples Easter holidays, the ideal destinations are those that offer scenic, natural and urban beauty, art and culture, relaxation and quality fun. Among the destinations that can meet all these requirements is Portugal, with its breathtaking views, wild natural settings and romantic cities.
The country has won the World Travel Awarrds 2017 World Tourism Oscar, winning awards in numerous categories, as the best overall destination and best city for CityBreak in Lisbon. You can choose to take a trip to the main towns of the country, to discover the less touristic places, with a trip on the road by renting a car. Or stop in a big city, in Lisbon or Porto. Also visit the beautiful Algarve coast. Another couple’s trip for Easter holidays is in the beautiful city of Dubrovnik, to visit in this season, avoiding the crowded summer. As well as the cities of Ljubljana and Zagreb. In Italy, we recommend a couple trip for Easter to discover Sardinia.
From Costa Smeralda, descending towards San Teodoro, with the beautiful coves overlooking the island of Tavolara. Places of exceptional scenic beauty to admire in spring, out of the summer season. The other recommended destination is the city of Alghero with the Riviera del Corallo, a city of Catalan imprint with the striking bastions on the sea, monuments and historic buildings to see, archaeological sites nuragiche and a breathtaking natural landscape with the imposing promontory of Capo Caccia overlooking the sea.Pubo 2018 where to go with friendsPlaza Mayor, Madrid (Sebastian Dubiel, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikicommons) If you are planning to leave for Easter holidays with friends and you want to go to Spain, beyond the usual Barcelona, ​​go to Madrid. The capital of Spain has a wide range of cultural attractions and entertainment, from the great museums, to the beautiful city parks, such as Parque del Retiro and the Botanical Garden to the panoramic terrace of the Círculo de Bellas Artes. In the city you will find many bars, typical restaurants, where fehave to eat, drink and have fun. The rites of the Setimana Santa, then, with the impressive processions along the streets, are very suggestive. If you have a week full of vacation do not miss a trip to the nearby beautiful city of Toledo.
A perfect destination for groups of friends is Berlin. The German capital is a lively, young city, crossed by many cultural ferments, it will be an opportunity to visit historical museums, the spectacular Alexander Platz, the areas where parts of the Berlin Wall have been kept and especially between nightclubs and discos will have a lot to have fun.Another destination for groups of friends, we recommend you the lively Copenhagen, which between culture, museums, events, festivals, restaurants, clubs, shopping, music has so much to offer.
Perfect for a holiday that satisfies all the tastes of your group. Do not miss, of course, the free city of Christiania.Pasqua 2018 where to go low costAthens, the acropolis with the Parthenon (iStock) Among the low cost destinations where to go to Easter 2018 definitely stands out Athens, the capital of Greece is in fact one of the cheaper destinations in Europe and the beginning of spring is the right time to visit it. Climb to the Acropolis to visit the Parthenon and the other masterpieces of ancient Greece will not make you fall to the ground like in summer with the heat and the crowd of tourists.
Athens is not only ancient Greece, but also a modern city to live by night going to locals and frequenting the plaza where young Athenians meet to be together and improvise concerts.
You can also take advantage of a visit to the coast and the islands of the Saronic Gulf, authentic wonders to visit with a day trip. The other low cost destinations for Easter in Europe are the capitals of the Baltics: Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn are beautiful cities , to be discovered, rich in monuments and picturesque historical centers recognized as Unesco Heritage. Cities also have numerous attractions for night-time entertainment, they are the new creative destinations from all over Europe, with cultural ferments, contemporary art and new exhibitions. In addition, they can be reached with numerous low-cost flights from all over Europe. Not to be missed.Finally, another cheap low-cost destination to visit, for its scenic and cultural-historical beauties, is Montenegro, an amazing country, to be discovered, from the coast to the hinterland.

Grimaldi Lines strengthens the offer on Greece and opens reservations for Corfu

Reservations are open for a new Grimaldi Lines maritime connection: all those wishing to spend their holidays on the unspoiled beaches of the Ionian islands will be able to reach Corfu from the ports of Brindisi, Ancona and Venice.

The route Brindisi-Corfu will be operational from June 1 with 4 departures a week until July 4: every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday the ship of Grimaldi Lines will leave the port of Puglia at 22, with expected arrival on the island at 5 am next day. As far as the return journey is concerned, it will be possible to leave from the port of Corfu every Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 13.30, with a scheduled arrival in Brindisi at 8.30 pm.

In high season – from 5 July to 9 September – Grimaldi Lines will guarantee a daily frequency. Until 18 August the same departure times will be maintained (at 22 from Brindisi and at 13.30 from Corfu), while from 19 August the timetable will change: the ship will leave the port of Brindisi every day at 12, with arrival expected on the island at 23.30, and the port of Corfu at 23.59 with arrival scheduled in Italy at 9 the next day.

The new route – which will be added to the multi-day Brindisi-Igoumenitsa connection – will be operated by the Compagnia with the M / n Euroferry Corfù and Euroferry Egnazia. From 15 July to 16 September it will also be possible to reach the Ionian island from Venice and Ancona with the m / n Cruise Europa and Cruise Olympia, which will depart from both ports every Wednesday and Thursday and return on Thursday and Friday.

Regarding the tariff policy, on the destination Greece are currently in force 2 promotions: 30% discount (fixed fees excluded) to those who book their summer vacation by February 28 and 20% discount (fixed fees excluded) for who will leave by booking no more than 7 days before the departure date, to be carried out by 30 April. Lastly, special rates apply throughout the year, including the reduction of children and discounts of 30% on return in low season and 20% for combined trips Grimaldi Lines and Minoan Lines, always in low season.

Edipsos: the warm waters of Heracles

The spa citadina is one of the most popular destinations on the island of Evia and in Greece thanks to more than 80 thermal springs called “hot waters of Heracles”

From the clear waters of the Aegean sea emerges the beautiful island of Evia, also known as Evia, particularly famous for its thermal springs, called “hot waters of Heracles”, which each year attract, in the picturesque town of Edipsos, a spa resort among the most beloved of Greece, thousands of tourists looking for wellness and relaxation.

An ancient legend with mythological suggestions tells that the goddess Athena asked Hephaestus to generate warm waters in the area of ​​the island of Evia to be able to give them to Heracles. It is no coincidence, then, that the historian Strabo called the “hot waters of Heracles” the springs that gushed on the island. Although today it is well known that the Euboean waters do not have divine origins, the beneficial effects are equally appreciated, and the coastal town of Edipsos, known since ancient times for its springs, has kept its celebrity unchanged over time. ‘has made a destination of international fame frequented by prominent personalities such as Onassis, Maria Callas, Winston Churchill, Greta Garbo and many writers and poets conquered so much by its beauty, as by the therapeutic, corroborating and relaxing properties of the thermal waters.

Edipsos is the best known spa town in all of Greece and it’s no wonder. The thousands of visitors who, each year, reach it can, in fact, count on over 80 thermal springs scattered throughout the city, from which gush out, sometimes even in the sea, beneficial waters at temperatures between 28 and 56 °. Besides boasting relaxing and relaxing properties, these waters are particularly suitable for the treatment of diseases and disorders of the body including chronic and subacute rheumatism, deforming arthrosis, spondylarthritis, nephritis, coxalgia, lumbago, post-traumatic ankylosis, gynecological disorders, pathologies endocrinological and cardiovascular problems ..

Edipsos houses the largest and most advanced thermal establishment in the interior of the country managed by the Hellenic National Tourist Board. There are, of course, private facilities and those related to hotels, such as the exclusive spa center of the Thermae Sylla Spa & Wellness Hotel, founded in 1896, one of the oldest hotels in the country. It is a unique place because inside it flows, at a temperature of 75-80 °, a special mineral water considered among the best in the world because among its components, in addition to numerous mineral salts, also stands out the therapeutic radeon.

Set off the southeastern coast of Peninsular Greece, Evia, also known as Evia, is the largest island in the country after Crete. Known for its numerous thermal springs, it welcomes thousands of visitors every year, particularly in the beautiful coastal town of Edipsos, one of the most renowned spa and seaside resorts of the entire country. In addition to the magnificent beaches and spas, it is worth taking the time to explore the locality and its historical and architectural remains, among which the beautiful churches of Agios Panteleimonas, Agios Fanourios and St. Anargyron stand out.

Messi buys an island. So Greece sells its “rocks of the famous”

The 10 Argentine buys Sophia, in the Ionian. Footballers and VIPs, it is run to the paradises of Athens

Gold? Silver? Valuable properties? Collection of watches? No, atolls in the Aegean. Here is the new frontier of “safe” investment.

Greece has been on sale for a long time, but this time facts and contracts followed the announcements. The last, in order of time to have bought an island in those that have been renamed the Caribbean of the Mediterranean, is the champion of the Barcelona Lionel Messi: according to the real estate agency «Proto Group Ltd» has got its hands on Sophia, little corner of paradise in the Ionian archipelago of Echinades, east of Ithaca. Pristine beaches and transparent waters in the Mediterranean and without the problem of jet lag.

The blown came through the streets, or another deal concluded by another top player, Cristiano Ronaldo who had given a gift to his manager, Mendes, on the occasion of his marriage. Many islands that, after the Greek crisis, the troika has imposed on the government to include in the so-called privatization package and several “stars” of football, Hollywood, as well as bankers and magnates have expressed interest in asking for information and then buy.

Sophia is located next to the most famous Skorpios, the island of Onassis, bought a few years ago by the Russian magnate Dmitry Evgenevich Rybolovlev: billionaire, philanthropist, president of Monaco Calcio, the man who owns the largest potassium deposit in the world the record of the most expensive divorce of all time, a good three million euros to say goodbye to Elena (while her daughter gave a flat in New York of “only” 10 million).

After a joint litigation conducted in two law firms, one in Geneva and the other in Athens, in 2013 Rybolovlev, ranked by Forbes in the list of the 80 richest men on the planet, happens to Onassis in the island that, since the Sixties onwards, he saw the economy’s gotha ​​and the world jet set, from Winston Churchill to Jacqueline Kennedy, who celebrated his wedding with the Greek shipowner on the island.

Before the Russian, it was the Emir of Qatar Khalifa Al Thani who was “shopping” in the Ionian Sea 70 miles from the Italian coast, winning the island of Beech. And Lord Rothschild, near Lefkada, has purchased 2,600 hectares of land destined to be exclusive scenery for 14 extra-luxury villas: a sort of personalized atoll reserved for top clients like Prince Charles, actress Nicole Kidman and Russian magnate Roman Abramovic . The latter is already a regular visitor to Greece and its beaches: in addition to stationing with his yacht in the Sporades every August (Skiathos, Scopelos and Alonissos) and to have purchased in the last five years some in Corfu, the owner of Chelsea in the package of its companies also holds a 5-star plus resort (the only type present in Greece) in the Chalkidiki peninsula, frequented only by magnates and oligarchs.

The Echinades complex with crystal clear waters and unspoiled nature is located in the stretch of sea facing the famous Platygiali port. Four years ago the prestigious Business Insider magazine had dedicated a whole number to it with a series of captivating photos under an explanatory title: “They can be yours with a few millions”.

And in fact they have been, given the prices are not at all prohibitive for that target of buyers. For example, eight million are needed to become Sikinos Kardiotissa holders. But, given the premises, you will not need to wait long to close that deal too.

Izabel Goulart, angel at the kiss

The Victoria’s Secret model on vacation in Mykonos with her boyfriend Kevin Trapp. Together for just over a year, they could not be united anymore

The summer of the “angels” of Victoria’s Secret, this year, is under the sun of the most popular islands of the moment. So if Alessandra Ambrosio and Ana Beatriz Barros greeted Mykonos, (the first for the Balearics, the second for London), Izabel Goulart has just arrived on the island with her boyfriend Kevin Trapp, a footballer at Paris Saint Germain. Besides, they had already made a stop in Ibiza, and in this hot summer they do not want to miss a beach.

Izabel Goulart, the game of the Angel

The days, of course, are full of relaxation and fun, including games with rackets and evenings only for two, but also full of kisses, by the sea, embraced as the first day.

The story, among them, has been going on for just over a year and does not lack gossip. It seems that Rihanna was interested in Kevin, but in the end the lightning strike broke out with Izabel. And to see them together would seem that the Brazilian model is really the right one.

From Manhattan to Greece and up to Thailand with the dream app

It will not be an adventure, but certainly it will be all to enjoy. Here is the invitation: «A resort in the most popular coral archipelago in the world awaits you for the vacation of your dreams». The coordinates are those, inevitable, of the Maldives: beautiful and not very possible. The offer has the power of a weapon of seduction: «Stay half-board for seven nights, with flights and transfers included, to 1,460 euros per person». How to resist? The call will also be mass – nothing to do with that chic elite – but you want to put the sand that looks like talcum powder bathed in a warm sea like a hug? All this, then, in the middle of a winter that, in fact, escapes the most severe peaks, but is not as light as a summer. It will be, but not to be missed, in this case, it is not the holiday but the method to guarantee it. And then go further, please: “You still have not downloaded our app? Off with the free download to hook up the opportunity at exceptional prices ». The virtual voice is that of PiratinViaggio, the largest social travel community in the world with an average of 30 million monthly visits to the site and 9 million fans on Facebook: it provides an application that allows you to set up “alerts” on destinations of their dreams. From the series: by activating these warnings, potential travelers can see the best offer on the desired destination as soon as it is available. All right away.

App and away, with the ranking that is a worthy corollary of this deal to pack: Thailand is at the top in the research of over 10 million tourists who have downloaded the application for smartphones and tablets. A destination that brings together almost all European nations, so much so that it stands in the top 3 for Italians, French, English and German. Next, in the ranking of the most beloved, Greece, Manhattan, Cuba, Mexico and Australia. Unmissable, Italy, which enters by right in the top 10 of Great Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland. Even the Americans consider it among the favorites.
App and away, it was said. The most far-sighted do not hesitate to book their holidays in advance and, from a survey organized among the Italians, it appears that the most booked milestone for this year are the United States, immediately followed by Spain and Greece. Thailand does not give up its position and confirms itself among the top destinations already reserved for 2018, together with the exotic Maldives and Cuba. Among the European cities in the plans of the Italians, always this year, stand out Amsterdam, London and Barcelona.

And to close, continue to follow the red thread of the figures: HolidayPirates includes 10 portals in seven different languages. Fans on Facebook have exceeded 9 million and the application has been downloaded over 10 million times. The newsletter on WhatsApp, which sends the most valid offers every day slightly ahead of the site, has been installed by over 800,000 users. App, we start.

A few nautical miles from Mykonos, Tinos unveils marvelous beaches and monasteries for a mindfulness-proof summer 2017.

Just search on Google MAP to realize that Tinos and Mykonos are very close Cycladic islands. But what to see in Tinos? What’s more and better than Mykonos?

You are sitting at the San To Alati Restaurant in Aghios Fokas and admiring the thousand night lights of the coast. It is all indisputably beautiful and you feel at ease; so comfortable you feel as if you are in Sestri (Levante) and look at the horizon, seeing the brightness of Santa (Margherita) and Portofino at night. At that point, intrigued by the local geography, ask the waiter with a winking and super expert: “What area of ​​Tinos is that?”. You do not have the map of Tinos printed in mind and you do not know, absolutely, to have stumbled upon the tragic greek epic fail par excellence that will make you suffer the implacable appellation of malaka!

In fact, your interlocutor, as a good Greek, replies impassively and unstructively: “That is Mykonos. Been? “. So you deserve a “malaka appellativo” but you, after all, it’s not that you can know all about Hellenic geolocation. So we’ll take care of you! Tinos and Mykonos are just over 33 kilometers as the crow flies; they are both absolutely Cycladic as regards architecture; white villages; summer aridity and meltemi in the summer months but apart from this, they differ so much that they can be called the Devil (Mykonos) and Acquasanta (Tinos).

Do not you believe it? Here is a brief summary: this island is the Lourdes of Greece, and to see in Tinos there are many sanctuaries. The most visited sanctuary of the river (Panaghia Evangelistria); still privileges a very Greek tourism. Mykonos is synonymous, in the common imaginary, of beaches / discos; nightlife 7/7 and 24/24; international tourism / caciara … Both, however, offer squares with iron tables and straw chairs; they will amaze you with panoramas and breathtaking views; they will steal your heart and spirit. In short, to make it short, the summer of your holidays in Greece 2017 can be dedicated to the small and shy Tinos. But what to see in Tinos? And again, the combined Tinos beaches can live up to expectations? The answer is yes and, to understand why and what to see in Tinos, we give you a mini guide dedicated to its villages, its beaches, its restaurants and its hotels.

THE “CAPITAL” CHORA: La Chora – tourist port and main city – is synonymous with the famous Sanctuary dedicated to Panaghia Evangelistria which, at any time of the year, welcomes pilgrims and believers. Inside the icon of the Virgin Announced, the thousands of ex-votos and the obsequious faithful remind you immediately that you are in the Greek Lourdes.
Rating: 10 at the Shrine; 5 at the Chora

The most beautiful and important is certainly Pyrgos that enchants you with a main square built around a huge plane tree planted in 1859. To frame tables and tables of bars and cafes frequented throughout the year as the village is home to the Institute Professional superior of the Art of Marble as well as a Marble Museum. Rating: 10 – Stupendous get lost in the alleys.

Ysternia: its name derives from “extremity” (ystero); its characteristic is the breathtaking view of the Aegean; the island that stands out on the horizon is Syros; the bust that stands out in the main square pays tribute to the benefactor of the village “N. Glyni “. The village is alive and animated by cafes, taverns, fish rooms and restaurants. Rating: 9 – Alert: do not stumble in the steps cause the panorama.

Kardiani: offers an infinite panorama and from its terraces you can see the beach of Ormos Gianaki. To welcome you is an imposing Catholic church and to cool off is a fountain decorated with frogs strictly in marble. The streets are narrow, the kafenion are few, the kindness of those who typically handle them Greek. Rating: 8 – Push any gate to find the perfect view. You will find it.

Loutra: are you tired of the city and overcrowding? Well … you can move to Loutra that with its 7, you understand 7, inhabitants is certainly one of the places with lower population density in the world. But it does not end here … the village also has a Monastery-School of the Ursulines which has now become a museum and from here there are suggestive trekking routes from which to admire the wild beauty of Tinos. Rating: 8 – Peace and relaxation.


Fifteen villas among the atolls: a new ultra-luxury resort arrives in the Maldives

Reality can overcome the dream when it comes to sea and beauty paradises like the Maldives. If it is true that in recent years this destination has declined its choice of proposals towards closer to “common mortals”, it is equally certain that luxury remains a constantly evolving concept. Yes, because you get accustomed to elegance and comfort soon, but this time something extraordinary is under construction. In fact, next March, the exclusive private island in the Atoll of Lhaviyani will present its biggest surprise: the Kudadoo Private Island by Hurawalhi.

Maldives, here is the Kudadoo Private Island by Hurawalhi: the last born among the extra-luxurious resorts

A postcard show
The panorama is the perfect one of the famous destination: white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, relaxation and privacy. All you need to dream of never coming home again. The “Adult Only” sanctuary can also be rented only for itself and its guests, for an event or a stay, wallet permitting. The spectacular structure with its stretch of land emerged of vegetation in triumph, will be part of the Crown & Champa Resort group “CCR” that manages several resorts in the Republic of Maldives. Among its jewels also the Hurawalhi Island Resort & Spa, inaugurated in November 2016 and recently crowned Best Romantic Resort at the Asia Spa Award 2017.

The most exciting opening of 2018: details and curiosities
The project is by architect Yuji Yamasaki, known all over the world, and will include only 15 luxurious super water villas. Specifically: 13 Ocean Villas of 300 square meters (with one bedroom) and 2 Ocean Villas of 380 square meters (with two bedrooms) complete with all the comforts and the most prestigious services, just 40 minutes by seaplane from the airport Velana. Those with two or three bedrooms will have the butlers available for any request or need.

Where is the island of Kudadoo
Located in the Atoll of Lhaviyani, it is known for the beauty of its marine fauna. Guests, therefore, can live in direct contact with manta rays, turtles and colorful coral reef fish. A mix of luxury and innovation where children will not be allowed, with furniture designed to the smallest detail. Each complement has been designed to relax, with fine sheets, whitewashed wooden floors and obviously there will be private terraces with panoramic views.

Excellent gastronomy
The kitchen will focus on fresh and natural ingredients. The customer can eat inside his villa by taking advantage of a private chef 24 hours a day, or opt for the restaurant on the water. The raw materials will have an exclusive biological and artisan origin, with fresh local fish. The top will then be the submarine restaurant, five meters below sea level. The environment will be minimalist to focus attention on the outside and every table set for only two. The dishes can be combined with over 300 wines proposed by the sommelier.

Leisure and special events
For those who want to engage in activities such as snorkeling or diving, there will be no lack of excellent areas to enjoy the show that only the Maldives can offer. There will also be a fitness center, a Duniye Spa with organic products without preservatives and chemicals, as well as amusement arcades, shopping areas, meeting rooms and entertainment programs. And for those who want to get married or spend an unforgettable honeymoon, the location will be available to remember the best days of their lives.

Seven things to know about Rhodes, Greece


Where to go to the beach, take an aperitif, take a walk and sleep: that’s all you need to know for a perfect holiday in Rhodes

Legend has it that Apollo, the Sun God, chose it as a house and that it is for this reason that in Rhodes there are 300 days of good weather a year.

Net of Pollon and the other Gods, however, the truth is that Rhodos is an island that is worth visiting for many reasons, of which the climate (almost) always sunny and the temperatures (almost) always mild during all seasons I’m just a small (albeit significant) part.

In fact, Rhodes is a magical island, where you can immerse yourself in the ancient history of ancient Greece and walk through the walls of its medieval city (Unesco Heritage), but also change the beach and view every morning, choosing a day to lounge in a cove of deserted sand and the next day of kitesurfing and the most popular beaches.

Among romantic bays from which to watch the sunset with a beer in hand and craft shops where to give free rein to shopping, here’s all you need to know about Rhodes.

Located halfway between the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea, Rhodes has two extremely different sides.

The west coast, overlooking the Aegean (more rough), is characterized by rocky, rocky and steep cliffs and pebbles, while the eastern one (on the Mediterranean) is ideal for those who love sandy beaches that fade into the sea with a long beach.

In addition to this there are many coves and each beach is different from the other, which is why it is worth renting a car (the island is too big to be turned by scooter) and explore the area to discover the various aspects.

Keep in mind that the air temperature is mild for almost 12 months a year, on the other hand the sea remains cool even in summer.

In general the most beautiful beaches are located on the North East side of the island, between the city of Rhodes and Lindos.

The most famous beach of Rhodes is known as Antony Quinn Bay (but it is called Faliraki), an inlet between the rocks with crystal clear water and incredible colors (the beach is rocky, but equipped, and with 10 euros you take two sunbeds and a Beach umbrella).

Prassonissi is an isthmus of sand frequented by lovers of sports with sailing, because it is extremely windy (and so here is where all the fans of surfing, windsurfing and kiting), but it is an incredibly beautiful beach, which is worth being seen also by those who do not intend to get up from the towel.

Special mention, then, for the beach of Rhodes, which has nothing exceptional in itself, but is located at the point where they join the two seas (Aegean and Mediterranean) and with certain lighting conditions from here you can see a line that divides them.

Lindos is without a doubt the most beautiful thing you will see in Rhodes. It is an evocative country, candid and in which one breathes the air of summer and vacation that only the lime paint of the Greek alleys manages to transmit with such simplicity and immediacy to the brain.

Topped by a fortress and surrounded by a bay to the north and a small beach to the south, the white-washed village is located on the east coast of the island and is ideal for a walk at any time of the day.

Park in the square at the entrance of the village and go into the pedestrian center: dozens of streets full of beautiful craft shops and cafes where you can wait while you climb to the castle fortress where stands the Acropolis.

On the road, uphill or downhill, stop for a restorative break in one of the many bars, clubs and restaurants with the rooftop terrace, where you can sit at a table under the shade of plants.

Do not miss a visit to the Church of Panagia, a small church in the middle of the village entirely covered with frescoes.

It could be said that all the streets of Lindos lead to the Acropolis, but the truth is that it is only valid if the roads that go uphill are always chosen at the crossroads.

In fact, in the middle of the village there is a path that goes up to the fortress-castle fortified by the Knights, where there are the Acropolis and the Doric Temple of Athena Lindia, dating back to 300 BC.

You can decide to go up a donkey (there is a deposit in the village impossible not to notice), or to walk a path with 300 steps – more than passable without great effort, unless in life you do not want to try the the thrill of riding a donkey.

Once up, you will have the feeling of dominating the world, with a breathtaking 360 ° panorama.

Sup yoga or how to find yourself at the mercy of the waves

Here’s what happens to your body when the yoga mat is a table and the asanas are made in the water.

Want to relax lulled by the waves imagining exotic landscapes is possible even in winter. Also indoor. “Very popular in Hawaii, sup yoga is now also practiced in many pools, but also outdoors by the sea or the lake, even in Italy. It is about practicing yoga on a special table. Given its instability, however, we need to be very focused, “explains Denise Della Giacoma, fitness blogger, yoga instructor and yoga / sup thematic travel organizer, before starting a stand up paddle yoga demonstration class organized at Virgin Active Kennedy of Milan from Speedo and Samsung.

“At the seaside or at the lake, the lesson usually starts with warming exercises on the ground followed by a few minutes of simple stand up paddle. After getting on the table, then, thanks to a special paddle to be adjusted according to the height of the person you move away from the shore to get more confidence with the table. Then, once you find the way to anchor, you start the yoga class, sometimes positioning yourself also forming a star with the boards », tells Denise, long blonde hair, clear eyes, a dry body and also sculpted by the ski and a serene and contagious smile. The benefits of this sport? In addition to improving concentration, stability and propioception, sup yoga (ci) forces us to use deep musculature.

A dip in the tub and reach the table. In our case the tables are anchored next to each other. The lesson begins in the lotus position with a series of controlled breaths. We then get on our knees to move to the position of the happy child and then to the down dog and some variants. The sway is light, not at all annoying. When we pass the dog upside down on one leg the balance becomes more precarious, but following Denise’s advice to keep the abdomen strong we find it immediately. The positions for (us) beginners are all lying down, sitting or on all fours. The lesson ends again in the lotus position, asana in which we perform before the breaths checked then a deep stretching walking with the fingers towards the tip of the table. The sequence was so fluid that the 45 minutes of the lesson flew!

Livigno, vacation in the ice rooms: a thrill that pleases

The suites were built in small Tibet
Fall asleep in the snow huts, wrapped in a warm sleeping bag and wake up in the morning in a muffled silence, in an icy atmosphere, after having “snow dreams”. It is the unforgettable night that can be experienced in chalets made entirely of pressed snow, in Livigno, at an altitude of 1816 meters. The original experience was conceived by the Giacomelli family, owner of Lungolivigno and of the Hotel Lac Salin Spa Mountain Resort, near which the two ice constructions are located: «The idea was born from Lungolivigno’s long experience with Art on Ice , a competition of ice sculptures, cultural event available to all the guests of the country – says Fabio Giacomelli – After 18 years of Art on Ice, and on the occasion of the tenth birthday of the Lac Salin hotel (in 2017), we decided to propose something new and that’s how the two snow chalets were born, which we re-proposed this year. They differ from the characteristic igloos to reproduce the typical constructions of the valley of Livigno instead. In the first edition they consisted of a bar and a room and this year we chose to use both as suites ».

Two constructions with a diameter of 5 meters have been open since December 20 (and will remain until at least the end of February) available to guests who want to try a unique experience: “Experience that includes in the package even a typical Valtellina dinner in our restaurant , spa treatments and a rich breakfast at the hotel ». Decorated with ice sculptures inside them, both rooms have a theme: «Suond Design» is dedicated to music, with notes that seem to come from the piano or the ice sax. While “Livigno Design” has been rebuilt just like a typical small Tibet home. “It is having a great success, we are already at almost 90 bookings and we aim to reach 100 – continues Fabio Giacomelli – I myself experienced the experience: it is very meditative”. Within the structure the thermal zero is reached. “For the construction of the chalets we relied on an artist from Livigno: Vania Cusini, sculptor of ice and wood”, he concludes. On the website from which you can book the «snow dream experience», you can consult «Snowi», a virtual assistant from which to obtain additional information.

Islands of Greece: those with the airport

We have proposed a guide from Greece, with general information on the country. We have listed and shown the maps of the main Greek islands and their archipelagos. Here, however, we want to point out, the islands with airport, so easier to reach.

Greece islands with airport

The islands of Greece are all beautiful. An infinity of islands and islets with beaches and dreamy sea. Real paradises where everyone wants to go at least once. The Ionian Islands can be reached directly with ferries departing from the Italian ports on the Adriatic (Ancona, Bari, Brindisi). The plane is certainly faster. Many Greek islands, at least the main tourist destinations, can be reached by air thanks to the international airports available. Not all, though. let’s discover what they are together.

Here are the islands of Greece with international airport, connected with the rest of Europe. We start from the west, from the islands closest to Italy.

Ionian Islands with airport: Corfu, Kefalonia, Lefkada-Preveza (Aktion national airport, active in summer, near the town of Preveza, on the Greek mainland 20 km from Lefkada, connected to the mainland by a bridge), Zante, Kythera ( national airport only).

Crete: the island has two airports, in Iraklio (capital) and in Chania.

Cyclades islands with airport: Mykonos, Santorini, Naxos (domestic airport), Paros (small domestic airport), Milos (small national airport connected only with Athens), Syros (domestic airport).

Dodecanese islands with airport: Rhodes, Kos, Karpathos, Kasos (small domestic airport), Kastellorizo ​​(small domestic airport), Astypalaia (small domestic airport), Kalymnos (small domestic airport), Leros (small domestic airport).

North and Eastern Aegean islands with airport: Samos, Lesbos, Limnos, Ikaria (small domestic airport), Chios (domestic airport),

Sporades islands with airport: Skiathos, Skiros (domestic airport)
The islands of Greece that represent the main tourist destinations and have an international airport are connected in summer by numerous direct flights, both scheduled and low cost, departing also from Italian airports.

The other islands are important tourist destinations, like many of the Cyclades, but without an airport they are connected with ferries or fast hydrofoils departing from the nearby islands with airport or from the port of Piraeus (for example Ios is connected by hydrofoil to Santorini, while to reach Milos take the ferry from Piraeus).

Cyclades, pyramid discovery carved from the sea: “It was imagined by an unknown civilization”

A real pyramid built in an era far from an advanced civilization preceding the Minoan one. This is what was discovered on the uninhabited island of Keros, in the Cyclades, in Greece, by a group of researchers from the University of Cambridge in Great Britain. The rocky promontory, whose name is Daskalio, was actually modeled in the shape of a pyramid by nature and by the atmospheric agents that had fallen on it over the centuries, as if it had been the hand of a sculptor. Yet, until today, nobody knew who had created the terraces that allow you to get to the top of the great rock.

Daskalio rises upwards from the sea. The researchers believe that it is a sanctuary and although today it is completely autonomous and detached, probably three thousand years before Christ was connected to the nearby island of Keros through a natural bridge made of rock. Along the pyramid made of earth and stone, behind the terracing, traces of engineering works and artifacts dating back to ages that preceded by many centuries the Minoan civilization have been found, the Cretan culture of the Bronze Age flourished approximately from 2000 BC. to 1450 BC

According to the excavation director, Michael Boyd, these artifacts illustrate the quality and state of advancement of the unknown civilization that would make them: “There are few experts in the manufacture of metal objects in such an early age, in which the material even before it was scarce. ” Then, under the research of the British university, the previous hypothesis was shattered. So archaeologists at work have found two sites for metal processing and a complex network of drainage channels, built a thousand years before the Palace of Knossos in Crete. It took about ten years of work to arrive at this conclusion, the findings found also concern two workshops with several remains of metalwork with blacksmith equipment, a terracotta oven, a lead ax, a mold for daggers and ceramic fragments.

Windmills: these are the most beautiful in Europe

There is no soloist in Holland: they have inspired Don Quisciotte and today are beautiful landscape elements

I am an important element for the landscape and more and more often in iconic icons of places and countries. Testimony of the rural past, when the wheat is ground in these ancient machines, in recent times have been restructured and once even transformed into residences and hotels. We have chosen some of them, among the most beautiful in Europe.

KINDERDIJK – HOLLAND – This complex of 19 mills has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It will be found in the Rotterdam region, date back to the mid-eighteenth century and are still functioning. One of these structures can also be visited. Together with the blooming tulip fields, windmills are the very symbol of Holland.

CONSUEGRA – SPAIN – Even in Spain I am a real icon and a symbol much loved and rooted in the collective imagination. The twelve white mills of Consuegra, in the Spanish region of Mancha, a south of Toledo inspired Miguel de Cervantes, who popularized them in his famous novel “Don Quijote de la Mancha”: the hero exchanges the high white structures for scary giants to fight.

MIKONOS – GREECE – Also here there are famous and iconic mills. In this beautiful island in the Aegean sea, in the Cyclades archipelago, the old buildings are pale for the most photographed and famous in all of Greece.

MOULIN ROUGE – PARIS – This month, in the famous district of Pigalle, in the 18th arrondissement, not far from Montmartre, in one of the most famous places in the French capital. Opened on 6 October 1891 by Charles Zidler, it is known for its red light shows.

TRAPANI – SICILY – Windmills are one of the characteristic elements of the Sicilian coast from Trapani to Marsala: they rise along the sea, along the “via del sale” in the heart of the Stagnone nature reserve. They were used in the sixteenth century and, after careful restoration, they are fully functional. They were used to grind the salt and pump water into the salt pans.

SINEU – MAJORCA – This pretty village in the Majorcan hinterland in the Balearic archipelago houses an old mill, now restored, a testimony of its agricultural past.

MILL OF SAINT-ROCH – PROVENCE – FRANCE – This 16th century structure was rebuilt in the 90s but is no longer working. It is a short distance from the medieval village of Grimaud, famous for its typically Provencal flowered streets, dominated by the castle ruins.

BALLYCOPELAND – NORTHERN IRELAND – It is the only still functioning windmill in Ireland. Inside the structure is a museum where you can observe the processing of wheat and even try a grapple in this activity.

CLEY NEXT THE SEA – NORFOLK – GREAT BRITAIN – We are in Northern England: this mill, built in the nineteenth century, is a real bed & breakfast. Although it does not retain much of the original structure, the mill has not lost its charm and is worth a visit.

HORNSEA PROJECT ONE – GREAT BRITAIN – Here no wheat is grinded, but eco-compatible electric energy is produced. The structure is the mill of the future: it will be ready in 2020 and will be the largest offshore wind farm in the world, with its 174 190-meter-high turbines, located about 75 miles from the windy Yorkshire coast. The maxi plant will be built in approximately a total area of ​​about 410 square kilometers and will produce more than a gigabyte of ecological energy.

Where we will travel in 2018: the agencies’ forecasts

Some say that it will be the year of cruises, who confirms the performance of the Italian Sea, who hopes in the long haul and who, prudently, speaks of the return of Egypt. Also in 2018 we will travel and, even with the imponderability of the case, we will do it relying more on organized distribution: this, at least, is the trend traced by the distribution networks.

The certainty: the Mediterranean
Sea Italy, Spain and Greece: the summer 2018 safe is the trio that for a couple of years has been keeping a watch on the t.o. catalogs. “The Mare Italia will be confirmed as a growing trend”, predicts Adriano Apicella, a.d. of Welcome Travel, but, adds Massimo Caravita, president of Marsupio Group, “we will have to see the pricing, we expect strong sales on Puglia and Sardinia, excellent performance of Spain and further growth of Greece”.

Exploit for cruises
In the first place in terms of sales, as well as profitability in adv, there will be cruises. “For us – ensures Claudio Busca, the leisure manager of the Bluvacanze Group – they are among the best-selling products”.

An analysis on which Sergio Testi, general manager of Gattinoni Mondo di Vacanze, also agrees: “The crocieristi were good at creating alternative products: the four-day cruises fill the ships, cover the periods of shoulder and offer alternatives to North Africa” .

Long-range hope
Even in 2018 the long haul will continue to be felt, especially in a less traditional season for this type of travel, such as summer: Caribbean, Madagascar, Indian Ocean and then the cornerstones, the United States in the lead, and South America.

“Consumers have shown in the last year the desire to travel to new destinations too – comments Ivano Zilio, president of Primarete – from Oman to Japan, we expect an increase in the long haul”.

The surprise: European capitals
The real surprise of the year, say the networks, will however be the European capitals: after years in which the product had almost disappeared from the adv, disintermediate from online DIY, now there is an increase in requests for both flight and hotel packages , both for group travel.

“It is a factor linked to the latest socio-political events – explains Massimo Caravita, president of Marsupio Group -: customers are looking online, but they are booking in adv because they want security, assistance and certainties”.

The slow recovery of Egypt and Tunisia
2018 could be remembered as the year of Egypt’s return: “There is a slight recovery – confirms Sergio Testi, general manager of Gattinoni World of Holidays – and I hear someone talking about Tunisia for 2019. It is an important sign because it means that you return to investing “.

Same consideration also for Dante Colitta, commercial director of Geo Travel Network: “I believe there will be a return of Egypt, slow but steady”.

Here is the VIP summer: everyone in Ibiza

The summer of VIPs, in the beautiful beaches and luxurious premises of the Spanish island of Ibiza.

Like every summer, the beautiful Spanish island of Ibiza is crowded with VIPs from all over the world. And as if everyone decided to meet up there: “Same place, same beach, same sea.” There are many characters in the entertainment world who choose to spend their holidays in the beautiful Ibiza, away from prying eyes, renting luxurious mega villas or super boats where you can relax.

Stefano De martino, the professional dancer of Amici, the talent show conducted on channel 5 by Maria de Filippi and former boyfriend of Emma Marrone [VIDEO], as well as former husband of the Argentinean #Belen Rodriguez, was one of the first to land on the beautiful island of the Mediterranean Sea.

Soon after, his ex-wife and their little son, Santiago, along with his new boyfriend, the Moto GP driver Andrea Iannone, arrived. It is not a simple coincidence that the two former spouses have chosen the same seaside location to spend their holidays. In fact, as last year, by common agreement Stefano and Belen chose the same place, so as to spend both holidays with their son. This situation of the holidays together, has intrigued a lot of fans of the couple who still hope that the two can come back to live under the same roof, although now it is already a year since the separation and despite Belen is happily engaged with Iannone. You know, for fans, hope is always the last to die.

As everyone knows, the Neapolitan dancer and the Apulian singer met in the school of Friends and continued their love story even outside the program for about 2 years, then their story ended precisely because De Martino fell in love with Belen.

According to some rumors, there is a rumor of a rapprochement between the artist and the dancer. According to the paparazzo Alan Fiordelmondo, the rapprochement of the two could be the scoop of the summer. It would only lack the kiss on social media to formalize the matter. The kiss that many have announced in recent times, but has not yet arrived, the summer has just begun, so never say never.

Alpine skiing, Sofia Goggia at the head of the World Cup descent!

Sofia Goggia is the new leader of the descent World Cup standings. The Italian won the second race in this specialty after the one on Sunday in Bad Kleinkirchheim. The Bergamo has triumphed on the Olimpia delle Tofane di Cortina: an amazing success, ahead of Lindsey Vonn and Mikaela Shiffrin. A victory that has allowed Goggia to jump to the top of the ranking of specialties, taking advantage of the debut of Tina Weirather, out of the top ten, which led to a point on Italian.

The ranking of the World Cup of female descent

1 Sofia Goggia ENG 269
2 Mikaela Shiffrin USA 220
3 Cornelia Huetter AUT 183
4 Tina Weirather LIE 182
5 Michelle Gisin SUI 132
6 Lara Gut SUI 119
7 Viktoria Rebensburg GER 116
8 Lindsey Vonn USA 106
9 Jacqueline Wiles USA 89
10 Stacey Cook USA 84
11 Nadia Fanchini ITA 83
12 Stephanie Venier AUT 83
13 Nicole Schmidhofer AUT 80
14 Federica Brignone ITA 80
15 Anna Fenninger AUT 78
16 Jasmine Flury SUI 77
17 Ragnhild Mowinckel NOR 74
18 Ester Ledecka CZE 70
19 Tiffany Gauthier FRA 69
20 Kira Weidle GER 69

Holiday star: Mykonos is the favorite destination of summer 2017

Holidays like a star: the favorite destination is Greece
Last year Italy was the favorite destination for actors and models. It was cool to be in Sardinia, Capri or the Cinque Terre. This year fashion has changed and the most influential on social choose Greece as a destination to spend the holidays in complete relaxation. Alessandra Ambrosio was the first to land on the island of the Cyclades: Mykonos, the first stage of her long summer together with her husband and two children. Then, transfer to Ibiza. In fact, the Brazilian model is used to tour the most beautiful summer destinations in the world: from Brazil to Spain, to the Caribbean to Saint Barth, so much so that has also invented a hashtag, #foreveronvacation, a real album of his social holidays.

slider-greciaA few hours ago, you land in Mykonos also the models Kendall Jenner in black and Bella Hadid in white that have created a crowd of onlookers on one of the coolest beaches on the island the Super Paradise. Hopping by the pool, a statuary Izabel Goulart announces its 3.8 million followers happy at the start of the holidays: “Bem-vindas férias”. The model is in Greece with her boyfriend Kevin Trapp, the Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper. With them also the colleague Tottenham midfielder, Dele Alli with his girlfriend model Ruby Mae. Also in Mykonos, he spent a holiday with Francesco Totti with Ilary and the whole family for his first vacation as a former Rome captain.

The famous islands from DiCaprio to Depp

Discovering the most spectacular atolls owned by celebrities, open to unforgettable stays or exclusive parties

To discover the most spectacular atolls owned by celebrities, the first to buy an island was the actor Marlon Brando in 1962, when during the shooting of the film The Bounty mutiny was fascinated by the beauty of French Polynesia. After the film, he returned to the distant archipelago, married the beautiful Tarita and in 1967 retired to the atoll of Tetiaroa, transforming it into his own personal and exclusive paradise. Today the heirs of Brando have sold the island that has become a luxury resort (, 15 minutes by plane from Tahiti, frequented by personalities of the show and politics. The last famous guest was former president Barak Obama who took refuge here to write his memoirs.

There are many celebrities – actors, directors, singers and industrialists – who have followed the example of Marlon Brando, buying dream islands, golden shelters, many of which in certain periods of the year open to visits, stays or fairytale weddings, exclusive and expensive. Here are ten private atolls to discover and dream.

Blackadore Caye, Belize
Purchased 12 years ago by the American actor Leonardo di Caprio, this beautiful uninhabited island off the coast of Belize, in Central America, is a golden refuge and an interesting ecological project: the actor, convinced environmentalist, has opened the island to the public and is building a resort according to the most advanced criteria of sustainable tourism. There are 72 bungalows and villas, powered by renewable energy and solar-powered desalination devices. The project, which is inspired by the ancient Mayan ruins, is environmentally friendly and built with sustainable materials also to preserve the beauty and uniqueness of the island, which lies close to the second largest coral reef in the world.

Little Hall’s Pond, Bahamas
Galeotto was the set of the film Pirates of the Caribbean: fascinated by the beauty of the archipelago of the Bahamas, the actor Johnny Depp in 2004 decided to buy a small atoll, just like his inspirational star, Marlon Brando. The tiny 45-acre paradise off Great Exuma, which Depp called the eldest Lily-Rose Melody, has six beautiful beaches and everything works thanks to solar energy. Here three years ago he remarried with Amber Heard, today his ex-wife, but the love for the islands and for the lifestyle that they give has pushed the American actor to buy one also in Greece, southeast of Kastrellorizo.

Necker Island, British Virgin Islands British businessman Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin group, has bought 60 acres in the Caribbean Sea that has turned into a luxury resort with 14 dream suites. Exclusive and expensive are the daily rates for staying in the Caribbean paradise of the British Virgin Islands with pools, private beaches, tennis courts, spas and personal chefs. Branson’s retreat is truly a miniature paradise: white beaches and small bays lapped by clear waters with white sand similar to talcum powder, the pristine nature of banana trees, palm groves and mango plantations that reach the sea.

Musha Cay, Bahamas
The archipelago of Exuma, in the Bahamas, is one of the most sought after destinations by celebrities who have bought atolls, reefs and vast areas on the most beautiful islands. Musha Cay is one of these, purchased together with the rocks in front of the most famous illusionist magician in the world, David Copperfield. The dream island is home to an exclusive and luxurious resort frequented by actors and directors, such as the couple Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem who chose to celebrate their wedding in 2010. Muscha Cay, which is 130 kilometers from Nassau and about forty minutes of flight from Miami, is nestled in lush tropical nature with fine sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.

Petra Island, United States
For the 50 years of Brad Pitt, actress Angelina Jolie, who was still his wife in 2013, gave her wife a truly unique and original gift: a small heart-shaped island in Lake Mahopac, 50 miles north of New York , 11 hectares of paradise where you can take refuge with the large family. The island is not only a romantic retreat covered by dense vegetation but it is also a peaceful haven where there are two houses designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, the favorite architect of the American actor. Two years later the most glamorous couple of Hoolywood bought another island in Greece, Gaia, in the Ionian Sea, an alcove of love that however did not see their union shine.

Makepeace, Australia
It belongs to the wealthy businessman Richard Branson another island


What to see in Icaria, a treasure in the Aegean Sea
A trip to Icaria, the island of Icaro in the Aegean Sea, what to see in the natural paradise from millenary history

Icaria, or Ikaria, is a Greek island of the Aegean Sea, just a few miles from Samos Island. According to tradition, the name of the island is derived from the myth of Icarus, the son of the inventor Dedalo, precipitated in the sea still bearing its name today. The myth of Dedalo and Icarus, linked to the legend of the Minotaur and the labyrinth, is an integral part of the culture of this region and surely during your holiday you will discover and deepen it.

The sun that wiped out the Icaro wax wings is waiting for tourists to pamper them on the golden beaches of the coast. The unique landscape and the uncontaminated natural landscape are the goals of numerous travelers, the coves and the small gulets of Icaria hide the corners of authentic beauty that make Icaria one of the most beautiful islands in Eastern Greece.

The island of Icaria occupies an area of ​​about 250 square kilometers and is strongly characterized by a mountainous area. Mount Etheras develops along the entire strip of land with several peaks over 900 meters high, the highest point is in the vicinity of the capital, in the northeast region and exceeds 1,000 meters of altitude.

The history of Icaria is very ancient, the island has been inhabited since the Neolithic and archaeological excavations have confirmed constant settlements over the millennia. Numerous are the archaeological sites and museums dedicated to the immense heritage of the region, the museums are the most precious archaeological finds, but the archaeological sites outdoors allow us to fully grasp the greatness of the peoples who lived on the island.

At Agios Kirikos, along the northeast coast, is the Archaeological Museum of Icaria. The newly built building houses the museum center from 2014 and is equipped with a modern set-up with multimedia and video panels. Inside the exhibits tell the visitors the cultural, commercial and social history of the island.

In the same city, the Folk & History Museum aims to enhance the island’s cultural and folk heritage by promoting local traditions. Exhibitions are organized by themes and exhibits documents, photos and historical objects such as traditional dresses and utensils.

Not far from Agios Kirikos lies the village of Therma, where the thermal tourism of Icaria Island is concentrated. These two cities are also the starting point for excursions to the nearby islands of the Furni archipelago.

Continuing to the southwestern region of the island, you arrive at the port of Evdilos, one of the gateways to the island. Along the coast, which leads here to Armenistis, a small village, there are the main seaside resorts of Icaria: Gialiskari, Messaktì and Livadi.

Not far from Evdilos is Kampos, the ancient capital of Icaria. The Archaeological Museum of Kampos houses numerous Neolithic finds, clay statues, vases and coins. Inside the site there is also an ancient church dating to the 12th century and according to some sources is the oldest church on the island.

Continuing along the western coast you reach Vrakades, where there is the Folklore Museum dedicated to the island’s history and to the memory of the Ikaria State Stage. The village of Vrakades was founded in the 17th century and still maintains its original features such as the old stone houses.

At the southern end of Icaria lies Faros Papa, a lighthouse that has become a tourist destination for the exceptional panorama that the tourists offer. The exceptional location gives you breathtaking views of the sea and fascinates many tourists for the quaint natural landscape in which it is located.

Continuing east along the coast you will find the small village of Karkinagri. In the eastern part of the village a small white church built on the cliff is a pleasant surprise. The scenic road offers incredible and unique views of the coast.

Going up the coast it reaches Magganitis, a characteristic country on the Icaria mountainous slopes. Not far away is one of the most famous beaches on the island, Seychelles Beach; the name remembers another well-known tourist destination, but this corner of paradise really has nothing to envy on the islands of the Indian Ocean. To reach it, it is necessary to go along a stretch of path, but it is worth it. The pebble beach, washed by the action of the sea, overlooks a crystal clear sea where diving is a real pleasure. Here snorkelling enthusiasts can enjoy admiring the backdrops and marine fauna.

Finally, in the center of the island of Icaria, is the Koskina Castle, a fortification built in the 10th century by the Byzantines. Today the remains of the impressive structure of the fallen castle in the 15th century remain

This summer 2018 ALL will come back to Greece: you get smart …

Prohibit Feta super-poisoning poisoning. The cunning to frame ferries and flights. 5 essential tips.

Greece Summer Holidays 2018: get ready because you will find this formula in hashtag (of course) for almost all the holidays. The pain of Greece is back, ok, and this is the guide of a local not to make the holidays in Greece an epic fail. Rather. From the greek mood to Greek food, from ferries to sun protection: subsidiary (semi-illustrated) on where to go and what to do in Greece.

Here are the five basic tips for a holiday in Greece without surprises (or rather, without too many surprises, because without surprises it is not Greece):

1- Food & Beverage: The question of Italian tourist could be just that: will I be able to eat well in Greece? Absolutely yes and that’s why: the raw materials are top (tomatoes, feta, onions, olives, yogurt, oil); the kitchen is simple but tasty; The Greek salad is a real food experience that excites in memories and feelings (of pure holiday) aroused. But it does not end here. There is also a “quality label” called Aegean Cuisine: the restaurants that are part of it offer typical recipes of the tradition of the island that hosts them, prepared strictly with local or prevailing ingredients from a neighboring island. About 200 restaurants are located in the Cyclades and the Dodecanese. How to recognize them? From the ceramic logo affixed to the entranceShopping: Will I have to bring drachmas? Absolutely not! We improvise “global economists” but we believe we are not wrong. For over 5 years we have heard that “Greece” fails “; “Grexit tomorrow”; “Those beat them out of the EU in two hours” but this has not happened to date. London has gained the first exit with its Brexit and your wallet will be comfortably padded with euros. Stuffed because, remember, the crisis is still heavy even if we talk less cause terrorism and the Greek prefers the sound currency, alias the cash, in order to survive.

2- Transportation: I would like to take the ship to reach Karpathos that you say? Forget! If the island where you go has air connections (from Italy or Athens) opt for those! The ferry, in Greece, is a war experience that some want to avoid and others want to experience as folklore but definitely stressful! Delays, overcrowding, noise … in short, anomalous waves. If you can, even no. For internal routes, among other things, we point out that due to the crisis Olympic Air has canceled some sections that are covered by the Sky Express line.

3- Geek mood: Do I have to buy a Cosmote Wi-Fi key (Greek operator)? Not even, and this for 2 reasons. The first is that in Greece there is Wi-Fi easy to access everywhere. From the beach to the kafenion the latch connection is guaranteed. The second is related to the recent change in international roaming. Being in Greece is like being in Italy! In the sense of crowded beaches, stratospheric prices, dirt of public toilets etc you’re wondering … But no! In the sense that in EU countries, including Greece, you can take advantage of the same identical phone / internet conditions you have in Italy. There are exceptions in the case of particularly cheap telephone contracts, but if you call or receive phone calls, you do not have any answer and internet surfing is the one that fits into your Italian tariff plan.

4- Weather: Will I have to endure the Greek wind that everyone is talking about? Absolutely yes, otherwise you will suffer from a crazy heat, you will be stung by mosquitoes, you will not be able to sleep at night in the absence of AC. In short … only the locusts are missing and the situation, in the absence of the meltemi wind, is at the limit of the biblical. It is not an exaggeration. This, however, in the Cyclades and the Dodecanese. If, therefore, the wind just can not stand it opts for the Ionian (before August) or for the Cycladic Peninsula!

With mesmerizing views across the sparkling sea, TheVilla is situated in Porto Zante Villas & Spa, one of Greece’s top resorts.

Experience contemporary living with a charming Grecian twist in this exclusive boutique hideaway. A private sandy beach beckons daily, while the island’s historic capital is within easy reach. Get the rest and relaxation you deserve with IKH VILLAS.

Spend heavenly days sunbathing on the chic mahogany deck. Immerse yourself in the refreshing waters of the private heated infinity pool or recline with a drink on the sun-kissed verandah. Take the villa’s snorkeling gear to your private beach and experience the unrivalled feeling of being at one with the mystical Ionian Sea. Relax in the resort’s brand new Waterfront Spa situated right above the sea and enjoy rejuvenating treatments. When it’s time to eat, fire up the charcoal barbeque for laid back alfresco dining. Or choose a seat in the open-air Club House restaurant, a romantic stilted pergola that serves up exquisite Greek and Mediterranean cuisine with waves lapping gently in the background.

The open plan living area exudes refinement. Ocean blue half-moon lights add splashes of color while a rustic fireplace, Persian rugs and wall art offer a resplendent character. From the dining area, you’ll appreciate the wide, open frontage of the lounge, presenting a ‘real life movie screen.’ Every night, as you enjoy a Grecian feast, you’re invited to the exclusive screening of ‘Sunset over the Ionian Sea: A Symphony of Color.’ Should you want a caffeine kick before having breakfast, the in-villa Nespresso coffee center will cater for your needs.

The three bedrooms foster a Zen-like sense of peace and tranquility. Roll out of your king size bed and straight on to the poolside deck, the soft morning breeze uplifting. Head back to your en-suite, and take advantage of the Jacuzzi or opt for a shower in the separate cabin with rain shower and hydro jets, before moving to your glamorous walk-in closet to choose your outfit for the day. Fully air conditioned, and each with a TV, the three bedrooms are divine sanctuaries for up to four guests.

With a private beach at your doorstep, enjoy the meditative rhythm of the sea as you bask on a comfy lounger. Stroll to the nearby tennis court and serve up some aces. Zakynthos city and harbor are also a short drive from the villa. A cultural, shopping and gastronomic hub, the city is also rich in historical architecture. The airport is just five miles away, while the private VIP transfer is the ideal beginning and end of your stay in Zakynthos.

Where we will travel in 2018: the agencies’ forecasts

Some say that it will be the year of cruises, who confirms the performance of the Italian Sea, who hopes in the long haul and who, prudently, speaks of the return of Egypt. Also in 2018 we will travel and, even with the imponderability of the case, we will do it relying more on organized distribution: this, at least, is the trend traced by the distribution networks.

The certainty: the Mediterranean
Sea Italy, Spain and Greece: the summer 2018 safe is the trio that for a couple of years has been keeping a watch on the t.o. catalogs. “The Mare Italia will be confirmed as a growing trend”, predicts Adriano Apicella, a.d. of Welcome Travel, but, adds Massimo Caravita, president of Marsupio Group, “we will have to see the pricing, we expect strong sales on Puglia and Sardinia, excellent performance of Spain and further growth of Greece”.

Exploit for cruises
In the first place in terms of sales, as well as profitability in adv, there will be cruises. “For us – ensures Claudio Busca, general leisure manager of the Bluvacanze Group – they are among the best-selling products”.

An analysis on which Sergio Testi, general manager of Gattinoni Mondo di Vacanze, also agrees: “The crocieristi were good at creating alternative products: the four-day cruises fill the ships, cover the periods of shoulder and offer alternatives to North Africa” .

Long-range hope
Even in 2018 the long haul will continue to be felt, especially in a less traditional season for this type of travel, such as summer: Caribbean, Madagascar, Indian Ocean and then the cornerstones, the United States in the lead, and South America.

“Consumers have shown in the last year the desire to travel to new destinations too – comments Ivano Zilio, president of Primarete – from Oman to Japan, we expect an increase in the long haul”.

The surprise: European capitals
The real surprise of the year, say the networks, will however be the European capitals: after years in which the product had almost disappeared from the adv, disintermediate from online DIY, now there is an increase in requests for both flight and hotel packages , both for group travel.

“It is a factor linked to the latest socio-political events – explains Massimo Caravita, president of Marsupio Group -: customers are looking online, but they are booking in adv because they want security, assistance and certainties”.

The slow recovery of Egypt and Tunisia
2018 could be remembered as the year of Egypt’s return: “There is a slight recovery – confirms Sergio Testi, general manager of Gattinoni World of Holidays – and I hear someone talking about Tunisia for 2019. It is an important sign because it means that you return to investing “.

The lord of the sea and the islands of the Harpies

A trip to the Strofadi islands, considered the home of the mythical Harpies, where today is stealing the beauty of an ancient hermitage, rich in history

A monk, the last survivor of an ancient monastery, goes off in a hot summer among the tourists of one of the most beautiful Greek islands. Not far away, the body of a saint removed from pirate raids has been in exile on this same island for 300 years: perfectly preserved, it is exposed several times a day to the adoration of the faithful, then each time locked up in its precious case. Both, the ancient and the holy monk, had voted for God in two paradisiacal islands, now inaccessible and unknown to most, lost in the heart of the Ionian Sea. On the largest, Stamfani, a unique monument and splendid for centuries has been a sentinel of the seas: it is now falling irreparably into ruin. Around this

building and these characters have flourished for centuries troubled events: of Orthodox metropolites and imperial shipwrecks, of hideous mythological beings and of tireless winds, of miraculous miracles and pirate raids. Until one fine day of this summer a handful of men, including an electrical technician with his briefcase, an orthodox metropolitan and young singers with their psalms, are transhipped down there, in the remote Strofadi, where beautiful and never seen birds elsewhere they fly in an almost impenetrable ‘jungle’. They go, respectively, to celebrate with their voices the liturgy of the Transfiguration, and to repair a jammed revolving mechanism: so that a beacon – of navigation and civilization – does not get tired of emitting its light and indicating the route to modern sailors.

It took me a few weeks before I could put my memories in order, to reflect with the due detachment on what I experienced on two incredible days of this August 2017: occasionally obliging, once in Italy, essays of modern Greek architecture or hagiographies in ‘katharevsa’ (the ‘pure’ language, complete with spirits and accents such as that of Plato, remained official until the time of the Colonnelli), concerning photos and mulling words.

It all began without me noticing it in the late afternoon, when a scorching sun beats the sidewalks of Zakynthos, or Zante, the island sung by Foscolo. At the end of a walk along the promenade I come under a grandiose monastery that rises before the port. On the high portal an inscription bears a surprising and fascinating name for me: ‘Strofadi Monastery’. I’m a little surprised, because the Strofades are not exactly here. I had just glimpsed them, those little islands, during a slow circumnavigation around the Peloponnese a dozen years ago; I remember them far away, flat and glistening in the sky of an equally infused afternoon. That appearance on the horizon had excited me leaving a bit of regret: I wonder if I could ever visit them.

Anyone who has studied a bit of epic knows that the Strofades were considered the home of the mythical Harpies, winged monsters symbol of the ‘rapinosi’ Winds (this means their name, in Greek), which attacked and threatened Aeneas and the other refugees from Troy as they stood exhausted in the Mediterranean crossing. Rarely, however, the notes to the editions of the Eneide add that the Strofades really exist, and that the smallest of them is called Arpya: two tiny lands (2.6 km² in total) over 40 nautical miles from Zakynthos, the southernmost Greek island inhabited by the Ionian. But also for a more personal reason I am attracted by the name read on that monastery: the Strofades are one of the last edges of the Hellenic archipelagos that I still have to visit. Since I arrived in Zakynthos, I asked in vain to all the shipping agencies how to get there: and unfortunately I learned that no scheduled boat, no day trip, no private boat is available for that crossing.

At this point, my face must reveal to the interlocutor, beyond the fascination that his words and images inspire, an intimate sorrow: because I understand that I will never be able to go there. But here comes words from the same voice in which I did not hope: “In a few days – you know? – is the anniversary of the Transfiguration, and the islands will be exceptionally visited the Metropolitan of Dodona, which is then the former Metropolitan of Zakynthos: he will celebrate the liturgical function in a still practicable church located not far from the monastery, accompanied by some singers.

I have wings on my feet when I enter the shady garden of today’s monastery, where the tradition of that other is kept lying solitary beyond the sea, and I become acquainted with the one who will then invite me, and host me, in a guesthouse built some time ago on the greater of the two islands, used only in exceptional cases. It is called Chrysostom, but all turn to him with the titles of ‘Saint (Metropolitan) of Dodona’, ‘Venerable’, or, more familiarly, with ‘Anzianissimo (Father)’.

Thanks to his hospitality, and, of course, to that of the current Metropolitan of Zakynthos, Dionysius, I spend two memorable days on the Strofadi. First of all, because the two islands are difficult to approach even physically. There is no port. The shallow waters infested with rocks on the water and the often rough sea near the steep banks, will force us to follow, slow transshipments on a small boat from the patrol boat with which we reach: instead, throws the anchor, prudently, to a hundred meters from the landing. In addition to the captain and his sailors, to land with me there is a handful of other visitors, including the technician who has to repair the lighthouse still active on the island, but which will not stop there for the night. While I await my landing shift I admire so calmly, for the first time, the imposing and gray building, sacred and warlike together, that it seems, indeed, the Lord of the Sea.

I think back to what I learned on the two islands in the few days before the start. For millennia, those who sailed between the West and the East of the Mediterranean, and in particular between the Adriatic and the Ionian and the Aegean, had to face the perilous tour of the Peloponnese. Always keeping in sight of the coast, but at the same time prudently far from it, it passed between this peninsula and the Strofades. They are lands almost invisible and very dangerous for the hulls, because very low and flat on the sea, boards measured only about twenty meters high on the surface of the waves: they suddenly appear and are difficult to spot during the day (at night there is precisely the lighthouse, to signal them).

Yet, for their strategic location are precious islands: among other things, they were and are rich in drinking water. All this explains many things: from the mythical stop of Aeneas and his, to the rise of the legend of the Harpies, up to the erection of a monastery that is also a fortress, because those tiny bases were sought after by those who wanted to control the sea passage. And finally, it explains not only how it was possible that dozens of people would get support and nourishment (even today they are partially cultivated, and to welcome us we will find some seasonal farmers who had been there for some weeks for the wheat harvest), but also because a large part of them is covered by the one that, a little jokingly, is called the ‘jungle’.

I do not have the time and space to tell everything I’ve seen and done in those two days. I only say that I have an almost enchanted memory, very bright, to which is added the invaluable sense of the immense quiet of the night (neither television nor even cell phone signal, down here), amidst panoramas of an absolute suggestion. A stay not without even a bit of uneasiness. “When we can return to Zante from these islands only He knows”: he tells me at the table, pointing the index upwards, the Metropolitan of Dodona when I ask him about our return. “You know, it depends on the conditions of the sea …”.

Things to do in Thirasia, Santorini’s enchanting volcanic island

Beach holidays in Thirasia: the main attractions of the splendid Cycladic Greek island which is part of the archipelago of Santorini, in the Aegean Sea.

The wonderful island of Thirasia is part of the famous archipelago of Santorini, which is part of the enchanting natural environment of the Cyclades islands, in the Aegean Sea. Thirasia is the second largest island in the Santorini archipelago and owes its origin to a violent volcanic eruption from which this small but very popular archipelago was produced. This area of ​​island Greece is one of the most loved and popular of the State, because of its enchanting landscapes, its crystalline sea and its ancient history that still has the power to fascinate and enchant.

For many decades, the Cyclades islands have attracted a huge amount of tourists and are no doubt one of the most popular summer destinations in Europe. These beautiful islands of the Aegean Sea are in fact the ideal destination for lovers of the sea and pristine beaches, but not only.

Nature lovers and boat trips can find countless reasons of wonder and wonder at these enchanting islands. The archipelago of Santorini is particularly popular for its lively and fun nightlife, which in the summer months becomes hectic and really explosive, attracting young people of all nationalities!

The mundane and youthful face of the islands of the Santorini archipelago is just one of the countless aspects that characterize this beautiful area of ​​the Aegean: Thirasia and the other enchanting islands of the archipelago in fact host indelible traces of their glorious and ancient past and are the destination ideal for all those who wish to deepen their knowledge of ancient Greek culture and its still lively and pulsating traditions.

The island of Thirasia is characterized by the presence of a small village located on the east coast, the village of Manolas, which has the typical appearance of the maritime center of the Aegean Sea. The village hosts a small group of typical Greek buildings, with its characteristic white and low dwellings and its charming little churches immersed in the luxuriant vegetation of the Mediterranean scrub. We recommend that you take a short visit to the remarkable church of Aghios Kostantinos, the most beautiful of the island.

The village of Manolas also has a charming fishing port, which has kept intact the quiet atmosphere of the past. The island also hosts another village, Riva, on the opposite side from the village of Manolas, which is the landing place and main link for all the boats that connect Thirasia with the other islands of the Santorini archipelago. Riva, with its characteristic appearance and its relaxed atmosphere, also hosts the beautiful little church of Aghia Irini.

The coastline of the island of Thirasia is characterized by small and charming coves, which make the coast extremely jagged and scenic. This really is a magical place for sea lovers, as the waters of the archipelago are really clean and perfect for long swims! The sea bed of this area of ​​the Cyclades is really rich and fascinating, and for this reason many tourists reach the island for diving and snorkeling.

From the climatic point of view the island of Thirasia has a pleasant climate, mild, ventilated and decidedly less sultry than that of mainland Greece. In the winter months, the archipelago of Santorini enjoys temperate temperatures, generally above 10 ° C, while in summer the maximum temperatures are around 30 ° C. Thirasia presents an uncontaminated landscape, kissed by a favorable and pleasant climate, and its small ancient villages allow visitors to enjoy the suspended and archaic atmosphere of island Greece.

From the Great North to the Greek islands. Destination silence

Among the birch forests of the island of Gotland, Sweden. In a red house overlooking the sea in Liguria. Barefoot in the Swiss forests. On the island of sponge fishermen in Greece. In the Norwegian reserve to observe the newly born reindeer. If you seek tranquility and contact with nature these places are for you

Delivering ourselves to silence, in the most dazed of the worlds, is a dive into the unknown. But the void contains in itself infinite possibilities: introspection, flashes of creativity, different points of view. Among the birch forests of the island of Gotland (pictured), 40 minutes by plane from Stockholm, silence is a great dream activator. Another gait. A slow trend. A form of care. The sea gives way to a single strip of asphalt that cuts through the woods scattered with huts with the roof of marsh grass. A surreal silence, in addition to the white lichens, the wild thyme, the junipers, the gravel dunes, seems to wrap Gotland, while walking among the pines. Or as you observe, near the town of Slite, the painted stele of the fifth century, with bas-reliefs depicting spirals, snakes and the runic alphabet. On the small island of Furillen, to the north-east of Gotland, connected by an embankment, one goes in search of even more silence. Furillen is the refuge of Swedish Johan Hellstrom, former fashion photographer. In 1999 he bought the land of a cement plant, obtaining the hotel Fabriken Furillen ( where design marries industrial archeology. In the midst of this desolate beauty, Hellstrom has placed “hermit” wooden houses in the woods: without baths and electricity. It is heated by the fireplace, we read with the oil lamp. And we observe, in silence, the kind bark of the birch.

There were no roads until the 60s. While the rest of the world landed on the moon, he danced the swing and discovered the miniskirt, the Cinque Terre, that territory a little more than 10 kilometers long that Eugenio Montale called the “place where the grapes are caught”, they moved slowly, condemned to the same factor that later decreed its fame: verticality. So, while the villages with the houses that look like marzipan were developed in height, forced between carugi, mountain and sea, the vineyards grew on the terraces that cut the ridges horizontally, supported by dry stone walls. But the territory was fragile, in continuous abandonment of the vineyards, destined to collapse the walls that run for 6.740 kilometers. A handkerchief of 45 hectares in the National Park, a World Heritage Site, came, a dozen years ago, donated to Fai: an ancient world made of vines, marine gardens, rows of broom where the fig tree, the lentisk, l euphorbia and cork oak. The Fondazione Zegna supports the restoration for three years. Podere Case Lovara (in the picture), near Punta Mesco, halfway between Levanto and Monterosso, is a project for the recovery of historical rural landscape. It can only be reached on foot, an hour’s walk from the Giada del Mesco Hotel in Levanto, on a mule track, along the Sentiero Verde Azzurro, on the maps marked as SVA, already 1 from Sestri Levante to Porto Venere. The view of the sea always present on the path, almost drunk. From March 2018 it will be possible to sleep: about ten beds for the trekkers and the possibility to mount the tent. Now we enter, on weekends, and we are curious. The pink house dates back to 1957. The woods press all around. The dry stone walls have been reinforced. The bees reported in colorful houses, close to the strawberry trees. From Punta Mesco you can see the Cinque Terre with the nativity scenes of the sea. The silence from up here is broken only by the “voice of the sea”. In Montale it seems he did not mind at all.

Because I go there. To walk barefoot: simple, therapeutic, natural and at the same time difficult. An experience that we are no longer used to, that needs concentration, yielding emotions, poetry and quiet in exchange. The silence of the steps. Very few paths designed ad hoc. The Forest of Staz, in Celerina, in the Engadine, is one of these.

Meghan Markle plans the holidays of 2018. Among the Positano and Capri destinations

Among the destinations approved by Meghan Markle for 2018 there is also the Amalfi Coast. The future princess of England has already been repeatedly in our places and has declared herself in love with Positano and Capri.

Actress and model, Meghan Markle has traveled a lot around the world and, as reported by the Lifestyle tabloid, has recommended and approved six holiday destinations for 2018. Among these destinations there is also the Amalfi Coast with Positano and the island of Capri.

Lifestyle defines Positano a small fishing village that is only an hour and a half from Naples and is climbing on the mountain with its pastel-colored houses that descend to the sea. Meghan Markle spent her summer vacation in Positano last summer with her friends at the hotel Le Sirenuse, a family-run hotel that was a villa about fifty years ago.

Another destination approved by Markle is Capri, the small island located half an hour by boat from Naples and considered a magnet for VIPs. Despite the fact that the island is relatively small, there are many walks for hikers and enthusiasts as well as a long list of luxury hotels with excellent restaurants and pristine beaches.

Among the other destinations approved by Markle for the holidays 2018 there are Ibiza and Formentera with its beaches but above all the parties to some of the most extravagant clubs in Europe; then there is Madrid, capital of Spain with its museums, art and dream fairs.

In the ranking of the six places to go on holiday in 2018, the American model and actress also quotes Hydra, in Greece. Hydra is one of the less known Greek islands and is a real oasis of relaxation that offers good food, reliable climate and a lot of tranquility. Just two hours by ferry from Athens, the island is surrounded by stony beaches and crystal clear waters.

Greece, the pirate islands: Fourni, Icaria

The Aegean and its islands have always been ideal places for pirates, who easily hid among the thousands of inlets, spotting and robbing the passing merchant ships.

Today these islands are a destination for wellness and tranquility trips, representing a microcosm far from the ordinary and its frenzy.

Fourni is one of the twelve islands that form a small archipelago formed by nine rocks and three larger islands that are Agios Minas, Fourni and Thymena.

Those of Fourni and Thymena are the only islands that are inhabited, with a stable population of about 1600 inhabitants, due to the large fleet of fishing boats and one of the liveliest shipyards of the Aegean.

Here the historic link with the pirates is found in the official name of the municipality, Fourni Korseon, Fourni dei corsari.

Emerald waters, mills and mulberry trees provide the island with an absolutely natural and evocative charm.

Fourni is an ideal island for those who are looking for peace and quiet, who love life in the open air, who appreciate good food in taverns without frills but cozy and who prefer days, and especially quiet evenings, rather than a noisy social life.

The beaches are beautiful and are largely made up of pebbles mixed with sand.

The Kassidi beach is one of the most beautiful in the Fourni archipelago in Greece and is located six kilometers southwest of the capital.

Kassidi is protected from the winds and the sea is usually quite calm. It is reached by a dirt road and not far away is the other beach of Agios Ioannis, which occupies the southernmost point of the island of Fourni.

Another lovely beach is that of Bali, one of the best places for a refreshing swim.

Bali is located a short distance from the capital and boasts a beautiful location at the foot of the rocks and a stretch of low and quiet water, suitable for everyone.

The name of this island presumably derives from Icarus which, according to legend, fell into the sea off the island when its wax wings melted.

In the western part of the island, among the villages of Ràhes it is possible to walk on the old paths, once beaten by pirates.


An interesting cycle excursion that does not exceed six hours of walking is that from Khristòs to Kastaniés, which includes the gorge of Herarakos with the Spanédhon water mill.

Islands of Greece: the guide of Paros, the island of marble

Our review of the beautiful Greece and its wonderful islands continues. Fantastic places to see at least once in a lifetime. Each with its original features. After the general guide of the Cyclades and the less touristic islands, we want to take you to the discovery of Paros, or Paro in Italian.

The island of Paros is located in the central-southern Aegean Sea, next to the island of Naxos, which was once united. Off the south-west coast lies the smaller island of Antiparos and the uninhabited islets of Despotiko, Strongyli, Fira and Diplo, plus a series of rocks and islets that form the archipelago of Paros. Revmatonissi is a small private island that rises between Paros and Antiparos. Other reefs and islets rise off the south and northeastern coast of the island. North of Paros are the islands of Syros and Mykonos, south of Sikinos and Ios, while further west is the island of Sifnos. Therefore Paros is at the center of the Cyclades archipelago, easily reachable from the other main islands. It is 90 nautical miles from the port of Piraeus.

Paros is the third largest island of the Cyclades, with approximately 196 km² of surface, after Naxos and Andros. Its coastline extends for 120 kilometers. It has a predominantly mountainous territory, like all the Cyclades, although less harsh than nearby Naxos. The highest peak of the island, on the Profitis Ilias mountains reaches 771 meters above sea level. Like the other Cyclades, it has a barren land, with little vegetation, concentrated mainly in the central part. The rocks of Paros are mainly of granite and marble, a characteristic that has made the island important for its white marble quarries, still present, which still represent part of its economy. Although the main activity today is tourism.

The island of Paros was inhabited since prehistoric times. At the center of the Mycenaean civilization, like the other Cyclades, it was later involved in the wars between Athenians and Persians, allied with the latter. It was conquered by the Romans and then by Byzantines. At the beginning of the XIII century it was conquered by the Venetians and included in the Duchy of Naxos. In its history it was subjected to numerous raids and devastations by pirates. Paros is the birthplace of the poet Archilochus.

The capital of the island of Paros is the city of Paroikia or Parikia, on the north-west coast, the second most important city is Naoussa, on the north coast. High population centers are Marpissa, near the east coast and its port of Piso Livadi, Lefkes inland, Aliki, on the southern coast.

The island of Paros offers enchanting views, among natural beauties, villages of white houses typical of the Cyclades and marinas with small fishing boats, today mainly used for tourist activities.

Arrived on the island, the first visit is to the city of Paroikia, a charming town that develops between streets and alleys between the traditional white houses with blue doors and windows. The highest part, the one that offers a splendid view of the port is Kastro, the castle where there are the remains of a fortress of the Franks, a Venetian tower and some characteristic houses around the ruins. Near the castle stands the church of Agios Konstantinos, while in the interior is the Basilica of Our Lady of Katapoliani (Panagia Ekatontapiliani, Our Lady of the Hundred Gates) Byzantine church with exposed bricks, an older part, the chapel dedicated to St. Nicholas , dating back to the fourth century AD, several mosaics and important icons inside. The religious complex also houses the Byzantine Museum. To visit near the basilica, the Archaeological Museum of Paros, with important findings of ancient Greek and Roman times. A of the port to see the graceful little church of Agia Anna. The city of Paroikia is full of clothing stores, especially for the sea, restaurants, taverns and clubs.

Basilica of Our Lady of Katapoliani, Paroikia, Paros (Andrant83, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikicommons)
In the north of the island, the city of Naoussa overlooks a large bay, with a glance effect on the row of white houses overlooking the harbor. Despite the tourist development, with the tables of the many taverns on the docks, the port of Naoussa is still dedicated to fishing, one of the main economic activities of the town. The many boats and fishing boats give the port of Naoussa a very characteristic and authentic appearance. To be seen. On the tip of the western quay of the port, among the taverns and shops, lies the delightful white church of Agios Nikolaos.

Royal Caribbean, new itineraries and technological innovations for the 2019-2020 season

During the 2019-2020 season, Royal Caribbean will offer 5 new ports of call in addition to the return of the Oasis of the Seas in Europe, cruises in the Caribbean and the departure of the first Quantum Class ship to Alaska.

First of all, for the first time since 2014, the Oasis of the Seas will return to sail the waters of the Mare nostrum, sailing from Barcelona to spend the summer season in the Old Continent. Among the many attractions there will be the ‘onboard districts’, 7 thematic areas designed to satisfy every taste and preference, latest generation technological supports, elegant and comfortable rooms and suites, a varied and exclusive gastronomic offer, a real natural park in the open air (the ‘Central Park’) surrounded by tropical gardens, Broadway-style stage shows and the iconic AquaTheater, where you can admire shows and incredible water games. Oasis of the Seas will sail for 7-night cruises and visit Palma de Mallorca, Marseille, Florence, Rome and Naples.
Five new ports of call will welcome Royal Caribbean passengers to Europe, unprepared landing points to explore cities and countries rich in history and charm. Thanks to these new stops, travelers can visit the glacier gate of Olden (in Norway), discover Visby, the best preserved medieval city in the world and UNESCO heritage (in Sweden), the charm of Zadar (in Croatia), Portofino between the cliffs overlooking the sea, the streets of Brest.
From Italy will sail some of the most picturesque routes: the Rhapsody of the Seas will leave from Venice with two 7-night itineraries: one at a time of Greek islands and Croatia and one towards the Greek islands only. The Jewel of the Seas will instead offer a Mediterranean cruise of 7 or 9 nights with departure / arrival at the port of Civitavecchia. European itineraries will be available for bookings starting from the week of 11 December 2017.
With a transpacific trip from Sydney to Seattle, Ovation of the Seas will debut in the United States for a 2019 summer season dedicated to Alaska. On board the Ovation of the Seas, sport lovers will have fun with the Seaplex indoor sports complex, indoor and outdoor pools (with solarium), the parachuting simulator, the climbing wall with sea view and the wave simulator to surf like in the Ocean.! Ovation of the Seas will sail from Juneau (capital of Alaska) to Victoria (British Columbia) for 7-night itineraries to discover this land of unspoiled nature. To sail to the land of the ice there will also be Radiance of the Seas, with cruises from 7 and 9 nights between Seward (Alaska) and Vancouver. The Alaska-related routes will be available for booking from 11 December 2017.
For those who want to experience a short holiday in the Caribbean Sea, in fact, Royal Caribbean can really make the difference: Mariner of the Seas and Navigator of the Seas offer routes of 3 and 4 nights to the archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, sailing from Port Canaveral and Miami (Florida). On board Enchantment of the Seas, on the other hand, depart from Galveston (Texas) for short 4 or 5-night itineraries to various Mexican destinations throughout the year. To accompany guests on longer cruises in the Caribbean (7 nights), there will be Liberty of the Seas (which will sail from Galveston, to the Western Caribbean) and Freedom of the Seas (which from San Juan, Puerto Rico, will reach the Caribbean southern).
The short itineraries dedicated to the Caribbean will be bookable from November 20, 2017, while those of seven nights will be available from November 13, 2017. Anthem of the Seas will start from the Cape Liberty port of Bayonne (New Jersey) for cruises from 5 to 9 nights to Bermuda, Bahamas and the Caribbean Islands.
For the fall season, Anthem of the Seas will move north to offer 9-night itineraries to discover Canada and New England. Same stages for Adventure of the Seas, which will sail to the Bahamas and the Caribbean (with cruises from 6 to 8 nights) and to Canada and New England (along 6-night itineraries) with cruises for 10 and 11 nights. These cruises in the United States, Canada and Bermuda will be bookable from the week of December 4, 2017.

Switch to Tim, Wind and Vodafone: offers and promotions abroad for a Merry Christmas 2017

Here are the best deals and promotions for foreign countries of Tim, Vodafone and Wind for Christmas 2017 with gigabytes in 4G, messages and minutes.

Here are the best deals and promotions for foreign countries of Tim, Vodafone and Wind for Christmas 2017 with gigabytes in 4G, messages and minutes.
Christmas 2017 is approaching and many will leave for the many long-awaited holidays. Others will stay at home but will be able to rest thanks to the long bridge in view of the Christmas holidays. Here are the new offers and promotions for abroad with minutes, gigabytes in 4G and messages proposed by Tim, Vodafone and Wind.

Christmas 2017 abroad with Tim

Tim International 100, here is the link, is the new offer proposed by Tim reserved for customers who were born abroad. It will cost € 9.99 every four weeks and will offer one thousand minutes to all national landlines and mobile numbers of which 300 also international, unlimited calls to the numbers Tim and 10 Gb at the speed of 4G Tim. The 300 minutes to foreign countries will be valid to call the following countries: Bangladesh, China, Cyprus, India, Poland, Peru, Romania, Mexico, Colombia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Israel, Singapore.

Those who will go on holiday will be able to activate Tim in travel Pass which will cost 20 euros every 10 days, here is the link. It will offer 10 GB in 4G, 500 minutes and 500 text messages. The minutes will be divided into 250 minutes of calls originated and 250 minutes of calls received that together with the Gb and messages will be available within ten days of the first call, when sending the first message or data connection. Upon expiry, the promotion can be reactivated. Reactivation will be possible even before the deadline.

The Vodafone Passport for Christmas 2017

With Vodafone you can activate three different types of Vodafone Passport. The one for the rechargeable customers, the one for those who have the subscription and the World for customers with subscription and rechargeable. The first will cost 3 euros a day if used, here is the link, and will offer 60 minutes (30 of which in and 30 out), 60 messages and 200 Mb of internet in 4G. Over 200MB, then, you will sail at 2 euros per 100MB up to 1GB. It will be valid in Albania, USA, Turkey, Switzerland and the Principality of Monaco.

For subscription customers, here is the link, the cost of Vodafone Passport will always be 3 euros per day if used. It will offer unlimited minutes in Albania, USA, Turkey, Switzerland and the Principality of Monaco, unlimited messages and 500 Mb of internet in 4G. Over 500 MB surf at 32Kbps.

Finally, Vodafone Pass World will offer 6 euros a day if used, here is the link where you will also find the countries where the offer will be valid. It will offer 30 minutes (including 15 incoming and 15 outgoing), 30 messages and 30 MB of internet in 4G.

Wind offers for abroad

“Call Your Country Super doubles” is the offer of Wind that will cost 10 euros every 28 days and will offer, here is the link, unlimited minutes to the numbers Wind, 500 minutes to all, 150 minutes to abroad and 8 Gb full speed. Who will activate this offer by January 21, then, will have 1000 minutes instead of 500 and 16 GB instead of 8. Finally the 150 minutes can be used to call the following countries:

Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China Cyprus, Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Great Britain, Greece, Guam, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iceland, Israel, Ireland , Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Mongolia, Norway, Netherlands, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Czech Republic, Romania, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, United States, Sweden, South Africa, South Korea, Hungary.

In Greece a drone circles around a beautiful landscape

In Greece a drone revolves around a beautiful landscape and the video becomes three-dimensional I
Greece = summer. That is, bathrooms, white houses, blue sea, great food by the sea. It’s a shame that it’s November and that all this seems so far away that it can not even really exist. To realize that yes, there is light at the end of winter, this beautiful video shot with a drone in Greece is the perfect answer to the first wool scarves and caps pulled out of the closet.
We are used to seeing beautiful videos shot with drones, capable of making images that until a few years ago could only be brought home with helicopters and therefore with costs that only large productions were able to cover. This is no longer the case and the result is a large amount of videos that show up from splendid landscapes. In this case it is Folegandros, Greece.

Compared to the usual videos of this type, in this case the authors chose a particular technique, making their own machine a sort of orbital motion, which almost suits the idea of ​​three-dimensional shooting that, of course, are in two dimensions . At the technical level is what is called Low Earth Orbit, that is, an area between the Earth’s surface and the 2,000-kilometer-high, that area, or where we orbit most of the artificial satellites that revolve around our planet. An orbital movement inspired by the movement of this drone.
In addition to the beauty of the landscape, the clouds seem to stand out, whose consistency seems almost tangible, at hand. Not only because Greece, summer, the sea and all that seemed far away only a few lines ago seemed to reach out to hand. Because it is true: the summer is still at the bottom of the tunnel, but sometimes little is enough to save a Novembrina day without big prospects.

In Gavdos, sea and nature all to discover

On the wild island of Gavdos among pristine beaches, small white villages and excursions to the discovery of lighthouses and other magical places

70 kilometers south of the southern coast of Crete lies the island of Gavdos, one of the most beautiful and remote places in Greece, once a secluded and often exile destination for political figures and dissidents, especially under the dictatorship of Joannis Metexas . Homer already quotes it in the Odyssey by the name of Ogigia, while the Venetians decided to call it Gozzo and, since it is the southernmost point of the whole of Europe, is the favorite destination of those who do not like conventional tourist resorts and prefer the contact with nature (not by chance, free and nudist campers are among the usual visitors).

The white reefs of the south coast, the ocher earth and the sun-reflecting sand invite you to discover every corner of Gavdos starting from the harbor to the north where you can take the road that will take you to a must-see destination, the Lakoudi beach you can only walk on foot and at the end of a nice walk will take you in front of a blue sea that you can not resist. Considering that Gavdos is a small island, soon, continuing your journey, you will find it on its tip south of Tripiti Bay, a truly unusual place. Do not forget to take a nice selfie sitting on the giant chair over the beach and give you an incredible view of the background. Equally enchanting are the beach of Potamos with its reddish beach and Pyrgos beach on the opposite end of Gavdos in the northwest. These beaches are definitely the wildest and few offer services or equipment, so remember to bring along the necessary snacks and snacks.

If you prefer a more comfortable place you can choose the most frivolous beaches of Gavdos, among which the most famous is Agios Ioannis, located next to a small village with some of the most loved by naturists for the crystal clear sea and the sand here and there from junipers making it a paradise. Sarakinikos beach, on the other hand, is about 2 km from the harbor, and the small taverns that will be overlooked will also give you the chance to sample some local specialties. If you are passionate about history, on the hill of Kavos, you can admire the numerous prehistoric ceramic shells and stone utensils, while Sarakinikos is still visible in the building where Velouchiotis Aris, founder of the National Liberation Army people who were exiled to this place.

Leaving the beaches to go on a tour of the island of Gavdos you will soon discover that the architecture of the villages consists of one-storey cubic cubicles with a sort of tool-assisted enrichment and enriched by the inaccessible horticulture adjacent to the building. Visiting Kastri, the most important center in Gavdos, you will find that time has stopped and the small village will give you unique landscapes, while in the surrounding area, Lebanon’s pine and cedar woods are a shelter for many bird species.

If you can miss a day at the beach for a pleasant hike, Gavdos Island offers a number of well-groomed trails that allow you to reach the 17 rural churches scattered here and there or the 1880’s lighthouse on the southwest coast. A visit to the latter will prove to be very interesting to understand how it works, since today the structure has lost its original function and the lighthouse is used as a café even though part of the building (the most interesting one) houses a small museum which tells the story through the show of ancient equipment and photographs. We recommend keeping you here until sunset because the show is really magical!

Being a somewhat wild island, Gavdos is quite difficult to spin because transport is few so you need to plan your trip with some caution. To get to Gavdos you can embark on ferries departing from PaleophÃa or HÃara Sfakion and arriving at the port of Karave. Once you arrive on the island, you can use buses that, upon arrival of each ferry, generally provide tourists beaches and the most famous resorts.

Mykonos in December

Mykonos in December

Staying at Mykonos in December is a good solution to enjoy a pleasant and mild Mediterranean climate with temperatures ranging from 8 ° C to 12 ° C. In the Cyclades, the winter is generally dry and sunny, and here and in the clouds overflowing, the rains do not last long and the winds are moderate.
Some snowflakes can sometimes fall off at Christmas.
In Mykonos, the comfort index in December (about 30 out of 100) is not ideal for a beach holiday but it is still interesting to explore the island under a clear sky for much of winter.

Weather forecasts in Mykonos are based on a calculation platform that takes into account the historical data of the last 10 years and predictions based on some criteria such as ambient temperature, humidity, water temperature, wind and sun .

Prepare for now your stay by taking into consideration the weather forecasts of Mykonos!

On the small stage of a converted church in East London, a smiling Sam Smith is enjoying the emotion.

The audience invokes his name and screams before his band starts playing a single note. Everyone is totally focused on the present, about what’s going on at that time, because every cell phone was kindly kidnapped at the entrance by the staff who cares for the event. It’s a rainy Friday mid-September. This week the English songwriter has performed in Los Angeles and New York. Between two days he will do it in Berlin. The clubs in which they play have a limited audience capacity – each contains less than 1000 people – but expectations are, as it say, huge. Four concerts in four clubs, four different castings, one week: this is how a global superstar that fills the stadium returns after 18 months of silence – and returns after selling over 12 million copies with “In the lonely hour” (2014), his first album, and won four Grammy, three Brit Awards, one Oscar and one Golden Globe (the last two for “Writing on the Wall”, the theme of the Bond-movie “Specter”).

Now, in this ancient church, the fans’ reaction is adorable and devoted. A reassurance that a pretty nervous Smith really needs. “Fuck!” Exclaims the 25-year-old with a big smile at the beginning of her 55-minute concert. “It’s nice to be back. I’ve dreamed it for so long. ”


In November comes his “The thrill of it all”. It is a second album full of ballads that thrill emotions, broken hearts and romantic hymns to be sung around the world for months-for years to come. The bets are good: on the day when the London concert was held, the first single, “Too good at goodbyes”, fluttered in the top of the charts in various countries around the world. When, four days later, we meet in a pub near her home in North London, the tall, slim musician admits to being more relieved. He sang for the first time these new very personal songs. Now he can relax – a bit.

Sam Smith: Yes, after this week I’m destroyed. Because emotionally it was very demanding. I think these concerts have been, to this day, the most important part of my career.

S.S .: Yes. Those four little shows made me regain my craft, and I was scared again. When I started working on this record, I did not want to rest on the laurels. I always wanted to challenge myself. Every time my album goes out I want to feel like it’s the first one. And since my music is very personal, it was great that people were in a room without cell phones!

The U.V: What did you feel when this return has begun?
S.S .: I thought about these moments for the last year and a half. I always tried to stay away from word pressure, stress, but fuck (laughs, nda): launching the first single of the second album after the release of “In the lonely hour” is not an easy task. That album went badly well! I was scared! But when the tour ended, I found myself home in London and again the only thing that counted was music. So the release of this record is a fact that I feel very organic, and that comes at the right time. Nothing and nobody hurts me. I am proud of the work done.

The U.V .: “Too good at goodbyes” is very personal – you described it as a “song about a relationship I’ve had and basically talks about how, when it was over and left me, I did not suffer so much”. So, to inspire you was a disastrous relationship?

S.S .: It was not a disaster, nor was it so intense. It lasted five, six months. When it started I did not like much, and when it was over I felt even worse! So yes, I got thrown, it was over, and then there were two or three months of self-analysis – and much of the music was born from there.
U.V: We talk about “Pray”, of which we talked about as the possible second single.


Greece, Folegandros
Welcome To Green Luxury Villas !
Villa, 4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 8 persons, Garden, WiFi

Uncompromising horizons, landscapes sculpted by the wind and by solitude, rocky beaches you can only walk or sail to, but also “glamorous rituals” like fish&ouzo evenings in the small squares of Chora, a tangle of white houses built around the old Kastro and the church of Aghios Nikolaos. On Folegandros island, despite its latest success as a tourist destination, very little has changed.

In one of the most charming locations of Folegandros island, on a plot (of approximately 5,000 sqm) looking south-west to Milos island, the bluest sea and sky and the most moving sunsets of the Aegean, we rent two 90sqm villas together as a two-family house.

The villas were built according to sustainable architecture and green housing standards

Not even the beaches are saved: in Greece a tanker is sinking and the coasts are in trouble

in Greece a tanker is sinking and the coasts are in trouble

On Sunday, Agia Zoni II stormed in the sea for still unclear reasons.

Of its 2,520 tons of oil already 300 have poured into the water and have reached the beaches around Athens

After the war: what life did the Nazi hierarchs take over? After the war: what life did the children of the Nazi hierarchs

After losing harbors, islands and a lot of time, the Greeks have remained only the beaches. Indeed,

well look at those, as the ship-tank Agia Zoni II, sunk on Saturday near the islet of Atalanta, not far from Piraeus,

is releasing the crude oil stored in the water in the water. On Monday, however, the situation became dramatic:

the winds and streams transported oil to the beaches, where it appeared in the late morning of Wednesday 13.

In particular, on the coasts of Piraiki and Freatida, areas where Athenians go a bath in the day –

and where the fishermen leave to go off. Not even the beaches, it was said.

According to experts’ estimates, at least 300 tonnes of masut, ie the crude oil distillation residue,

have already been poured into the sea. The Coastguard is already working to spread chemical agents in the water

in an attempt to counteract pollution.

But in Agia Zoni II there are still 2,270 tons of fuel. Come out? Will not they come out? In doubt it is thought to close

all the marinas in the area.

In the meantime disputes have already begun: the authorities are accused of acting late: the ship is sunk on Saturday,

operations have begun in the following days. Residents in particular underline the slowness with which floating barriers were arranged:

a few hours less would be enough to avoid environmental disaster.

It is also not clear why Agia Zoni II is sunk. The authorities argue that everything is under control.

But winds and waves, in fact, are difficult to predict. Perhaps even more than the markets.

Cheap flights easyjet summer 2017: Low cost proposals for September to Europe

The easyjet offers for September with flights departing from Milan Malpensa, Rome and Naples.

Here are the best offers for low cost flights from May to June 2017 from Milan and Rome from 7.99 euros offered by EasyJet and Ryanair.

Let’s talk about easyjet flight deals for the summer of 2017. Although for many holidays are over, the summer season is still long and there are many low-cost options to indulge in a short weekend in September. Let’s see what the British carrier proposes for flights departing from Milan Malpensa, Rome and Naples.

From Milan Malpensa there are only one-way flights at favorable rates valid for September. Among the most interesting are the Madrid flight from 24.73 euros on departure on September 11th, Malaga flight from 29.28 euros on departure on September 10th and Bilbao flight on the same price starting on September 6th. For only 19.68 euros there is also a flight to Munich, departing on September 8, while at 22.21 euros you can fly to London Gatwick or Luton, respectively, on September 12th and 14th. At the same price we find flights to Berlin, Prague, Hamburg and Copenhagen, which are closed between 11 and 13 September. Lastly, for Greece fans, we note the flights to Myikonos at 29.28 euros with departure on September 20 and Kos for 26.75 euros on departure on September 2nd.
From Rome and Naples
Let’s go for flights departing from Rome with easyjet. From the capital, the cheapest flights are for Nice to 32.81 euros on departure on September 8, for Paris to 39.88 euros on departure on September 20th and for London to 45.94 euros on departure on September 13th. We go to Naples, where flights to Catania, Corfu and Mykonos are at 26.75 euros, departing on September 3rd and 13th, flight to Malta at 29.28 euros on departure on September 1st, flight to Split on departure September 3 to 24.73 euros and those to Barcelona and the Balearic Islands (Ibiza, Majorca and Menorca) to 37.86, 43.92 and 29.28 euros, all departing in September.

Mykonos, the 7 least crowded beaches on which to relax

Each year Mykonos is attacked by many tourists, mostly young people attracted by the movida and the beaches where music is fired at all hours. But the Greek island does not only live in this type of tourism and also boasts beaches that are just as beautiful but less loud.

1 – Houlakia. It is one of the few sandy beaches on the island, located within a protected natural area and is particularly impressive. Despite its beauty, it is generally not very popular: perhaps the winds blowing strongly from the north discourage many visitors. It also has a wonderful view on the nearby Delo Island and is one of the best spots to admire the sunset in Mykonos.

2 – Merisini. It is a beautiful little known beach, Merisini, set along a beautiful sandy bay accessible by car or boat. It boasts beautiful sand and rock bottom and is loved by the snorkelers.

3 – Agrarians. It is an unpaved beach that still retains the charm of an uncontaminated wilderness. It has sand and pebbles and a crystal clear sea that conquers tourists who like relaxation. The beach of Agrari is the one immediately after Super Paradise (and before Elia beach).

4 – Lia Beach. It is a pretty bay on the southeastern coast of Mykonos. It is a small corner of paradise with white sand, pebbles and rock formations. Very popular with snorkelers.

5 – Kalo Livadi. Spectacular sea and fine and golden sand. It is located along the south-east coast of Mykonos, 2 km from the traditional village of Ano Mera and 10 from Chora. Quiet and ideal for relaxing, the beach is one of the longest in Mykonos, is equipped and is located at the end of a valley.

6 – Paraga beach. Beautiful sea and beach, not far from Chora. Among those listed is one of the most crowded. It is sheltered by the wind and has several trees under which shadowy.

7 – Platis Gialos. It is a small creek between Psarou beach and Agia Anna. Even here water and beach are great but the beach is really small.

A private spa boasts features like a sauna, cold plunge pool and steam room

Nature, art and architecture come together at the stunning 9 Bedroom Villa.
Built dramatically on a hillside that commands views of the sea and neighboring islands, this breathtaking Porto Heli vacation rental represents the utmost in setting, style and luxury.
Come for a sun-kissed destination wedding, a wonderfully relaxed family reunion or simply to indulge in the legendary hospitality of the Aman resorts.

Taking inspiration from classical Greek architecture and modern art, the villa has both traditional colonnades and contemporary finishes, and striking sculptures placed throughout the grounds.
Designers Edward Tuttle and Marios Angelopoulos used natural materials, open-plan layouts and floor-to-ceiling windows to connect the interiors to the formal gardens outside and the countryside beyond.
Lounge, chat or spot yachts in the bay below from the multiple sitting rooms; several dining areas let you gather for a casual meal or formally celebrate a special occasion.
Though chef service is part of your holiday, the villa does have a fully equipped kitchen.

Known as an exclusive resort and a popular yachting destination, Porto Heli lives up to its reputation with tranquil coves perfect for swimming, sun-dappled hillsides and a charming town.
Stay on the resort grounds and take the complimentary shuttle to the Amanzoe beach club, or make the short drive into town and try its oceanfront tavernas.
Sailing to the neighboring islands of Spetses and Hydra or visiting the ancient amphitheater at Epidaurus are sure to be highlights of your trip.

The return of non-alcoholic cocktails: the Seedlip and Tonic recipe

On the one hand Elderflower Tonic Water of Fever-Tree, from the aloof the non-alcoholic spirit Seedlip Garden 108. Here is a perfect soft drink for the summer: low calorie and so many, many fragrances

It’s a bit hot. A bit is to not overdo it with calories. And a little bit is not risking life and driving while sitting at the wheel. The list of non-alcoholic bars and pubs is inexorably continuing to stretch. And to embellish, with far-reaching proposals, based on highly sought after products. An example? The cocktail of which we give you the recipe below. It is called Seedlip & Tonic, and is obtained from a clever mix of Elderflower Tonic Water from Fever-Tree, the brand of soft drinks, and Seedlip Garden 108, innovative non-alcoholic and zero-calorie spirit obtained from hay distillation, peas, mint, rosemary , Thyme and hops. The result is an original mix between the sweet elderly notes and the bitter water quinine notes and the herbaceous and spicy notes of the spirit. No alcohol, but with an extremely fascinating set of fragrances.

Seedlip & Tonic

50 ml of Seedlip Garden 108
125 ml of Elderflower Tonic
1 slice of cucumber

Fill a highball ice cup and add a Seedlip measuring stick.

Then add Fever-Tree Elderflower fresh and garnish it all with cucumber sauce.

Elia Villas Mykonos

Nella posizione privilegiata di Elia a Mykonos si trova un residence estivo contemporaneo con fantastiche viste sul mare dove il colore bianco, la pietra e l’acqua sono le caratteristiche dominanti.
L’interno minimo bianco della casa con bordi curvi lisci e deco semplice vi dà un ambiente rilassante e un’atmosfera piacevole.
Questa villa bianca di Mykonos si sviluppa su 3 livelli.
Al piano superiore si trova la zona giorno, un bagno e una cucina completamente attrezzata mentre nella parte superiore del livello superiore si trova la barca come camera da letto con letto king size e bagno privato con vista mare e acqua da tutto il mondo. È come essere su una barca galleggiante.
Al piano terra c’è una camera matrimoniale con letto king size bagno privato.
Al piano inferiore si trova una seconda zona salotto e 3 camere da letto con 3 bagni. Due camere da letto hanno due letti singoli e un letto king size.
Le vedute da tutti gli angoli della casa sono ininterrotte, non importa se sei dentro o fuori come la casa è costruita con il concetto di avere costante contatto con gli occhi con l’acqua.
I 6 bagni sono in cemento lucido con curve lisce e colori chiari.
La villa è strategicamente situata sopra la spiaggia di Elia e Agrari e si può guardare sia spiagge da ogni angolo della casa.
La piscina a sfioro si trova in una posizione dove l’acqua della piscina si immersa nell’azzurro del mare. L’acqua scorre da ogni punto di vista della villa.
La sinfonia dei colori del mare e del cielo cambia durante il giorno e arriva al suo picco di tramonto.
C’è un tavolo costruito sotto una pergola ombreggiata adatta per pasti epicurei o momenti di relax. C’è anche un barbeque e un bar esterno sulla piscina.
La dimensione dell’area della piscina mantiene facilmente eventi fino a 150 persone.
Facilities: TV satellitare, lettore DVD, impianto hi-fi, accesso a Internet, cucina completamente attrezzata con lavastoviglie e forno a microonde, lavatrice.

‘My Fair Lady’ for one day. Kate Middleton’s look at Ascot

The Duchess of Cambridge opted for a style that recalled Audrey Hepburn in the 1964 film and sounded to the rhythm of ‘The Ascot Gavotte’

A song (The Ascot Gavotte), an actress (Audrey Hepburn) and a stage (the Ascot Racecourse). Yes, we outlined a scene from My Fair Lady, but not any scene but the one that contains the most iconic styling of George Cukor’s film. That test of fire that decides the outcome of the story: whether the florist Eliza is prepared or not to develop among the high society of London.

This film reference is justified if we talk about the look of the Duchess of Cambridge and the environment in which, incidentally, has taken place. To attend the Royal Ascot, the event held in this United Kingdom Hippodrome as every June and summons the finest of British society, including royal family and nobility, chose a dress with all the necessary elements to become Right on My Fair Lady.

White from head to toe – and never better, because the headdress claimed its share of prominence – high collar and endless lace lace. Alexander McQueen’s suit carried us to 1964 when Hepburn, Rex Harrison and company sang and danced in wonderful costumes. Although with obvious differences, from the length of the dress to the silhouette or the exaggerated flourishes of the original design, it is impossible not to establish a comparative.

Prince William’s wife unknowingly performed an aesthetic reinvention exercise by adapting a styling conceived for fiction more than 50 years ago to the reality of 2017. While elegance is the strong asset and point of attachment of both sets, Baroque and profusion of details is the big difference.

Middleton’s model is the simple and millenical (re) interpretation of Audrey’s wardrobe, without so much pomposity or overhead. In fact, the complements reduce their size and presence: a beige salons of Gianvitto Rossi and a handbag of Etui. Overall, an outfit very similar to the one he wore for his debut in 2016 and signed Dolce & Gabbana.

Mykonos Holiday

This beautiful and luxurious villa mirroring traditional Greek architecture, offers the very best of Mykonos.
The beating heart of the Cyclades, Mykonos is well endowed with natural beauty and embellished even further with historical significance and beautiful architecture. The sparse shrubberies, golden sandy beaches, the intense blue sea and crystal clear skies have an indescribable calming effect. Traditional white-washed chalets and houses dominate the landscape, with colorful windows and vibrant bougainvillea. In the background, the old windmills, add to the appealing views. The villa is located in Elia, home to one of the longest beaches on the island, which houses a quality beach restaurant, sunbed and parasols arrangements and water-sports.

No, not even this time I sold the Radiohead ticket

Radiohead made Let Down. Point.
And this is the first thing you need to know.
The second is that in 2012, following the Italian tour dates of “King of Limbs”, I wrote an article about Stereogram, the blog I was doing just about the GQ site, telling my story with the band’s concerts Of Thom Yorke – many, over the course of many years – to whom I had the ironic title: “No, I will not sell the Radiohead concert ticket”.
That article had turned a lot, though unfortunately it was lost in some of the cemeteries of the network (one day we will really talk about how the eternity of the Internet is actually the largest of the historical fake). It’s a shame, because I would have long wanted to get it out in the past few days, that’s when serious articles were written about why people were selling massively for tickets to the band’s Italian concerts. One thing that has always happened and that always happens for those concerts where you are forced to buy tickets in advance of months, perhaps ignoring the day of the week in which they fall and what might happen if that day there would be an indescribable commitment.

In short, everything is normal, all trivial, but we live the era of total merchandise where all that happens in the microcosms of our timeline ends up to look like the center of the world when it really is always and only our tiny landing.

Why at the end of the day to see the Radiohead in Florence there were about fifty thousand viewers.
Fifty thousand spectators who have packed the Visarno arena since the early afternoon and have also attended the performances of Junun and James Blake.
A year and a half ago, that is, close to the first dates of the “A Moon Shaped Pool” tour, the atmosphere around the Radiohead was different. On that record – beautiful one of the best in their discography – was a strange air. As if it were their final work, the pace of adulthood.
On the symbolism behind some of the songs, that of Daydreaming’s video, a classical retrieval like True Love Waits, has been said and written so much.
Ink rivers were also spent when the Radiohead began to recover live tracks that did not sound like geologic eras, and even Creep’s execution had become almost a habit. In the summer concerts of 2016, they performed nearly sixty songs out of their entire repertoire, and it never happened before.
The atmosphere of those live we still remember it with a mix of tension and amazement, feelings that have been completely overturned by the tour that is bringing them to Europe these weeks and will end in just over a month as always, More uncertainty about the future.

The Radiohead seem to have started enjoying their live performances and to face them with a different lightness.
There is no longer the desire to astonish at all costs: by now you can give the public exactly what you want without losing a whit of identity. No other group has gone through almost three decades of career without ever giving the idea of ​​looking ahead and not closing around their glorious past. The Radioheads have never needed to play the hits to please their audience, and even now that they are doing it, it’s obvious that there is no nostalgic intention to animate them. Because, and somehow it’s just what’s going on, you can look back, always aiming to move on.
This is not a celebratory concert at all, though it may sound like it. The staging is sober, there are no choruses for the stadium: the Radioheads are always the arena less arena band that may come to your mind.
They play for themselves, as always, but they also give the impression of having fun.
They open, as usual, with a dozen tracks from the last year: Daydreaming, a song from the impossible, circular song, so unsuitable for making ouverture that ends up making a turn and looks perfect because of the way in which Drives the crowd and carries it into a bubble, Desert Island Disk and Ful Stop.
Not even the time to recover and suddenly arrive at the first surprises: Airbag (we are still in the week when “OK Computer is 20 years old”), 15 Step – whose intro is exalted by the dual battery’s polyrhythmia – and Myxomatosis Became one of the real classics of the group.
The still-changing atmosphere brings us back to Lucky’s parts, followed by the Pyramid Song and Everything in Its Right Place.
Three pieces. Three hits.

“I’m not afraid anymore.” Andre Agassi is telling

Thus begins, in the magazine magazine number, the meeting of Federico Buffa with the legend of tennis Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi enters the George V suite of Paris as a go-round, as when he headed for the stacks before serving. Humble,

polite, greets all in a low voice. He no longer chooses the balls to start the game, now carefully select the words.

As it was in the field, there is nothing ordinary, nothing at stake in Andreino, as Gianni Clerici called it. In Open,

the autobiography of Agassi, written with the decisive contribution of the Pulitzer J.R. Moehringer

(“I have chosen every word, I am proud of it,” Andre tells us), the champion has sown the history of his life in deep,

and therefore dangerous, questions. It starts in a field of play but moves immediately out into the world. And it turns to us all.

“While I was writing,” Agassi tells us as Sky cameras light up, “I realized over time that, while having all the different experiences, basically

we share a similar path. There I realized that this book was not done to allow someone to know me better, but to let people know about it by reading


It’s a book about training. It is the story of all men. ”

Universal, but not only. This book has a seductive rebellious charge that is born out of a key concept:

There is a Lie. Somewhere there is a lie like mine. There is definitely someone who is going to be induced to be the person who is not,

by their parents, or by the circumstances in which they grew up. A guy who did not have the chance to be different from how others want it to be.

Open has this vision of juvenile rebellion, not generic, as in Young Holden but synthesized in sports.

This is why the consensus of more than 750,000 readers is justified, only in Italy.
An abnormal number that tells the ability of a work to convince many young people, usually not inspired by reading …

Byredo creates an Ikea fragrance

How does Ikea smell: after chipboard, houseplant and solid cotton? Ben Gorham, eccentric,

fragrance proviceur and founder of Byredo, has teamed up with the Swedish label for such a fragrance interpretation.

However, the cooperation is less about IKEA ingredients, rather the experience of how a home is associated with a certain fragrance

“I know a lot of people experience a fragrance association when visiting their grandmother’s house –

whether it is their perfume, flowers or their cooking skills – smell is a very relevant part of every house,”

said Ben Gorham in an interview with Lifestyle- Magazine Lonny on the guiding principle of his cooperation with Ikea.

And, “The experience creates a sense of well-being and security. We rarely talk about it,

and I think this project should also include precisely that people think about fragrances.”


This sparkling villa is well-named.

Experience the joy of staying here in Chania, minutes from the heart of town and the golden sand beaches of the west coast of Crete.

Exclusive style, sophisticated architecture and enviable service may make it challenging for

you to leave your comfortable and idyllic surroundings to discover all the island has to offer.

Located at the top of a hill, the villa is built in five semi-levels sparing no luxury.

On the outside, the aquamarine private pool is surrounded by a lush garden looking out to the view of the town and glistening sea.

Whether you love technology, outdoor activities or both, Villa will cater for your needs.

There’s a home theater system, Wi-Fi, DVD player, iPod dock and computer for indoor entertainment.

Outside you’ll find a swimming pool, plunge pool, jetted tub and gas barbecue offer more than enough to do in this child-friendly vacation villa.

The large pool is exclusive to Villa Joy dwellers’ pleasure.

It is divided into two sections – a circular shallower jetted tub whose water cascades into the larger almond-shaped deeper section.

The poolside and garden offer spots of cool shade and radiant light, as well as privacy and panoramic views.

Selena Gomez is (in 2017) more Selena than ever

The singer has made honesty with herself and with others her ticket to happiness

They say that in moments of downturn is when one learns, that when you fall and you get up you are a little bit stronger and that after the storm there comes calm. So they say. And although we do not know how much there is of truth and how much of said popular in these words, the truth is that in the case of Selena Gomez have fulfilled each and every one of these maxims.

We know the secret of Selena Gomez’s new look: Christian Classen
In 2016 the singer had a really bad time. She was suffering from serious health problems, was under severe pressure (media and work) and worse, she was lost in an industry where being lost is not an option. But at the same moment that she admitted-to herself and to the world-that she needed to enter a clinic to overcome the anxiety, depression, and panic attacks she suffered from lupus; At the same time that he canceled his tour and deleted his profiles in social networks to take a break; At the same time that she prioritized the important thing (ie, she) … everything began to improve.

We talk about the first step of a long catharsis of which Selena has been reinforced. Her philosophy of life is far from what she had a few months ago, and perhaps the point is to have understood that she is the most important. He no longer tries to live through the public persona, but of the person. She no longer tries to please everyone, but to be honest with herself and act accordingly. He no longer cares what they will say, but what really matters. She is no longer lost.

And that has resulted in a rebirth like Ave Fénix. In 2017 she has explored other of her creative facets, such as becoming the producer of For 13 reasons, the Netflix series that explores bullying and vouyerismo 2.0; Has fallen madly in love with Abel Tesfaye, known as The Weeknd; And what is more important, Selena is more than ever.

Art, the tram that does not need rails and drivers

Tested in China, it could soon go to boost the local public transport service of Zhuzhou City

On paper, it acts like a tram, or a subway, strictly following your route. Yet he has no need for rails or even a driver. In Hunan province, central China, the world’s first self-guided tram that was able to travel on a common road was introduced, following – and here is the novelty – the simple horizontal signage painted on the asphalt.

The convoy in question, realized by Crrc and Art (Autonomous Rail Transit), measures 30 meters in length, can travel at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour and can carry up to 300 passengers. As its color suggests, green light is absolutely ecofriendly, being powered electrically, and is currently capable of covering a distance of about 40 kilometers per charge.

Art is equipped with an optical sensor capable of recognizing the signs on the asphalt, and has been tested on a closed circuit, as you can see from the video below, made by the Vocativ portal. At present it is a prototype, but it could soon take up service in the streets of Zhuzhou, to boost local public service: a 6.5-kilometer cross-country route would have been planned.

Mykonos Villas

Just 10 minutes’ walk from Megali Ammos beach and 15 minutes from the ancient town of Mykonos, this spectacular 5-bedroom Greek villa commands sweeping views of the bay and town from its elevated position. Ideal for large and multiple families, up to 10 people will find rest and relaxation here and a pet dog may be permitted on request. Two villa staff live separately on-site and are available to cook, clean and run errands as required.

Every facet of this gorgeous villa has been designed with your comfort and ease in mind and it’s been rated as one of the Top 20 great Greek Island villas by Condé Nast Traveler. Spectacular views of the sunset, harbor and Mykonos town are showcased by huge multiple windows and there are a host of secret corners and generous terraces to sit and soak up the sun, read or just take in the vista. Outdoors a turquoise pool offers a cool respite from the heat of the sun, and is softly illuminated by night. Take a seat at the bar and order your favorite cocktail before raising your glass to the setting sun and dining alfresco on one of the shaded terraces.

Indoors a huge dining table with bench seats and fabulous views is the perfect place to cluster with friends and family for delicious meals and lively conversation before gathering around the open stone fireplace to plan the next day or watch TV. Alternatively there’s another breakfast table in the homely kitchen. Natural materials take pride of place here and wood and stone make frequent appearances.

Three of the villa’s five delightful bedrooms are served by lovely en-suite bathrooms with tubs and rain showers while the two bedrooms in the Family Suite are ideal for a family of four and share a bathroom between them. Rustic stone vanities and unique showers are some of the quirky features that make this place so appealing.

Feeling energetic? Your villa is only 1km from the nearest gym and tennis courts. If you need groceries you only have to drive for 5 minutes or you can ask staff to go on your behalf. Megali Ammos beach is a 10 minute stroll and a 15 minute walk will take you to historic Mykonos Town. Your closest airport is 1.5km away and it’s 2.5km to the nearest port.

Mykonos, Greece. Property and Model released.

Forget the sports, the mink sandals are the new shoes for everything

From going to the super until a dinner at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Zizi Donohoe’s designs are suitable for any occasion

 Zizi Donohoe is a pioneer of self-styled style. Under the flowing palm trees and the omnipresent Los Angeles sun, the British designer

is betting on a decadence every day with her extravagant choices. The place of honor of his look,

his fluffy mink flip flops, which he carries practically on all sides.

“They’re very grateful,” Donohoe says, laughing, “but I’ll put them on for shopping.

” This 24-year-old woman from Sheffield moved recently and is now a resident of Shoreditch,

London, where she studied shoe design and whose first project was flip-flops made of recycled skins –

light blue for her boyfriend and Acid green “like tennis ball” for her. When his friends began to place orders, Donohoe realized with surprise

that he had a hit: “At first I thought the design was not much worked, but then I understood that its simplicity made them fabulous,”

he says. “Instead of putting the sports to go down to the 7-Eleven, why not some flip-flops? And why not dine at the Beverly Hills Hotel. ”

Donohoe launched a discreet homonymous line in December, with flip-flops in five bright colors and a few stoles of hair that immediately gained

fans in the nets. The new five tones, pop and retro, are

inspired by L.A. And she considers them her true debut.

Flamenco rose, cream, and pearl gray are based on the colors of the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel,

while the more intense tones, lilac and yellow, are reminiscent of the Californian

films of the 1980s: “The troupe of Beverly Hills, Pretty Woman, Crazy in Hollywood, in all of them,

the colors were very saturated, “she recalls, and translated into mink, the designer turns them into real wonders.

Baijiu, the Chinese deluxe distillate: in Italy the new 24K bottle

JNC launches in China Jin Jian Nan 24K, a “baijiu”, traditional Chinese liquor distilled from cereals that drinks the “Ganbei”, “dry the glass”.

Chinese restaurant. Fine meal. A time to close the supper took a sip of a generic Chinese grappa, in pink or plum varieties, sweetie and traitorous,

but useful for digesting fried foods full of glutamate.

Today, the high alcohol content (40-60 °) remains, and the drinking of a Shottino model breath (which would otherwise be rude) but the “baijiu”

(generally known as the Chinese distillate) has risen to level Of course Chinese cuisine.

China’s globalization and expansion in Italy (purchase of Inter and Milan included), China has decided to export a third brand of distillate

“baijiu” that follows the well-known and prestigious Moutai (the most well-known and popular in Our country)

and Wuliangye (expensive bike, already exhibited at the China Pavilion during EXPO): Jian Nan Chun landed in Italy

with the new jumbo jiang Nan 24K, a modern package with a glamorous gold-colored bottle, but the multiple references to the nobility imperial.

Like tea, silk or martial arts, the “baiju” is in fact part of the cultural heritage of the Dragon City

with a history that is lost in the night of the times, it seems to be the favorite liquor of the emperor already during the Tang dynasty ,

In the 1300s. The Jin Jian Nan 24K is therefore a “baijiu”, white liquor, transparent, distilled from cereals

, which traditionally drinks at home at home (try to believe if you hold high gradations) Or at dinner, strictly smooth,

in ceramic shorts at Ganbei’s scream! (Dry the glass!).

Appearing on Times Square screens in New York on January 28 for Chinese New Year

celebrations, and featured as a trademark in several Hollywood films (including “The amazing Spder Man 2” and “Transformers 4”)

, Jin Jian Nan 24K Now finally comes to our tables, soft, pleasing to her well-known sweet sugar, from the lasting scent and from the top to a more

accessible thread of her “competitor”.

Jin Jian Nan 24 K is obviously the last born in the family, if you want to have it even cheerful than you already

drink it, you can break the list of his brothers: K6 and K9 lighter and more delicate, 15 powerful years Pungent and 1949,

leading the date of the creation of the People’s Republic of China and which is a reserve as well as the top bottle of the house

. But attentive: here the prices (which in the case of the K24 are those of a premium base distillate),

go up and may in some cases also touch the 500 euros.

Baywatch”: The legend lives

Baywatch”: The legend lives
“Baywatch” returns – and then immediately to the big screen. Instead, David Hasselhoff now rescues Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson drowning while he fights the crime on his beach at the same time – leading an arrogant newcomer to his barriers. He does so in a way that is more powerful than David Hasselhoff could ever have imagined in the 1990s.
The rescue swimmers around Mitch Buchannon (Dwayne Johnson) have all hands to do: to save light-flooded swimmers from drowning, to select and educate new bathers – and also to elucidate where all the designer drugs on the beach of Malibu come from. In addition, Mitch also has the swimming Olympian winner Matt Brody (Zac Efron) assigned to his team. It can swim like a fish, but it has its difficulties to recognize authorities.

It’s “Baywatch”! Beautiful women and men walking along the beach in slow motion. What more do you want? Director Seth Gordon has proved with “Kill the Boss” that he is a specialist in the field of rude comedy.

Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron throw their clenched testosterone into the floods. Kelly Rohrbach, Alexandra Daddario and Ilfenesh Hadera are in no way inferior to their predecessors in the legendary red bathing suits. And, of course, there are compulsory cameo performances by David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson. This is by the way not a spoiler, because the names appear for some unknown reasons already in the opening credits.

He’s torn. On the one hand, the film does a lot of right. He does not take himself too seriously and accepts many things from the series with a wink. Especially the slightly sexist undertone of the series is turned upside down in some places, so that the female image definitely fits better into the 21st century. Some of the gags also hit the bull’s eye. Somehow, however, one thinks on the other hand that the film does not fully exhaust its potential – and the thing with the extreme rude humor in some places over-turns. If a swimmer pukes into the water, is the first time funny, but the third time then no more. Overall, however, it is a movie that is fun when you take it as what it is: the eye-catching adaptation of a sober-looking rather trashy TV series.

The most important part of the film is about the film. The Hollywood Reporter writes: “Breasts, butts, stolen bellies – have you expected Shakespeare? A cinema remake that is lifeless and generic, and not even the outtakes in the credits are really funny.” The Guardian writes: “After about half of the film, the jokes have slipped and the story is like an overweight tourist who has gone into the water too soon after the all-you-can-eat buffet.” At Baytatch, Redt Tomatoes comes to a score of just 18 per cent positive reviews.

For fans of the TV series, a Kinobesuch is actually a duty. But you should be prepared to hear more swear words and see more penises than many would be dear.

If you have less than five wrong answers in our “Baywatch” -Quiz for advanced users, you will be going to the cinema anyway – whatever the criticism says!

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk: The baby is here!

BABY-NEWS Congratulations, Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper! The model and the actor got their first child together

Model Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper have become parents, as the People magazine now announced.

Already two weeks ago the little girl was born and called Lea de Seine Shayk Cooper.

The couple themselves would like to enjoy happiness in a more comfortable triad.

Because on the official social media accounts of Irina Shayk or Bradley Cooper are so far no posts to the baby news to find.

The baby is the first shared child of Bradley Cooper and “Victoria’s Secrets” model Irina Shayk (currently also the cover of our May issue).

The two are since spring 2015 a pair. The news, which Irina Shayk is pregnant,

was announced shortly after the Victoria’s Secret show in November 2016, with the model already pregnant over the catwalk.

Radiantly beautiful and in top shape: the pregnant Irina Shayk at her “Victoria’s Secret” debut 2016.

The Russian model was on the run in November 2016 for the first time as an angel on behalf of Victoria’s Secret on the catwalk

– and has equal A record broken.

Under the tight lingerie, the delicate vault of the baby’s belly could hardly be concealed.

Two Magnificent Newly Built Luxury Retreats Which Can Accommodate 26 People

Greece, Mykonos

Villa, 13 Bedrooms, 13 Bathrooms, 26 persons, Pool, Garden, WiFi

Two magnificent newly built luxury retreats in Mykonos which can accommodate 26 people in total.

The former has 7 bedrooms and the latter has 6 bedrooms, all of which have their own bathrooms.

The unique beauty of the Aegean and the luxury villas location are a good combination that ensures that you will experience unforgettable holidays.

On the ground level of the luxury retreat Onari, there is a spacious living room with kitchen, and another room with its own bathroom.

On the top floor there are two comfortable bedrooms, each with a sea view and with connecting bathrooms.

On the lower level there are two more bedrooms with their own bathrooms and there is also a guest room with a fantastic sea view and ensuite bathroom.

There is also one more room with a private bathroom.

What is special about this room is that you can experience an aquarium like effect by looking through glass that shows the interiors of the pool!

Achilleas Souras’s life jackets designed for refugees

Arrives at Maxxi in Rome the igloo of young Achilleas Souras with a mission: to raise awareness of the world

Some stars of contemporary art have made their social and political cause and, more specifically, the hot topic of immigration and refugees

their battle horse and their media (and commercial) success at the international level. In the head, the Chinese He Weiwei,

who continues to occupy newspaper pages all over the world with his works

(a giant black raft is currently exhibited at the National Gallery in Prague) focused on immigration policies, the conditions of all refugees the world.

But even the ants in their little ones are pissed off.

The ant is called Achilleas Souras, Greek / English father, Thai / Austrian / Italian mother, lives in Barcelona and above

all has always been a great passion for Lego. The same passion that brought her to retrieve abandoned

life jackets on the island of Lesbos (there are over 400 thousand) and to build us an igloo of first-aid for refugees.

The objective is not so much that of recycling, which is, however, an important issue, but is aimed at raising awareness on the issue of refugees.

The first installment of the album “Save Our Souls” was exhibited at the Maritime Museum of Barcelona in 2016.

Then he traveled around the world, making his way to Cape Town, Milan, Los Angeles, New York and many other cities.

The young man was contacted by Patrizia Moroso and together they began to think of the creation of an igloo larger than the original project.

The new installation was inaugurated during the last Fuori Salone in Moroso’s showroom: a 3-meter-high igloo

made with 800 rescue vests abandoned and shipped thanks to the help of the mayor of Lesbos Island.

Next Steps? On June 20th, at the International Day of Refugees, Save Our Souls will be installed at

the same time as the Maxxi of Rome with

the patronage of UNHCR, the Tomorrow’s Museum of Rio de Janeiro and the El

Born Cultural Center in Barcelona for the week of Refugee will organize a series of events throughout the city.

From August 4, Save Our Souls will be exhibited at the Human Rights Museum in Winnipeg for 6 months. Small heroes grow up: applause!

Cannes Film Festival 2017. Lady Rihanna vs badgalriri

Where’s the pop star running hot selfies out of the Barbados Carnival and naked next to the mountain fireplace? The traces are gone.

Now there is a diva, always very sexy but with a very different tone

By taking part in the film festival with a collection of jewels of his creation for Chopard,

the metamorphosis in the act for a year to this part is complete: as Miley Cyrus already, Rihanna also comes in clothes or, better, in habits.

Just with provocative selfies and a bit raunchy at home or on holiday – there are, on Instagram, just a topless under

a suit and a lot of high boots – in Cannes only classic cut dresses with split or open shoulders.

Rihanna is no longer just a pop star, it’s all about the fashion system with different types of collaborations and independent

projects, from the sports line to the perfume and now to the jewelery.

The sex appeal is intense; Change the log. Moreover, age is also changing. At some point you stop being girls

and you become women. Do not misunderstand this, it does not mean covering yourself, but rather achieving one’s own personal taste

and personality, which is, at most, breaking, and then becoming self-expression.

You only know better. And this makes Rihanna in Cannes, on Croisette, these days, proves to be passed once

and for all by pop star diva, something that is less victim of tastes and time, an absolute (more) value.

Greece, Crete

Greece, Crete

Exceptional Venetian Construction, Built In 15Th Century, Considered Like A Piece Of Art.

Villa, 5 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 10 persons, Pool, Garden, WiFi

Luxury detached house, classified by historical monuments in the hills of the village of Maroulas.

A luxury house inspired freshness, peace and tranquility just 3 km from the beaches and just minutes from the beautiful city of Rethymnon.

A restored home, 540sq meters, on a mountainside with a sea view from the terrace is in a typical village of 400 inhabitants.

Your host will welcome you with great care and will be your best guide to help you discover this magical island.

He will be happy to guide you on the right corner taverns, nightlife and excursions. Built in the 14th century, the house is a beautiful example of restoration,

it can accommodate up to 10 people, hot or cold, it is available for rental throughout the year. Benefits include a swimming pool, Hot tub,

housekeeper, and many more! The villa was restored in 1991 and kept the Venetian charm with modern.

The interior is artistically designed and does not prevent modern comfort. A guide will meet you and escort you to the villa upon arrival.

The timeless elegance of Newton, Testino and Pigozzi

The Helmut Newton Foundation hosts the shootings by Mario Testino,

Helmut Newton and Jean Pigozzi whom many have never seen before

Mario Testino, Helmut Newton and Jean Pigozzi: three colleagues and friends who do not go unnoticed. The Helmut Newton Foundation, founded in Berlin in 2013,

hosts three exhibition projects that link them. Mario Testino presents a site-specific installation that collects in a single fashionable and nude

nude corpus with numerous unpublished studio portraits. The title “Undressed” says it all. It is a body mapping (very young and beautiful, which is not to say)

that occupy the walls of the three rooms of the foundation, to form a kind of human landscape far from a pornographic or vulgar drift.

So much meat, but also more pessimistic images, is to say, where the models wear a swimsuit, a coat or underwear.

Jean Pigozzi, photographer, businessman and collector – known in the world of art for his usual exclusive French Riviera party during the Cannes Film Festival

– is presented with the “Pool Party” installation that brings together a series of snapshots Of small size taken around his swimming pool at Villa Dorane

(Cap d’Antibes) built by his father and designed in 1953 by Ettore Sottsass.

Here Helmut and June Newton were always welcome guests. They are spontaneous, private images of his friends who are called Mick Jagger,

Bono, Liz Taylor or Naomi Campbell. Helmut Newton’s exhibits include some original prints in many formats

– coming from the archive of which many have ever been shown before – embracing its production both in fashion, in the portrait and in the kind that has always

distinguished its figure: the naked .

Among the pictures, a portrait of actor Jeremy Irons at the Ritz Hotel in London, Michael Gross at a Dortmund swimming pool and a series of naked boots made in Italy.

Mario Testino. undressed
Helmut Newton. Unseen
Jean Pigozzi. Pool Party
From June 3 to November 19, 2017. Helmut Newton Foundation, Berlin. Info:

Greece Ios

The Big Plus Of The Property Is The Secluded Beach, 20 Meters Under The Villa
Villa, 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, 8 persons, Pool, Garden, WiFi

Halfway from Chora to Mylopotas down to a private road leading to a secluded beach you will find the luxury villa behind the gated entrance.

It is a two storey villa built with stones that combines traditional architecture with contemporary minimal design. On the upper floor the white wooden ceiling maintains the Cycladic style of the house while the handmade ceramic tales ground you and give you the feeling of the earth.

There is open plan living area with a comfortable lounge space with fireplace, a massive wooden dining area and a high end full equipped corian kitchen. The stylish living area is a combination of Cycladic features and minimal design.

On the upper floor there is an in depended master bedroom with double bed , satellite TV and ensuite bathroom with shower cabin. A second bedroom with double bed and a third one with twins are on the same floor sharing a bathroom with tub. There is also a guest WC with washing machine on the same floor.

Large terraces with fantastic sea views are all around this beautiful house where you can enjoy a fresco outdoors dining or relax and gaze at the big blue.

The upper floor is equipped with Clima A/C, satellite TV, DVD player, Wi Fi and a lap top. On the ground floor with separate entrance is a separate house with a cozy sitting area with fireplace, dining area, full equipped kitchen, bathroom with shower and double bedroom with double bed.

The colorful floor is made of polished cement and the lively decoration gives a joyful atmosphere at this lovely house. Terraces with fantastic views keep you in touch with the sea and the sky .

There is also a lovely pool with views on the back of the house. This house is equipped with A/C, Satellite Tv and wi fi. The big plus of the property is the secluded beach that is 20 meters under the villa that is accessed through stone paved stairs.

The nature has created a natural stone pool for your enjoyment. There is a second a beach 80 meters distance through a nature path.

A share pool with fantastic views is all available

Bedrooms / Bathrooms detail
Bedroom 1: Bedroom with King bed and en suite bathroom with shower
Bedroom 2 Bedroom with Queen size bed
Bedroom 3 twin bedded bedroom
Bedroom 2 and 3 share a full bathroom with bathtub
Bedroom 4: bedroom with Queen size bed, en suite bathroom with shower
Guest WC
Additional bedding: 2 extra persons can sleep in sofa beds in the living area
Features & Amenities
Air conditioning
Heating system
Satellite TV
DVD player
Hi Fi
Wi-Fi access
Hair dryer
Washing machine
Full equipped Kitchen:
Dish washer
Outdoor Features
Sea view terraces
share pool
Outdoors dining
Portable Gas grill
Staff & Services Included:
Daily maid service
At Extra Cost
Villa pre-stocking
Activities and excursions
Chef service
Airport transfer
Helicopter transfer
Spa treatments
Villa Policies
Maximum 10 guests
Children welcome

Getting There
Rental vehicle recommended
Transport available
20 meters to beach
1800 meters to Ios town
1500 meters to Mylopotas
3 km to port
2 km to Heli Port

Icon, a book tells the story of Land Rover and Defender

Optional now and available from July, between unpublished photos and interviews the volume tells the (almost) 80 years of the mother of all Suv

On April 30, 1948, the first Land Rover, named I Series, was launched at the Amsterdam Motor Show and designed by Maurice Wilks,

founder of the Rover Company together with his brother Spencer, and particularly inspired by the American Jeep already in production since 1941.

The idea of ​​the Wilks brothers was to build a 4 × 4, obviously better than the Jeep, especially with regard to mechanics and,

as early as they were, they thought to introduce the roof, with the idea of ​​making the car appetizing even to Public and not just to the Armed


Nonetheless, some features such as pillows to make passengers more comfortable, doors, heating and spare wheel were initially considered optional.

Series I followed about ten years after the Serie II and in 1971, the Serie III was launched. To get a million cars out of the Solihull factory

near Birmingham had to wait in 1976. Defender, born Land Rover One Ten first and Land Rover Ninety then, was introduced in 1983 while Discovery

came in 1989 And the Freelander in 1997.

As a preview of festivities for seventy years, the English brand announces the release of Icon, the first official book on the Defender models and

the Land Rover Series. The lion’s share of the publication makes the images, even unpublished,

along with exclusive interviews and a series of themed artwork commissioned for the occasion.

Among the celebrities who enjoyed the famous 4 × 4 English and who willingly gave testimony to the loyalty are Ralph Lauren and the

former captain of the South African rugby team, John Smit, in addition to Queen Elizabeth II.

6 luxury hotels to experience the charm of great literature

From the hotel where Oscar Wilde resided to where J. K. Rowling ended the Harry Potter saga. Here are the tips of Secret Escapes for a trip worthy of a novel

There are hotels that are sure to let the true literary fans pass.
Because their rooms seem to get out of the precious pages of the great classics, or because they hosted the most illustrious writers of all time just as they were

clinging to the writing of their masterpieces. And today, such events as Book Time in Milan and the Salone del Libro of Turin celebrate the link between books and

lifestyle, Secret Escapes – the online travel club specializing in flash sales for luxury hotels – gives us a list of 6 facilities Twin-wire with international

literature, accompanying us on a fantasy journey around Europe worthy of a novel. Let’s start, then, from Chapter I.

The Hotel Paris, Paris

This luxurious hotel in rue des Beaux-Arts, near the Abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Pré, was the last mansion of a certain Oscar Wilde.

And today he continues to pay tribute

to the great British writer with a room, number 13, designed by designer Jacques Garcia, with precious fabrics.

Wonderland house, Brighton
Are you also looking for the White River? This southern England hotel is entirely dedicated to Alice in the Land of Wonders and to the fantasy of Lewis Carroll.

At tea time you can sit at the table of Lepre Marzolina and Cappellaio Matto to celebrate your good-non-birthday, or you will have the opportunity to fall asleep in the

rooms dedicated to the Queen of Hearts.

Grand Hotel and Milan, Milan

Opened in 1863, this wonderful hotel in the heart of the Lombardy capital has hosted in its rooms the greatest protagonists of Italian and international culture.

The greatest writers, of course, but also Giuseppe Verdi, Maria Callas, Caruso, Luchino Visconti and Giorgio Strehler. Literature, music, cinema and theater, in short.

But also art: here was Tamara de Lempicka, who on the Grand Hotel’s letterhead wrote his letters to dear friend Gabriele D’Annunzio.

Linthwaite House Hotel, Bowness-on-Windermere

A unique access door to discover the beauty of the English Lake District and its very close connection with the poetry of the early nineteenth century.

From here, you can immerse yourself in the luxuriant nature that inspired William Wordsworth’s writings and even visit the houses where he stayed: like Dove Cottage,

now home to the Wordsworth Trust, which hosts meetings, insights and events each month in honor of the great poet.

The Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh

A magical hotel. And not just for the beauty of its rooms. In Room 552, writer J. K. Rowling wrote the final word on the original manuscript of Harry Potter and the

Deathly Hallows, the concluding chapter of his fortunate literary saga. The hotel mascot, in turn, is just an owl. A pure coincidence?

Brown’s Hotel, London

The five-star London jewel of Rocco Forte Hotels hosted Rudyard Kipling during the writing of his most famous novel, The Jungle Book.

And so the hotel’s presidential suite was dedicated to the British Nobel Prize, with a letter written by the author himself during one of his many stays at Brown’s.

Cherry on the cake? Those traveling with children will then receive a copy of the story of Mowgli, Balù & co.

Verizon Yahoo! and delete ‘swears’ of Oath

The merger between AOL and Yahoo! will create Oath, by which Verizon aims to challenge the dominance in Google searches and that in Facebook video content.

The future society will be open during the summer and the certainty is that there will be Marissa Meyer


The news was in the air and in the last hour came the official Yahoo! disappears from the digital world and in its place there will Oath. The new company will be

composed of the divisions of the first web company in history and content produced by AOL, the two former protagonists of the Internet passed in the last two years under

the auspices of Verizon.

The latter is the largest US wireless telecommunications provider in the space of twelve months has shelled out $ 13.2 billion for the acquisition of AOL (4.4 billion)

and Yahoo !, whose 4-digit, 83 billion dollars could get a discount at the photo finish due to the discovery of the violations suffered by the user account. An

important factor, that because of the strategic services of the Sunnyvale company’s own Yahoo! Mail, one of the most important channels along with Yahoo! Finance and

Yahoo! Sports, which attract a number of users exceeded one billion.

The major expense and future merger between the two services (which apparently should continue to operate independently, however, following a common path) is the move

with which Verizon hopes to create a digital giant capable of challenging the titans like Google and Facebook, absolute leader in research and fruition of video content

(and therefore revenue generated by advertisers).

A Verizon spokesman warned reporters that “will be one of the most groundbreaking companies in the digital arena.”

high ambition, complex and incomprehensible for now, because Oath will open only in summer. To confirm the new structure and the timing was the tweet Tim Armstrong, head

of AOL, who posted an eloquent message: “Consumers Billion +, 20+ Brands, Unstoppable Team. #TakeTheOath. Summer 2017 “.

It is no coincidence that the announcement has come from Armstrong, deputy to stay in the room of the Oath buttons, in contrast to Marissa Meyer, current CEO of Yahoo !,

which instead will be thrown out after failing the mission of revival. Losing your job is not however a tragedy for the female engineer, former Google executive, who

will receive a settlement of about $ 23 million.

Beyond the puns with the new company name (in English means oath swearing), Verizon is now awaiting the go ahead by the US authorities to close the acquisition of Yahoo


That will no longer exist because even Yahoo! Japan and 15% stake in Alibaba while not flowing into Verizon will change destination, migrating Altaba.

The new statue of Cristiano Ronaldo, too bad to be true

The island of Madeira has decided to rename its airport with the player’s name. All went well, until it was not revealed the disturbing bronze bust dedicated to CR7

For Madeira (o Madera, to put Italian) Cristiano Ronaldo is practically a semi-god. In the city of Funchal, the island’s largest, the famous footballer has taken its first steps, and more recently has opened a luxury hotel of the Pestana chain CR7, as well as a new museum dedicated to his sporting achievements. So the local government has decided to further pay tribute by renaming the island’s airport with his name.

A nice gesture, crowned by a press conference with the same Cristiano Ronaldo was present along with Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and Prime Minister Antonio Costa. In a speech of congratulations and a statement of pride, everything went smoothly, until the time when she was unveiled: the bronze statue in the likeness of the handsome footballer. Objectively too bad to be true.

It will be for those eyes too close, for that creepy smile, or maybe just for questionable similarity: the fact is that the bust in question, made by the artist Emanuel Santos, sparked the irony of the web, which responded to shots of photomontages and meme.

Some even called into question the good old Cape of Art Attack, the speaker bust of the famous children’s program. The author, in an interview with Globo Esporte, defended himself saying that the same Ronaldo has approved the statue and that basically “not even Jesus loved at all.” Matter of taste, then? Absolutely. But it finds it hard to believe that a lover of aesthetics as CR7 can (honestly) meet again in this funny statue.

If you are looking for a luxury villa that you will fall in love with, then Eros will be your ideal match.

This idyllic property close to Mykonos occupies a dream location above the radiant waters of Agios Lazaros Bay.

Its pristine white walls and romantic stonework marry effortlessly. Its spacious rooms are devoted solely to your pleasure. Dive into the tender embrace of your infinity pool or cast an adoring look over the Aegean Sea from the terrace.

This delightful villa will be at the heart of blissful days under the Greek sun.

Here in the exclusive Agios Lazaros district of Mykonos, you’ll find the perfect partner for an unforgettable Greek vacation. Eros brings you luxury laced with charm.

From your stone clad terrace, dotted with inviting sun loungers you can gaze out over the Aegean. Under the protection of a shady gazebo you can lose yourself in a novel or drink in the sensational views.

In the arms of the dazzling, azure pool you’ll feel at one with the shimmering sea which stretches out before you.

Eros is a lovingly updated, traditional Greek villa. Its whitewashed walls help deflect the heat of high summer. Its cool, calm interior rests under a canopy of traditional wooden beams.

Here, you can escape the heat and lounge on a comfortable designer sofa before heading through the elegant archway for dinner. The villa boasts two kitchens, one more formal, one next to the lower level staff quarters.

The deep blue Aegean Sea will be your everlasting companion at Eros.

The villa’s luxurious air-conditioned bedrooms make the most of this with panoramic views across the bay. From these clean, bright rooms you can throw open the terrace doors and feel the sea breeze and warmth of the sun.

Two of the rooms are en-suite while two more share a spacious bathroom. The fifth bedroom doubles up as staff quarters or as an idyllic hideaway for the kids.

On the very edge of the Aegean Sea, Eros will be your base for days in the sun and on the sand. A short drive takes you to Psarou beach. Its slender stretch of white sands is a little more exclusive than its neighbors but still bustles with life.

Wooden loungers and beach parasols create a vivid mosaic backed by restaurants and tavernas. A little further afield you can wander the maze of streets in Mykonos Town, watched over by the island’s iconic windmills.

Emanuele Ferrari is the only Italian among the most influential photographers online

The artist from Milan is the only Italian in the top 100 of the most popular photographers in eleventh place on the Web

GQ is particularly pleased for Emanuele Ferrari. The Milanese photographer working with us for a long time, especially for the site.

Knowing then that is among the international photographers the only Italian in the top 100 of the most influential on the web we immediately driven to ask a selection of his photos to be published for our readers.
The ranking based at WIP (Web Popularity Index) which uses an algorithm that takes into account three factors: visibility, interaction with users and external references.
Applied only to the world of photography are thus emerged the 100 most followed online photographers. Among these one Italian, Emanuele Ferrari, of course, which boasts what is more significant eleventh place in a ranking dominated by the United States, as many as 41, which is headed by Brandon Stanton, ranked fourth a photographer of Peruvian caliber Mario Testino and eighth Terry Richardson, after Steve McCurry.

“It was definitely a nice surprise each receive this alert,” said Emanuele hot Ferrari.

“Becoming part of the ranking of the 100 most important photographers of the web with the ‘giants’ is not a small thing every day … Being prepared on the basis of an index – WIP – an impartial ranking, which recognizes the great Ensure that – as always – I dedicate to the world of the web and social media, and constant interaction I have with my followers. ”

To follow Emanuele Ferrari Online:
To know her work:

How to get to Paros

An unforgettable destination for your summer is called Paros – Paros or –

one of the largest and most beautiful islands of the Cyclades, in the Aegean Sea.

Fantastic beaches, great food, culture and lots of sun, this gives Paros. Yes, but how to reach the white island?

The plane is the fastest means of transport, although not the cheapest.

Unfortunately there are no direct connections from Italy, so it is best to arrive

by plane with a flight to Mykonos or Santorini. From here you can catch a ferry or hydrofoil that in a

couple of hours will dock at the pier in Parikia, capital of Paros. In summer,

however, these goals are very popular so you may find it not quite cheap; alternatively you can then catch a

flight to Athens and from there leave for Parikia from Piraeus or Rafina.

Same thing for the ships, there are no direct connections, so you agree to reach Piraeus and take the ferry or hydrofoil.

Santorini a paradise; here is when to go

blue sea, white houses and breathtaking sunsets. Here Santorini, the island of love

Santorini is the southernmost island of the Cyclades, known for its mild climate that allows tourists to begin to bathe in its clear waters already in mid-April. If in fact the question is when to visit this island, you know that from mid-April onwards (after Orthodox Easter), the island is already prey to tourists.

you may want to visit Santorini in late spring period in which the temperature is mild, the climate is very mild and the prices of the facilities are still not as high as in August for those who want to enjoy the island away from the summer crowds, . The island will satisfy any request, since it allows to carry out many activities such as hiking, boating or simply romantic walks among the characteristic vicoli.e

You should visit the Ancient Fira and its archaeological site of Akrotiri, as well as the Thera Prehistoric Museum and the Archaeological Museum. Fira is the capital of Santorini and it is a quaint little village in which stand out the classic white houses and the blue doors and windows. Fira is the place where the nightlife is more present, so it is worth visiting if you want to dance the night away.

Also not to be missed in Fira is the old port accessible by cable car, on the back of a mule or on foot via 587 steps. Oia is instead a highly suggestive locations. It is a village that lies on the edge of the Caldera and Oia is characterized by small alleys that intersect one another, shops, museums, small art galleries and the ruins of the Venetian fortress. Oia is a unique place of its kind, as it still tries to maintain its uniqueness, trying to escape the mass tourism.

Along the west coast, in the highest part of the cliff it stands the Imerovigli village. The location of the village so high, you can have a full view of the volcanoes. A Imerovigli the traditional houses are few compared to hotels and luxury facilities (basically prices of the structures are high). Imerovigli is 3 km from the capital Fira.

Santorini is also famous for its beaches, among which definitely stands out the Red Beach. It is a beach of red sand that is located in the southwest of the island. The typical red color of the sand, is its volcanic origin; But it is worth saying that the beach is quite small and therefore often horsebackriding.

Santorini is therefore a destination that can cater for every need, whether you opt for a relaxing holiday, for a fun-filled. The climate, the atmosphere, the sea and the sky of Santorini will offer a unique holiday of its kind.

Mykonos is the island from fashion here is where they go fashionistas

Beautiful beaches of tranquility and relaxation and nightlife. Mykonos, enclosed in the Cyclades archipelago, has a double face: beach paradise

The shoe designer Bruno Bordese is a true regulars (there goes 85). “The beauty of Mykonos is the all-day beach: you can go to the beach in the morning and stay until the aperitif, but also for dinner and after dinner. There are places equipped at all hours: number one is Alemàgou Beach Bar Restaurant in Ftelia. Cosmopolitan, elegant, with boho-chic sessions, here you can breathe a unique atmosphere, the food is excellent and “risks” to meet many designers, from Peter Dundas (creative director Roberto Cavalli) Kris Van Assche until Olivier Rousteing, head of Balmain designer. If I want to enjoy a cocktail at sunset with great DJ sets I choose the beach club restaurant Scorpios, from design inspired by nature. If I want to isolate myself from everything I go to dinner at Kiki’s Tavern (you can not book!), A hut on the beach of Agios Sostis in typical greek style and no electricity where you prepare meat and fish on a grill wood. It’s so isolated, hidden and suggestive that is already a haven for VIPs. There I even met Madonna. “

In Finland, part of the experiment of basic income

From 1 January 2017, Finland in 2000 will receive an income of 560 euro per month without doing anything: it intends to test the viability of universal income to support consumption and demand

From January 1, Finland became the first country in the world to experience the universal basic income. Amount: 560 EUR monthly. Not much, but it’s the principle that counts. The landing comes after a “universal” debate is not concluded.
They face two schools of thought: one wants that all citizens are to have a minimum budget, which helps the economy today, economists say, entrusts to the flywheel consumption growth being scemati investment is public and private; the other argues that it is un’elargizione “welfare” that would reward those who have less desire to do.

Switzerland went to the polls for the first proposal – the introduction of a basic income of 2500 francs amounted to more than 2300 euro – which the majority of voters rejected with 78% in the referendum last June.

The Swiss rejection, however, has not dismissed the idea debated everywhere in the West, and advanced in the past in Italy by the Movement 5 Stars.

To take now the baton is Finland.
Experiment is the right word: it will be basic income that is paid in exchange for nothing, but not universal in that sense it is, for two years, only 2,000 citizens.

The lower parameter is explained by the fact that in Finland there is no defined minimum wage. The country, however, is also one of the world’s central innovation as was confirmed a month ago the crowded start-ups fair Slush, in Helsinki; and they do not ignore the studies that indicate a progressive depletion of human labor with the advent of hi-tech production processes and even in areas such as personal care and entertainment.

They are two sides of the same coin, because “avveniristi” imagine that development environment and especially artificial intelligence will erase soon a good number of jobs also very specialized.

Among those who believe the answer is therefore some form of universal income there is Elon Musk. The patron of Tesla, SpaceX and SolarCity said if the robots take jobs away there is no other remedy that “a universal basic income or something like that,” while admitting that “it is a debate that will bring us back for another ten or twenty years”. Just enough time, has exemplified Musk, they spread the guider systems with software: there will be no need of so many drivers, so to speak. The technology and its boost productivity will make more and more human labor superfluous in various sectors. But without pay, those who consume those products or services? No coincidence that a similar experiment part in 2017 in Utrecht in the Netherlands and one is going to Oakland where 1,000 citizens receive $ 500 a month. If you go by the idea of ​​distributing income it is therefore not to reward “slackers”, but to support the economy in Europe which also suffer from anemic growth.

The hoax of the Nazi table produced by Ikea

The table photograph Hadolf shaped swastika appeared on social networks and was shared thousands of times, forcing the Swedish furniture giant to deny the news

A table in the form of a swastika, on display on the Ikea catalog. In Germany it took was a modified photograph with some simple touch of Photoshop to unleash a veritable media storm on the famous Swedish company of home products. The picture, obviously false, represented the elusive Hadolf table, square with ad hoc slots designed to transform it in the fatal symbol of the Nazi Party. All this at a price of 88 euro for nothing random, with that double-8 often used as an abbreviation for Heil Hitler salute.

A hoax full-blown, in short, and even rather obvious. But so they have not thought about thousands and thousands of people – as unfortunately happens often – have begun to share the image on their social network without verifying its truthfulness, blaming Ikea for the crazy idea of ​​putting a similar product in the catalog. Moral: the Swedish company had to intervene with an official statement of its spokesman categorically deny that he had ever made or even thought of producing a table dedicated to Hitler.

And now he would be willing to identify the author of the photograph to be claim compensation for the loss of image.

The Garden’s Jewel, the studio of artist on the tree

Loris Cecchini has installed in the French countryside a spectacular shell of organic form clinging to a large horse chestnut

What happens when a named Colette Tournier collector meets the artist Loris Cecchini – known for its spectacular objects replicated in real scale and reproduced in gray urethane rubber, withdrawn into themselves and distorted – and commissioned a work environment to be placed in the garden of his villa in the French countryside near Grenoble?
He founded The Garden’s Jewel, “a shell of organic form, sort of space / cell, made of polyester resin and windows”, clinging to a large horse chestnut. The environment, reminiscent of a studio model Tokyo, accommodates up to four people, and we can sleep two people comfortably. Almost all the weight of the structure, which will remain permanent, is downloaded to the ground thanks to the scale that, in addition to allow access thereto, has a supporting pillar function. The tree has not been damaged in any way, either by screws or from any drill member. To embellish the exterior of the structure and part of the trunk of the tree have been used about 2500 steel elements characterized, there explains the artist, by a form of “biological memory, because the individual modules are born from the observation of the forms shown in nature, but also by diagrams and illustrations related to science. ”

Loris Cecchini has collected a series of exhibitions abroad and in Italy, where he exhibited his work, among others, nell’Armani Store in Milan and in the Palazzo Fendi in Rome. He recently collaborated with the Chaumet brand to create a limited edition watch Class One diver. After living several years in Berlin he is about to return to Milan in a large loft / workshop south of the city. Info:

Microsoft Pix, the app that makes better pictures thanks to artificial intelligence

The app enhances your smartphone camera and snaps dramatically better pictures. For now only for iPhone

This year, the AI will invade our lives and conquer all our devices: there we will find it in the headphones when you’re going to run, will be at home in Mac or PC in the office. But above all it will take possession of the smartphone (see iOS 10) revolutionizing some of our daily habits, such as taking a picture or a selfie. At least that’s the intent of Microsoft Pix, an app that takes artificial intelligence and puts it at the service of the camera phones to improve, much, the potential – for the moment the iPhone since the application is only available for iOS. Microsoft had been working on a similar solution in the past, but the evolution will notice right away. Pix resolution does not add to the images, but uses the work of complex algorithms to show you the perfect image through the combination of elements and of 10 sequential shots pixels, passed under the computer processing.

It’s like if you take the best elements of each photo and put them together to get the best photos. A bit ‘the same mechanism on which the HDR (High Dynamic Range) and landed on mobile phones to improve the exposure of light in photographs in which there are both bright areas that share the shade.

Microsoft Pix

When you press the button, the app processes 7 images taken before the click and 3 immediately after – according to Microsoft, when you take a picture, always lose the right moment because you have to find your phone, open the camera and press the button, so Pix tries to anticipate the times to avoid burning the subject of the photo – then choose which picture you think best and, depending on your decision, the app will improve that picture in terms of contrast, tone, white balance and shade, also trying to correct some common mistakes, such as eyes closed. The result is that with Pix made images are cleaner, brighter and with higher contrast, especially when it comes to shooting in low light conditions. Also outlined are more and manage to better outline the portrait subject: ie, it improves the sharpness of the image, bringing out the colors but without losing information and keeping the overall contrast.
The other interesting feature is that Pix can reproduce similar effects in Live Photos, also on the previous iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. By leveraging artificial intelligence, the app Redmond manages to create cinematic effects starting from movement, realizing small Gif 4 seconds to be shared on social. Trying to compare a photo taken with the iPhone camera 6 and taken with Pix, the effect is remarkable: We must say that it works better in low light than when it makes photos in optimal conditions – that case there is practically no difference – and remains the mental effort to remember to open Pix instead of the classic camera.

Eddie Redmayne and others: all the protagonists of advertising campaigns autumn-winter

From Prada to Gucci here is a selection of images of the upcoming advertising campaign for autumn-winter fashion taken by internationally renowned photographers and ready to tell the autumn-winter fashion trends

Create the “dream.” And send all the values of the brand, also lesser known ones, as well as presenting the cult pieces from the new collection. All immortalized in a few seconds from the hand of an experienced photographer, in a single shot. This is the purpose of an advertising campaign. Tell “the beautiful with a snapshot.” And that’s what made the shots collected in the gallery up here: a selection of photographs from the adv campaign for autumn-winter 2016/17 of the most famous fashion houses in the world.
Among these is that of Prada signed by photographer Craig McDean with Eddie Redmayne (see GQ piece July / August 2016 n. 201) as the protagonist, and the Gucci taken by Glen Luchford in the chaotic city of Tokyo. The advertising campaign of Moncler “A surrealist fantasy”, however, has been immortalized by Annie Leibovitz, whereas the Ermanno Scervino is signed Peter Lindbergh. Plan de Corones is the location chosen for the evocative shots of Fay for the new campaign A / W 2016-2017 chooses feature two sons of art: Morgane Polanski (daughter of Roman Polanski and Emmanuelle Seigner) and Gabriel Kane Day Lewis ( son of Daniel Day-Lewis and Isabelle Adjani).

Hailey Baldwin and Lucky Blue Smith are the pair of models and influencers selected as faces to represent the American brand Tommy Hilfiger.

Impossible I-1 will remind you what were fine Polaroids

Proof of analog camera more desired year. Top 10 reasons to buy (or not) the Polaroid 2000

Impossible Project for years makes films for Polaroid, the Polaroid that it had stopped. But since the Pola, in the sense of the cameras, grow old and potentially go into extinction, the company has well-thought to produce its first instant camera that snaps compatible with Polaroid film, the Impossible i-1. A hybrid between the old and the new century of photography, this analog camera, but with Bluetooth and micro USB charging it via (the old Polaroid had the battery in the film). I tried to get us some pictures and I can tell you a bit ‘of things:

1. It’s beautiful. Superior design and materials you would like to have it in your hand all day. With the girls it works better than a cocker puppy;
2. It is difficult to carry. No bends and gives the constant feeling of being super delicate;
3. Among the most difficult things is the viewfinder, which folds back on itself and is removable, attached to the camera only by a magnet, in practice, you’ve already lost;
4. Then there will be other viewfinders available? Hopefully, because this takes a degree to use it and it’s not really a masterpiece in precision;
5. There is a ring flash, super for portraits;
6. If you do not do portraits of the flash is a bit ‘weakling;
7. The camera, surprise! It connects the phone through a dedicated app (the exit, only to iOS). With the app you can have manual control of timing and diagram, making double exposures, selfies distance and other options;
8. But: the viewfinder is quite analog, so you can not control the shot from the phone;
9. If you use the options in the app, you have to start from the app. Camera in one hand, phone in the other. You’ll look like a fool, always you are coordinated enough to succeed;
10. Nothing management focus!
And the pictures? Impossible on the site you will find a bit ‘of examples. GQ soon we will publish a photo shoot made with the I-1 by Davide Ambroggio for Girls section. The photos I took during the test are beautiful. But also a bit ‘bluish and evanescent. Not as full and saturated with Pola of when I was little, or the least detailed and precise as those that do for some years to friends with my Polaroid Spectra. Those of I-1 are vague pictures, Nordic, evocative. Surely also depend on the type of film, but as long as campa prefer to keep shooting with Spectra. Which, among other things, it has manual controls directly in the machine, without the slam of ganged via Bluetooth. This I-1 seems in effect meant for survivors of lomography. It is a beautiful object and the result is almost always surprise you. A sort of snapshot of the Holga, in super deluxe version and with its dedicated app, because today unless you have the app you do not buy anyone.

Sledgehammer, Rihanna makes the alien for Star Trek Beyond.

The video with the singer in a role of a priestess (or witch?) Of a distant galaxy

The real news is not so much the video clip, but rather the fact that Rihanna, for once, is not naked. Indeed, not so covered is perhaps unprecedented. The singer has accustomed the public to always put more extreme, until the nakedness thinly veiled, and instead, has made a choice definitely “Anti” (as the title of his latest album) for the Sledgehammer clips, song in the soundtrack and theme music of the last Star Trek Beyond trailer.

The effect, as alienating, does not diminish the singer’s sensuality, which in dance videos sinuously in a lunar landscape, with his face up to look-like alien.

The video, in fact, is particularly striking, with his voice, unusually intense, as if this time were precisely the vocal talents, rather than physical, the ones that RiRi wants to emphasize.

Written and produced by written by Jesse Shatkin and Robyn Rihanna Fenty, the Sledgehammer video clips shot by the Italo-Canadian Floria Sigismondi is the first to have been entirely with IMAX cameras.

Who was Magico Gonzalez, 10 strong over Maradona

It is one of the most revered of modern football players: it tells a new novel that seems a Sorrentino

Sports journalism, when done right, has the uncanny ability to drag the player in the field, among the players, to tell a story that is not just that of the ball, racket or basket; but a story with many layers and so many meanings. Marco Marsullo, this thing here, it does well. Napoletano, journalist of The Journal, writer – for his age – prolific. In his latest novel, The taxi driver Maradona published by Rizzoli, manages to combine effectively fiction and anecdotal, to unite the story of the protagonist – under the guise of a taxi driver – with that of a hero of the past, matador of the football field , sample (for real) of Spain.

The smoothness of the style and musicality of the construction periods are the foundations of The taxi driver to Maradona. Then there are the anecdotes about the time in California, that El Mago was caught with two blondes (more, actually) while he was on retreat with Barcelona (who then drove him); or of his wonderful friendship with José Monge Cruz, aka Camaron de la Isla, an expert player and flamenco legend.

It seems all a movie, a great movie, to there Sorrentino: and in fact, more than once, especially when at the end of career, weighed down and slowed by age, interview El Mago, seems to relive the scene of Tony Pisapia, a talented Toni Servillo, man Up. “You do not even know what the fuck that means. I love freedom. I am a free man”.
Jorge Gonzalez, the name of El Mago baptism, was a football player, a passionate lover and an absent father; his retirement, in his spare time, he was a taxi driver. He was named best player Salvadoran ever (under him, El Salvador is qualified twice for the World Cup) and Maradona once, he said it was even better than him. In the story of Marsullo, the reality joins a perfect narrative fiction: love, friendship, pain. The usual mix. And then there are the many why: why, for example, El Mago was so rebellious and unruly, because he liked – and he liked, yes sir – sleep late and skipping workouts; because he did not go to France, England and Italy when everyone called him; and why he had always preferred to wear the jersey number 11 to number 10 ( “it’s like there’s one more,” he said).

At the end of his career, Magico Gonzalez had nothing, not a reward, not a trophy. Only the recognition of its people, the veneration of the fans (and if you do not do for them, for those who do?) And the possibility – say the least – of being able to say satisfied. Despite everything.

What remains, then, of the ball, football and a sport; that remains the goal. Here, by the way is an interesting dialogue that Marsullo makes keeping the Magic in the car, with a very young customers, who talks about Messi. You saw, he asks, how many goals did he do? But football, responds El Mago, it’s not that. Football, he says, is “correct the moments when all seems lost. The matches will last a lifetime, not just ninety minutes, it’s like to never exit from the field. ” And “sometimes one confuses the greatness of a player with the number of goals he has in his career. When you forget that to get to those goals he has as many wrong, and as many times – insists El Mago – not even arrived in sbagliarli because late in the action, because it had slipped, because sometimes you just do not get. ” And because in the end it’s not just football. There is also life, the other one, the one off the field and you have to live with both things until the end. Sometimes even beyond. What a beautiful book

5 easy things that we would like in every Italian club, but which are lacking

What we would like to see in the evening when we go out is this. It is not much, but we would change life

1 – The lists in step with the times. It can not be missed in 2016 so long because the unfortunate officer has to check lists of dozens of pen-written sheets (and badly) if there is the name in the list. Back and forth, duplex with bic pen, flowing inexorably on names, last names and nicknames, the dirty hands as well as at school. Impossible, I feel tenderness for him and anger at the party because of this vintage short circuit always delays in taking off. Solution: iPad installed above the entrance with some simple list management programs. There are dozens of easy and intuitive. There are even some companies that specialize in this type of software. I saw them always use abroad and very few times in Italy. Just enter the name in the search and in ten seconds appears the outcome. And away we go.

2 – economic and spacious wardrobe. Someone has to explain why a person has to pay between 3 and 5 euro per head for laying the wardrobe his jacket.

I remember an incident in a small club protagonist of the nightlife in Milan where I was asked 15 euro to leave the wardrobe a jacket, a sweater and a scarf. It was snowing outside, but I wanted to dance comfortable view the temperature range. 15 euros? Are we joking? I do this to the wardrobe girl responds annoyed me: “Here we are in beautiful Milan, it costs so …” Despite the terrifying experience, a few weeks after I get back in the room called for a table for a birthday. Mindful of the cloakroom fee (not a fact of tirchiaggine, but a matter of principle and customer services), support my leather jacket on the sofa in the private room. It guess’ what happened? stolen jacket! Crazy, and I’m not talking about a Bronx club with metal detectors at the entrance but rather a local dude with big claims about it. In Milan! Solution: Walk more spacious as possible, I can not do after lining up to withdraw jacket. Or at least a bit ‘cheaper. 5 euro per head is one-upmanship.

3 – Care Soundsystem. Any club should be built around his sound system. This argument should be taken into account by underground clubs like the Bible for Christians, but history teaches us that it is necessary to extend it to business premises because today what counts is experience. And excuse the redundancy conditional but rather must have a duty. It is not true that nobody cares, and even if that were the club’s manager should be culturally prepared to make its customers feel the music that offers the best possible way. The taste is imposed Nietzsche said, and the power, or rather, the sound quality is set. The production of an event unique experience to which the customer can not give up and for which perhaps will be gladly willing to spend his money. Two, three euro extra to see a 3D movie or the Energy Melzo room we spend it, right? Las Vegas is the manifesto, the Club Haus Milan a virtuous example of how to get used to an audience, on unselfish paper, such a quality product in exchange for the excellent results. Solution: rely on a series of passionate and competent professionals who can transform your room in the best way, being able to get sound from the plant the best possible performance. Sometimes just moving a case of a few degrees to completely change the perception of the music. It will be a crazy cool!

4 – Attracting girls. There is no rule as true and simple: if in a club there are so many girls the club will be full of boys but also of many other girls who no longer feel at risk in the midst of lions’ cages that many now look like dancefloor. It is not true that girls do not like the sophisticated and underground music. Women like to be comfortable in an environment where they feel safe and at ease. So, dear promoter, let’s make them feel good these girls. Solution: treat door policy to ensure a healthy environment, fresh, cool and cozy, possibly photogenic for Instagram and Snapchat. And the bathrooms. The main room for girls is the toilet! but also us boys would like the clean, bright, spacious, comfortable and fragrant, with deodorants and perfumes in plain sight beneath the mirror. But if for us it is only the fault of our rudeness, beyond you you can do better …

5 – Drink drinkable (on a large counter) – Up to twenty-eight, thirty years I did go well with everything. I lost count of the evenings where I drank gasoline. But now they are grown up and have become more demanding. I’m not me talking, but my liver, increased from diesel to natural gas. It is not impossible to be content. The Astronomical Observatory of the Dude, in Milan, a couple of years with a bar service of the highest quality that has raised the level of customers and the hangover, less troublesome but more knowledgeable and sophisticated thanks to the preparation of cocktails, both classic more sophisticated, prepared with great care and class. It costs 1 or 2 Euros more than in the main room but drinks are those coins that do not spend the next morning in a drugstore to buy a box of OKI. Solution: on the market there are good quality liquor at a price no exaggeration. Please, have mercy on us. There is no need to fill the ice, orange peel, lemon and tonic water deviant.

Brexit, results: the UK out of the EU. What happens now?

zero year for Europe: the “Brexiters” won with 52% of the votes. financial and political earthquake. They are unleashed throughout Europe nationalist parties

You Leave. More than a million votes more on Remain. The United Kingdom goes out the EU after 44 years. They win the ‘Brexiters’ 52-48, lose all. In absolute terms, the vote out grossed 17.4 million votes against 16.1 pro-European Union. How she had sensed yesterday the German Finance Minister Schaeuble “the referendum is a call for change.” however, too late to correct the ‘fiscal compact’ intended to Berlin and the insane bureaucratic regulations that non-elected technocrats in Brussels do not get tired of imposing on every matter. “We do not want the superstate”, was therefore the position of the British Prime Minister Cameron that he had obtained from the EU, on the eve of the consultation, an “agreement except” in adhesion. Too late that too. Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP nationalist party that has campaigned to leave the EU: “It is the dawn of independence. Cameron should resign. ”

England has voted for the compact Brexit, except in metropolitan areas of London and Manchester where he prevailed Remain. Leave the wins in Wales. Confusion and maximum uncertainty. For markets it is already Black Friday. Tsunami on the Nikkei declining by 8%. Collapses the pound, so it never depreciated by 85. It will be a long and heavy day in all the political and financial capital. The Japanese Central Bank in the dilemma of whether to slow down the appreciation of the yen vertical or finish under fire for monetary war. Meet in Brussels parliamentarians group leaders who will meet with the President of the Commission, Mr Juncker, and the President of the European Council, Tusk ( “The situation is politically dramatic – said hot – impossible to predict all the political consequences”), pending the ‘formalization of London. After which it will begin the long exit procedure Union which provides a two-year period within which will also express the European Parliaments and of the various member countries.

Unleashed the nationalist-populist parties all over Europe. Marine Le Pen: “It came our turn, we want Frexit”. Geert Wilders: “we WANT back our country, our money, our borders and our immigration policy.” Salvini exults: “Now it’s our turn.” The political earthquake is going to last, an entire ruling class – in the light of the outcome of the polls, including Cameron who wanted the referendum to silence “sovranisti” of his Conservative Party – failed not only the project of European integration, but the relationship of trust with the citizens. And ‘Year Zero: jump all executives / political structures. The shock crosses the Atlantic. London is no longer “the” capital of Europe for the United States. Obama had traveled to London underlining the “multilateralism” built after the war. Even the Democratic Party see the direction convened on administrative vote. Renzi brings together the government in Palazzo Chigi with the governor of the Bank of Italy, Visco, as well as the Elysee Hollande has called Prime Minister Valls. The Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon: “We feel part of the EU” is looming a new referendum in Scotland (which voted by a large majority Remain) time to break away from London and stay hooked to Europe. Prime Minister of Northern Ireland Martin McGuinness asks for Ulster, where he won the Remain, a referendum on unification with Ireland EU partner. Lifted the lid of the jar of Pandora: the cracks open the inability to rule the double crisis – the economic and migratory – they become a radial fractures.

The consequences of Brexit: whoever wins, nothing will be as before

The British citizens vote to stay or exit from the European Union after 44 years. But this vote will mark, whatever the outcome, the European Union’s Year Zero
Today the most important vote in decades. British voters go to the polls from 7 to 22 rooms (from 8 to 23 Italian time) for the referendum of the so-called “Brexit”, or whether to remain (Remain) in the European Union or leave (Leave). The results will be known Friday morning, although in the night many in the world will follow with apprehension exit pool and projections. The average survey indicates such a tight butt that experts say can not predict the outcome of the consultation. We can count the votes one by one in 382 centers for the counting. Global anyway repercussions: in the USA, India, Australia look to the EU with the London Eye. Britons will vote (thus including Northern Ireland), citizens of the Commonwealth of age residing in the United Kingdom, British citizens living abroad registered in electoral rolls in the past 15 years. The persons entitled to vote are 46 million. To Remain, the prime minister David Cameron – who had launched the referendum to silence wing “sovereignist” of his Conservative Party – various Scottish ministers from all parties, the Labour Jeremy Corbyn. But the workers, traditional Labour voters, are for the Leave, according to the polls, because of the post-Lehman crisis that the European Union is unable to take care of for years and Corbyn said: “The EU is not democratic, but we have to stay there and try to change it. ” In front Brexit, conservative Boris Johnson, London’s former mayor Leave a victory would put in orbit 10 Downing Street, other Tory leaders including the Minister of Justice, Michael Gove, and Ukip, the national-party populist directed by Nigel Farage.

The result is not binding and in case of victory Leave parliament will be called upon to reject the European Communities Act 1972, the date of accession of Britain incorporating European law into national law as it does for all members (one of the points more disputed by proponents of Brexit that therefore speak of a “return of sovereignty”). Technically, the Parliament could ignore the vote, but it would be weird to go against the popular will, especially in a country of ancient and solid democracy. In politics essentially impossible. Long would be the withdrawal process, we should be clear and rewrite the treaties governing the relations with the EU. It would take years. At least only two to say goodbye. Then, is to be apportioned from scratch and the Commission President, Mr Juncker, he has already said that “off means off.” London should get back in the queue and negotiate from scratch agreements without any guaranteed fast track. In fact it would be canceled, with Leave, even the agreement torn by Cameron in Brussels with whom he popped, by a very accommodating EU, absolutely privileged conditions including a veto mechanism that locks initiatives do not like in London.

Snaps so another problem: in case of victory of Remain, the EU should ratify the agreement which establishes an exception British, but hardly the other capitals, let alone their national-populist parties on the rise, would sign without flinching or ask in turn equal conditions. Other countries could demand equal treatment unless ponder the exit. Has produced a “weak point” in the building when it is implemented ‘de facto’ a process of exception / detachment from the EU, where – according to many analysts – come home to roost nodes of the incomplete fiscal union, banking and politics and the deficit democracy embodied in an unelected Commission imposing – or so it is perceived by European citizens – choices that bypass their national parliaments avocandone sovereignty. The “shock” the referendum has already produced a zero year from which the EU nothing will be as before, whatever the outcome of the referendum in Britain.

Music, 5 app to become a professional deejay

Five applications to improve your pace and practice to create the perfect mix

The deejay has become one of the most sought-after professions in the world. If you do not want to spend so much money to start the business, you can start by downloading a few apps for the smartphone that will help you extricate yourself between tracks and audio fades, and give you an idea of how the craft and whether it is really your Street. As reported by the Guardian, here are five applications for iOS and Android to turn into deejay.

This app does the dirty work for you and allows you to merge several tracks, giving you the ability to create a playlist of songs from Spotify to put on an entire evening. If you want to jump from one song to just click and the app will try to mix them well for non-stop music. If you’re new to test the weapons Match Machine function, which automatically finds the next song with the beat just to create the perfect mix.

djay 2
It works with your music library on your phone or on Spotify Premium and gives you the ability to have a digital console in the smartphone range.

You can also record your mix and share it on social, or listen to it again later. It is the right app for those who want a bridge between the amateur and the professional activities, whereas you can buy separately several features and especially effective sound effects.

Serato Pyro
One of the most famous brands for the creation of software console launches in the mobile market with an app to a wider audience. It collects tracks from iTunes, Spotify or any other streaming music apps and advises you which songs are congenial to get a great mix. Pyro will engage the tracks between them and you can select a softer mix, or more extreme, depending on the type of holiday that you want to organize.

Cross DJ.
Another good choice to have a selection tool and mixing of songs automatically and free of charge. Does the basics – for the rest you have to buy the Pro version – but it can be useful as a viable alternative, especially for those who wants to use SoundCloud.

Traktor DJ.
This application is reserved for those already experienced, it is the first professional software of a smartphone and iPad console control. You can connect the Traktor devices, or you can work on songs using the virtual environment of the app, simplified to make you work with the most popular manual controls. It works with iTunes and with other apps for music on your phone. It can be the starting point of your new career.

Everything on the remake of Death Wish. With Bruce Willis and director Eli Roth

The Hostel director, after The green hell, back to the setting seventies to direct the reboot of del’74 cult film starring Charles Bronson (whose role goes to the star of Die Hard)

The red wire (blood) between the years seventies film and Eli Roth continues: after The Green Inferno, who lauded the Italian vein of Cannibal Movie, the Hostel director and Knock Knock will direct the remake of another cult film (US time) the same decade that inspired him so much.

There will in fact just Eli Roth directed to the rebuilding of Death Wish, who turned Michael Winner in 1974 and from which they took the moves well other 4 films.
In the original film, starring Charles Bronson was transformed into executioner in revenge for the death of his wife and the rape of his daughter; in the remake of Roth, it’s up to Bruce Willis to do the hard avenger of abuses suffered.

The director, who dumped Meg, took the place behind the camera Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado, which would abandon the project for deviations from the script directed by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski, who signed, among others, the script by Larry Flynt – Over the scandal, Big eyes, Goosebumps.

In fact, the curiosity greater than the remake of Night of the executioner concerns precisely its adaptation in modern times.

Emporio Armani presents the collection Antonia

Remix is called the new capsules designed for people who live and quickly moves to the city, but not sacrificing style

Emporio Armani Remix is a capsule men’s collection created in collaboration with Antonia, which testifies to the constant attention of Emporio Armani for the urban lifestyle. Born from an idea of dynamic urban mobility, low environmental impact, on two wheels. In the name, clear is the reference to the music, universal language and strong aggregation element, always a source of inspiration for the brand. Emporio Armani Remix is a urban wardrobe designed for those who live and move quickly in the city, but not sacrificing style. The garment design is simple and functional, fit over and contemporary. The logo, still in evidence and graphically reinterpreted, becomes a decorative sign and symbol of belonging to a new urban generation that is also acknowledged in the music.

Materials include: compact neoprene look for cotton sweatshirts with or without hood, even in sleeveless version; nylon parachute for specialized garments such as jacket and shorts; cotton jersey T-shirt and technical cotton leggings paths from a macro eagles logo pattern.

The colors are well defined: asphalt gray, dark blue, white, electric blue, red and yellow, with reflective print details. Fundamental in the urban nomad kits are the accessories: sunglasses with perforated metal, roll-up backpack blinders inspired ‘delivery boy’ of the most important cities in the world, turtle backpack backpack helmet, sneakers with reflective details, metallic headphones. Full and seals the project Remix Bike anodized steel, Italian revolutionary project developed in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano. Equipped with a special lithium ion battery that recharges in motion, Bike Remix provides assistance during pedaling.

The Emporio Armani Remix collection will be available, starting in September, in select Emporio Armani stores and online at

Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week here is the schedule of fashion shows for spring-summer 2017
Among defections and confirmations that’s who will march during the fashion week in Milan, on stage June 17 to 21

Everything is ready for the Milan Fashion Week dedicated to the world of menswear for spring-summer 2017, which will be staged June 17 to 21. A fashion week “in passing,” as many have described working in the sector, “looking for a new and exciting balance.” In fact, for this edition, there are many brands that do not present their collections. Another novelty is the last day of Milan Fashion Week, which is Tuesday, June 21. From 12 to 18.30, after the parade of Giorgio Armani, near Piazza Gae Aulenti at number 10, the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, led by Carlo Capasa, has organized a summit dedicated to the future of fashion, Crafting The Future Of Fashion, where designers, CEOs and business insiders will talk and discuss on the issue of digitization and communication 3.0.

Here is the official calendar of parades.

Friday, June 17
h 19:00 PORTS 1961
h 20:00 DSQUARED2

Saturday, June 18
h 10:30 MIAORAN
h 11.30 CHANNELS
h 12:30 JIL SANDER

h 15:00 MARNI
h 16:00 VERSACE
h 17:00 LES HOMMES
h 19:00 PAL ZILERI

Sunday, June 19

h 11.30 RICHMOND

h 14:00 SUNNEI (supported by CNMI)
h 16:00 MISSONI
h 17:00 DAKS
h 18:00 PRADA
h 20 :00 DAMIR DOMA

Monday, June 20

h 11.30 MOTO GUO (supported by CNMI)
h 12:30 GUCCI

Tuesday, June 21

h 14:00 ETRO

h 15:00 MSGM

h 16:00 JUN LI (supported by CNMI)
h 17:00 STRATEAS CARLUCCI (Supported by CNMI)
h 18:00 FENDI


Apple posts may soon be the best messaging app

IOS 10, is completely transformed, challenging Messenger, WhatsApp and Snapchat. The will also see on Android?

Messages, the application that manages the “correspondence” between Apple and the traditional text message devices, was up to date, up to the various releases of iOS 9, quite a cast. Versatile little, closed, it stops at a level of system functionality despite being the most widely used of the package. And not, as promises of IOS 10 revolution, with the ambition to compete with WhatsApp, Snapchat and chattante company.

During Monday’s keynote, and in the Worldwide Developers Conference being held in San Francisco, Apple has unveiled the main new features of iOS 10, the new version of mobile operating system for users coming in the fall but for which you know more already with the beta versions in a few weeks. Inside, the most detailed maps to Apple Music redesigned, is hiding just that ambition: to transform messages into something compelling, engaging, attracting users. Driving along, neither more nor less, the streets jokes from others.

The new Messages fact allow such amount of shares impossible today. For example we can include advanced animations (balloons, confetti and fireworks that will flood the entire display). Or choose from even more emoji: the number will be tripled and the enlarged size, so that – as he coldly planned the vice president of Cupertino Craig Federighi – “the children of tomorrow will not understand most English”. Not enough: On the subject of emoji, there will be a baptized Replace function that will turn words into smilies and trinkets.

Or, winking at Snapchat, you can write on the photos you are about to send, modifying them, and even send private messages. They work like this: instead of destroying itself, as in other apps, you see only if the recipient goes your finger over the baloon. In short, an injection of gamification Messages that served as the bread.

Still, since the application will be really something different than the current, rushing to the platform in the platform, challenging Messenger (whose emoji and stickers which you can use in conversation): with Tapback the user can quickly respond with a simple tap. also come with links to previews, that will allow to play music (if it is a music connection), video and online content such as articles without leaving the conversation.

But the real turning point, marking the keynote, is the opening of the ecosystem. Developers can now talk to the Apple’s messaging app, which opens – thanks to Siri, it is she who now goes and slips in every application – the universe of the App Store. You can copy and paste the stickers – will come a dedicated store – customize gif, edit photos, send money or make an appointment, call a car or supplement the capabilities of other similar applications. Sound familiar? Of course, Messenger. Who knows in the future Posts can not even watch the universe Android.

PopSlate, the cover that adds a screen e-ink behind the iPhone

The second screen is always on and keeps you informed about the latest news and notifications you receive to save you battery

PopSlate in 2015 was the first company to market a cover for iPhone that integrated a second screen in digital ink for users of Apple, despite some flaws – like the connection without Lightning and the lack of a second battery. A year after the US startup has put a lock and kicked off on Indiegogo to a fundraiser to debut the PopSlate 2, an enclosure with a larger screen, compatibility with notifications and space for an additional power supply that recharges also smartphone.

The new version is very thin (4 mm) and is designed to change as little as possible the Cupertino design: the two planned versions (for iPhone 6 / 6S and Plus) will have an e-ink display, which will always remain on, 200 ppi able to update the image displayed in one-tenth of a second. The second battery will be able to provide more than 9 hours of talk time and at least 5 online browsing, but the main purpose of the cover will provide a secondary screen from which to access any apps or notifications without unlocking the phone.

Simply download the reference app to manage content to be displayed by loading up to a maximum of 5 applications to scroll through three buttons at the bottom of the display.

The notifications to the most important news of the day until the appointments, or simply to read a book like the classic e-book readers: I will make the PopSlate 2 saves battery and you will have everything you need at hand. Of course, the energy of the phone will not consume, but it’s worth spending $ 129 to get a screen in black and white and preserve? The success of PopSlate seems to suggest that the answer is yes.

10 iPhone features that change with iOS 10

Change photos, music, iMessage, we can delete preinstalled apps. Above all, changes the underlying philosophy

The first thing that emerges from Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference keynote presentation is that Apple has decided to change his story. Thirty years ago, Steve Jobs founded the Cupertino philosophy on creating a closed ecosystem and armored to the outside world that could work perfectly. At the center of it all was all the pursuit of perfection and absolute beauty of its products, to which only Apple, however, could be accessed, with close to zero chance of customization by users. Yesterday this was launched from the window, opening (almost) completely to the imagination of developers and users who will have the maximum freedom of use. Especially in the mobile sector, including iPhone and iPad, with the brand new iOS 10. A revolutionary and completely new operating system is not in the design, which will remain essentially the same, but the underlying concept: Siri, Maps and iMessage will be available to developers will be able to indulge themselves in designing new forms of interaction with the virtual assistant or with the app messaging.

Who knows that this change of perspective is not the long-awaited response from Apple to drop the iPhone sales last quarter. The fact is that, for example, in the new iOS 10 we will delete all of the pre-installed Apple apps that do not use very often: the only considered essential for operation are Phone, Safari, Photos and App Store, the rest will be eliminated to make room (like Exchange, Books, Podcasts, iTunes and so on). We have to wait a bit ‘(the first beta is expected in July, the official release in the fall) but in the meantime we summarize the 10 new features that we can take advantage of iOS 10.

1. New center notifications. It will be redesigned the iPhone screen with the keypad is locked. The notifications will be bigger and enriched with more details. By clicking on a notification with the 3D Touch you can accept invitations, reply to messages or interact with third-app (there is the example of Uber). Finally there is the option to clear all notifications lost with a single click. With the new “Raise to wake” function you can see the notifications screen simply by lifting the phone.

2. Touch 3D more useful. On the main screen you can access the functions without even opening them: for example, to see who has sent you a message, the results of the match on ESPN, see videos of Youtube or view the app activity with the Apple Watch data.

3. Siri at maximum power. With the opening to the external app we can send messages of Whatsapp, call a taxi on Uber or start a training session on Runtastic. And ‘become smarter and using more learns our behavior and is able to be useful to us, makes suggestions focused on your position and depending on your use (recent contacts, addresses, calendar etc.) Becoming an assistant in real bot who ask any question you throw your head. Siri will also control the keyboard that will be more intuitive and will not auto-correction errors.

4. iMessage. We can send stickers, emoji larger or interact with other applications without leaving the app screen. Photos, videos and external links can be previewed without having to click on it. One of the novelties most acclaimed by the public are the words that become emoji: through the recognition of words connected with emoticons you can replace the word in the face of reference (eg. Basketball with the emoji of the ball). There will be effects and animations as regards the text (fade-in, pop, to explosion and so on) and the background of the conversation. Integration with Apple Music allows you to share tracks with friends and listen to them in real time.

5. Photos. The AI also arrives in the camera roll. You can view your photos on a map and, with the recognition of objects within the image can be created automatically for specific albums based on their content: people, animals, objects or landscapes. The iPhone will be able to create videos with photos automatically, previewing directly from the home of scermata Photo: will any phone, will mount the video, choose the music and you will scroll through the images; You can decide the mood of the movie (funny, melancholic, epic and so on), so as to change the soundtrack and editing.

6. Map. Another app is completely revised maps that will be more integrated with Siri: new design, more details about location and more advice on places in the area. The navigation will be dynamic and clear (that is, you will be immersed in the road or Pan wider to control traffic, which eventually there will be real-time information), and there will be more shortcut to access certain functions (for example stations the local service). Maps will also open to the contribution of the external app, so you can make an application directly to the restaurant or buy a ticket to the movies and pay with Apple Pay.

7. Music. One year after its launch, the app has 15 million subscribers but needed a makeover to boost its run: via Connect – the failed attempt of the social network dedicated to music, clearer interface and simple and closer to the needs of users, especially viewing the sections that are used more. The library has been rebuilt from scratch giving (finally) importance to playlists, artists and songs that are easily visible. A crazy news is that there are the words of the songs that are being played. “To you” it was revised to highlight daily playlist and new artists to be discovered.

8. Apple News (still not available in Italy). Design all new with stories trends, the reference topic (sports, entertainment, etc.) And inquiries. There is the possibility to subscribe to read all the content available on the app without limits.

9. Apple Home. The app that was missing in order to have a control center for all the gadgets connected to the Internet of Things with Homekit within the same software. Just open this app to control all electrical appliances at home. Instead of having ten different apps, you can now have an overall control in one application (that supports Siri, so you can open the garage with your voice or turn on a light switch). The app also works from the lock screen of your phone or Apple Watch.

10. Phone. The Phone app changes: default appear previews of voice mail messages that can be read out without having to listen to the voice mail. In addition, the notification of a missed call will not be the classic automatic message, but you can see the photo of the person who was looking for you. The app can also point you whether an incoming call is a call center, using “spammy” in the phone number.

Foldimate, the appliance that you stretch, bend and smells shirts

Dedicated to all single men who are tired to go to the laundry life

Stretch and fold shirts and t-shirts in less than a minute. The cleaning lady? Your girlfriend? Mom? No, even better, it is Foldimate. Thanks to a steam system gets rid of every little fold of the fabric and also refreshes with the natural flavors. If you’re single and every time you take out the clothes from the washing machine will take an accident, do not worry, this is not a technological mirage in the desert full of clothes to be ironed. The invention is an Israeli startup based in Los Angeles and promises to make it available for preorder and 2017 at a price of 750 Euros.

But how does it work? Just hang sweaters or machine pants with tweezers, then sucks them up and return them to the sender perfectly folded and fragrant. It takes 10 seconds to fold a mesh and 20 to 30 seconds to stretch it. In total, Foldimate can bend up to 30 suits at a time. The only limit: coats, thick sweaters and underwear. So, solve wearing coats at the dry cleaners, and for the rest also keeps ironing: no one will notice the crumpled slip.

One thing is certain, though: it takes space to have all the amenities. This ‘laundress’ it should be next to a washing machine and dryer if any, that they too are quite bulky.

Heartbeat Once you choose the right partner based on the beat of your heart

The application of online dating that offers a sweet half a day can now relies on the true natural judge of the emotions, the heartbeat: the more intense over there feeling

What is the most obvious reaction when we are faced with a person that we like? That’s right, the uncontrolled dancing our hearts that can accompany a sweat in your hands, shake and butterflies in the stomach. It happens the same even when the attraction is less romantic and more physical. It is the first case or the second does not matter to Ounces, that just to exploit always sincere reactions in our bodies, opts for new Heartbeat feature.

What Once? It is an application for iOS and Android (and also online for PC) dating (ie appointments, discover all the best) that focuses on quality and not quantity. Unlike virtually all other competitors (such as Tinder, of all), it only offers one and only one day potentially compatible partners, which is carefully selected by a staff team of specialists, called Matchmakers. Going to mix to your profile information and preferences entered, experts are looking for the other half can of apple.

It’s up to you to decide whether or not to contact their “match”. Something new, but in the end even the old saw that closely resembles and digital work of dear old marriage agencies than once.

The new feature is called Heartbeat heartbeat and that is just what it sounds like: associating a detector pulse as a kind smartband FitBit or one smartwatch (with Android Wear operating system) will give a “scientific” response to the partner who is offered every day . The photo will be displayed and you will observe the behavior of the heart: if it starts to beat wildly, then we will have to give it a thought, but if it will remain quiet then better trust him and move on. If so, you may contact the person associated within 24 hours.

For more precisini there is also the possibility to save the history of the beats in a historian who knows a bit ‘of “ranking” to see who really did beat most of our vital muscle. But not limited to, the Matchmakers will also study these physiological reactions to get even more clues to any more attractive proposals.

So it’s something really never seen? In fact, the company Texan T3 had studied a “hands-free” version that is without hands to Tinder. You know the dating app that offers burst photos and profiles you must then choose or discard with a swipe from one side or the other? Well, for the app on Apple Watch it was exploited its heartbeat to let their hearts decide whether to choose or not the proposed user. Of course, with Once you finally become reality and, to be honest, it is also more consistent with the philosophy of this app less devoted to the adventures of a night stand and more to those “series.”

What will be the next evolution? Maybe the combined action between heart rate and electroencephalogram that studies the reactions of the brain? And if it also would add the detection of the pupil dilation? And why not, the measurement of blood shift toward “peripheral areas”? The horizons are endless.

Stranger Things, the new Netflix series pays homage to the 80s cult (Winona Ryder)

Netflix coming to a new TV series that draws on the repertoire of films like The Goonies, E. T., Explorers, and other masterpieces, for the nostalgic eighties

Does not it get out alive from the eighties, even the 2.0 era of streaming platforms. There is “fell” well Netflix, which with Stranger Things, new series available on the platform from July 15, the tip really all about ’80.

There is the setting for homes and high schools that we saw in the film era, there are kids and adults dressed and combed as now we pretend to never be tanned, there is a child who mysteriously disappears, there are forces supernatural (or alien?) and there’s even she, Winona Ryder, who eighties is one of the actresses symbolic.

The series, created by brothers Matt and Ross Duffer (Wayward Pines), is really a tribute to all the cult films of the “fabulous eighties” – E. T., The Goonies, Poltergeist, Explorers – and is set right at the time.

A Hawkins in Indiana, Joyce (Winona Ryder) is working with the police to find his son, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

During the investigation, also conducted privately, the plot, which draws from the repertoire of the ’80s, spread between government experiments, demonic forces (or, indeed, extraterrestrials) and disturbing stories.

In fact, there are others who, like The Verge, Stranger Things describes as “the show that Steven Spielbeg and Stephen King” could do together.

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski in 50 photos, including nudes, selfies and #escile
The model / actress who has created the largest number of tachicardiche crisis of recent years makes it 25. We will celebrate as well

She is the one for which the Italic “escile” invitation has become a hashtag – important certification in the world 2.0 – as well as his middle name: Emily Ratajkowski has now been renamed Emily “Escile” Ratajkoski.

The model turns 25 on June 7 and is now one of the sexiest celeb in the social scene: more than 6.5 million followers on Instagram, more than 750 thousand on Twitter, nearly 5 million on Facebook.
What is the secret of the girl? A slender body, contemporary model, on which towering boobs pin-up and a face illuminated by a sensual pout.

Emily, then, likes to tease fans with strokes of selfie which often are topless or nude, which challenge the censorship of Instagram.

As she alternates her career in fashion to interventions by busy woman, the Ratajkowski also made foray into film, first with Gone Girl (it was, of course, easily desnuda faithless girlfriend of Ben Affleck), then We are your friends.

Meanwhile, continue the services and hot covers that have brought success from the start: it was thanks to one of these that was noticed and chosen for the video clip Blurred Lines (Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams), to launch Emily ( and her tits) in the star system.

The best gadgets to take on holiday

A suitcase is not complete without a good tech department. We chose the unmissable this summer

Shots unforgettable moments with a lifecam, counts your daily steps with a fitness tracker and even on vacation you can not not wearing your smartwatch. Well, here’s what you absolutely can not miss in your suitcase if you’re a tech nerd.

Headphones. The Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless are great to listen to great music in moments of relaxation. They have an excellent sound quality and aesthetics trendy because they are wireless and built in valuable and aluminum skin. Suggested retail price 399 €.

Mini Bluetooth speaker. This Leitz is compact and capable of reproducing a crystal clear sound on the move. It is Bluetooth and built-in microphone makes it perfect for conference calls or free calling mode. It is ideal to be taken anywhere and is practical as quick to charge via USB. Price: 55,90 EUR.

Power bank. Dual Ipower Puro 4000 mAh simultaneously charging Apple Watch, thanks to the dedicated support base, and other mobile device.

Not only recharges quickly, from 0 to 50% in 30 minutes, but thanks to the function Auto Detecting and Load Balancing, the power bank automatically recognizes the type of connected device (iOS or Android) and dividing the energy delivered as needed. The solution is compatible not only with the Apple device, even with most of the devices on the market (Samsung, Hauwei, Sony, Microsoft, Nokia, HTC, Asus and LG). Price: 59,99 EUR.

Cover for smartphones. For a selfie on the beach, a video underwater or a walk on the shore to the music, here is the cover that’s right for you. To protect the smartphone from water, splashes, dust and sand, the new Voyager Compact Cellularline is a real colorful shell with hermetic closure which, thanks to IPX6 certification, ensures maximum protection. The front touchscreen lets you use your smartphone in all its functions, and the holes in the rear and the bottom of the housing allow to take pictures and videos, insert the headphone jack and charge your phone without having to remove the iPhone. Available in deep blue color, lime green, black and fuchsia. 19,99 euro.

The latest generation of fitness tracker. Shine 2 keeps track of the amount of movement and the quality of sleep continuously and accurately, showing the progress made by 12 LEDs on the diskette. The major new features include the introduction of capacitive touch sensors and sync with the app Misfit Link, which transform Shine 2 in a remote controller for taking selfies, control audio playback and interact with automated devices. In addition, the Misfit Move function prompts the user when it is time to get moving by vibration. Water resistant to 50 meters, can be worn on the wrist, neck or clipped to clothing. Shine 2 is on sale on the online shop of Hinnovation and large electronics stores to the € 119.99 price.

Camera that protects you from the sun. Sunscreenr is a small camera that shows you where you’ve applied sunscreen to avoid burn. If through the lens you see your dark skin means that you’re protected, otherwise it is the case to slather back protection. The room is waterproof and resistant to sand. It is available in different colors, you preorder and costs $ 74.

Smartwatch. The latest Samsung is available in two versions, Gear S2 and S2 Gear Classic: the first minimal lines and modern at the price of 349.99 euro, the second most elegant and leather 379,99 EUR. If you’re on vacation but do not know to give up the healthy relaxation away from your usual routine, with this smart watch notifications receive and reply to messages right from your wrist. And you can immediately check calendar, e-mail, weather and listen to music. Also thanks to dedicated to fitness function is perfect for physical activity and keep a diary constantly updated on sports improvements and a reminder to reach their goals.

Straps. If you already have an Apple watch, instead, take a look at the new straps presented at the event Apple in March. Before there were only steel, leather and fluoroelastomer. The new model include an update in the Milan jersey and new variants classic, sports and loops, but the most interesting are nylon, which adhere better to the arm. Price: 59 €.

Action cam. GoPro GoPro Hero4 Session contains all the technology but it is smaller, lighter and more versatile. You can dive with it up to a depth of 10 meters, eliminating the need for a Protective Case Pond and is able to start recording and taking pictures at the touch of a single button and only. Record a video resolution 1080p 60fps and take pictures at 8MP and has Wi-Fi and integrated Bluetooth to connect it to the GoPro App and control it remotely from your smartphone or tablet, view content in memory and share them on social. € 219.

Smart keychain. Wire tracker is a 100% Italian and allows you to find the keys in the travel bag or even your car if you’re in a dispersive place you do not know. In short, Filo is useful not only in everyday life, but also on holiday. Through the app you’ll always know where it is. Starting from € 29.90.

Smartphone. For the holidays might be useful to have a smaller smartphones, which come in all budgets. The latest in Apple’s iPhone SE which has the same characteristics of the 6s, but has the size and the homes of 5. In short, powerful and handy to carry around.

Music & Style, the photo of the day: Chet Baker

The next June 16 is a date to be put on the agenda is the GQ Music & Style 2016 day

In cooperation with Huawei, GQ presents GQ Freak Out Music & Style, 2016. On June 16th, starting at 19, the Market Sound of Milan (Via Cesare Lombroso 54), with Saturnino Art Direction, Music Stars, Fashion Icons, Live Performances and dj sets. Admission is free

Music and style. Two seemingly different worlds, with a thousand shades of identity. The first is comparable to an endless journey, punctuated by a thousand stops, races, from different speeds, from adrenaline. A journey that you go alone, alone with yourself, or people you trust company. You transmits emotions, I am heartened when you’re down in the dumps, it gives you strength and courage. The style, however, is a continuous transformation of the self. It happens every time you face a difficulty, it grows, or live a new and thrilling experience. But the thing that makes this combination even more mysterious is their merger. As in a brief but intense dialogue, where music fills the space and the time style.

That time that exists, in different forms, both for music, that for the style. In the first, he articulates sound movements; in the second, it delimits the trends. Just this creative mix, a magical and surreal, wrote entire chapters, in his own hand, in the great book of musical genres over the years.

The undisputed style icon of this decade is Elvis Presley. Charismatic, romantic, with the iconic sideburns and bouffant clump, is the King of Rock & Roll (or The King). With his style, he has been able to revolutionize and make the mythical country, and was one of the creators of Rockabilly. Who does not remember his double-breasted jacket with white suits, in the fateful dancing pose? And the extent strictly shirt with upturned collar, worn under the bomber? How can we forget, then, the T-shirt with white horizontal stripes and blue? Her look has influenced generations, until today. More refined and bohemian, however, was the style of Jimi Hendrix. The Seattle guitarist, famous for his messy hair “in the bush” sometimes arranged through multicolor bands and animal or hiding under hats country, has always loved the militaristic jackets with golden embroidery deluxe or tapestry fantasy. Shirts, however, had to be made of silk, with funny prints, optical, by the nuances pop or tie-dye. To embellish the outfits, necklaces, medallions, profuse fringes and rings. All mixed and seasoned with a touch of hippie culture, so loved by the artist. Chet Baker, however, has always opted for the minimalist style. Jazz great always wore a crew neck sweaters, jackets deconstructed with white T-shirt and jeans comfortable fit. As if to express himself only by the sound of the notes and vocal style.

Chameleonic. Perhaps it is the only correct and comprehensive adjective to describe David Bowie. From experiments with costumes, make-up, androgynous clothes to reject and play with gender stereotypes when they still did not do it almost no one, to his “strangeness” (as it was called) completely foreign to the style icons of the moment, of all Paul Newman or Steve McQueen, then turned into coolness, in the following years. By his passion for Japanese culture and tradition, which revived all over the Western world, until the encounter with the genius designer Kansai Yamamoto, who created the costumes for her 1973 tour, Aladdin Sane, and the use of famous trick for the album cover, which recalls that of Kabuki theater, born in 1600 just in the East. After his death, which took place on January 10, even the greatest designers in the fashion industry, as Alessandro Michele for Gucci, Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent, J.W.Anderson and Ennio Capasa for Costume National, paid tribute to his genionelle own collections. As a unanimous greeting imprinted in the tissues. Even Freddie Mercury always liked “change.” Iconic, were the white suits worn while singing Bohemian Rhapsody, and some years later, on stage, those shorts, multicolor, sported with undershirt, hairy chest and mustache told the myth of the artist, who became leader of a real creative movement, loved around the world.

In the eighties, however, he has danced with Prince. The pop icon of Minneapolis, who transformed the black music, has always loved the world of fashion. The BCs showy, precious jackets, shirts silk pirate with jabot, skinny pants made mad the most important designers who braved death for him as a testimonial. For example, in Milan, during the fashion week was always welcome guest: still remembers his very exclusive concert for the fashion house Versace, a few years ago. Great provocateur like Freddie Mercury and David Bowie, with their own versatility and ability to empathize in different roles, its performance, as well as its set, anticipated by several decades the phenomenon that fashion then called as “genderless” and the company has christened as “sexual fluidity.” Europe is listening U2, led by Bono. Nail or black leather biker, white T-shirt, dark sunglasses, tight jeans, pointy boots or sneakers: like a uniform. On stage and in everyday life.

For pop music, no doubt, Take That have dictated trends. Five talented English guys, defined, denim lovers, over the tartan shirts, T-shirt underwear white and necklaces from the beach. Among these, the coolest was Robbie Williams, now with the advent of the year 2000 (and numerous tattoos all over his body) a real style icons. For the alternative rock, however, stand out the Placebo, this time bad boys, who wore casually tight look, noir makeup, T-shirts with provocative prints, chains around his neck and dark sunglasses with a vintage. While in 1987, there’s Nirvana with their grunge style: overalls in denim ripped, long uncombed hair funny shirts worn under blazers and wool maxi cardigan.

With the arrival of 2000, not only changes the century change even the icons of style and fashion. Rapper Eminem, great provocateur in the lyrics of his songs, is 100% this change. Jeans brought to life very low, with unlaced sneakers, baseball cap and T-shirt larger sizes of your choices: this is the look popular on American roads by teenagers. Also very similar to the outfits of Jay-Z. Another style icon is Justin Timberlake: young, with blond curly hair (a few times was also photographed with braids African and headband), hidden behind sunglasses with colored lenses. These are the years of oversize sweatshirts sporty, leather pants and sneakers Nike or adidas, who remember with great nostalgia.

In recent years, some protagonists of the worldwide music scene have become very important player also in the fashion world. More: they became influencers, consultants and sometimes even into real designers. For example, Pharrell Williams signed two collections of adidas Originals, shoes and clothing, sold out in a few days. And last February, has also become co-owner of the denim brand G-Star Raw with whom he collaborated from time to environmentally sustainable projects. Kanye West, lover of designer labels such as Balmain’s wife Kim Kardashian, however, has created along with the Nike Yeezy brand and became independent and star every year of Fashion Week in New York City. Finally, Justin Bibier, spokesperson for Calvin Klein and style icon known throughout the world, which mixes daily Vans with Saint Laurent and Gucci, darting on his skateboard through the streets of Los Angeles.

Who is Olivier Rousteing, the designer of the new limited edition collection of NikeLab

Young has succeeded in a short time to restore luster to a historic fashion house of luxury. Today, after collaborating with H & M for a limited which made sold out in a few hours, it is ready to repeat the full house with capsules designed for the sportswear giant

Born in 1986, born in Bordeaux in France, Olivier Rousteing is five years, the creative director of Balmain and some day even the new guest designer of the limited edition collection of NikeLab.

Despite his young age (at least for the fashion business), it is considered one of the most promising and influential designers of the global fashion scene. His career began with a degree in fashion design at the École Supérieure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode in Paris, after leaving in the first year, to study law. At 18, he decided to undertake an internship as Roberto Cavalli, working closely with the designer Peter Dundas which will work for six years. Ended the experience by Cavalli, Rousteing begins to work in the study of the controversial designer Christophe Decarnin, first as manager, then, with the departure of the founder, as creative director. In 2011, only 24 years old, will begin directing style department of Balmain, which will grow thanks to the very great successes and excellent sales results (in 2014, in fact, the brand has invoiced more than 30 million euro, in up 20% over the previous year).

In addition, thanks to its creative skills, business, and his fame (his profile @olivier_rousteing Instagram has more than 3.2 million followers), last year the Swedish fast fashion giant H & M has called him to draw the capsule collection deluxe Balmaination, exhausted the first day of sale, in a few hours. His creations, from super skinny fit, in fact, are very popular among fashionistas around the world. And by many celebrities, including all Kanye West and Kim Kardashian (who have worn at the 2016 Met Gala in New York City), Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and especially the pop star Rihanna, her friend, muse and face of the advertising campaign Balmain for spring-summer 2014, which often takes selfie posing for social networks. “His aura, his charisma are special,” the designer had declared during an interview with The Telegraph last year, speaking precisely of Riri. “She is a woman of the world, which tells a new world, the world of today”

BMW 2002 Hommage, vintage touches and so much wickedness

At Villa d’Este BMW has lifted the veil on a prototype inspired by the series 02 of 1966. A concept from super aggressive lines

He has just completed the 2016 edition of the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, BMW chose appointment to pay homage to one of the most important models in its history, thanks to an inspired concept to it: the BMW 2002 Hommage. It was, in fact, to 1966, when the propeller house introduced in its range a small three volumes, the BMW Series 02. Of that series was also built a turbo version (the 2002 Turbo, in fact), the first in Europe , to be equipped with this type of series technology. It just thinking about that car that the German designers have shaped the beautiful prototype unveiled at Villa d’Este.

A draw your ancestor there are the round headlights, the Turbo written on the mask, and some details, vintage, such as opaque color hood – a solution once popular among rally drivers to avoid being bothered by reflections, during the guide. For the rest, huge wheels, side skirts to go go and viciousness not seen since the first M3. We would like one? You bet. We already see us to park it in front of the bar and to come down with a nice pair of bell-bottom pants and pointy shoes. Criminal novel.

A Mojito to ham as an appetizer

An intriguing base of Great Cookie cocktail appetizer. Here is the idea of the students of the Institute Alberghiero Carlo Porta of Milan who triumphed in the first edition of the Academy Rovagnati Food Experience
It looks like a cocktail, but it is not. Because inside the inviting cup that we usually see on the bar we have here is an appetizer made with ham. The Mojito Ravagnati, devised by young Roberto Antelmo and Clare Gospel Institute Alberghiero Carlo Porta di Milano, triumphs in the first edition of the Academy Rovagnati Food Experience, an international competition for aspiring chefs high school sponsored by the famous Brianza-based company.

The goal, to find “a new interpretation of the salami”, has been largely succeeded by winning proposal. On the final evening at the Academy Gualtiero Marchesi in Milan, the Milanese institute students prepared and presented their creation in front of an attentive jury of Claudia Ravagnati, President of Rovagnati Spa, the starred chef Enrico Bartolini and – of course – the Maestro Gualtiero Marchesi.

“It is an interesting dish that managed to radically overturn our main product, the Great Cookie, while respecting all the fundamental qualities – explains Claudia Rovagnati.

– It’s amazing that it has been developed by children so young. ” The recipe starvation cocktail / appetizer, which took home a prize of 5000 Euros, combines a ham cream with pistachios, a white turnip and chopped jelly mojito. A proposal by the quintessentially contemporary spirit and metro, which you can try at home following the recipe below.

Mojito Rovagnati

Ingredients for two cups:
100 g of cooked ham Great Cookie Rovagnati
50 g mascarpone
50 g whipped cream
40 g pistachios
15 g white turnip, cut into cubes and cooked
For the jelly:
40 ml of white rum
40 ml lime juice
25 ml of water
15 g brown sugar
2 g of gelatin sheets
candied lime peel
mustard (pear, cherry)

For the jelly, heat the water with the sugar, add the gelatin sheets and melt. When cool, add the lime juice, rum and keep refrigerated.

Blend the ham, add the mascarpone and add gently the whipped cream.

Distribute the base of the martini glass a layer of pistachio nuts, then the white turnip cubes, so the ham cream and cover with the gelatine.

Let cool in the refrigerator and decorate with mustard, pistachios, candied lime peel and mint.

Box, the bottle opener that alerts friends when uncork a beer

You open the bottle with one hand and he sends the notification on your smartphone of your friends

Uncork a blonde in the company of friends is definitely one of the best ways to put an end to the workday. Different times, small or large distances, unexpected last-minute and various and any commitments, however, can make it very difficult to organize the beer of 19. And drink it at home alone, in front of a packet of crisps opened a few days, not it is not at all the same thing.

To try to solve somehow the problem, taking advantage of the new capabilities of the company, it brings us Box (Bottle Opener X), the bottle opener that will alert your friends when you’ve just opened a beer to make them share and share the moment with the joy, albeit at a distance. Its design allows you to uncork using only one hand, but there’s more. Inside lies a sensor powered by a simple AA battery that can connect via Wi-Fi smartphone app that warns in real time.

The app, in fact, can in turn be connected to a group chat on Facebook or to a group of WhatsApp, which send from time to time notification of uncorked bottle. In addition to the virtual toast, also it allows you to keep track of beers drunk, by honoring company to the most devoted consumers. The Box Project is currently in the process of fundraising on Kickstarter: if the fundraising campaign were to increase to nearly $ 15,000, would be affordable at about 16 euro.

10 self-destructive habits that keep us to succeed

Too much from listening to other people’s opinions perpetually postpone the moment to take action. Here’s what we have to stop doing to finally achieve our goals
“Who is the cause of his pain, crying himself” goes the famous saying of popular culture. And in fact sometimes, in a more or less conscious, that which keeps us away from the successes that we could get is only one thing: our bad habits. From always and in any case postpone action, to distract themselves with the expectations of others here is a list drawn up by portal of everything that we should stop doing.

Do not know what it means success
Be satisfied with oneself does not necessarily mean to be famous or have a lot of money, a nice car and a lavish home. Success depends on the ability you have to address your personal expectations. In this regard, you know?

To be influenced by others
To please everyone is impossible. So do not even try. Once the works to reach your goal, without listening to too many different bells. The risk is to lose orientation.

Succumbing to boredom
Whatever your goal, never isolate yourself from the rest of the world. Always be curious and look around to discover new possibilities and new points of view. Boredom, when you have to work a long time to get something, it is a deadly enemy.

Not take care of themselves
This is true in every point of view: eat quality food, trains your body, enjoy a relaxing moment when you feel they should really be. In short, try to love you.

Ignore your limits
You can not know how to do everything himself and perfection. Begin to understand what are your weaknesses and surround yourself with those people who are able to fill your gaps. The ability to have a good team you can rely on is critical.

Accept the impositions
There is a subtle difference at all between rules and impositions. The rules, as well as the expiration dates, deliveries etc, must be respected. Impositions, however, only tend to clip the wings and limiting opportunities. Therefore, observe the rules, but rebelled against the impositions.

Succumbing to other people’s dramas
Do not get involved in dramas and in other people’s jitters. Listen to the people close to you and try to help them as you can, but being at a safe distance from their problems.

Living in the past
The past is to learn from mistakes, and not to indulge in regrets and remorse. If you made a mistake apologize and try to fix it, but always continuing to look ahead.

Keep waiting for the right time
Being good is not enough, we must also be able to recognize the perfect time to take action. Very true, but beware: the wait should be aimed always to the maturation of an event, and not last forever. Otherwise it degenerates into sloth.

Forgetting to be grateful
Once you reach your goal, do not think I did it solely because of your talents. You were good, it is true, but never forget all the people who have helped you in your climb to success.

Pirelli Calendar 2017, the shots have Lindbergh

Already the author of the shots of the calendar in 1996 and 2002, as well as the celebratory campaign made with Demarchelier for the 50th anniversary, in 2014, the photographer Polish will sign next The Cal

It is the photographer Peter Lindbergh to which Pirelli has decided to entrust the creation of the new Pirelli Calendar 2017. Part of the images will be made in New York. Lindbergh, 72, considered one of the most respected names in the world of photography, he has already collaborated with Pirelli on three other occasions, always in the United States.

In 1996, when snapped in California models with the likes of Eva Herzigova, Carré Otis and Nastassja Kinski. In 2002, in Holywood when portrayed among other Kiera Chaplin, Brittany Murphy and Mena Suvari. And more recently, in 2014, when he participated in the commemorative project for the 50 th anniversary of The Cal, along with Patrick Demarchelier: creating an iconic image with supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio, Helena Christensen, Isabeli Fontana, Miranda Kerr, Karolina Kurkova and Alek Wek.

When the horror is the life of a Personal Shopper. With Kristen Stewart

The new film by Olivier Assayas restless, strikes and opens many deep questions. About ghosts, mystery and materialism but risks remain imprinted for a masturbation scene

Kristen Stewart returns to the tapis rouge of the Cannes Film Festival with a new look, very different from the frivolous and glamorous Café Society. And ‘the director Olivier Assayas to make it absolute protagonist today with its Personal Shopper, vying for the Palme d’Or. A film that explores the way in which each communicates with the afterlife, a thriller stained here and there with horror heroine who puts his face to face with the ghosts of the past and present.

Maureen is in Paris for a few months, since the twin brother has died following a heart attack due to a malformation that also threatens her. Why Paris? To wait. Wait for him to send a signal from quell’aldilà he believes in, which is able to communicate while working, reluctantly, as a personal shopper for a star. Wedged between the most extreme expression of materialism and a spiritual dimension that envelops, Maureen seems to find peace. Alone, resigned, as gloomy atmosphere that surrounds it and you appear to be trapped.

Sometimes, though, he becomes aware of his animal side, wearing provocative clothes buying for work, undressing, watching, masturbating. “My character is so imprisoned in his own mind that he can not even have a physical relationship with someone. Time passes to be analyzed, to look itself “- says the actress at a press conference. “After all of this is, for me, that’s the movie: the pursuit of individuality.”
Nudity, he says, he faced it without thinking. “When you have actors trying to live up to any situation”.

In addition to intangible presences Maureen is obsessed with insistent messages and destabilizing a mysterious interlocutor, who says to want to take possession of her.

“If you believe in ghosts? I do not know, I call myself an agnostic, I do not believe in many things. But I’m sensitive to the flow of energy around us, motivated by something I can not define. And ‘an ambiguity that fascinates me. ”

He says he has a special relationship with the director, who has created and shaped this character around her, after worshiping her performance in Clouds Of Sils Maria, his latest film in competition at Cannes.

“I love the surreal side of this film, the adrenaline of its rhythm, its ability to generate in us important questions. The world really is, or all white or all black? Can we really believe in intangible presences? ”

Assayas, that making the film was inspired by the esotericism of the late nineteenth century, it seems to believe it. “If we think about it, we all have, even just occasionally, the feeling of not being alone. We live our earthly dimension but deep down we know that there is a more intimate life. It’s up to us to decide whether or not to open ourselves to it. “

Sanlorenzo SL106 features Hybrid, the eco-friendly yacht that makes no noise

luxurious interiors, elegant shapes and a hybrid drive system that reduces fuel consumption and minimize noise. Here is the new eco-friendly gem that has marched to the Elite Days of Sanlorenzo

Inside, the style of a contemporary and sophisticated decor, where real masterpieces of contemporary design alternate with precious marble bathrooms and fine fabrics Kits Frette. Outside, 42 meters of that spirited elegance that has always distinguished the creations of Sanlorenzo. And all around absolute silence, interrupted only by the sound of crashing waves. It is the first step of a marine industry revolution, the one that the Sanlorenzo shipyards presented in Rapallo during their Elite Days, in front of an international audience of owners and fans: the new SL106 Hybrid is officially the first boat of its category with hybrid propulsion, able to alternate the use of electric and diesel engines to reduce fuel consumption and minimize noise.

“The pursuit of excellence is written in the DNA of Sanlorenzo – explains the President Massimo Perotti – and the constant dialogue with our owners provided us with the ultimate inspiration to move in the direction of a hybrid solution, in line with the highest standards of efficiency, quality and comfort of our brand. ”

The new propulsion system, developed in collaboration with Diesel and MTU Center, allows you to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, also going to limit noise and vibrations considerably. The result is a significant increase in comfort on board, both under way and at anchor.

Already, because the SL-Hybrid can operate with five different modes of operation: Diesel-electric propulsion for navigation particularly silent, usable up to 10 nodes (perfect, for example, when the yacht has to go out from the port); Hotel Zero Emission Mode for parking at anchor in motors and generators turned off, with the on-board powered by lithium batteries (no background noise, no fuel emissions into the air or water); Shaft alternator Power Generation for navigation in high energy efficiency mode, with only one main diesel engine on which operates the two propellers and generates electricity for the entire yacht; Traditional Diesel propulsion for high-speed browsing and fast transfers with the main diesel engines (because every once in a while ‘sprint is necessary); Booster power mode for navigation with a top speed of bits increased to 1.5 knots and quicker acceleration through the power combination of electric and diesel engines.

“Hybrid engines have been used in the past, but only now technology has reached maturity needed to make them really affordable in terms of maintenance and fuel consumption – underlines the engineer Paul Bertetti, operation of Sanlorenzo Yachts director -. The yachts, nowadays, traveling for most of the time at a slow speed, and in this case the diesel engine is no longer the best solution: because the consumption and the costs are considerable, but also because it pollutes more objectively. The hybrid becomes a choice of responsibility towards the environment, and we are confident that our customers will be ready to embrace this new ethic. Sure, it will take a bit ‘of time to witness a true market revolution, but we are happy to put this foundation stone in the right direction. ” The SL106 Hybrid is therefore a jewel high luxury rate of around 8 million Euros, made even more beautiful and unique by its brilliant eco-friendly soul.

In recent years, we have become great fans of Greece ?

After Crete, Thessaloniki and Chalkidiki, especially, after the cruise in the Mediterranean last year, where we visited Athens and several islands,
we re-enamored of Greece, especially of Santorini.

“If you like Santorini, then go to Mykonos!” They all said.
“It has the same white houses, blue domes and windmills winds on the sea,
but in Mykonos, the sea is dream. ”
All very true.

“But it is true that you loved?”. Unfortunately.
Mykonos is probably the most expensive island we have ever visited.
But we managed to approdarla out of season, to early May,
so we got to take a vacation Pasha but with a very low budget!
How low?
Well, if I tell you that we spent € 700 for 3, for 1 week, including flight – machine – Hotel (meals, petrol and extras not included), you do not believe it?
Let me tell you everything.
How much we spent
(Total quotas for: 2 adults + 1 child 5 years, 7 nights):

Easyjet: Milan-Malpensa -> Mykonos A / R
€ 300 for 3 (taxes included + 1 suitcase boarding) – booked in January

National / Alamo – 7 days (pick up and drop off Mykonos Airport) – mod. Suzuki Swift, 5 doors
€ 120 (excluding fuel), booked on (prepaid by credit card, all inclusive price)

7 nights in Platis Gialos (an 8-minute drive from Mykonos town)
Acrogiali Hotel (4 *)
€ 270 (c / breakfast –, offer customers genius, booked one month in advance)

tot: 670 € 3 for 7 nights (meals, petrol and extras not included)
Travel period: first week of May.
Climate: 6 sunny days out of 7.
Outside temperature: an average day: 22-27 ° (in the evening: 16-19 °)
(We were at the beach most days; sunset hours approx 20:30)

And all the rest?
Everything else is quite expensive. From souvenirs, to restaurants, beach bar, all pretty carettino and figures worthy of Italian places more “vipsssss”.
Drinks on the beach x 3 (anacolici): from 13 €.
Lunch x 3: 30 to 50eu (excluding wine).
If the restaurant is long little venice or the old port, the prices go up (on average a plate of grilled prawns – what I love most in the world! – € 20- € 30!).

But there are also many local takeaways and takeaways, where you can eat a simple kebab or sausage typical of Mykonos with a budget of € 10.06 each.
Expensive or cheap, one thing I have to say that I found everywhere incredible hospitality! I love miconiani! They are incredibly kind people, warm and family friendly and, in fact, they remind me a lot of my fellow Thais ?


What we did
Here is some guidance on what we did.

After a flight of just 2 and a half hours, we arrive in Mykonos and after practices for the pick up of the car, in 10 minutes we arrive already in Platis Gialos, the chosen location for our stay.
The first impression I had of Mykonos is that it is a very small island: just 85kmq.
As I like to get to a place and find myself immediately in the heart of the place, without having to travel hundreds of kilometers!
And in fact, after one hour by plane landing, you believe us that we were already sprawled on the beach?
Among the various locations, we chose Platis Gialos because the offer found on Hotel Acrogiali was just made up of white houses with blue window frames, Mykonian-style, and it was beachfront.
We were lucky because it was the best choice!


Platis Gialos is a gem.
A beach towel surrounded by blue and white houses, used as hotels and resorts, with sunbeds (maybe too many for my taste) and surrounded by 4-5 great restaurants!

Have the sea literally on the doorstep is priceless.
In fact, every day, after breakfast, we stopped on the beach.
Then, in the afternoon, we took the car to get around the island and other beaches.
Mykonos is so small that in 10 minutes you arrive at the tip of the north (do not miss the Lighthouse!) And up to 20 minutes at the eastern end (Ano Mera and the beaches of Kalo Livadi and Kalafati).
In short, an island very easy to get around, whether by car or motorbike / quod.

Perhaps for younger couples, my advice is to stay directly in Mykonos Chora (Town), in the heart of the narrow streets, narrow, white and wrapped in a cozy atmosphere:
or somewhere with a breathtaking view:
Then visit the other beaches, taking a bus (€ 1.50 each way) or by renting a scooter or a quad (starting from 8 € per day).
The sea in Mykonos is nice and clean everywhere, even in the vicinity of the port:

(The nearest beach in Mykonos between the two ports, the old one and the new one)
Not to be missed

In short, it is impossible to stand still alone on a beach,
There are too many things to do in Mykonos!

Here are the things that are most liked:

Ornos beach
a beautiful bay, with fine sand, turquoise waters and a very relaxing environment.
A Ornos await you chic lounge bar with sofas and comfortable:
Paraga beach
an almost wild beach, the other side of Platis Gialos.